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Minecraft v1.2.8.0 [Mods]

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Minecraft v1.2.8.0 [Mods]
Requirements: 2.3+
Overview: Minecraft is about placing blocks to build things and going on adventures!


Pocket Edition includes randomly generated worlds, multiplayer over a local Wi-Fi network, and Survival and Creative modes. You can craft and create with your friends anywhere in the world so long as you have hands spare and battery to burn.
Our most recent update added the iconic Creepers. They’re big, green, mean and explody. But it’s just one of many. Since Minecraft — Pocket Edition first appeared, we’re continuing to add loads of new features, including...
- Food! Now you can cook and go hungry
- Swords! Bows! TNT!
- Chests
- Skeletons
- Spiders
- Beds
- Paintings
- Lots more!
But enough sales talk! Download it already! And have fun!


What's new in 1.2.3:
Various bug fixes
What's new in version 1.2?
Cross-platform play for up to eight players across Windows 10 PCs, Android devices, iOS phones and tablets, Xbox One, and virtual reality platforms.
Massive online multiplayer servers! We've added a server browser to the main menu so you can socialize, play, and collaborate with millions of other players.
Loads of new features!

MOD 1:
Unlocked premium skins
Unlocked premium textures

MOD 2:
1. Unlocked premium skins
2. Unlocked premium textures
3. No damage mod 
4. Unlimited breath
5. Max Inventory Size
6. 1 hit kill with weapons
7. Max score
8. Indestructible Tools

This app has no advertisements

More Info:


Download Instructions: 




MOD 1   



MOD 2:   






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    • By PRO_APK
      Anger of Stick 5 v1.1.13 (Mod Money)
      Requirements: 2.3.2 and up
      Overview: A strange group of enemies appeared in the city and have been using innocent people as experimental tools.
      Lots of people have turned into Zombie so that Hero and his friends should save the people and remove the enemies.

      *Collect various colleagues!
      - Please collect 6 kinds of reliable fellows.
      - You can arrange the stage with the total 3 fellows.
      *RPG's growth elements
      -The level up system throgh experiences (EXP).
      *You can enjoy both Single mode and Jombie mode.
      *A variety of movements and realistic actions have been realized.
      What's New: 
      (1) 3 friends can play
      (2) Helicopter image change
      (3) Reduced friend resurrection time
      This app has no advertisements
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    • By APK
      Guns and Spurs 2 v1.2 (Mod Money)
      Requirements: 7.0+
      Overview: Guns and Spurs 2 is a third person open-world shooter game that takes place in the Old West.

      Jack Lane is a bounty hunter that just arrived in town to find a better life by doing what he does best, tracks down and captures wanted outlaws and turn them in for money.
      Explore a vast open world set in the Old West featuring beautiful vistas like mountains, forests, rivers and towns filled with life and activities.
      Become a bounty hunter and capture 33 of the most wanted criminals of the West. Use your weapons to defend yourself or equip your lasso to capture the outlaws. Dead or alive the choice is yours.
      Take part in various activities including horse races, delivering goods, cattle herding and more, all right from the start. Find strangers on your way and decide if you will help them or not.
      Customize your character and your horse with a wide selection of clothes, hats and horse skins.
      What's New: 
      - Added Animal Hunting Activities
      - Various animals can spawn in the wilderness
      - Long Range Rifle now has an improved scope aiming
      - Added daily rewards!
      - Improved cover shooting
      - Fixed an error causing certain enemies not taking damage
      - Limited the amount of ammo you can carry
      - Other bug fixes and improvements
      This app has no advertisements
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    • By TWD
      Adalet Namluda 2 v8.5 (Paid)
      Requirements: 5.0
      Overview: The terrains and places where the Turkish Armed Forces Operated were examined and referenced to the maximum extent and transferred to the game completely by using TAF inventories (camouflage, weapon, helmet, steel vest and some ground and air vehicles).
      The requests that came to the first game were examined one by one and the game basis was established on these requests. In this way, the game has been moved a few steps forward in terms of graphics and gameplay.
      Content of Justice Barrel 2:
      - Real operation areas are examined as architecture and atmosphere and 10 different maps
      - 90 different missions supported by intermediate scenes
      - 10 types of weapons that TSK actively uses
      - Otokar Cobra TTZA, Atak Helicopter, F16 aircraft supporting game scenes
      - 4 different troops, each of which can be customized within itself
      Gendarmerie Special Operations (JÖH) - Police Special Operations (PÖH) - Blue Beret Commando - Burgundy Beret Commando
      - A more dynamic Inventory System with level system supported
      - 2 different classes that can be played as Attack soldier and Sniper
      All images used in Game Promotion are in-game visuals.
      Do not forget to mention your positive ratings and bright ideas. Good games!
      What's New: 
      This app has no advertisements
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    • By TWD
      Sparkle 2 v1.2.5 (Paid)
      Requirements: 2.4+
      Overview: Challenge the darkness with your swift orb matching skills, mighty magical enchantments and earthshaking powerups. Match the orbs before they fall into the abyss and find your way through mysterious lands of startling beauty!

      A long time ago five enchanted keys were created. The keys were scattered around the lands, and they still remain undiscovered. Many have come to find them, and so far all have failed. Will you find the keys and unlock the secrets, or will you join the endless ranks of souls forever trapped within these lands?
      Sparkle 2 is the long-awaited sequel to the award-winning hit game Sparkle enjoyed by millions of players since 2007. Sparkle 2 is an independent sequel and a spiritual successor to the first installment suitable for both new and existing fans of the series.
      - Experience unrestricted premium action puzzle gaming 
      - Admire state of the art special effects 
      - Explore three game modes: Story, Survival, and Challenge 
      - Discover over 90 unique levels throughout the story 
      - Supercharge your Slinger with over 200 combinations of 16 different Enchantments 
      - Find exciting locations and delve into the mystery 
      - Immerse yourself in a story narrated with professional voice overs 
      - Enjoy the soundtrack by the award-winning composer Jonathan Geer
      What's New: 
      Minor bug fixes.
      This game has no advertisements
      More Info:

      Download Instructions: 
    • By TWD
      iGun Pro 2 - The Ultimate Gun Application v2.54 (Unlocked)
      Requirements: 4.1
      Overview: Download the most realistic and comprehensive interactive gun encyclopedia ever created! Virtually fire the top weapons of the world and customize your weapons with attachments, camouflage patterns you can create, and entering those guns into global design contests. iGun Pro 2: The Ultimate Gun Application is a game truly worthy of the iGun Pro Franchise!

      iGun Pro 2 has everything that made the original great and builds upon the core features by adding several exciting new gameplay elements for users to enjoy:

      • Collect guns to build and upgrade your arsenal with a continually growing selection of firearms, including grenade launchers.
      • Virtually load and fire your custom guns.
      • Become the ultimate gunsmith, creating the perfect weapon with a flexible attachment system that allows attachment nesting
      • Make each gun genuinely unique with a mobile-optimized, touch-friendly painting system with customizable colors, patterns and version slots that allow for unlimited designs. Create a realistic or creative pattern; it is your choice.
      • Win fame and get your design on the home screen by competing in design contests against iGun Pro 2 users around the world
      • Easily share your creations through text or social media
      • High-quality graphics for ultra-realistic simulation
      • Customize your guns and lay them out how you want to create the ultimate gun wall.

      The app has an ever growing collection of guns witch includes, rifles, pistols, handguns, machine guns, pdw, and will soon feature revolvers and rocket launchers as well.

      The App also works as a great reference app to your favorite 3rd party fps video games!
      What's New: 
      - You can now get free coins by watching videos or by completing offers!
      - Bug fixes
      This app has no advertisements
      More Info:

      Download Instructions:
    • By TWD
      Snowball Horizon v1.0 (Mod Money)
      Requirements: 4.4
      Overview: Roll your snowball towards the horizon and go down the endless slope!

      Feel the beautiful scenery and thrilling speed.
      But be careful because your snowball can break!

      - Beautiful graphics
      - Procedurally generated world
      - Adaptive Difficulty
      - Day&Night cycle
      - Realistic snowball
      - Customizable abilities
      - And more!
      What's New: 
      New skins and skills are now available!
      You can now set your own sensitivity.
      Histogram graph added.
      Fixed minor bugs.
      This app has no advertisements
      More Info:

      Download Instructions:
    • By TWD
      Door Kickers: Action Squad v1.0.56 [Paid]
      Requirements: Android 4.1+
      Overview: Door Kickers: Action Squad is a crazy old school side scroller action game that puts you in the role of a SWAT trooper and sends you to deal with the bad guys in Nowhere City USA.

      Choose your gear, then kick the doors down and face the action. Adapt and react by the seat of your pants, and if needed – restart without a care and rethink. Master weapons recoil and time your reloads, use distance and cover to your advantage and use the in-game Strategic Abilities to decide for yourself when healthpacks or gear refills are needed. Or just save up the Points earned and unleash your Ultimate to waltz through that tricky final room.
      ◼ High detail retro graphics
      ◼ 6 playable characters, each with unique gameplay and level up options
      ◼ Unique in-game Strategic Abilities system
      ◼ 84 non linear levels to complete
      ◼ Endless Tower Mode
      ◼ 60 weapons and gear items
      ◼ 20+ enemy types and 4 mission objectives
      ◼ Zombie invasion mode allowing you to play the game again in a new way
      What's New: 
      Fixed several control and gameplay bugs!
      This app has no advertisements
      More Info:

      Download Instructions: 
    • By TWD
      METAL SLUG ATTACK v5.4.0 [Infinite AP]
      Requirements: 4.1+
      Overview: The sequel to the worldwide hit "METAL SLUG DEFENSE" finally appears!
      "METAL SLUG ATTACK" joins the battle with numerous improvements!

      ▼Simplified control!
      "METAL SLUG ATTACK", the very latest entry in the legendary game series from SNK PLAYMORE, is a tower defense game with simple controls which can be enjoyed by everyone, and 2D dot-pixel characters who move and battle each other smoothly! Moreover, the newly added "Support System" feature will offer players deeper strategies and even more fun!
      ▼A plethora of missions!
      "METAL SLUG ATTACK" has different types of missions for all types of players with its "ATTACK!" game mode, in which players have to free military bases occupied by Morden's Armies, as well as the "P.O.W. RESCUE", "COMBAT SCHOOL" or "TREASURE HUNT" game modes.
      ▼Improve your Units!
      Collect items throughout your missions, and use them to customize your favorite Units. Make them evolve, level them up or activate their skills by equipping your Units with items!! Let's try to make the most impressive and poweful units!
      ▼Worldwide battles!
      In addition to the "Real Time Battle" mode which can be played and enjoyed by 4 players simultaneously, up to 6 decks can clash together in asynchronous battles! Defeat all your challengers, and hone your skills to become the Best Player in the World!
      ▼Play in co-op with brother-in-arms!
      Battle in co-op missions with brother-in-arms in the "Guild Raid" and "SPECIAL OPS" game modes, and communicate with them via the chat and mailing options. Make sure to fully enjoy "METAL SLUG ATTACK" with your best partners!
      What's New
      Updates in Ver 5.4.0:
      Added Extra Ops
      Added new units
      Updated Mystery Crank
      Added contents to the Dress Up
      Updated Shops
      Please enjoy METAL SLUG ATTACK.
      This app has no advertisements
      More Info:

      Download Instructions:   
    • By TWD
      Angry Birds Transformers v2.8.0 [Mod Money/Unlock]
      Requirements: 4.0 and up
      Overview: Angry Birds and Transformers collide in this action-packed, 3D shoot ‘em up adventure! The EggSpark has transformed the eggs into crazed robots who are destroying Piggy Island, but who can stop them?! Autobirds, ROLL OUT!

      Have you ever seen an alien robot Angry Bird? Enter the AUTOBIRDS! This brave band of heroes features Red as Optimus Prime, Chuck as Bumblebee and… well you’ll meet the rest soon. They’ve got lasers and they turn into cars. Plus they have arms and legs – that’s a first! 
      But the courageous Autobirds can’t save Piggy Island on their own – to stop the EggBots they’ll need to join forces with their arch rivals the DECEPTIHOGS (like Decepticons only smellier). Can these bitter enemies team up and put aside their differences? Yeah right... 
      *NOTE: Angry Birds Transformers is completely free to play, but there are optional in-app purchases available.
      - COLLECT! Unlock a roster of heroes (and villains) with unique attacks and abilities!
      - DESTROY! Leave the slingshot at home – this time you have some SERIOUS firepower!
      - VEHICLES! Oh, yes! Car, truck, tank or plane – transform to dodge falling hazards!
      - UPGRADES! Get stronger weapons and new abilities for every Transformer!
      - TAG TEAM! Borrow a friend’s character to unleash a devastating two-bot assault!
      - TELEPODS™! Scan ‘em to unlock, revive or boost your bots!
      What's New: 
      Evolution keeps evolving one update at a time!
      1. Unlimited Currency
      2. We get a lot of precious stones for the first award
      This app has no advertisements
      More Info:

      Download Instructions:  
    • By TWD
      Event Horizon v1.9.0 (Mod Money)
      Requirements: 4.0.3 +
      Overview: Event Horizon is a cool space 2D online action/RPG game with armies of ships, space invaders, cosmic battles, galaxy and star wars. Drag your own fleet into exciting battles.

      Millions of stars to discover
      You will discover millions and billions of new stars. Find out an exciting gaming universe!
      Hardcore dynamic battles
      Take part in dynamic space battles!
      Over 70 individual space ships with options for modification
      There is an opportunity to independently create a spaceship and to constantly upgrade it!
      Over 100 guns and modules
      To improve a fleet it is possible to use more than 100 guns and various modules!
      10 Unique fractions with powerful flagships
      Choose one of 10 fractions which you will join during a space Odyssey!
      PVP battles over the Internet
      Take part in space war! Battle against the other players online via Internet.
      Take command of a space fleet and start your galaxy exploration mission. Battle hostile aliens, conduct scientific research, capture resources, trade, build new ships and upgrade existing ones. Thousands and thousands of star systems, ferocious battles and surprising encounters are waiting for you! And it is totally free!
      1. Many Stars
      2. A lot of money
      3. Plenty of fuel
      4. Lots of snowflakes
      What's New: 
      New faction, ships and modules
      This app has no advertisements
      More Info:

      Download Instructions:      
    • By TWD
      Metal Squad v2.2.7 [Mod Money]
      Requirements: 4.0.3 and up
      Overview: Metal Squad is a shooting action game. This game will take you through series of classic levels, various enemies and boss battles with amazing experience of side scrolling platformer games. Use various weapons filled with slug and power ups to fight your way through a multiple enemies, metal tanks, copters and put an end to the evil army leader's and his world of terror.

      Blow up all enemies in Metal Squad! Kill them all in this amazing shooter game.Please hold your arms up and face dangerous challenges ahead.
      ★ Different kinds of weapons, such as shotgun, heavy machine gun, rifles, rocket launchers, and grenades.
      ★ Different characters to choose.
      ★ 3+ unique zone with 11+ Levels
      ★ Different kind of enemies.
      ★ Challenging boss fights
      ★ Amazing graphics, cool music and sound.
      ▼▼▼HOW TO PLAY▼▼▼
      ★ Use the joypad to move
      ★ Tap Jump button to jump avoid obstacles
      ★ Tap fire button to shoot
      ★ Tap Grenade button to make deadly explosion
      What's New:
      - Bug fixes and performance improvements
      This app has no advertisements
      More Info:

      Download Instructions:        
    • By TWD
      1945 Classic Arcade v7.06 (Free Shopping)
      Requirements: 4.1
      Overview: The classic, long-run shooting game from the 90s like 1942, 1943, 1944, 19xx has been perfectly remade for smart phones. With its simple concept and endless fun, 1945 is now available on your mobile device to enjoy again.

      The controls are easy to learn and use. Keeping the old feeling of playing in an arcade. Includes 6 types of famous WWII combat planes for military fans. Supported for all kinds of devices, from phones with low specifications to tablets. Supported Global service. Supported for Achievements, Laderboard. You can play games offline even without Internet.
      What's New: 
      - New Co-op PvP System
      This app has no advertisements
      More Info:

      Download Instructions: 
    • By TWD
      Tap Tap Fish - Abyssrium Pole v1.6.6 (Mod Health)
      Requirements: 6.0
      Overview: The sequel to the hit indie “Tap Tap Fish -- Abyssrium”, this game brings the same lovably gameplay to a new, arctic world. Easy to start and simple to play, you can build your own polar aquarium with just a quick tap!

      Set on a lonely iceberg in the arctic sea, this game allows you to experience the peaceful calm of the arctic ocean. Polar bears, arctic foxes, sea lions and more adorable animals await you on land, while hundreds of deep sea fish are discoverable in the deep sea. Each animal is carefully designed by our artists in a beautiful low poly style that we’re sure you’ll love.
      How to play?
      Level up your lonely Iceberg by tapping
      Add decorations to speed up your taps.
      Use hearts to create your fish and animals.
      1. Simple Control---- create coral and fish with just a simple tap
      2. Amazing graphics--- beautiful low-poly graphics viewable in full 3D HD
      3. Lovely background music---- The voice of the whale & the delicate sound of water droplets all guide you to a calm, ASMR world.
      4. Social friendly --- easily share your awesome creations to your friends over social media

      Pre-registration Event
      If the number of pre-registrations reach 1M, you will get all the prizes below!
      Prize Tiers:
      - 100K Pre-registrations: 100 pearls
      - 300K Pre-registrations: 200 pearls
      - 500K Pre-registrations: 300 pearls
      - 1M Pre-registrations: 500 pearls and a special character!!

      Follow and contact us
      If you have any suggestions or errors to report, please contact [email protected]
      We will do our best to respond to your valuable opinion
      Smartphone App Access Authorization
      ▶Access Authorization
      Requesting access authorization to provide the following services:
      [Mandatory Access Authorization]
      [Optional Access Authorization]
      -Storage Space: Used to save game execution related files and screenshots.
      ※ Users are not required to allow optional access authorization. However, this will restrict access to related features.
      ※ Optional access authorization is not available for versions prior to Android 6.0. Upgrading to version 6.0 or later is recommended.
      ※ Some apps may not offer optional access authorization.
      ▶Revoking App Permissions
      Users can reset or revoke permissions after granting access.
      [OS 6.0 or Later]
      Settings > Manage Applications > Select App > Permissions > Grant/Revoke Permission
      [Versions Prior to OS 6.0]
      Upgrade OS and revoke permissions, or delete the app.

      Privacy Policy:
      What's New: 
      1.Fix sharing and saving photo function inactivation Error
      2.Change first day’s login reward
      3.After receiving the first reward advanced lesson pop-up window is not forcibly displayed
      This app has no advertisements
      More Info:

      Download Instructions:
    • By TWD
      Plants vs. Zombies 2 v8.1.1 (Mod Coins/Gems)
      Requirements: 4.1+
      Overview: "Best Games of 2013" Collection on Google Play
      Play the sequel to the hit action-strategy adventure with over 30 Game of the Year awards. Meet, greet and defeat legions of zombies from the dawn of time to the end of days. Amass an army of powerful plants, supercharge them with Plant Food and power up your defenses with amazing ways to protect your brain.

      This app offers in-app purchases. You may restrict in-app purchasing using your device settings.
      100 Million Downloads – This app has received more than 100 million overall downloads.
      Winner: Best Mobile Game at E3 – Game Informer
      Winner: Best Mobile Game 2013 – Mashable
      Winner: Game of the Year 2013 – Slide to Play
      Game Features
      Meet Fire Peashooter, Pepper-pult, Bonk Choy, Laser Bean, Pea-nut, and the prickly Homing Thistle: Just a few of the powerful new plants that will defend your lawn through time. Go toe-to-missing-toe with dozens of new zombies including Troglobite, Swashbuckler Zombie, Chicken Wrangler Zombie, Jetpack Zombie, Wizard Zombie, Mermaid Imp and Weasel Hoarder – the wiliest zombie of them all!
      Choose your plants wisely for each level and plot out your winning strategy. Use Plant Food to supercharge your plants when you need it most. Freeze, flick and zap zombies off your lawn, using your fingers with simple touch controls.
      Defeat endless zombie waves in Vasebreaker, the #1 mini-game from Plants vs. Zombies. Use smashing power-ups like the Butterizer, X-Ray vase vision and more.
      Battle zombies to win sprouts, then plant them in your very own Zen Garden. Tend to it carefully and be rewarded with extra BOOM in your blooms.
      Take on Zomboss at the end of each new world. He’s coming for you with a host of diabolical inventions designed to challenge your best defenses!
      Unlock ultra-challenging endless levels in every world — Pyramid of Doom, Dead Man's Booty, Big Bad Butte, Terror from Tomorrow, Arthur’s Challenge, Tiki Torch-er and Icebound Battleground.
      Stumped about where to go next? Consult your Travel Log to embark on exciting Quests created just for you. Complete Quests and level up by earning points and prizes.
      What's New: 
      Get spooky with our Halloween-iest update ever! It includes:
      • Alarming Arena Seasons with all-new Season Prizes
      • The startling Lawn of Doom Event from 10/16 – 11/1
      • An un-vaulting of classic and un-creepy Lawn of Doom plants
      • Shocking Pinata Parties and Epic Quests
      • Eerie fixes and chillingly awesome quality-of-life improvements
      Don’t be too scared – but do have a lot of spine-chilling fun! Thanks, too, for playing!
      - Unlimited Coins
      - Unlimited Gems
      This app has no advertisements
      More Info:

      Download Instructions:   unlimited gold coin diamond key, 
    • By TWD
      Zombie Chase v1.0.5 (Mod Money)
      Requirements: Android 3.0+
      Overview: Get ready for the run of your life! Right when you decided to take the dust off those running shoes and go do that jogging session you’ve been postponing since forever, guess what? ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE!

      In Zombie Chase, the undead are merciless! Your running and dodging skills are the only path to survival against the walking dead. The positive attitude towards life expressed in your restless smile is also encouraging.
      • CUSTOMIZE your character and perish in style: do your last run dressed as a Clown, a Chinese Imperator, a Sheriff, with Radioactive Shielding Clothes and more!
      • GRAB items on your way to help you go further!
      • SPEED UP using cool and totally adequate vehicles: scooters, rollerblades and skates!
      Crumbled up in the corner of your room fearing the moment zombies will come inside and eat up your brain already? No worries. No zombie can ever take that beautiful smile off your face! Now run for your life!
      Please note! This game is free to play, but it contains items that can be purchased for real money. Some features and extras mentioned in the description may also have to be purchased for real money.
      What's New: 
      Bug fixes and performance improvements
      This game has no advertisements
      More Info:

      Download Instructions: 
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