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ESTLA v1.1.0


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ESTLA v1.1.0
Requirements: 4.0+
Overview: "Human imperfection comes from amnesia."
ESTLA (Ecliptic Stars - The Lost Artifact)


[Setting Available]
- Difficulty : Easy, Normal(default), Hard, Hardcore

[How to play]
- Memorize matching patterns within two seconds.
- Match two with your short memory.
- You can use reveal button on every ten seconds if reveal count is available.
- Reveal button can reveal all matching patterns again.
- Reset hp per stage.
- Increase one reveal point per stage.
- There are 12 stages and 4 difficulty levels.

[Game Director Added Comment]

Ecliptic Stars short background story...
This game is an artifact which made in the ancient times when there was still hope for a human body to return to its original condition.
Modern humans could find it difficult to adapt to this game but few are still capable of.

Stay tuned!

- Added support both iPhone and iPad.
- Added support orientation change in the menu scene.
- Added stage name text for better awareness.
- Added sfx : thunder sound on splash screen.
- Added sfx : barking sound for intimacy when reveal button ready.
- Modified sfx : more tight matching sound now. (eliminate last annoying lingering sound)
- Modified balance : refill full reveal count when retry.
- Changed reveal count button image to quality up.
- Changed default start difficulty level to normal.
- Deleted stage splash scene for speedy game play.
- Released advertisement version for better markting.
- Bug fix : it does not reset the reveal count when restart in the menu scene after previous game play.
- Bug fix : background reset bug in the sagittarius stage. now you can see the snow planet around 30 seconds left.

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