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Rogue Castle: Roguelike Action v1.2 [Mod Money]


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Rogue Castle: Roguelike Action v1.2 [Mod Money]
Requirements: 2.3 and up
Overview: Rogue Castle is a roguelike platformer with fast paced action.



♦ Roguelike platformer gameplay. Experience a true roguelike gameplay and control a ninja through various castle rooms infested with enemies. Shoot enemies, jump over deadly traps and dodge dangerous obstacles with the purpose of collecting loot and unlocking doors.

♦ Multiple levels. 2 different castles with 18 levels and numerous areas to explore. Fight fierce monsters that invaded the castle and defeat more than 10 bosses. As you advance the difficulty increases, revealing new enemies, different obstacles and ultimately the Monster Creator.

♦ Upgrades. Use collected loot to unlock more powerful weapons, adding more lives to become stronger.

♦ Retro graphics. Rogue Castle features a beautiful retro-style, reminding of popular platformers that made our childhood better. This makes it a perfect choice for retro-nostalgics, but also for all players that enjoy a good platformer.

♦ Leaderboard & achievements. Unlock achievements and climb the ladder to the top of the leaderboards.

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