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Tokyo Wizard v1.0.2 (Unlocked)


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Tokyo Wizard v1.0.2 (Unlocked)
Requirements: Android 2.3.2+
Overview: Become a powerful wizard or witch in modern day Japan! Tokyo Wizard is a 144,000 word tale in which you'll learn the power of magic and the consequences of it. Become one with Shinto animal spirit magic, learn powerful battle spells, or choose the path of necromancy and command an undead army! 


 The game is entirely text-based–without graphics or sound effects, where your choices control entirely the outcome of the game. Can you free Tokyo from the evil menace facing it, or will you be consumed by dark magic?
• Learn over 60 unique spells, divided into magic schools such as necromancy and illusion.
• Battle or befriend an array of Japanese mythological creatures, including guardian Nio, bakeneko, forest Kappa and powerful elementals.
• Three different game paths with 30+ endings. 
• Restore yourself to life with the save system.

What;s new

• Grammar improvements throughout
• Many bug fixes
• Tweaks to final combat (protection offered by fire jacket and fire immunity spell upgraded)
• Added a note during final combat to inform the player when active protection spells cease to operate
• Extra choices and options (possibility to study Japanese or read a book while on the train, extra dialogue options in some places)
• Added the possibility of playing as a member of the military or a writer

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