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Scientific Calculator Plus v6.7.0 [Paid]

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Scientific Calculator Plus v6.7.0 [Paid]
Requirements: 4.1+
Overview: Android's ONLY full-featured Programmer's Calculator



What does the full version include that the free version doesn't?

- Fractions
- Polar Form Complex Number Support
- Full Landscape Support
- 7 Premium Themes (12 total)
- Android's ONLY full-featured Programmer's Calculator

CalcTastic includes the following features:

- Algebraic, Sequential or RPN input methods
- Hybrid Prefix & Postfix Notation
- Expression or Stack Display
- Expression History with 20 records
- Calculator Stack with 50 registers
- Memory with 10 registers
- 12 high-quality themes
- Copy and Paste
- Configurable numeric display (decimal point and digit grouping)
- Intuitive long-click feature removes the need to press SHIFT
- Easier to use than an HP 11C / 15C

- Rectangular and Polar form Complex Number support
- Real, Imaginary, Argument, Magnitude and Conjugate functions
- Fractions and Fraction Calculations
- Convert Decimals to Fractions
- Degree, Minute, Second Support
- Standard, Scientific, Engineering and Fixed Decimal Notations
- Configurable Precision from 0 - 12 digits
- Table of 44 Physical Constants
- 289 different conversion units across 18 categories
- Trig functions in Degrees, Radians or Grads
- Hyperbolic Trig functions
- Natural and Base-10 Logarithms
- Percent and Delta Percentage
- Remainder, Absolute, Ceiling and Floor operations

- Factorial (not integer limited)
- Combinations and Permutations
- Random Number Generator
- 15 Single-Variable Statistics commands operate on all stack entries
- Quantity, Min, Max, Range, Sum, Median
- Arithmetic Mean, Geometric Mean, Mean Squared
- Sum Squared, Sum of Squares of Variance
- Sample Variance, Sample Standard Deviation
- Population Variance, Population Standard Deviation

- Binary, Octal, Decimal and Hexadecimal display and conversions
- 100% support for all common integer-sizes (8, 16, 32 and 64 bit)
- Every integer-size is supported in both SIGNED and UNSIGNED modes
- Calculation History viewable in all four bases
- Cast from any integer-size to any integer-size
- Dedicated binary-bit display for all 64-bits
- Instant access to toggle any binary bit
- Bitwise logic operations AND, OR, XOR
- Bitwise shift operations (correctly differentiates between SIGNED and UNSIGNED right shifts)
- Roll Left and Right for quick number entry
- 1's and 2's complement. Native interpretation is 2's complement
- Byte and Word flipping
- Random Number Generator


- Updated some fonts.
- Added a setting to use a monospaced font.
- Added an adaptive icon for Oreo devices.
- Improved app rotation on some devices.

This app has no advertisements

More Info:


Download Instructions:


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      CALCU™ Stylish Calculator v3.7.0 [Premium Mod]
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      Express your style with the calculator made just for you. Choose a colorful, stylish theme to brighten your day while you calculate with ease.
      CALCU™ is a breeze to use for everyday calculations, with all the scientific capability you need for work and school just a swipe away. And for your most demanding needs, CALCU™ allows you to add or remove the functions and constants you need to make the perfect calculator designed by you, for you.
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      Multi Calculator v1.6.5 [Premium]
      Requirements: 4.1 and up
      Overview: Multi Calculator is the best calculator app containing several useful calculators and converters.
      Try this powerful calculation capabilities and intuitive & stylish designed app.

      On Android Wear, Standard Calculator & Currency Converter are available.
      List of calculators are included:
      ✓ Standard Calculator
      • Keeps the function of a pocket calculator and adds parentheses and some math operators.
      • Remembers the last calculation condition and checks the calculation history records any time you want.
      ✓ Currency Converter
      • Provides real-time currency exchange rates
      • Once the currency exchange rates are updated, you can use the currency converter in the offline.
      ✓ Interest Calculator
      • Provides various options for calculating interest: Installment savings, Regular savings, Simple Interest, Compound Interest, etc.
      • Enhanced compound interest calculations. Monthly, Quarterly, Half-Yearly and Yearly are available.
      • If you wonder how to gather 100 million dollar in 5 years, try the future value function.
      ✓ Anniversary Calculator
      • Keep track of your anniversaries - with a photo!
      • View as D-Day or Day count
      • Add photo widgets on your home screen
      ✓ Discount Calculator
      • Calculate Discount price / Discount %
      • Calculate with Additional discount
      ✓ Loan Calculator
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      • Set interest only period
      • Calculate any type of loan such as Mortgage, Auto loan.
      ✓ Unit Converter
      • Supports Length, Area, Weight, Volume, Temperature, Time, Speed, Pressure, Force, Work, Angle, Data and Fuel
      ✓ Health Calculator
      • Use Health Calculator for your healthy body
      • Calculate BMI(Body Mass Index), BFP(Body Fat Percentage) and Ideal Weight in one screen
      • Easy to switch between metric and imperial systems
      ✓ Tip Calculator
      • Calculate tip and split the bill
      • Separate your bill from Sales Tax and calculate tip
      ✓ VAT Calculator
      • Calculate VAT easy and fast
      ✓ Fuel economy Calculator
      • You can calculate Fuel economy, Distance, Expected fuel amount & cost
      ✓ Shopping Calculator
      • Make a shopping list and calculate them right away while you are shopping.
      ✓ Size Converter
      • Helps you to convert clothing / shoe / pants / shirt / bra / hat / ring sizes for most countries
      • Don't forget your size with memos
      Purchasing the premium version, you get an ad-free and support us to make better apps.
       What's New
      - Anniversary Calculator: Added reordering function and Monthly/Annually types
      - Shopping Calculator: Added reordering function
      - Fuel Calculator: Added fuel economy unit
      ● Premium features Unlocked
       ● Analytics Disabled
      This app has no advertisements
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      Units Conversor v1.3.3
      Requirements: 2.1 and up
      Overview: Units Converter is a units converter, works with 25 measures, over 500 different units and more than 20,000 conversion factors.

      Units converter provides an intuitive, friendly, clear, simple and elegant interface. The features available to the application are:
      - Select the desired measures.
      - Select the desired units.
      - Save the converted values for all variables or store a value for each measure.
      - Choose how to display the result, with decimals or full value.
      - Conversion of values while entering values.
      - Appropriate display units.
      - Written description of each unit.
      - When converting temperatures is notified if an unusual value has been entered, such as values less than 0 ° K do not exist in real life.
      - Table with all measures conversions for a given value.
      - Allows use scientific notation values, eg "2.44E5". (For versions of android with alphanumeric keyboard)
      Available measures:
      Area / Compressibility / Density / Diffusivity / Dynamic Viscosity / Energy / Enthalpy / Entropy / Force / Kinematic Viscosity / Lenght / Mass / Mass Flow / Percentage / Power / Pressure / Specific Volume / Surface Tension / Temperature / Thermal Conductivity / Thermal Expansion / Time / Velocity / Volume / Volume Flow
      What's New
      "hr" was changed for "h".
      "day" was changed for "d".
      This app has no advertisements
      More Info:

      Download Instructions:
    • By caffeine
      Complex calculator & Solve for x TI-36 TI-84 Plus v3.5.8-beta-build-09-10-2018-00-release [Premium]
      Requirements: 4.0 and up
      Overview: Complex calculator & Solve for x ti-36 ti-84 Plus. Simulator for texas & instruments scientific calculator, Complex number, calculus, hyper calculator for student.

      Complex calculator & Solve for x TI-36 TI-84 Plus
      Simulator for Texas Instruments scientific calculator, Complex number, calculus, hyper calculator for student
      ☑ See math exactly as it appears in textbooks
      See math expressions, symbols and stacked fractions exactly the way they appear in textbooks - no need to adapt to a technical syntax; also provides quick access to frequently used functions.
      ☑ Easily solve equation, polynomial and system of linear equations, solve for x calculator
      ☑ Determine the derivative and integral for real functions
      ☑ Perform vectors and matrices using a vector and matrix entry window
      ☑ Scientific notation output
      View scientific notation with the proper superscripted exponents and see the output in scientific notation
      ☑ Explore fractions
      Explore fraction simplification, integer division and constant operators.
      ☑ Calculate conversions
      Fraction/decimal/Mixed fraction/Repeated decimal
      ☑ Factor integer, prime factor
      ☑ Sum, product
      ☑ Div mod calculation
      ☑ Square root, sqrt, cube root and nth root
      ☑ Polar coordinates
      ☑ BASE-N decimal, octal, hexadecimal and binary calculator
      ☑ Logarithm base n and natural logarithm
      ☑ Trigonometric and hyperbolic function
      ☑ Memory: 8 free variable and up to 14 variable on premium version
      ☑ Convert decimal to fraction
      ☑ Scientific constants
      ☑ Unit conversation
      ☑ Determine the limit of function
      ☑ Infinity
      ☑ Built-in document
      ☑ Combination, binomial and permutation
      ☑ GCD, LCM
      ☑ Statistical and regression
      ☑ Convert polar coordinates to rectangle
      ☑ Round number
      ☑ Copy and paste expression
      ☑ Random integer, random real, random number
      ☑ Pi constant
      ☑ Ans memory
      ☑ History
      ☑ Decimal format: science, fixed, normal, science SI
      ☑ Full keyboard and simple keyboard
      ☑ More theme
      ☑ Support change fonts
      ☑ Secondary keyboard for premium user
      ☑ Support most of features of TI-30XS Scientific Calculator, TI-34 Scientific Calculator, TI-36X Pro Scientific Calculator, TI-30Xa Scientific Calculator, texas instruments calculator ti30, texas instruments ba ii plus financial calculator, Graphing Calculators, TI-84 Plus CE, TI-84 Plus Silver Edition, TI-84 Plus C Silver Edition, TI-84 Plus, TI-83 Plus, TI-Nspire, TI-89 Titanium, TI-73 Explorer, TI-503 SV, TI-1706 SV, TI-1795 SV, TI-10, TI-15 Explorer, TI-108
      ☑ Wabbit calculator & wabbitemu calculator, grafncalc83 graphncalc83
      ☑ Emulator for Casio fx 570 fx 991 es plus
      Math formulas
      - Math Tricks
      - Units Conversion
      - Favorite
      - Geometry
      - Equations
      - Analytic Geometry
      - Algebra
      - Trigonometry
      - Matrices
      - Statistics
      - Derivative
      - Integration
      - Transforms
      What's New
      - Unit converter 900+ unit (Support search, create shortcut, favorites, ...)
      - Improved graph
      - Improved photo math
      - Fixed some bugs
      This app has no advertisements
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      Download Instructions: Premium features unlocked
    • By caffeine
      Unit converter - Convert Currency & metric units v2.2.0 [Pro]
      Requirements: 4.2 and up
      Overview: This free tool is very intuitive to convert all currencies, weights and measures. Use the powerful calculator to do all your maths in the app. 

      This universal converter is a simple calculator, very easy to use, and very helpful to change measurements from/to imperial metric and universal system, but also to convert dollar to euro or yen with updated exchange rate or on offline mode while travelling, to change cup to liter while cooking, to convert liters/100 KM to British MPG, to find the perfect shoes or clothes size in every country…
      How to use?
      So easy! Choose the type of measure among the icons, then scroll to the two units you are looking for. The tool is ready for the unit conversion!
      Here is the all category included in the measurement converter:
      - Weight &Mass
      - Temperature
      - Distance & Length
      - Size
      - Volume, quantity et capacity
      - Time, duration and period: Second, Minute, Hour, Day, Week, Month, Year
      - Speed:
      - Computer memory
      - Energy, power, heat and thermodynamics
      - Fuel consumption
      - Electricity
      - Currency: with forex trading currency exchange rate
      - Shoes and clothes size (men, women, kids, and babies)
      - Angle
      - Force
      - Pressure
      - Flow
      Become more effective, stop ads!
      This free tool is sponsored thank to the advertisement. To increase efficiency, you can remove all advertisement. As a free gift, you will also get an instant, full and unlimited access to the whole app!
      This converter is an application designed to efficiently convert units of measurement such as speeds, temperatures, time, weight and distances etc.! It will help you make your cooking recipes, maths homework, etc.
      Help me make this app the best one:
      Keep in mind that this application is constantly evolving. Got an idea for improvement?
      Can't find a category? Please, send me an email to [email protected]
      I look forward for your thoughts.
      What's New
      Add a privacy policy on the settings menu
      Add combine units like ft + in etc.
      New interface for scale categories
      New category and new units!
      Add a tutorial
      Add a favorites category for quicker conversion
      New category and new units!
      This app has no advertisements
      More Info:

      Download Instructions: Paid features unlocked
    • By APK
      Scientific Calculator (adfree) v4.2.6 [Paid]
      Requirements: 4.0+
      Overview: A calculator with 10 computing modes in one application + a handy scientific reference facility.

      A calculator with 10 computing modes in one application + a handy scientific reference facility - different modes allow: 1) basic arithmetic (both decimals and fractions), 2) scientific calculations, 3) hex, oct & bin format calculations, 4) graphing applications, 5) matrices, 6) complex numbers, 7) quick formulas (including the ability to create custom formulas), 8) quick conversions, 9) solving algebraic equations & 10) time calculations.
      Please note that internet permission is needed to allow access to currency exchange rates in the conversion function
      Functions include:
      * General Arithmetic Functions
      * Trigonometric Functions - radians, degrees & gradients - including hyperbolic option
      * Power & Root Functions
      * Log Functions
      * Modulus Function
      * Random Number Functions
      * Permutations (nPr) & Combinations (nCr)
      * Highest Common Factor & Lowest Common Multiple
      * Statistics Functions - Statistics Summary (returns the count (n), sum, product, sum of squares, minimum, maximum, median, mean, geometric mean, variance, coefficient of variation & standard deviation of a series of numbers), Bessel Functions, Beta Function, Beta Probability Density, Binomial Distribution, Chi-Squared Distribution, Confidence Interval, Digamma Function, Error Function, Exponential Density, Fisher F Density, Gamma Function, Gamma Probability Density, Hypergeometric Distribution, Normal Distribution, Poisson Distribution, Student T-Density & Weibull Distribution
      * Conversion Functions - covers all common units for distance, area, volume, weight, density, speed, pressure, energy, power, frequency, magnetic flux density, dynamic viscosity, temperature, heat transfer coefficient, time, angles, data size, fuel efficiency & exchange rates
      * Constants - a wide range of inbuilt constants listed in 4 categories:
      1) Physical & Astronomical Constants - press to include into a calculation or long press for more information on the constant and its relationship to other constants
      2) Periodic Table - a full listing of the periodic table - press to input an element's atomic mass into a calculation or long press for more information on the chosen element - the app also includes a clickable, pictorial representation of the periodic table
      3) Solar System - press to input a planet's orbit distance into a calculation or long press for more information on the chosen planet
      4) My Constants - a set of personal constants that can be added via the History
      * Convert between hex, oct, bin & dec
      * AND, OR, XOR, NOT, NAND, NOR & XNOR Functions
      * Left Hand & Right Hand Shift
      * Plotter with a table also available together with the graph
      * Complex numbers in Cartesian, Polar or Euler Identity format
      * The main screen of the calculator can also be set to Fractions Mode for general arithmetic functions including use of parentheses, squares, cubes and their roots
      * 20 Memory Registers in each of the calculation modes
      * A complete record of each calculation is stored in the calculation history, the result of which can be used in future calculations
      An extensive help facility is available which also includes some useful scientific reference sections covering names in the metric system, useful mathematical formulas and a detailed listing of physical laws containing a brief description of each law.
      A default screen layout is available for each function showing all buttons on one screen or, alternatively, all the functions are also available on a range of scrollable layouts which are more suitable for small screens - output can be set to scroll either vertically (the default) or horizontally as preferred – output font size can be increased or decreased by long pressing the + or - buttons
      A full range of settings allow easy customisation - move to SD for 2.2+ users
      Please email any questions that are not answered in the help section or any requests for bug fixes, changes or extensions regarding the functions of the calculator - glad to help wherever possible.
      WHAT'S NEW
      01/10 (ver 4.2.6)
      ★ modified the presentation of the function "Characteristics of an RLC Circuit" when using a standard theme
      ★ Characteristics of an RLC Circuit: added option to enter either frequency (f) or angular frequency (ω)
      ★ Complex Numbers: touch the Polar (R) notification to toggle between radians and degrees when entering polar / Euler coordinates
      ★ bug fixes
      This app has no advertisements
      More Info:

      Download Instructions:
    • By APK
      ClevCalc - Calculator v2.16.4 [Premium]
      Requirements: 4.0.3+
      Overview: This calculator allows you to easily handle all the calculations necessary for everyday life with a single application. A calculator app with a clean interface and practical functions!

      List of calculators currently supported:
      1. General Calculator
      • Supports the four fundamental arithmetic operations, square, formula's parenthesis, and simple engineering functions.
      • Quick and easy.
      • Possible to modify the formula during the input.
      • History available.
      2. Unit Converter
      • Supports length, weight, width, volume, time, temperature, pressure, speed, fuel efficiency, and the amount of data.
      • Supports all unit conversions commonly used in everyday life.
      3. Currency Converter
      • Supports 106 currencies in the world, including dollar, euro, yen, yuan, etc.
      • Automatically calculates using the real time exchange rate.
      4. Discount Calculator
      • Get a discount price by entering the original price and the discount rate.
      5. World Time Converter
      • Transforms the time of 400 or more cities around the world.
      • Daylight savings time will also be reflected in this calculation.
      6. GPA Calculator
      • You can correctly calculate your GPA!
      7. Ovulation Calculator
      • Calculates the time of ovulation and fertility using the menstrual cycle!
      • You can also create notes by date.
      8. Date Calculator
      • A feature that calculates the specific date or anniversary to be remembered!
      9. Unit Price Calculator
      • Enter the price and the quantity and you will get the unit price.
      • You can compare unit prices of various goods.
      10. Health Calculator
      • You can measure the body mass index (BMI) and the basal metabolic rate (BMR).
      11. Fuel Efficiency Calculator
      • Enter the amount of fuel used to get the fuel efficiency.
      12. Automobile Fuel Cost Calculator
      • You can calculate the fuel costs required for driving a car or traveling.
      • Enter a distance and a fuel efficiency to get a fuel cost.
      13. Hexadecimal Converter
      • Converts between decimal and hexadecimal with ease and convenience.
      14. Sales Tax Calculator
      • Get a total price by entering the original price and the tax rate.
      15. Loan Calculator
      • You can calculate the total interest and total payments by entering the loan principal and interest rate.
      [ Disclaimer ]
      Cleveni, Inc. makes no warranty as to the accuracy or reliability or suitability of any calculation results or information provided through the ClevCalc app. Cleveni, Inc. is not also responsible for any damages, direct or indirect, which may occur by the calculation results or information provided through the ClevCalc app.
      WHAT'S NEW
      [Version 2.16.0]
      - Added an option to purchase no ads version
      - Added ‘Tip Calculator’
      This app has no advertisements
      More Info:

      Download Instructions: PREMIUM features Unlocked | Analytics disabled
    • By caffeine
      BMR Calculator -Calculate BMR Instantly PRO v2.3
      Requirements: 4.4 and up
      Overview: BMR calculator app to calculate Basel metabolic rate. 

      Whether you are trying to lose weight, get healthy, tone up, change your lifestyle, or start a diet. BMR Calculator - Calculate BMR Instantly app got you covered. Using this free app, you can lose weight, and keep track of your daily activity and calorie consumption. No signup, no registration! Simply download the app and set out on the road to healthier and happier life!
      A healthy human body needs a certain number of calories and energy to survive. Your body requires energy even when you are doing nothing; your body needs energy to burn calories. On the basis of various factors like age, weight, and height; it is possible to calculate an estimated BMR value, which tells how many calories your body needs to burn for maintaining its current body weight.
      If you are looking for an app to calculate BMR and find out the number of calories, you will need to keep the metabolism of your body at rest. The app features colorful graphics and efficient functionality to calculate BMR and display it.
      Imperial or Metric Measures
      You can enter the weight in Kilograms or Pounds and height in Feet/Inch or Centimeters.
      Daily Activity Level
      Easy to choose daily activity level: Little to No Activity, Light Activity, Moderate Activity, Very Active, Extreme Activity.
      Basal Metabolic Rate Information
      Use BMR tracker to find out your BMR or daily calories intake by either imperial or metric measurements.
      Features of BMR Calculator - Calculate BMR Instantly app:
      Simple functionality and attractive UI
      Free BMR tracker
      Calculate BMT in a matter of seconds
      Use imperial or metric standards for pre-defined modes
      Free BMR tracker, no registration or internet is required
      PRO features unlocked
      This app has no advertisements
      More Info:

      Download Instructions:
    • By APK
      Advanced calculator fx 991 es plus & 991 ms plus v3.5.6 [Premium] Proper
      Requirements: 4.0 and up
      Overview: Advanced Scientific Calculator features over hundred functions and provides its user with everything they need for most mathematical calculations. The calculator's functions include complex number calculations, matrix and vector calculations, statistics, and 40 metric conversions. 

      Business theme
      Advanced Scientific Calculator features over hundred functions and provides its user with everything they need for most mathematical calculations. The calculator's functions include complex number calculations, matrix and vector calculations, statistics, and 40 metric conversions. Its standout feature is its 2-line natural textbook display that displays fractions, formulas, square roots and other expressions as they would in textbook. It is extremely versatile, and can be used in courses ranging from basic pre-algebra to calculus, and also has applications in physics, engineering, biology and statistics. All in one calculator, working offline, fast and powerful. A scientific calculator supports most of the features of fx 500, fx500, 570vn plus, 82ms & 82 ms, 82es & 82 es, fx 4500, 991es plus, 991ms.
      * The Natural Display shows mathematical expressions like roots and fractions, square root, derivative, integral, matrix, ... as they appear in your textbook, and this increases comprehension because results are easier to understand.
      * Equation solver
      * 20 pairs of values for metric conversion
      * Calculation with complex numbers
      * Calc key (temporary formula memory)
      * 40 physical constants
      * Matrix/vector calculation
      * Numerical integral & differential (derivative) calculus
      * Random Integers
      * New equation Mode
      * Function table
      * Solve system of equations (two, three, four unknown variable)
      * Basic arithmetic operations, powers, roots, logarithms calculator, trigonometric and hyperbolic functions
      * Support conversion between rectangular and polar coordinates (POL and REC functions)
      * Periodic numbers and conversion to fractions
      * Generate random numbers, combinations, permutations, GCD, LCM
      * Mixed fraction, Fraction, decimal, repeat decimal, polar coordinates result
      * Statistic calculation, regression calculation, normal distribution
      What's New
      - Added "Physic formulas"
      - Change percent rules
      - Fixed some bugs.
      This app has no advertisements
      More Info:

      Download Instructions: Premium features unlocked
    • By caffeine
      Resistor Color Code And SMD Code Calculator v2.3 [Unlocked]
      Requirements: 4.1+
      Overview: Resistor Color Code And SMD Code Calculator.

      - Simple User Interface
      - Light Weight
      Resistor Color Code
      - Calculate resistor's value with color code
      - Support four, five, and six bands resistor
      - Search resistor's color with resistance value in ohm
      - Color Code Table And Information about how to calculate
      SMD Code Calculator
      - Supports both 3 and 4 digits
      - E-96 SMD resistor code 
      - Underlined SMD resistor code Types Supported
      What's new:
      - Added privacy policy
      - Some Bug Fixed
      >> Remove Ads.
      This app has no advertisements
      More Info:

      Download Instructions:
    • By caffeine
      Percentage Calculator v1.1.13 [Unlocked]
      Requirements: 4.0 and up
      Overview: Percentage Calculator is simply the fastest way to calculate discounts, tips, interest and other percentages.

      Instantly calculate and visualize all kind of percentages. Any input value can either be a source or result of a calculation — just enter the values you know and it will calculate the remaining one.
      The supported calculators and their possible use cases of this Percentage Calculator are:
      • Value: (Sales Tax, VAT, School (mathematics, statistics, algebra), Fat Percentage in Food, Cooking Ingredients)
      • Change: (Percentage Increase/Decrease, Tips, Markups, Profit Margin, Shopping Discounts, Sale Price, Net/Gross Price; Return on Investment (ROI)
      • Conversiom: (Convert Fractions)
      • Growth: (Business and Financial, Compound Interest, Inflation, Cumulative Growth, Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR), Doubling Time (Rule of 72))
       What's New
      In this update, we've improved app performance and reduced the storage size.
      ● Ad Free Unlocked
       ● AOSP Compatible
       ● Mod Off Line
      This app has no advertisements
      More Info:

      Download Instructions:
    • By caffeine
      MyCal Pro - Percentage & General Calculator v1.1.0 [Paid]
      Requirements: 4.1+
      Overview: MyCal Pro - Percentage & General Calculator is just the best and easiest to use app which calculates percentage as well as general calculations.

      MyCal Pro - Percentage & General Calculator is just the best and easiest to use app which calculates percentage as well as general calculations. It is unique in a manner that it calculates everything on the fly. It have inbuilt calculator which seamlessly combines with percentage calculator user interface.
      Here are some of the key features:
      • Simple percentage calculator
      • Inbuilt general calculator
      • Just touch to copy the result
      • No Ads
      • Easy to use user interface
      • Simple and fluid design
      MyCal Pro is useful in many situations:
      • Tip calculation
      • Discount calculation
      • School (mathematics, statistics, algebra)
      • Business and finance (profit margin, profit, percentage, company profits changes)
      • Tipping
      • Shopping (discounts)
      What's New
      • Some bug fixes
      • No Ads
      • Simple percentage calculator
      • Inbuilt general calculator
      • Just touch to copy the result
      • Easy to use user interface
      • Simple and fluid design
      This app has no advertisements
      More Info:

      Download Instructions:
    • By APK
      Hydraulic CALC pro v2.30 [Paid]
      Requirements: 5.0+
      Overview: This application was developed mainly to provide a swift access to a variety of formulas, theories and coefficients related to hydraulics for civil engineers, especially working in the field of water supply and sewage system.

      * Note :
      This is a PRO version of Hydraulic CALC, which is a free application.
      There is no functional difference with the free version except the additional service to share the calculation results.
      It is recommended to try the free version before you buy the PRO version.
      ❚ ABOUT
      I am developer of Hydraulic CALC and PE of water supply and sewage system.
      Every single formula in the program was employed with meticulous care, but as errors might exist, subsequent examinations are recommended.
      The accuracy of the program will be continually updated as well as the types of formulas provided.
      ▶ GENERAL
      - flow section property : circular / rectangular / trapezoidal / triangular / parabolic
      - hydraulic radius, diameter 
      - reynolds, froude, weber, mach, euler number 
      - continuity equation
      - bernoulli equation
      - specific weight
      - density
      - dynamic viscosity
      - kinematic viscosity
      - surface tension
      - modulus of elasticity
      - vapor pressure
      - enthalpy of vaporization 
      - specific heat 
      - thermal conductivity 
      - prandtl number 
      - volume expansion coefficient
      - sound speed
      - bulk modulus
      - specific gravity
      - roughness height
      - modulus of elasticity of material
      - hydraulic mean depth
      - manning formula : circular / rectangular / trapezoidal / triangular / parabolic
      - ref : manning roughness coefficient
      - normal depth : circular / rectangular / trapezoidal / triangular / parabolic 
      - kutter formula : circular / rectangular / trapezoidal / triangular / parabolic
      - critical depth : circular / rectangular / trapezoidal / triangular / parabolic 
      - hydraulic jump
      ▶ PIPE FLOW
      - entry length
      - hazen–williams equation
      - ref : hazen–williams roughness coefficient
      - darcy–weisbach equation
      - darcy friction factor : laminar flow
      - darcy friction factor : turbulent flow : colebrook–white equation
      - darcy friction factor : turbulent flow : swamee–jain equation
      - darcy friction factor : turbulent flow : alternatively
      - minor loss : entrance
      - minor loss : submerged discharge
      - minor loss : sudden contraction / sudden expansion
      - minor loss : gradual contraction / gradual expansion
      - minor loss : bending / elbow
      - ref : elbow loss coefficient
      - minor loss : valve
      - ref : valve loss coefficient
      - discharge in parallel pipes
      - equivalent length of pipe
      - water hammer : wave travel time
      - water hammer : speed of pressure wave
      - water hammer : sudden closure, gradual closure
      - weir : rectangular : full width
      - weir : rectangular : side contractions
      - weir : rectangular : francis formula
      - weir : cipoletti : discharge, head
      - weir : triangular
      - weir : triangular : kindsvater-shen equation
      - weir : broad crested
      - side overflow weir : discharge / head
      - orifice : velocity / head
      - large rectangular orifice
      - underflow gates
      - pump : pressure to head
      - pump : mass flow to volumetric flow
      - pump : net positive suction head : head
      - pump : net positive suction head : pressure
      - pump : head / power / torque / temperature rise
      - pump : specific speed at BEP
      - rational method : peak discharge
      - ref : runoff coefficient
      - time of concentration : US FAA
      - time of concentration : kinematic wave
      - ref : manning overland flow roughness coefficient
      - time of concentration : kerby
      - ref : kerby retardance coefficient
      - time of concentration : kirpich
      - ref : kirpich adjustment factor
      - time of concentration : izzard
      - ref : izzard retardance factor
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