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Marble Age v2.9.8


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Marble Age v2.9.8
Requirements: 2.2+
Overview: *«Playing this game, you need to think, think and think. 


Rushing forward relying on luck is a way to fail. You need to count all bonuses, carefully manage population etc. This is especially important because there is NO “EASY” mode, so do not be surprised that at first you will not succeed. The understanding will come with experience». - Wise advice from one of the reviewers (agams92). *

Turn-based historical simulation strategy. Develop the Greek civilization from the small village to the great city-state when it will dominate the world!

During the 4000 years (from 3000 BC to 1000 AD), you will have to: 
• Raise the population 
• Invent technologies 
• Construct buildings 
• Trade goods 
• Explore world 
• Found new cities 
• Start and end wars with neighbors 
• Survive through the hundred real historical events. 

The key to victory is choosing the right development priorities, allocating resources and managing the foreign policy. Mechanics of the game is a mix of old-school game designs.

What's New 
- Due the 2K Company claims, the title of game has been changed from "Pre-Civilization: Marble age" to "Marble Age".
- Added Spanish version
- The German version in Google Play has been activated and now available (though it was available earlier too)
- About 10 bugfixes and balance tunings.
- Fixes in Russian, English texts.
- Game engines (Flash Player AIR, Android SDK) has been updated.
- Optimized battery consumption

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