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Site Adblock Annoying NAG!


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We ask you to disable adblock only on our community, you do not have to deactivate it definitively. We do not have pop-ups, or other types of intrusive advertisements.

The maintenance costs of the new server are higher, and without additional earnings we have to close this community.

Thank you for your understanding!

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While I understand that this site needs to make money to remain operational, surely there is a better way? It's annoying AF to have to turn off the ad blocker to use the site, then if I  want to download something from 1 of the "ad infested sharing site links" I  then get lost in ads/popup hell unless I had remembered to turn the ad blocker back on. 

It's only happened to me twice (once with so many download/virus warnings that I had to power off), and that was enough to make me bail and get what I wanted from another source. 

UPDATE : It has been suggested that I use an ad blocker or browser that has a whitelist feature. Currently what I use only has ad block on or off - no whitelist. 

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