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Network Cell Info v4.1 [Patched]

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Network Cell Info v4.1 [Patched]
Requirements: 4.0+
Overview: "Network Cell Info" is the first Android cellular network monitoring app, providing separate VU-like signal-meter gauges for the serving (registered) cell, as well as for neighbor cells. 



Network Cell Info- screenshot thumbnail Network Cell Info- screenshot thumbnail Network Cell Info- screenshot thumbnail Network Cell Info- screenshot thumbnail Network Cell Info- screenshot thumbnail Network Cell Info- screenshot thumbnail Network Cell Info- screenshot thumbnail Network Cell Info- screenshot thumbnail
"Network Cell Info" is the first Android cellular network monitoring app, providing separate VU-like signal-meter gauges for the serving (registered) cell, as well as for neighbor cells.

It covers all wireless cellular networks including LTE, HSPA+, HSPA, WCDMA, EDGE, GSM, CDMA, EVDO.

Network Cell Info features 6 separate signal-meter gauges for the serving (registered) cell, as well as for neighbor cells signal strengths and 6 parallel signal strength (dBm) vs. time plots of the serving (registered) cell, as well as neighbor cells.

It further has the capability of getting the cell locations from the Mozilla Location Service (MLS) - http://location.services.mozilla.com . MLS includes also OpenCellID (OCID) data.
Network Cell Info also features concurrent map view and signal-meter gauges, route coloring (in the map tab) according to the network signal strength, and map markers with location and network signal info (2G, 3G or 4G).

There are also capabilities of saving log files (under the map tab), raw view of detailed network signal info, network info, including signal strength, serving and neighbor cell information, SIM and device info, screen rotation (portrait or landscape).

One can also turn off the gauges individually by tapping, to release some burden from the CPU.
With the Network Cell Info, you can do the following:

- Check whether your network signal strength is adequate or not

- Check whether your network is over-tuned or under-tuned in your area

- Check how many cell neighbors are active in your area and their signal strength (the number of active neighbor cells depends on your network as well as on your device's modem and varies in time, especially when moving fast)

- Locate the cell you're connected to in the map (it shows as antenna) using the MLS service

- Depicting in the map the route colored according to network signal strength along with markers showing whether the signal is 4G LTE, 3G or 2G.

- Check your SIM and device relevant info.

By using two or more devices with the app side-by-side:
- Compare your network provider performance and cell coverage against competitors
- Compare your device's LTE HSPA WCDMA GSM modem performance against competitors
- Check whether your network is optimized or not

Please note the following.

It is highly recommended, for best app performance, to set the GPS mode to "high accuracy" in the location settings of your device.

The cell locations we get from Mozilla Location Service (MLS) - http://location.services.mozilla.com - and show in the map as antennas, are not real tower locations, but roughly an indication of the cell locations (if no cell location is shown in the map, it means MLS has no data for your cell). MLS data include also OpenCellID (OCID) data.

* Dual SIM phones:
We are working on it. However please note, Android doesn't have official support for dual SIM card phones for managing signal strengths' data and cells' information.Moreover current Android seems to provide cell information only for SIM1.

Phone issues:
Please check here for current issues: http://spam.com/Hy0dx5 . Please feel free to give us any issue feedback.

(!) If you like our app, please give us a positive rating to support our development efforts. If you face any problems, don't hesitate to email us. Thank you!

If the app doesn't show well on your device or you have any issue, please send us in the email address below, a screenshot along with the system info from inside the app's settings, and we will work to solve it!
Network Cell Info is sold exclusively in the Google Play Store. If you find it elsewhere please inform us.

** By purchasing our app you support our development efforts (in both apps, full and lite). Thank you! **


Release 4.1 (11-August-2017; 1st day in Play Store: 3-Sept-2015)
* WiFi functionality: Optimization, refresh rate
* WiFi settings: Moved from General to own section
* Gauge: Show select between CQI/TA and NID (if applicable)
* Android O updates
* App optimization
Please see: http://wilysis.com/networkcellinfo/22-features

This app has no advertisements

More Info:


Download Instructions: thx JASI2169 No LP or Google Play Modded needed!


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      Fixed issues
      This app has no advertisements
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      Download Instructions: PREMIUM features Unlocked
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      Most Stable - Have lots of free cloud proxy server to provide better VPN service.
      Turbo VPN Free VPN proxy,
      Bypass the firewalls as school free VPN proxy for school wifi and school computer.
      Unblock websites with free VPN proxy server. It can also unblock video not available in your country.
      Protect your network traffic under WiFi hotspot Browse anonymously and securely without being tracked. Enjoy private browsing.
      Works with WiFi, LTE, 3G, and all mobile data carriers.
      Encrypts data using OpenVPN protocols (UDP / TCP).
      Free download this light android VPN APK now.
      What's New
      -Minor function update.
      Turbo VPN will always give you super fast VPN service, please support this fast-running rabbit!
      Enjoy your free and secure Turbo VPN now. 
      This app has advertisements
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      * No speed limitation, no bandwidth limitation
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      What's New
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      - Improved Speed/Performance
      - Updated core modules
      - Fixed minor issues
      - Server Reload Option
      - Fixed delay issue
      - Fixed disconnect button
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      Base functions:
      • Protection from any network attacks, beginning with the arp spoofing/arp poisoning.
      • Three Program modes (warning, invulnerability, recovery).
      • Auto Off Wifi when it detects an attack in non-root mode carried out on you (set out in settings).
      • Notification about attack (vibration, sound, a notice containing information on the attack).
      • When superuser mode is available to you, making your device immune to such attacks (using a static gateway address). There is no need of such like warning in this mode.
      Extra features available for unlocking:
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      that protects your data instead of selling it.

      Tenta is a next generation browser that is designed from the ground up for unparalleled privacy and security with built-in true VPN, secure DNS, ad tracking blocker and complete data encryption. We are currently in beta and are inviting beta-testers to help us build the best private and encrypted browser. Our mission is simple. We believe privacy is non-negotiable and everyone should have safe access to the world's information without censorship or judgement.
      ☆ Built-in True VPN: Tenta offers real built-in VPN based on the OpenVPN™ protocol. Not a proxy like other browser, which offer less protection.
      ☆ Built-in Ad Blocker: Automatically block ads and trackers that slow you down, including malware sites.
      ☆ QR Code Reader: Conveniently scan QR codes in the browser.
      ☆ Smart Incognito™: 100% of your browsing data is protected and private. This is incognito mode that is actually incognito and convenient. That means your bookmarks, your DNS, IP address and browsing history are all kept private and secure.
      ☆ Private and Secure Browsing By Default: No setup or registration required. Tenta keeps you hidden from the prying eyes of hackers, trackers, and ISPs. Browse without worry, especially on public WIFI networks, such as airports or coffee shops.
      ☆ Password Encrypted: Tenta protects your password with AES-256 encryption. For your security, we do not store a copy of your password on any server. Fingerprint authentication offered for supporting devices.
      ☆ Unlock Geo-Blocked Sites with Encrypted Zones: We've made it easier than any browser in the world to connect to multiple locations simultaneously. Simply swipe to switch between locations.
      ☆ Protect your Private Browsing from Real World and Online Threats: Only you have access to your copy of Tenta Browser. Feel comfortable sharing your mobile device with friends or family knowing your private browsing data is encrypted and locked with your password.
      ☆ No Logs Kept: Your privacy is our top priority. We do not record your browsing data and because your traffic is encrypted that means no one, including Tenta, can snoop into your web browsing history.
      ☆ Always Free to Use with Premium Support Available: Tenta is a free browser that offers anonymous and secure browsing by default. Unlike other browsers, we are not advertising based and will never store and/or sell your data. The beta version is completely free. Tenta will offer a premium service for additional security and privacy features, including:
      • Unlimited encrypted server locations
      • Custom DNS Servers
      • Priority customer support
      • Built-in true VPN
      Getting started with Tenta is super simple. No registration, credit card or email is required. Simply create your secure PIN code and your private, encrypted browsing experience is ready for you. Access the internet from multiple encrypted locations and keep your data and history private behind a PIN only you have access to. 
       What's New
      Video Downloader bug fixed for some tube sites.
      Added ability to upload files.
      Bug fixes
      ● Free Pro Membership
      This app has no advertisements
      More Info:

      Download Instructions:
      - armeabi-v7a:
      - arm64-v8a:
    • By APK
      Bot Changer VPN - Free VPN Proxy & Wi-Fi Security v1.9.5 [Premium]
      Requirements: 4.0 and up
      Overview: Bot Changer VPN is Ultra fast VPN service. Bot Changer VPN is the ultimate Android VPN. It is a 100% unlimited VPN that does not require any type of registration.

      Bot Changer VPN is Ultra fast VPN service. Bot Changer VPN is the ultimate Android VPN. It is a 100% unlimited VPN that does not require any type of registration.
      Bot Changer VPN is completely anonymous. All of your traffic is encrypted while VPN is on.
      Bot Changer VPN protects your privacy and identity and allows you to browse the web anonymously without fear of being tracked.
      How does Bot Changer VPN Work?
      Bot Changer VPN encrypts your data and safely connects you to any web site or mobile app. Bot Changer VPN keeps you safe by directing your data traffic through our secure servers. Your personal IP address is hidden so that you are free to browse the internet without revealing your location to anyone without permission.
      Bot Changer VPN Benefits:
      • Browse the internet safely since your passwords, credit card numbers, and bank accounts are safe from hackers.
      • Privatized your online activities and location whether you are at work, airport, coffee shop, home using a shared public Wifi or on the move.
      Unique Features of our Unlimited free Bot Changer VPN
      • No credit card needed
      • No in app purchase requirements
      • No registration needed
      • No login or password required
      • Easy to connect to Bot Changer VPN
      • Bot Changer VPN connects you to the fastest and nearest server
      If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to email us at: [email protected]
      We are doing everything we can, to keep this app simple and easy to use. If you think we can do a better job please let us know. We are here 7 days a week.
      What's New
      Improved performance.
      If you like our service, please must rate it.
      Thanks for being valued users.
      This app has no advertisements
      More Info:

      Download Instructions: Premium features unlocked | Map works
    • By caffeine
      Privacy Browser v2.14 [Paid]
      Requirements: 4.4+
      Overview: Privacy Browser protects your privacy by disabling features like JavaScript, DOM storage, and cookies that are used by websites to track users. Settings can be adjusted by domain and on-the-fly to enable these features when needed. In addition, Privacy Browser incorporates the EasyList block lists, which block many tracking technologies even when JavaScript is enabled.

      Privacy Browser does not have tabbed browsing yet. This is a planned feature for the 3.x series.
      Privacy Browser currently uses Android’s built-in WebView to render web pages. As such, it works best when the latest version of WebView is installed. In the 4.x series, Privacy Browser will switch to a forked version of Android’s WebView called Privacy WebView that will allow for advanced privacy features.
      Warning: Due to limitations in the OS, Privacy Browser is susceptible to MITM (Man In The Middle) attacks when browsing insecure websites from devices running Android KitKat (version 4.4.x, API 19). More information about this issue is available at https://www.stoutner.com/kitkat-security-problems/.
      • Tor Orbot proxy support.
      • SSL certificate pinning.
      • Full screen browsing mode.
      • Night mode.
       What's New
      • Add encrypted import and export options.
      • Fix a bug when importing databases under certain circumstances.
      • Add an options entry to quickly toggle proxying through Orbot.
      • Add an option to download files using an external app.
      • Fix the deletion of DOM storage.
      • Scroll to the beginning of the URL text box after editing.
      • Allow exiting the Bookmarks activity directly from a subfolder.
      • Change the app icon back to the old style for older versions of Android.
      This app has no advertisements
      More Info:

      Download Instructions:
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      tTorrent - ad free v1.5.15 build 10000114 [Mod Lite]
      Requirements: 4.1+
      Overview: tTorrent is simply the best torrent (P2P) downloader client for Android based devices. Download large files like free movies, free music albums, free software programs, free MP3 files and other entertainment media to your phone or tablet very fast. High Speed Internet connection (Wi-Fi, 4G) necessary!

      - NO ADS!
      - create and share new torrent files
      - choose single files for download from torrents containing multiple files
      - supports writing external storage, like SD cards (from Android 5.0)
      - sequential download mode (streaming)
      - Wifi only mode, Wifi or WiMAX mode
      - magnet link support, trackerless torrent (DHT) support
      - RSS support(automatically download torrents published in feeds)
      - UPnP and NAT-PMP support
      - IP filtering support
      - proxy support (SOCKS, HTTP)
      - encryption
      - Web interface (supports Transdroid/Transdrone)
      - Label support (with custom save path)
      Please visit our site, and read the faq at http://ttorrent.org/faq
      This is the paid version, without the ads.
      If you want to help to translate the app into your own language, you can join at:
      You can suggest ideas at http://ttorrent.idea.informer.com
      This product includes software developed by the OpenSSL Project for
      use in the OpenSSL Toolkit. (http://www.openssl.org/)
      This product includes cryptographic software written by Eric Young
      ([email protected])
      What's New
      Renamed app in the launcher ( tTorrent (no ads) to tTorrent).
      Implemented runtime permissions, the READ_PHONE_STATE is not needed anymore.
      Clear finished notifications when app opened through status notification.
      Fix deleting folders recursively with the built in file browser.
      Improved file priority and progress report on details screen.
      Updated translations.
      ★★★ MOD Lite ★★★
      - The name of the application in the launcher renamed
      (from tTorrent (without ads) to tTorrent).
      Implemented runtime permissions, getting information about the phone is no longer necessary.
      - Clear pre-made notifications when an application is open via status notification.
      - Fixed deleting folders recursively using the built-in file browser.
      - Improved file priority and progress report on the detail screen.
      - Updated translations.
      Languages only Rus, Eng.
      Sending analytics and bug reports is disabled.
      Changed package name to hu.tagsoft.ttorrent.pro (clone).
      Cut out the item "Tell a friend"
      Untied from gugloservisov.
      This app has no advertisements
      More Info:

      Download Instructions: credit gans
    • By caffeine
      Speedtest.net v4.2.5 [Mod Lite]
      Requirements: 4.2+
      Overview: Use Ookla Speedtest for easy, one-tap connection testing in under 30 seconds—accurate anywhere thanks to our global network.

      Millions of users have made Ookla Speedtest the #1 app for testing Internet speeds, and it’s trusted daily by professionals throughout the industry!
      - Discover your Download, Upload and Ping 
      - Real-time graphs show connection consistency 
      - Troubleshoot or verify the speed you were promised 
      - Track past tests with detailed reporting 
      - Easily share your results
      WHAT'S NEW
      - Added Real-time graphs to show variation in speed during a test
      - Support for landscape orientation on tablets
      If you rely on Speedtest to diagnose connectivity issues and keep your internet service provider and carriers honest, we'd be thrilled if you would leave us some feedback on Google Play. Thanks and happy testing!
      ★★★ MOD Lite★★★
      Based on PREMIUM version;
      Optimized graphics and cleaned resources for fast load < improved result (7.27 MB total size);
      All ads and services calls from activity removed;
      Removed ads disclaimer from Settings Menu;
      Encrypted all resources;
      AOSP compatible;
      Languages: En, Ru.
      This app has no advertisements
      More Info:

      Download Instructions:
    • By caffeine
      WiFi Hotspot Master - Powerful Mobile Hotspot v1.0.18 [Mod Ad-Free]
      Requirements: 4.0.3 and up
      Overview: WiFi Hotspot Master - Powerful Mobile Hotspot is powerful hotspot wifi and hotspot manager!

      Do you want to create WiFi Hotspot/Mobile Hotspot with just one click?
      Do you want to see Who is using my Hotspot?
      Do you want to check recent WiFi Hotspot Settings to start it quickly?
      Do you want to know Who is Connected to my Hotspot ever?
      Do you want to see Who use my Hotspot?
      Turn on WiFi Hotspot Master - Powerful Mobile Hotspot, Improve your mobile computing experience.
      Just one click for enable mobile hotspot for share internet.
      It is easy to use, total free and you can create your personal hotspot.
      With a simple click, you are able to share wifi connection with your friends, families, business partners and an arbitrary number of WLAN-compatible devices.
      - Turn on portable wi-fi hotspot
      - Rename or secure your portable hotspot
      - Can change the name of your phone's Wi-Fi network name (SSID)
      - Can Setting WIFI password.
      - Check who is connected to my WiFi.
      - Show Recent Hotspot Settings
      - Check the hotspot history
      Share Wifi Hotspot with password.
      - Type your Wifi HotSpot name.
      - Type your password.
      - Click save button.
      - Activate your Wifi Hotspot.
      Free Wifi Hotspot application with lightweight data storage is able to broadcast wifi, share wifi from your phone in the high-speed, secure and simple way.
      If you want other devices connected to your wireless station can access the Internet, the mandatory mobile phone you have to connect to the Internet - via 3G / 4G (or 2G, GPRS) before using this application.
      What's New
      Lots of updates for this release:
      - Upgrade main page and Beautify the interface
      - Add Connected Devices LIst
      - Fix bugs
      - Support All Android Version
      - Add Realtime Speed
      ★★★ MOD Ad-Free ★★★
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      This app has no advertisements
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      Download Instructions:
    • By caffeine
      Hotspot VPN - Super Free VPN Unlimited Proxy v2.2.6 [Mod Ad-Free]
      Requirements: 4.1 and up
      Overview: Hotspot Shield VPN ( Free Unlimited VPN Proxy ) - The best vpn for android, 100% free VPN app, 100% unlimited VPN.

      What do you expect from a great VPN app?
      # Unlimited Bandwidth to use
      # Endless list of countries to connect to worldwide!
      # Simple one click to connect
      # Super fast speed vpn
      # Unblock any apps and sites in any country
      # VPN for privacy , WIFI Security
      # IP vanish/ IP Fake
      # Hotspot Shield VPN
      # Unblock VPN for VOIP(Based on openvpn, support all voice call and video call)
      # Unblock APP and site for school
      ★ FREE
      - 100% unlimited free VPN proxy!
      - No credit card information needed. No trials offered.
      Multi VPN servers
      - vpn for United States, USA
      - vpn for Germany, DE
      - vpn for India, IN
      - vpn for Singapore, SG
      - vpn for Canada, CA
      - vpn for Russia, RU
      - vpn for Japan, JP
      - vpn for United Kindom, UK
      - vpn for Nederland, NL
      ★ Unlimited
      - Truly unlimited, No session,speed and bandwidth unlimitation, Torrents and file sharing are allowed.
      ★ Unblock
      - Unblock websites with free VPN proxy server.
      - Bypass the firewalls as school proxy while you are at school or at work.
      - VPN can also unblock video not available in your country.
      - Unblock blocked websites such as: Netflix, YouTube, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, Facebook, Viber, Skype, WhatsApp, Wechat etc…
      ★ Security
      - NO LOGS! That means, that you're absolutely anonymous and protected while using our app.
      - All of your traffic (UDP / TCP) is encrypted while FREE VPN is on.Based on Openvpn.
      - FREE VPN protect your privacy, keep you safe from 3rd party tracking.
      - FREE VPN protect your network traffic under WiFi hotspot browse anonymously and securely without being tracked.
      ★ Stable and Speed VPN
      - Top Speed VPN & Stable Connection
      - Perfect support for Saudi Arabia (SA) and the United Arab Emirates (UAE)
      ★ Fast VPN
      - 100+ free cloud proxy server to provide better net service.100% top speed vpn server.
      ★ Simple
      - Easy to Use, Just Press a button and connect a betternet
      ■ Why using a VPN
      With a VPN, you are not only able to unblock geo-restricted or censored services, such as Facebook, Pandora and Youtube; your online privacy and security will be greatly bolstered as you’ll be surfing the web completely anonymously.
      ■ Why Hotspot VPN
      Hotspot VPN is 100% free, unlimited, secured and super easy to use. You can connect to any of the servers below (Sweden, United Kingdom, Denmark, United States, Netherlands, and Canada) to enjoy unlimited online privacy and freedom. With Hotspot VPN you can
      ⇨ Access any website in any country. Bypass geo-restrictions to unblock any website wherever you are! Get access to sites that are blocked or censored by government, school or workplace. Evade firewalls to unblock Facebook, watch YouTube, and circumvent VOIP limitations.
      ⇨ Protect Your Data from Hackers. When you’re connected to a public Wi-Fi Hotspot, your name, passwords, and personal information can be easily compromised. Hotspot VPN encrypts your data and provides you with banking-level security for the best protection.
      ⇨ Hotspot VPN is a one-click VPN Proxy Service. Hotspot VPN contains only one button. The button connects you to one of many anonymous servers at speeds faster than a web proxy. When you are not running our app we help you save your devices battery. And, we are a completely unlimited and free VPN!
      ⇨ Surf the Web Anonymously. Avoid being snooped by your ISP and prevent websites from ad tracking and targeting. Hotspot VPN changes your IP address, so your online identity is anonymous and your internet activity is inaccessible to prying eyes and businesses.
      Please don't download BitTorrent and any P2P. Otherwise, you will be blocked!
      Porn sites and adult content(including Porno Torrent and Sex sites) are not allowed, you will be blocked!
      What's New
      1. Optimize connection speed.
      2. Improve connection success rate.
      3. Minor bug fixed.
      4.Fixed crash on Android O and Android P.
      ★★★ MOD Ad-Free ★★★
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