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Jelly Jelly Crush - In the sky v2.3.9 [Mod]


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Jelly Jelly Crush - In the sky v2.3.9 [Mod]
Requirements: 2.3+
Overview: The second story of “Jelly Series".
Meet the cute jellies cuter than ever.
Collect the jellies in the new sky-map.


[Summary of 1st Updates]

- 9 stages (109-204 level) added! Finally, You can enjoy more than 200 levels!
- Gem shop is opened! We provide 45 GEMs.
- Spoon and cane wand are added!
- Bag monster / caterpillar obstacles are added! It is more difficult than before.
- Popup of tutorial is added!
- Now, You can now login with Facebook! (also you can save gameinfo via facebook login)

The Summary of 2nd Updates will announce soon!


- Rescue cute jelly from bad monsters!
- Eventually, appearance of items! Clear hard and fricky stages with items! BANG! BANG!
- New and fantastic effects! Feel it now!
- More than 200 stages! OMG :0 When do I finish it!?

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[ How to Play ]

★ You can see the jelly missions you have to gather on the top of the page.
★ All you have to do is match 3 blocks of the same color
★ If you match 3 blocks together, you get a +1 on the jellies around them with fixed probability
★ If you match 4 blocks both across or down, you get a +2 on the relevant rows or columns with a fixed probability
★ If you match 3 blocks both across and down, you get a +2 on the relevant rows and columns with a fixed probability
★ If you match 5 blocks of the same color, they all disappear
★ In the case of the jelly locked inside the thorns, it'll be released if you match it with jellies of the same color
★ Ghost jellies vanish if you match blocks around them (But you have to do this 3 times for it to disappear)
★ Bag master : Every 5 turns, They munch jellies! Ouch! Even you can't kill them!
★ Larva : If you do not kill them immediately, They will munch jellies! Please Try to using nearby jellies rapidly 


- Performance improvements
Don't forget to leave a review and let us know what you think!
Unlimited Lives
Unlimited Gems
Unlimited Boosters (Buy 1 Time Cost 0 Get 999999999)
Boosters unlocked level 1
Extra Moves set 5 TO 50 & Cost 0

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