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Malevolent Machines v1.2


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Malevolent Machines v1.2
Requirements: 3.2+
Overview: Steampunk shoot 'em up meets endless runner. 


Dr Leyla Green's laboratory has been compromised. Hordes of her malformed creations have been unleashed onto the streets by a mystery menace. Worried that her funding will be cut off if the world is destroyed, Dr. Green sets out to stop them. She'll bring her only remaining creation, the Juggerbot, a giant robotic war machine, on this epic journey. Can she take back the city? Armed with her mystical metacarpal claw and the Juggerbot's nuclear lasers, typhoon missiles and blaster cannon, they will give it their best try.

Enjoy dual gameplay where the player dynamically swaps between platforming and fighting with Leyla and shooting with the Juggerbot in real time. Fight massive bosses, travel across a vast steampunk landscape, and enjoy a game with no ads and no in app purchases!

- Added ability to change touch sensitivity for controls
- Added Unlock-able Weapon and Ability Changes. You can now pick a load out before a level or survival mode if the abilities are unlocked.
- Game tweaks and balancing
- Bug fixes

This app has no advertisements

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