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Hero Clicker - Dungeon Raid v1.6.1 [Mod]


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Hero Clicker - Dungeon Raid v1.6.1 [Mod]
Requirements: 2.3 and up
Overview: Welcome to Hero Clicker - Dungeon Raid!
Fire Demon Lord comes! 


Hero! Stop nose picking!

Raise your finger and kill him by clicking!


"There is no cow level." -Game producer

"It's such a free-time-killing game!" -A reporter from Free Time

"I am happy now." -A sad young man

"Errrr!" -A zombie

"My fingers are tired. Can anyone help?" -A single girl lying in bed

"Is there a hero named Clicker?" -A grammar baking cookies

"I can open your chest immediately. Would you employ me?" -A Rogue

"In the future, many people play this game. Their heroes are over 4,000 level." -A time traveler

"I prefer Battle Shout!" "I prefer Battle Fever!" -A two-head orge

"SHOW ME THE MONEY... nothing happens..." -A game hacker


● Tap to attack enemy!

● Damage produces the same amount of golds!

● Unlock heroes for help!

● Heroes will always be fighting, even you close the game. No network data!

● Buy different equipment to increase DPS of hero.

● Collect enough keys to open the chest.

● Buy legendary relics to enhance your raid team.


VER 1.6.1
Fixed some bugs
VER 1.6
1.NEW:Add some skills about Muradin, Heroes DPS will increase.
2.NEW:Add a new leaderboard.
3.CHANGE:Some skills unlock condition and effect.
4.CHANGE:Relic's effect change to BaseDPS and BaseDPT X2, the relic will be value for money.
5.Fixed:Some Bugs.
VER 1.4.1
1.NEW: Now, we can Sort the Equipments with Price or Index, in ascending or descending order.
2.CHANGE: Reduce the frequency of Interstitial ad

1. Infinite Gold (Increasing)
2. Infinite Gem (Spend some)

This app has no advertisements

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