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What is Modded Google Play Store APK?


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What is Modded Google Play Store APK?

It is a modified version of original google play store. Some Russian hacker and chelpus team develop the modded google play apk. The mod google play and original google play looks same; there is no user interface difference between us. When you were using mod google play, you can’t see any difference, such as download speed, belling features, and control panel are same. But the only difference is in the mod version; you can get lots of custom features. Below I share all detail features of Modded google play apk.

  • Successful Bypass License Verification System:

When you download some paid apps from another download source or you mod apps using lucky patcher, then google play check it. If they find any error then you could not use this app. But if you use modded google play then you can efficiently use any modded game or app on your device.

  • Disable Auto Update Features:

Often we see that some app are automatic update while we connect our device faster internet such as Wi-Fi or 3G network. So we can’t get proper internet speed on our device. But this mod play store offers your disable auto-update features.

  • Keep Paid Apps Without Uninstall:

When we download the paid application from the google play. We get the refund within 2 hours if this app is not working on our device, and uninstall this app from our device. But while you were using the mod play store, you get your money, and you don’t need to uninstall this app.

Important Note: If you want to download modded google play, you should root your Android device!

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