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Macaron Pop v1.0.9 [Mod]


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Macaron Pop v1.0.9 [Mod]
Requirements: 4.0.3 and up
Overview: A new game from River Apps, Macaron Pop!
An adventure of macarons in the Cookie Sky Island ~!


Please collect the macarons that are scattered in the Cookie Sky Island ~!
Macarons become more special when you combine the same colors together ~!
Challenge higher levels to collect more macarons!

Invite your friends and go on an adventure together in the beautiful Cookie Sky Island ~!
It's more fun with friends! (Friends' locations are shown on the stages.!)
An exciting adventure with macarons in the Cookie Sky Island~!

[Features of Macaron Pop]
- Clear the levels and click on the gift box ~! Full of various rewards ~! Yay~!
- An achievement system of Macaron Pop! Have fun and unlock achievements to receive various rewards ~ !!!
- Various modes that you can experience
    * Macaron Collection Mode: Match 3 or more macarons of the same color to collect a lot of macarons!
    * Donut Collection Mode: Please move the donut to the very bottom!
    * Biscuit Collection Mode: Collect the biscuits that are piled up on the floor!
    * Jelly Bean Collection Mode: Collect the jelly beans that are piled up around you!

Support Link : https://toovik.zendesk.com/hc


Something new and gooey is coming! Shall we go to Macaron Pop to see what is new ~?
- PLAY 15 NEW LEVELS! Now you can play NEW LEVELS from 151 to 165!
Don't forget to leave a review and let us know what you think!

- Unlimited Lives
- Unlimited Coins
- Unlimited Boosters
- Unlimited Moves (Increase Instead Of Decrease)

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