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Virtual Beggar v2.52 [Mod]


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Virtual Beggar v2.52 [Mod]
Requirements: 2.3 and up
Overview: There's a beggar in every device. 
Your goal is to help him out of the poverty


- Tap the screen to throw coins to the beggar and collect all the valuables thrown by generous passers-by.
- Found a company and expand your business by building new rooms and hiring workers from 14 different professions.
- Train your workers for more demanding assignments.
- Spend your money the way that suits you the best; buy new houses, pets, cars or clothes - or visit different places such as the moon.
- Customize your beggar's look.
- Decorate your own place as you like and invite other players to it.
- Level up and unlock new things.
- Participate in random events and secrets.
- Google Play leaderboards let you see how beggars in other devices are doing.
- Chat with random beggars from all around the world.


2.52 and 2.51:
- Balance improvements
- Minor bug fixes
- Get your own garage and decorate it as you like; buy cars, aquariums, swimming pools and much more. Make it the coolest garage around!
- Drive your car to gain some extra xp
- Invite other players from begchat to your garage
- Skipping workers' work task now gives them xp
- You'll now keep your bus crew after the Ultimate Donation
- Graphical improvements
- Begchat improvements

Hacks :
1. Unlimited Cards *
(IAP patched / Free)

(* Buy Cards with IAP Patched - Offline or Online)
(Exchange Coins with Cards)

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More Info:


Download Instructions:



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