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War of Angels : RPG Saga v1.2.3 [Mod]


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War of Angels : RPG Saga v1.2.3 [Mod]
Requirements: 4.0.3+
Overview: Action-packed RPG - Join the tens of thousands of other players to embark on a thrilling adventure.


our friends are playing, your coworkers are playing, even your Boss is playing!

Become the legendary hero - Fight side by side with angels of light to help save the human race and win victory in the war of light vs dark!

★Endless Adventures    

Enjoy endless fun with 150+ levels, and venture into mysterious dungeons full of zombies & monsters.

★Fight Side by Side with Friends    

Team up with your friends, join the guild & fight in thrilling guild battles

★Strategic Gameplay    

Choose out of 100 allies to train your own troops and manage your skills. Win battles with customized formations

★PVP Battles    

Fight for the ultimate glory and become the strongest warrior

★Forge Your Own Weapons    

Craft your own weapons and enhance them with inlay jewlery.Sell your spare weapons via auctions.

★Choose from 4 Careers    

Train your character in 4 careers and switch between careers during battles

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1.) god mode (when sound OFF)
2.) 10x dmg, 10x defense (when music OFF)

1.) I don't know dmg is working or not, you need to equip/level up/whatever to see it working. in any case, you've got god mode
2.) mods only for your main hero
3.) didn't try on PvP, let me know if it even work there so I can tweak later if needed

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