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Grossery Game v1.06 [Mod]


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Grossery Game v1.06 [Mod]
Requirements: 4.4 and up


Slip and slide your way into the cool, grossed-out world of festering-fun, inside the doors of the Yucky Mart – where your shoppins’ gone rottin!

This all new Grossery Gang App, puts the Yucky Mart’s world of grossness right at your fingertips as you explore the fungus covered floor and vile aisles of the ultimate ‘inconvenience store.’ 

Inside you’ll find more than your favourite gang of gruesome grosseries, you’ll find a world of cool arcade games, mazes, AR… and the best part is you’re in control of the whole cruddy crew – Doc Brocc, Egghead, Sparkles and of course our boys Rocky Donut & Pizzaface.

With cool new games including – 
Maggot Mash 
Cruddy Crunch AR
Sludgie Slurp
Mucky Maze
& Goo Shoot 

Plus, there’s always more cool new games being added!
But just like the mountainous, mouldy muck, the fun keeps growing! There’s over 150 of your favourite Grossery Gang characters for rotten kids to save and share!

Who said you can’t play with your food?

So, come on it’s time to get your sticky fingers on the best, new, free game app around for children of all ages!


- There's one thing grosser than Grosseries, bugs, so we fixed them!

1. 29 Yuki Bucks Of 30 On Each Played Game
2. Double Coins On Each Played Game
3. Already Earned 3 Coins
4. 1 Second Waiting Time To Unlock Crate 
5. 100% Unlock Character Chance
6. 100% Unlock Prop Chance
7. All Characters Unlocked
8. Some Items Unlocked
9. Lightning Power Up Extended To 10 Seconds
10. 1 Maggot/Fly Smash Recharges 100% Power Up
11. Collectibles Unlocked

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