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Monkey Fruits Crush v2.2.1 [Mod]


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Monkey Fruits Crush v2.2.1 [Mod]
Requirements: 4.0.3
Overview: The Second Project of RiverApps!
"Monkey Fruits Crush"
The Update you've all been waiting for! Check it out right now!


The Fruits were living happily with Mr.Monkey... But one day!!!
They were kidnapped by the Evil Monsters!
Rescue the Cute Fruits from the Monsters!
The Cute Fruits are waiting for your helping hand~!

Features of "Monkey Fruits Crush"!
★ Rescue the Cute Fruits that were kidnapped by the Evil Monsters!
★ Introducing a new & cute Stage Map! Please enjoy the cute Stages!
★ New Splendid Effects! ~ Enjoy the game with more excitement!
★ More than 150 Levels! Check it out right now!

“Monkey Fruits Crush" Update Details!
★ A Whole New Stage Map!
★ Mind-blowing New Effects! Bang Bang! Enjoy the game with more excitement!
★ More than 150 Stages! – More missions for you to rescue the Cute Fruits!
★ Introducing new Evil Monsters! ~ Please rescue the Fruits before the Green and Orange Caterpillars gobble them up!
★ Additional new Items! Plus 1, Spoon, Pudding, and Cane Items
★ Introducing a new Jewel Shop! Purchase Jewels to buy Items and Hearts!
★ Now able to login with Facebook!(If you login with Facebook, the game data can be restored even when you re- install or change your mobile phone!)

[How to Play]
★ You can see the Missions you have to gather on the top of the page.
★ All you have to do is match 3 blocks of the Same Color.
★ If you match 3 Fruits together, you get a +1 on the Fruits around them with fixed probability. 
★ If you match 3 Fruits both across and down, you get a +2 on the relevant rows and columns with a fixed probability.
★ If you match 5 Fruits of the Same Color, they all disappear.
★ In the case of the Fruit locked inside the thorns, it'll be released if you match it with Fruits of the same color.
★ Crocodile vanish if you match blocks around them.(But you have to do this 3 times for it to disappear.)


* Play 1 NEW STAGES ! ( ~ 336 levels)
Don't forget to leave a review and let us know what you think!

Unlimited Lives
Unlimited Gems
Unlimited Boosters (Buy 1 Time Cost 0 Get 999999999)
Boosters unlocked level 1
Extra Moves set 5 TO 50 & Cost 0

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