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Greenify v4.3.2.0 build 43200 [Mod Lite]

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Greenify v4.3.2.0 build 43200 [Mod Lite]
Requirements: 4.4+
Overview: Never should your phone or tablet become slower and battery hungrier after lots of apps installed. With Greenify, your device can run almost as smoothly and lastingly as it did the first day you had it!



NEW: "Aggressive Doze" and "Doze on the Go" to maximize the battery saving on Android 6.x, even without root! (details explained in settings)

Greenify help you identify and put the misbehaving apps into hibernation when you are not using them, to stop them from lagging your device and leeching the battery, in a unique way! They can do nothing without explicit launch by you or other apps, while still preserving full functionality when running in foreground, similar to iOS apps!

Please report bugs in the XDA forum (http://goo.gl/ZuLDnE) or G+ community (http://goo.gl/MoszF).

Greenify NEVER EVER collects your personal data despite the capability of accessibility service, it just takes advantage of it to automate things.

IMPORTANT: Greenifying an app implies that you are aware that all the background functionality (service, periodic task, event receiver, alarm, widget update, push message) of this app will become out of service during the hibernation except when you are using this app.

NEVER greenify alarm clock apps, instant messaging apps unless you don't rely on them. Please do verify the impact of greenified apps on which you heavily rely.

Compared to other popular tools aimed for the similar purpose, Greenify offers the following advantages:

◆ Unlike the "Freeze" feature in "TitaniumBackup Pro" that totally disable the app, you can still use your app as usual, share content with it. No need to freeze & defrozen it.

◆ Unlike "Autostarts", you can benefit from almost all of its advantages, without needing to deal with the complexity and risk of obscure app components, and never lose functionality when app is actively running.

◆ Unlike any "XXX Task Killer", your device will never fall into the cat-mouse-game of stealthy-running and aggressive killing, which unnecessarily consumes more battery juice.

Note: Greenify does need a background running service for auto-hibernation to work. It is designed and implemented in extremely lightweight, with an average RAM footprint less than 5M, and nearly zero CPU and battery consumption.

INTERNET: Needed by "Raise Your Voice" program to send back only small amount of anonymous statistics data, without privacy information. You can opt-out at any time.
DRAW OVER OTHER APP: To show guide layer over the app setting UI of system in non-root mode.
GET ACCOUNTS & WRITE SYNC SETTINGS: Control the account sync of apps if its sync task is too frequent.
DISABLE YOUR SCREEN LOCK & BIND ACCESSIBILITY SERVICE: For automatic hibernation to work on non-root devices.

=== FAQ ===
* Why not support Android 2.x?
* It seems that automatic hibernation is not working.
* Some of my greenified apps (e.g. Google Maps) seems not hibernating.
* I want to greenify system apps!
* De-greenified apps still got no push notification!
Read here: http://goo.gl/1F5pY

=== Translation ===
All translations are open for contribution: http://goo.gl/zCCDce

=== Donation ===
If you love Greenify, please consider the "donation package" http://goo.gl/fpz5l for extra experimental features:

* Greenify system apps (now without Xposed)
* Allow GCM push for hibernated apps
* Detect "who" woke the hibernated apps and optionally cut off the wake-up path.
* Wake-up timer coalescing


Much more details for "Working" app state in privileged mode.
Fixed "media playback detection", this feature could now be enabled on most devices.

1) Remove any previous version of Greenify and Donation Package first!!!
2) Install Greenify apk.
3) Open Xposed Installer, select greenify inside modules tab, open framework tab then press install/update & reboot.
4) Done.

★★★ MOD Lite ★★★
Optimized graphics and cleaned resources for fast load < improved result (1.80 MB total apk size);
Analytics Disabled;
Encrypted all resources;
Languages: En, Ru.

This app has no advertisements

More Info:


Download Instructions:


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      GravityBox [P] v9.0.0 [Beta-5] [Unlocked]
      Requirements: 9.0+ | ROOT | Xposed Framework
      Overview: GravityBox is a module which primary goal is to provide the users of AOSP devices
      with a tweak box to turn their vanilla AOSP ROM into custom ROM packed with additional features and tweaks without need to flash anything. Most of the preferences can be changed on-the-fly without rebooting.

      For Lollipop, use GravityBox [LP]
      For KitKat, use GravityBox [KK]
      For JellyBean, use GravityBox [JB]
      For Marshmallow, use GravityBox [MM]
      For Nougat, use GravityBox [N]
      For Oreo, use GravityBox [O]
      For Pie, use GravityBox [P]
      Main features
      - QuickSettings tile management with additional tiles
      - Pie Controls
      - Expanded desktop with semi-immersive and immersive modes
      - Lockscreen tweaks
      - Statusbar tweaks
      - Navigation bar tweaks
      - Power tweaks
      - Display tweaks
      - Media tweaks
      - Phone tweaks
      - Hardware key actions
      - Launcher tweaks
      - Screen recording
      - Smart radio
      - Notification control (per-app notification LED/sounds/vibrations)
      - Fingerprint Launcher
      ... and many more
      - this module is designed to run on vanilla or close-to-vanilla Android 9 (AOSP)
      - officially supports devices/systems it was developed and tested on
      - Samsung Touchwiz, HTC Sense, MIUI, LeWa, Xperia, Lenovo, etc. are NOT supported. It is not guaranteed this module will work on these at all so try at your own risk. This module is simply too complex to support all kind of ROM brands that were vastly modified by vendors.
      - I will not implement any exceptions that will adapt this module to a specific custom ROM. Please, do understand, it is unmanageable.
      - I will not provide any support for devices violating these compatibility rules
      GravityBox [P] has been designed for and tested on
      - Nexus 5X running Pixel Experience Android Pie 9.0
      Info about premium features and PayPal transaction ID verification system
      1) Those who supported development via PayPal donation can use their PayPal transaction ID to unlock premium features.
      Currently there are two premium features: 1) Backup/restore of GB settings 2) Ultimate notification control
      2) If you contributed to the project by providing translations, code fragments, or by any other way
      you can apply for a free transaction ID by contacting me via PM @ forum.xda-developers.com
      3) Be aware that there's a system that can identify potential transaction ID
      abuse. E.g. when one ID is being used by more users. Such IDs will get blocked automatically.
      This can also happen when you previously exposed your ID in public forum and other users took
      advantage of it. If this is the case, contact me via PM so I can issue new, special ID.
      In case you own more devices, you can use one transaction ID on up to 10 of them.
      4) If you are using your own custom builds of GB for personal use, you will get hash mismatch
      upon verifying your ID as verification system accepts requests only from official releases of GB.
      If you want to be able to verify IDs with your custom build, contact me via PM so I can setup
      a special hash for your build.
      If you are using a custom build that you provide for broader group of users (e.g. in a custom ROM),
      it is necessary to ask for new hash everytime your new custom version is released for public use.
      These rules are based on mutual trust so please, do not violate them.
      Donation is also possible by purchasing GravityBox Unlocker from the Play Store
      What's New:
      Clock: added positioning support to clock in header of expanded statusbar
      --- for consistency with statusbar clock
      --- also inherits features such as "Show date", "Day of week"
      --- (does not support hiding clock nor showing seconds)
      BatteryStyle: added support for battery style in header of expanded statusbar
      --- for consistency with status bar battery
      Navbar: fixed long-press action on Home key invoking original action after custom action
      Navbar: improved dynamic tinting of custom key and cursor control keys
      Updated Chinese (Simplified) translations (thanks to liveasx)
      Mod Info:
      Premium features unlocked.
      This app has no advertisements
      More Info:

      Download Instructions:
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      System Repair for Android 2019 v8.0.0 [Ad-Free]
      Requirements: 4.0+
      Overview: System Repair for Android 2019 will check your entire system to decide what needs to be done for maximum performance and stability.Scan And Repair is performed at the same time.

      System Repair for Android 2019 takes care of any frustrating software issue holding you back.
      -Eliminate system slowdowns, startup issues
      -System error checks and repairs
      -It is fast and reliable
      -Operating system and the system makes it usefull.
      For your safety:
      1) Just download our apps from the Google Play Store
      2) Developer should be C-Gate Software
      3) Our apps are only released from our official account.
      What's New: 
      #Thank you for your support and feedbacks.
      #We are ready for 2019, are you ready?
      #What have we changed for you?
      -Classes Updated
      -Detailed report added
      -New UI
      -Battery Information Added
      -Added New Scan Modes (Fast and Deep Scan)
      -Fixed Bugs
      -More Stable, More Functional...
      For your safety:
      1) Just download our apps from the Google Play Store
      2) Developer should be C-Gate Software
      3) Our apps are only released from our official account.
      MOD Features:
      Ads removed / disabled
      Removed metrics and analytics
      This app has no advertisements
      More Info:

      Download Instructions:
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      APK EXTRACTOR PRO v10.6.1 [Premium]
      Requirements: 4.2 and up
      Overview: This application helps you to extract installed applications and generate an APK file on your device so you can share in Gmail, Dropbox, Google Drive.. 

      - Fast and easy to use.
      - Extract all the applications in your device User and System (ONLY ROOT DEVICE)
      - By default the file is saved in / sdcard or internal memory / APK Extractor Pro /
      - The search option will help you to find any application applications
      - Compatible from version 4.0 to the latest version of Android 5.1.1 and the future version of Android M
      - The application is extracted apk format
      - Pressing any application you could remove or uninstall one or more applications at once
      - In the folder by pressing you can re-install or delete any file sharing
      - Also you can see the details of any application or access the store for more details
      - The APK Extractor Pro application is integrated advertising that can be removed at any time for.
      What's New: 
      * Design and colors improvements
      * Added, date of install and update apps
      * Optimized apk folder
      * Added, file manager
      * Added XAPK Installer
      * Compatible with Android Q
      * Updated libraries
      * Bugs fixed
      This app has no advertisements
      More Info:

      Download Instructions:  Premium features unlocked
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      DOWNLOAD MANAGER v3.7.1 [Premium]
      Requirements: 4.2 and up
      Overview: Easy download manager from browser into folder.

      This app makes it easy to manage downloads folder on your Android device.
      Main features:
      - Complete managment of download folder: open file, compress, unzip, copy, share, edit and delete.
      - Direct access to the browser.
      - Add downloads manually or paste the URL.
      - Download manager to monitor progress.
      WHAT’S NEW
      * New design
      * Compatible with Android 9
      * Resume download
      * XAPK installer
      * Updated libraries
      * Bugs fixes
      This app has no advertisements
      More Info:

      Download Instructions: Premium features unlocked
    • By APK
      FK Kernel Manager - for all devices & Kernels v4.0 [Patched]
      Requirements: 6.0+ 
      Overview: A beautiful Kernel manager with a rich feature set aimed for easy of use! From the less knowledgeable, to the most expert user, it combines a series of powerful tools to manage and control your device.

      This app is device agnostic and it'll work regardless of the device/Kernel comabination you're using, but to access some specific features you'll need to be on Franco Kernel.
      Also you need to be ROOTED otherwise nothing will really work.
      Franco Kernel supports the devices below:
      Galaxy Nexus
      Nexus 4
      Nexus 5
      Nexus 5X
      Nexus 6
      Nexus 6P
      Nexus 7 2012
      Nexus 7 2013
      Nexus 10
      One Plus One
      One Plus X
      One Plus 2
      One Plus 3
      One Plus 3T
      One Plus X
      Google Pixel
      Google Pixel XL
      Redmi Note 3
      Supports Android from JellyBean (4.1) up to Nougat (7.1.+) including LineageOS.
      • Simple and elegant
      • Deep integration with Franco Kernel;
      • Checks for new Franco Kernel versions (with a choice for automatic daily checks);
      • Auto flash Kernels directly into the device with a simple touch;
      • Powerful battery saving tips as simple as touching a button;
      • Display color temperature presets;
      • Automatic High Brightness Mode toggle based on the ambient light (device support dependent);
      • Download .zips to be flashed in recovery;
      • Beautiful UI following Material Design guidelines;
      • Interface to change CPU clocks, governor and other common interfaces pending Kernel support;
      • Interface to change the CPU governor parameters;
      • Backup & Restore Kernels on the fly in a single tap and frictionless;
      • Custom Kernel settings such as: IO scheduler, IO scheduler tuning, certain wakelocks (if exposed by the Kernel) and other misc settings;
      • A powerful tool called Per-App Profiles which lets you create power profiles for your favourite apps. For example you want maximum CPU frequency when gaming, but low frequency when reading an e-book. You can also choose whether for Wi-Fi to be on/off, if you desire you toggle Android Battery Saver, specify what type of Location Mode you want to use for that specific app and choose the display resolution on a per-app basis too: Available resolutions are: 540p, 720p, 1080p, 1440p and 2160p! The possibilities are endless and opens a lot of doors. You control the device, the device doesn't control you;
      • A System Monitor with a beautiful UI courtesy of the developer Christian Göllner;
      • A simple File Manager to flash boot.imgs and Kernel .zips on the go from anywhere inside the sdcard (open, delete and see info about the file);
      • Color and Sound control for selected devices with Kernel support;
      • Automatic Night Shift just like iOS to tint your display in orange/red to ease your eyes during the night;
      • CPU temperature available in the notification bar for devices that export the CPU temperature;
      • Performance Profiles built-in on Franco Kernel (Power-save, Balance and Performance) which you can select with a single touch, no need to mess with settings. Also features a Home screen widget for an easy way to change profiles without going into the app;
      • Launcher Shortcuts for Performance Profiles;
      • Quick Tiles for Performance Profiles;
      • Specific Tasker intents for performance profiles automation;
      • And there's a lot more to discover!
      * Translated to Dutch, Hindi, Kannada, German and Chinese Simplified (and more to come).
      Fully descriptive changelog for version 2.2 on this Medium page: https://medium.com/@franciscofranco/the-new-franco-kernel-manager-updater-4fbcd8ffc530#.ccok3kqbf
      Refunds will not be issued if you fail to read the warning at the top concerning the need of ROOT access.
      I take no responsibility for any fault or damage caused by any procedures of the app. No warranties of any kind are given if you fail to read this notice
      What's New:
      Here's version 4.0. Everything you asked for and more!
      1. Totally new dark theme, finely crafted with Material Design Components;
      2. A new Dashboard with all the info you need;
      3. A new Scripts Manager to create and import your custom scripts;
      4. Added full Klapse support;
      5. Added over ~100 new tunables;
      6. Streamlined the nav drawer;
      7. Tons of UX improvements exactly like you asked.
      There's still a lot to do. Thanks for all the support and feedback, it was instrumental for this release!
      Mod Info:
      No LP or Google Play Modded Needed;
      Disabled / Removed unwanted Permissions + Receivers and Services;
      Analytics / Crashlytics disabled.
      This app has no advertisements
      More Info:

      Download Instructions:
    • By APK
      Pocket Sense v1.0.8 [Pro]
      Requirements: 4.0.3 and up
      Overview: Stop worrying about the pickpockets or mobile thieves around you while traveling or public places. Pocket Sense application will ease your tension with our smart solution. Install the Pocket Sense app and enable the Pocket Sense mode. 

      Stop worrying about the pickpockets or mobile thieves around you while traveling or public places. Pocket Sense application will ease your tension with our smart solution. Install the Pocket Sense app and enable the Pocket Sense mode. 
      That's it! Now, You will get notified through an alarm if any mobile thief takes the mobile out of your pants pocket. You can turn off the alarm simply by unlocking the mobile or by turning off the pocket sense mode.
      Do you charge your mobile at your workplace or dorm room? Do you want to know when someone accesses your mobile? Enable Charge Sense mode in the app. You will get notified through an alarm while someone disconnects the mobile from charging. 
      Features :
      Pocket Sense Mode - Notifies you through an alarm if someone takes the mobile out of your pockets. 
      Charge Sense Mode - Notifies you through an alarm if someone disconnects your mobile from charging.
      Motion Sense Mode - Notifies you through an alarm if someone accesses the mobile from where you placed it.
      You can delay the alarm for few seconds to stop getting triggered instantly. 
      Adjust sensitivity of the sensors
      Note : Pocket Sense mode will not work well in the mobiles with the flip cover.
      What's New: 
      No changelog
      ★ Paid Features Unlocked ★
      ★ Analytics Disabled ★
      This app has no advertisements
      More Info: Mod By Stabiron

      Download Instructions:
    • By APK
      Shortcutter - Quick Settings & Sidebar v6.7.3 [Premium]
      Requirements: 7.0 and up
      Overview: A multitude of options to access apps, activities, shortcuts, settings & services in an instant.

      English, German, Spanish, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Turkish, Japanese & Chinese.
      Screen Record & Capture, Rounded Corners, Blue Light Filter, Night Light/Desk Clock, Immersive Mode*, Monochrome*, Countdown Timer, Data Usage, Battery Percentage, In Ear Audio, Brightness Presets, Weather, Location, WiFi, WiFi Hot Spot, Custom Apps, Custom Activities, Shortcuts & MORE!
      Please pay attention to the guides & contact me if you need help
      Compatible with Android 7.0 and above, new features added with every android release!
      The Sidebar may not function correctly on some older LG 6.0 devices.
      Some functionality may be impacted by manufacturer changes & limitations
      Sidebar / Toolbox:
      - A Floating Toolbox or Swipe out SideBar
      - Up to 102 Quick Shortcuts available, including up to 30 Custom tiles (App, Activity, Shortcut & Web Link)!
      - Theme Customisations
      - Custom Icons (Feel free to mail me with any of your own)
      - Custom sizes
      - Custom position
      Up To 30 Exposed Launcher Shortcuts:
      - Allows you to toggle Settings & Start/Stop Shortcutter services from your app drawer, home screen, HTC Edge Sense, Tasker & more!
      A number of tiles & services require elevated permissions:
      * Admin - Screen Lock.
      * Accessibility - Activity Detection, Power Menu, Recent Apps, Split Screen (N+).
      Quick Settings Tiles (Android N 7.0+):
      * 81 Additional Quick Settings Tiles available for the standard user (54 in the free version).
      * +10 Tiles for Advanced users with a PC.
      * +4 tiles for users with ROOT access.
      That's 94 Quick Setting Tiles for the power users out there.
      Available Tiles/Toggles:
      - Auto Sync
      - App Drawer/Folder
      - Bluetooth
      - Battery Percentage
      - Brightness Preset
      - Cast
      - Camera Launch
      - Clipboard editor
      - Clicker - Counts total clicks
      - Countdown Timer
      - Dice
      - Data Usage
      - Data Speed
      - Expand Quick Settings
      - Expand Notifications
      - Flashlight
      - File Browser
      - Font Scale
      - Keyboard / IME Selector
      - Location Mode: Toggle Off, Device Only, Battery Saving & High Accuracy.*
      - In Ear Audio
      - Notification Log
      - Multi Window
      - Mute media volume
      - My Location
      - New Tweet
      - New Email
      - Next Alarm
      - Night Light/Desk Clock
      - NFC*
      - Power Menu
      - Play/Pause Music
      - Power Saver*
      - Quick SMS
      - Quick Reminder
      - Recent Apps
      - RAM Usage
      - Rounded Corners
      - Ring Mode
      - Screen Wake AKA Caffeine
      - Screen Record (Premium)
      -- Custom video profile - 1080p, 720p, 480p, HIGH or QVGA
      - Screenshot (Premium) - High Res
      --- Custom save location for screenshots & recordings.
      --- Notifications with View, Share & Delete actions
      - Screen Timeout
      - Screen Brightness Mode
      - Speaker Audio
      - Screen Filter AKA Night Mode
      - Screen Lock - *Requires Device Admin*
      - Screen Orientation
      - Stopwatch
      - Touch Vibration
      - Volume Panel
      - Unknown Sources
      - Web Search
      - WiFi
      - WiFi Hotspot
      - Voice Search
      - VPN
      - Weather
      - SystemUI Tuner
      - 20 Custom App/Activity/Shortcut Tiles (30 in the Sidebar/Toolbox) - Add a shortcut to any application, activity, shortcut on your device, assign a web address/search term or shell command (Root).
      *Shortcut to activity only if the app has no access to settings secure.
      With Settings Secure Access (Enabled with a PC command):
      - ADB
      - Data Roaming
      - Ambient/Doze Display
      - Heads Up Notifications
      - Immersive Mode/Expanded Desktop
      - Keep Screen On While Charging
      - Monochrome (B&W)
      Additional ROOT Only Tiles:
      - Mobile Network Mode
      - Mobile Data
      - Advanced Power Menu
      - One handed mode
      - Assign shell commands to custom tiles
      This app does not store, retain or share any personal data, all toggles are subject to system availability.
       What's New:
      * Additional Screen Wake checks - Attempted Samsung Fix.
      * Library updates.
      * Bug fixes.
      * Code cleanup.
      * Update Polish translations.
      * Disable APM when root is unavailable.
      * Fix Sidebar re-launch on Android Pie.
      * Bug fixes.
      • Improve address formatting in My Location micro-app.
      • Translation updates - Polish, Turkish &amp; Russian.
      • Add FOREGROUND_SERVICE permissions for Android Pie.
      • Fix crash in Shortcutter location services.
      ● Premium features Unlocked
       ● Release by Kirlif'
      This app has no advertisements
      More Info:

      Download Instructions:
    • By APK
      Automate v1.18.6 [Premium]
      Requirements: 4.0 and up
      Overview: Automate various tasks on your Android smartphone or tablet. Create your automations with flowscharts, automatically change settings like Bluetooth, GPS, Wi-Fi, NFC or perform actions like sending SMS, e-mail, based on your location, the time of day or any other triggered event. You can automate almost everything, Automate even supports plug-in made for Tasker and Locale.

      Logical fun
      You edit flowcharts, just add blocks and connect the dots to create your automated tasks.
      Simple, yet powerful
      Novices can pick from predefined options, while power users may use expressions, variables and functions.
      Your automation flows are safe and easy to share using the in-app community:
      Only grant Automate the Android permissions you’re actually using.
      Building blocks
      Automate includes more than 300 blocks to build with, including actions, conditions, event triggers, loops and more:
      • Start or kill app activity or service
      • Send or receiver Intent broadcast
      • Use Tasker and Locale action, condition and event plug-in
      • UI automation; tap buttons, back, home, etc.
      • Check foreground or installed app
      • Clear app cache
      • Execute (root) shell command
      • Reboot or shutdown device
      • List, copy, delete, move, zip or unzip file
      • List, upload, download and delete file on Google Drive and FTP server
      • Internet download and REST calls using HTTP request
      • Cloud messaging: communicate with other devices
      • Compose or send e-mail, Gmail, MMS and SMS
      • Check Gmail unread count
      • Await sent or received SMS
      • Await incoming or outgoing call
      • Make phone call
      • Get location and geofencing
      • Geocoding
      • Check nearby cell tower
      • Scan nearby Bluetooth devices, iBeacon, Eddystone beacons
      • Scan or write NFC tag
      • Check or change account data sync, airplane mode, AppOps, app notification priority & visibility, attention light, audio volume, auto-sync, battery level, Bluetooth & USB tethering, Bluetooth, Bluetooth SCO, car & night mode, CPU speed, docked state, CyanogenMod profile, Doze mode, flashlight, GPS, input method (keyboard), interruptions, mic mute, mobile data, mobile network (2G/3G/4G), mobile operator, mobile signal strength, network type, NFC, power save mode, power source, restrict background data, ringer mode, ringtone, roaming, screen brightness, screen orientation, sound/noise level, speakerphone, system settings, system language, timezone, Wi-Fi, Wi-Fi hotspot, Wi-Fi signal strength, wired headset
      • Check acceleration, device orientation, light, magnetic field, temperature, pedometer, personal activity, pressure, proximity and significant motion sensor
      • Take picture with camera or screenshot
      • Set image/live wallpaper
      • Play or record audio, video or text-to-speech
      • Control or await media player change
      • Transmit IR
      • Read media (Exif/MP3) tags
      • Show toast message and over 20 “pick” dialogs
      • Show, hide, await or cancel notification
      • Show Quick Settings tiles
      • Vibrate
      • Get or set clipboard content
      • Process (selected) text
      • Get or create calendar event
      • Get contact
      • Copy, delete, insert, pick, query and update content provider
      • Add alarm or timer
      • Check mobile and Wi-Fi data usage or throughput
      • Listen for speech recognition or Google Now voice command
      • Await motion gesture or headset button press
      • Get weather
      • Ping
      • Wake-on-LAN
      • and a lot more…
      See the online documentation for a complete list of blocks and functions:
      Available languages
      • English
      • more to come…
      Community & Feedback
      Google+: https://plus.google.com/u/0/communities/110041072274817124721
      Forum: https://groups.google.com/forum/#!forum/automate-user
      E-mail: [email protected]
       What's New:
      • Accessibility button block
      • Dialog message block
      • Assist request block got title and visibility argument
      • Audio play control block supports “transport controls” method, seek position argument
      • Dialog input block got a hint argument
      • Dialog web block got a user agent argument
      • Location pick block got initial lat, long, radius arguments
      • Notification show block got category, picture and person arguments, determinate progress bar
      • convType function
      ● Premium features Unlocked
       ● Release by Kirlif'
       ● Google account sign-in issue workaround:
      - if already logged with my previous release, just update.
      - If present remove my previous version and its extensions.
      - Install untouched version, launch, sign in, uninstall it and installed extension (network access).
      - Install modded version, launch, sign in
      This app has no advertisements
      More Info:

      Download Instructions:
    • By APK
      Qute: Command Console & Terminal Emulator v3.12 [Premium]
      Requirements: 4.0 and up
      Overview: Get quick access to built-in Unix command line shell from your Android device. You can use Qute as a command prompt for run Unix\Linux commands, installed bin files and create shell scripts. Most popular PC commands (ping, netstat, trace, cd, mkdir, etc) are available on your device now. Qute gives you full access to the system terminal. Now the total control of your system belongs to you!

      Get quick access to built-in Unix command line shell from your Android device. You can use Qute as a command prompt for run Unix\Linux commands, installed bin files and create shell scripts. Most popular PC commands (ping, netstat, trace, cd, mkdir, etc) are available on your device now. Qute gives you full access to the system terminal. Now the total control of your system belongs to you!
      • Startup and creating shortcuts for commands
      • Bash script editor
      • Executing basic terminal commands and available bin files
      • List of your favorite commands and args
      • Autocomplete for commands
      • Support of rooted devices
      What's New:
      Qute 3.12
      ● Stability fixes
      Do you like our application? Rate us!
      Your score will help us improve the performance of Qute
      This app has no advertisements
      More Info:

      Download Instructions: Premium features unlocked
    • By APK
      Castro Premium v3.0.2 build 112 [Final] [Paid]
      Requirements: 5.1+
      Overview: Castro is information utility for your tablets and smartphones. It shows various diagnostic information about devices.

      Real-time information monitoring
      Castro is ready to show you various information about your phone or tablet in real time, including:
      • System information and identifiers.
      • CPU status.
      • Battery monitoring.
      • Memory utilization.
      • Monitor the data usage over Wi-Fi and mobile networks.
      • And many more features!
      Data reports
      Share your information with friends using data reports. Castro supports standard text and PDF reports.
      Improve your experience with Premium
      • Customizable widget shows information about battery and processor right on your homescreen.
      • Night theme with unique graphics, so that your eyes can rest at night.
      • Much more coming soon!
      FAQ and translation
      Looking for answers to frequently asked questions (FAQ)? Visit this page: https://github.com/MenosGrante/Castro/blob/master/FAQ.md
      What's New:
      Castro [3.0] - 19.03.2019
      Added [Cameras]: Cameras API was fully reworked to work with Camera2API.
      Added [System]: Root version detection.
      Added [System]: Check for Treble support.
      Added [System]: Check for Treble (A/B) support.
      Added [Device]: Aspect ratio of the display.
      Added [Processor]: Added new devices in DB: Samsung (Galaxy S10, Galaxy S10 Plus, Galaxy S10e, Galaxy A10, Galaxy A30, Galaxy A50, Galaxy M30), Xiaomi (Redmi GO, MI 9, MI 9 SE), Nokia (1 Plus, 9), Sony (Xperia 10, Xperia 10 Plus, Xperia L3).
      Improved [Memory]: Detection of memory usage.
      Improved [Device]: Identifiers now have separate category in Information tab.
      Improved [Processor]: Supported ABIs separated in two categories: 32-bit and 64-bit.
      Improved [Processor]: Calculation of frequency range for processors with big.LITTLE architecture.
      New: Fully reworked overhaul design of the application.
      New: Fully new, highly customizable, theme engine.
      New: New themes for Premium users - Sepia and Dark Blue.
      New: Colors selection expanded to 80 colors.
      New: Fully reworked navigation inside application. Castro uses bottom navigation pattern now with 3 categories - Information, Tools and Other.
      New: Fully new system for retreiving, displaying and showing information.
      New: Added new tool in Tools category - Screen tester.
      New: Export engine fully reworked to provide more customization of final reports. Dynamic information and anonymous information support expanded.
      New: Added ability to share reports right after creation.
      New: .PDF format for exporting information now available only for Premium users.
      New: .PDF format now has new, cleaner design layout.
      This app has no advertisements
      More Info:

      Download Instructions: 
    • By caffeine
      SHAREit - Transfer & Share v4.7.29_ww [Ad-Free]
      Requirements: 4.1 and up
      Overview: SHAREit, the best sharing app with fastest cross-platform transfer speed & free online feeds including movies, videos, music, wallpapers, GIFs. SHAREit also added powerful media player, which helps you manage & enjoy your own videos and music.

      SHAREit, the best sharing app with fastest cross-platform transfer speed & free online feeds including movies, videos, music, wallpapers, GIFs. SHAREit also added powerful media player, which helps you manage & enjoy your own videos and music.
      ► Fastest in the World
      200 times faster than Bluetooth, the highest speed goes up to 20M/s.
      Transfer files without losing quality.
      ► Transfer All Types of Files
      Photos, videos, music, installed apps and any other files.
      ► Infinite Online Videos
      HD & Selective, Offline watching, Continuously updated
      ► Excellent Video Player
      Support almost all formats, give you Smooth playing experience
      ► Discover Trending Music
      Tens of millions of high quality songs, and thousands of curated playlists. Online & Offline
      ► Elegant Music Player
      Powerful equalizer provides immersive experiences for you
      ►GIFs, Wallpapers & Stickers
      Personalized, Funny, Download & Share
      ►Facebook _https://facebook.com/bestSHAREit
      ►Twitter _https://twitter.com/bestSHAREit
      ►VK _https://vk.com/bestSHAREit
      ►Instagram _https://instagram.com/bestSHAREit
      Note:SHAREit will not access permissions that are irrelevant to our functionality. 
      By accessing Location, SHAREit can help to discover nearby users. Plus, it is required by Android system to access this permission. 
      By accessing Bluetooth Connection, SHAREit can discover nearby users more quickly so as to connect with Sender/Receiver more efficiently.
      What's New:
      1. Optimized download experience
      2. Fixed known bugs.
      This app has no advertisements
      More Info:

      Download Instructions:
    • By caffeine
      L Speed (Boost&Battery) [ROOT] v2.0.5 [Final] [Mod Lite]
      Requirements: 4.1+
      Overview: L Speed is a modification that combines tweaks inside an intuitive application, Its goal is to improve overall performance, reduce significant lags, and extend battery life.

      REQUIRES ROOT!!! (This app will not root your device)
      What is L Speed:
      L Speed is a modification that combines tweaks inside an intuitive application, Its goal is to improve overall performance, reduce significant lags, and extend battery life.
      The mod will and should work on any device that meets its minimum requirement.
      You only need a rooted Android device and Android 4.0.3 or later for L Speed app to function properly.
      L Speed comes with a nice and clean user interface. Options such as tweaks are separated with sections, their explanation can also be opened with a long click. L Speed also supports changing theme colors, with Light and Dark option available to suit everyone's taste.
      - Root
      - White-listing (read below)
      L Speed white-listing:
      You may also need to whitelist L Speed from memory cleaning, autostart, hibernating or similar functioning apps or features on your device.
      Here are the list of some known functionality where you can whitelist L Speed:
      Samsung: Settings -> Security -> Auto-start
      Sony: Settings -> Power management -> STAMINA mode
      MIUI: Settings (Security Center) -> Permissions -> Autostart
      Huawei: Settings -> All (Permissions) -> Startup manager
      These may or may not be available depending on the version of your installed firmware / ROM
      How to use:
      - Read options description
      - Toggle needed options
      - Reboot is recommended after doing a set of changes
      How to uninstall:
      Simply uninstall L Speed and reboot device.
      android.permission.ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE - Allows an application to access networks state, required for push notifications
      android.permission.ACCESS_SUPERUSER - Allows an app to access ROOT
      android.permission.BATTERY_STATS - Allows an application to access battery stats
      android.permission.RECEIVE_BOOT_COMPLETED - Allows an application to receive the ACTION_BOOT_COMPLETED that is broadcast after the system finishes booting.
      android.permission.READ_PHONE_STATE - Allows an application to read current phone state, needed for checking is data connection On, required for battery optimization.
      android.permission.READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE - Allows an application to read from external storage, required for backup&restore.
      android.permission.WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE - Allows an application to write from external storage, required for backup&restore.
      android.permission.WAKE_LOCK - Allows an application to wake up device from deep sleep, required for governor tuner and app services
      android.permission.WRITE_SETTINGS - Allows an application to write device settings, required for aggressive doze
      android.permission.WRITE_SECURE_SETTINGS - Allows an application to write device secure settings, required for options such as Animation duration scale
      Help with app translation:
      Join L Speed discussion on Telegram:
      Join L Speed channel on Telegram:
      Follow L Speed on Facebook:
      Follow L Speed on xda-developers:
      What's New:
      - Improved PhoenixOS support
      - Added anxiety scheduler support
      - Removed adaptive LMK toggle, disabled by default
      - Updated virtual memory tweaks
      - Updated fstrim
      - Updated zRAM optimization
      - I/O boost upgraded
      - Removed toggle for KSM
      - Optimized services
      - Added bug report section
      - Added back entropy section
      - Flag tuner moved to Ram manager section
      - Updated profiles
      - Updated boost now
      Mod Info:
      Optimized graphics and cleaned resources for fast load < improved result (3.30 MB total apk size);
      Analytics Disabled;
      All ads and services calls from activity removed;
      No Google Play services needed;
      Remove Recommended Apps from menu list;
      Encrypted all resources;
      Support for armv7 devices only;
      Languages: En, Ru.
      This app has no aadvertisements
      More Info:

      Download Instructions:
    • By caffeine
      Google Play Store v14.0.35-all [0] [PR] 238881412 [Original]
      Requirements: 4.1+
      Overview: Play Anywhere, All your entertainment in one place, Google Play is your one-stop shop for all your favorite entertainment. 

      Google Play is your one-stop shop for all your favorite entertainment. With over 450,000 apps, millions of songs and books, and thousands of movies, Google Play has something for everyone. Before you decide what you want, sample a free music or book, view app ratings, reviews, and screenshots, or watch a movie trailer. Google Play is a more connected, powerful experience.
      The power of the cloud
      How cool would it be if your entertainment was just available anywhere? Now it is. Buy a book on your Android phone and read it on the web at play.google.com. http://spam.com/ovsCS Buy a new album on your Android tablet and listen to it on your desktop at work. Rent a movie online and watch it anywhere on your phone. That’s the beauty of the cloud. You can read, listen and watch all your favorite content anywhere you want. No software required and no wires or syncing needed, and the best part - Google Play cloud is free to use.
      Share what you love
      Discover, shop, enjoy, and share music, movies, books, and apps anytime, anywhere. When you discover an amazing song, a nail-biting thriller or memorable movie, the first thing you want to do is share it with your friends. On Google Play sharing your favorite entertainment just got easier. You can easily share posts about your favorite books, music, movies, games or apps to your circles on Google+, email, or text message in a single click.
      Play with music
      Find music you love
      Google Play has hand-picked rising artists and great bands from your favorite genres. With music on Google Play, you’ll get personalized recommendations based on what you listen to most. And when you're not shopping for new music, rediscover your library by creating an Instant Mix.
      Buy now, listen now, sync never
      There are hundreds of free songs and millions more to buy on Google Play. The music you choose is automatically stored in your Google Play music library and instantly ready to play on your computer, Android phone or tablet.
      Your music, anytime, anywhere
      Access your Google Play music library anywhere, anytime - no syncing, no wires. Stream music instantly on the Web and listen on your Android phone or tablet with the Google Play Music app. Not online? No problem. Just pin your favorites to your mobile device for offline playback.
      Organize your music
      Keep all your music in one place. Anything you get on Google Play is automatically stored in your music library and you can even add up to 20,000 of your own songs for free. With your music saved online, you can stop worrying about storage space and start enjoying your collection anywhere.
      Give your friends a free listen
      Sharing is caring. When you buy music on Google Play, you can share a free listen with your friends on Google+. And you get a free listen when they share what they've bought with you. It's sharing, discovering and buying music made simple.
      Play with books
      Find new books
      Discovering your favorite books and authors has never been easier. With Google Play, shop the world's largest selection of eBooks - from thrillers to comedy, cookbooks, bestselling fiction, and everything in between - find over 4 million books to choose from, including millions of free titles. With Google Play, your next great read is always at your fingertips.
      Buy anytime, anywhere
      Shop on the web or on your device, find the eBooks you love, and start reading instantly. Choose from millions of titles, browse new releases, sample books for free, and find the latest up-and-coming authors.
      Share what you love
      Sharing the books you love with family and friends is just a click away. With Google Play you can easily post your favorite reads to your circles on Google+, via email, or text message, right from the pages of your book, without skipping a beat.
      Your books in the cloud
      With Google Play enjoy seamless syncing and easy access across your devices. All your books are stored in the cloud, so your entire library is always with you, accessible from any connected device. And with offline reading, it’s never been simpler to dive into your favorite books when you are offline, out of range, or in the air. Start reading on your tablet, continue on the web, and finish that chapter on your phone. You’ll pick up the story just where you left off, always on the right page.
      Customize your reading experience
      Read your books any way you like them on Google Play. Easily switch between day or nighttime mode, view in landscape or portrait, choose your font, text size, line height, and customize to your heart’s content.
      Play with apps and games
      There is an app for everyone
      Race to the finish line. Score a goal. Buy stocks. Read the news. Buy movie tickets. Update your status. Personalize your phone with live wallpapers, ringtones, and widgets. With over 450,000 Android apps and games your phone truly is your mobile entertainment system, organizer and portable computer all wrapped in one.
      Find new apps and games
      Looking for new apps? Check out our staff picks, hand-picked by our editorial team, browse apps by category or just search for them. You can also read reviews and ratings from other app and games users, and even add your own.
      Get the latest updates
      App developers are always updating their amazing apps with new features, tools and fixes. Google Play makes keeping your favorite apps up to date easy. Select ‘update automatically’ in your app settings and your app will always be updated. Or choose to update all your apps in one click. It’s that simple.
      Get your favorite app, anywhere
      Just found a new app on the web and can’t wait to try it? Install it from Google Play on the Web without ever touching your device. The app you install is now available on the device you choose - instantly.
      Play with movies
      Find the movies you love
      Choose from an incredible selection of thousands of movies on Google Play including HD titles, new releases, award-winning films or your favorite classics. Whether you’re in the mood for comedy, drama, animation, action or a documentary, there’s a movie that’s right for you.
      Watch it now or later
      Rent movies and watch them instantly. Alternatively, download your movie for offline viewing and view it later using the Google Play Movies app or watch it directly on the Web.
      Watch it anywhere
      Watch Google Play movies anywhere -- your couch, your friends’ house or in-flight. When you rent a movie with Google Play you can watch it on your phone, tablet or any Web connected PC.
      This app has no advertisements
      More Info:

      Download Instructions:
    • By caffeine
      Sesame - Universal Search and Shortcuts v3.3.0 [Final] [Unlocked]
      Requirements: 5.0+
      Overview: Supercharge your Android with Sesame Shortcuts. Quick launch them from Nova Launcher!

      • 100+ shortcuts added to your device
      • Integrated into Nova Launcher App Search and app icon long press (requires Android 5.0 or >)
      • Easy setup, just install Sesame and Nova Launcher
      • Adds a Google Search option to Nova Launcher App Search
      • Smart Search: matches first letters of words. Typing “S” “B” will bring “Spotify: The Beatles” to the top. Results are ranked by how often you’ve used them, next time just “S” will do.
      • Full control via Settings. Turn ON/OFF at the app or individual shortcut level
      • Make your own shortcuts
      • Beta features: Lock Screen and Edge Launcher (these don't require Nova Launcher)
      List of Shortcuts
      Preloaded shortcuts
      • Contacts with one touch to call, text, or email
      • WhatsApp conversations (not group ones though)
      • Settings (19 useful ones)
      • Google Shortcuts (My flights, etc.)
      • Yelp (42 common searches)
      Android 7.1 App Shortcuts
      Backported all the way to 4.4 devices
      Create your own shortcuts for
      Netflix, Maps, Chrome, Chrome Beta, Waze, YouTube, Spotify, Yelp, Google, Google Play Music, Google Play Store
      API integrations
      • Spotify: All albums, artists, and playlists in your Library
      • Slack: your teams and channels
      • Tasker: all your tasks. This let’s you build complex actions in Tasker and quick launch them easily.
      • Reddit: your subreddits. Works for Reddit Official App, BaconReader, and reddit is fun
      Automatically creates these personal shortcuts
      • Chrome: websites you visit (when you tap on a result in the URL bar). Does NOT make shortcuts when you’re incognito
      • Spotify: 1) new music you search for and click on ‘Top Result’ 2) when you click on a items from “Recently Played”
      • Hangouts conversations: only for pre 7.0 devices and not too reliable
      Trial Period
      - Sesame is a $2.99 app with an unlimited trial
      - After 14 days, if you are using the app but haven’t paid for it, you’ll see a brief message each time you use a shortcut
      - Users who installed Sesame before July 2017 get upgraded for free automatically
      Sesame is made by Steve Blackwell and Phil Wall. We hope you like it. Let us know if there’s anything we can do to improve it
      What's New:
      Version 3.3.0 (2019-03-20, build 12414):
       - fixes rare issue with clearing search
       - adds internal support for future launcher integrations
      Mod Info:
      Full version unlocked.
      This app has no advertisements
      More Info:

      Download Instructions:

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