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WE COME IN PEACE... v1.0.7


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WE COME IN PEACE... v1.0.7
Requirements: 7.0+ DayDream VR
Overview: Save our solar system in this full 360° retro inspired arcade action VR game. Protect all planets from alien invaders by controlling drones that are networked into an autonomous defence system. As you progress more planets come under attack, so you'll have to be wise to outmanoeuvre these cunning extraterrestrials who look to extinguish all life and resources in this galaxy.


Using your linked motion controller to navigate this network of machines, supplant the threat on each planet before it reaches critical mass. The drone controls are dead simple – don your headgear to remotely control the camera and the motion controller to aim.

With each unlocked planet comes with it its own weapon design to defend it against the UFOs. The more attack waves you fend off the better the chances to upgrade each drone with more stronger firepower and more shield damage. This will become imperative as you travel further to the edges of this solar system.

• 8 uniquely different unlock-able gun attachments for the defense drone
• Unlock all 8 planets of the solar system
• Two upgrade paths for each defense drone on each planet - Shields and Laser power
• Strategically choose which planet to defend depending on the UFO invading rating
• Very comfortable VR experience!

• A Daydream compatible phone and Daydream compatible VR headset required to play.
• For best gaming experience please ensure you are able to turn 360°!
• For optimal performance please ensure all background applications are closed.
• For best audio experience please use wired headphones.
• Please notify us at: if your daydream device is not supported or you have any technical problems!


Engine version update

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