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Re:Level2 v1.0.3


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Re:Level2 v1.0.3
Requirements: 4.3 and up
Overview: [And high strategic, handy Battle]
Easy battle to advance automatically to the high strategic


This time, equipped with a ""stun"" function!
Whether the attack force to seize the victory or defeat of the battle! ? Not only defense force!
In combination weapons, armor, accessories, status, character selection, a lot of elements
Trying to win the battle!

[PvP function]
More interesting in the Battle of the other players that have evolved,
Trying to prove your ability!
To register as an enemy of the original hero of you only, trying to brag to other players!

[Ranking function]
Whether it is possible to proceed to where is your hero! ?
Let macro grow hero aims to domestic first place!


Bug fixes for previous work and conflicts on Android7 system
The weight of the action
A non-co-corrected

Hacks :
1. Crystal (=Continue) Unlimited
2. Unlimited Gold *
(* buy one thing on equipment)

- Note : When you loose, Gold returns to 0, but you have always yours equipments, so it's better to buy all equipments, the first time

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