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Screen Mngr (Keep screen on) FULL v1.10.0

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Screen Mngr (Keep screen on) FULL v1.10.0
Requirements: 4.1 and up
Overview: Allows to keep screen on while preselected application is in the foreground or while charging.

Will be useful when browsing, reading mail, etc...


Using plugins a set of keeping screen on conditions can be extended by the following:
- keep screen on while a user is looking at the screen;
- keep screen on when a specific activity is detected (walking, cycling, driving).

Allows to turn off the screen based on close proximity.

What's New
- Back-end services provider has been changed.

Paid features unlocked

This app has no advertisements

More Info:


Download Instructions:


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    • By PRO_APK
      Rotation - Orientation Manager v16.1.0 [Unlocked]
      Requirements: 4.1+
      Overview: Use your device in any orientation with most intuitive and customisable manager!

      Rotation is a tool to control device orientation. It offers all the modes that Android supports and you can also override each app settings to rotate according to your need. It doesn't matters that app has that mode, it completely overrides the app and system settings. Let's give it a try and it also has lots of other useful features. 
      A complete orientation manager with all the supported modes.
      System default modes
      • Auto-Rotate On • Auto-Rotate Off
      Modes to override system settings
      • Forced Auto-Rotate • Forced Portrait • Forced Landscape
      • Reverse Portrait • Reverse Landscape
      • Sensor Portrait • Sensor Landscape • Forced Full Sensor
      Lock Current – Lock current orientation
      Conditions with different events and apps support.
      • Call orientation • Lock orientation • Headset orientation 
      • Charging orientation • Dock orientation • App orientation 
      Events priority - Customisable events preference in case of two or more events occur simultaneously. 
      Rotate on demand
      # Change the orientation of foreground app or events with ease from a fully customisable floating head (or notification or tile) available on the top of every task.
      Various settings to customise according to the need.
      • Start on boot • Notification • Notification toggles
      • Notification priority • Toast messages • Vibration and more.
      Best ever theme engine with a color for every choice.
      • All new dynamic theme engine with background aware fuctionality to avoid any visibility issue.
      In-built support
      • Quick setup to configure major features from a single screen.
      • Detailed help with easy to understand explanations.
      # Perform backup and restore operations to save and load the app settings.
      # Rotation extension to automate over 40 actions via Locale / Tasker plugin.
      • Rotation shortcuts to quickly switch the orientation from the home screen.
      • App shortcuts (Android 7.1.1+) to perform various service operations without opening the app.
      • Notification tile (Android 7.1.1+) to perfrom service and on demand operations.
      • Fully customisable Service and Toggles widgets to perform various operations.
      • Explore to find many more hidden gems of Rotation.
      Features marked with # are paid and Rotation Key is required to use them.
      Retrieve running apps – To detect foreground app.
      Usage statistics (Android 5.0+) – To detect foreground app.
      Modify system settings – To change display orientation settings.
      Draw over other apps – To change foreground orientation.
      Read device state and identity – To change the phone call orientation.
      Run at startup – To start service when device boots up.
      Control vibration – To vibrate device when orientation changes.
      Modify USB storage – To create and restore backup (nothing else).
      Internet access – To display ads.
      - Some apps might not work properly when forced to work on portrait/landscape mode. Use Auto-Rotate on/off from Apps conditions to use system settings for those apps. 
      - In case of bugs/issues, please contact me via email before making any review.
      - Buy Rotation Key for more features and to support development.
      What's New:
      - Initial support for Android 11 Preview.
      - Improved dynamic theme for app widgets.
      - Improved font scaling throughout the app.
      - All new notification theme for better control.
      - Improved extension (Locale/Tasker plugin).
      - Various bug fixes and design improvements.
      All new start to make things even better!
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      Pro features unlocked - no additional key needed.
      This app has no advertisements
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      ASTRO File Manager & Storage Organizer v8.0.2.0001
      Requirements: 5.0+
      Overview: Astro is the best file manager and memory cleaner app to make the most out of your internal and external storage and boost phone memory.

      Every day, hundred thousands of people use this handy file organizer to move, copy, delete, backup files and clean their phone. 
      Astro has all the top-rated file organizer features.
      With this award-winning file browser, you can backup files to SD card to free up space, it also allows you to compress files to save even more space. 
      Enjoy the best way to manage files, clean phone and free up space. File Browser by Astro saves your time on a daily basis.
      File manager : Move, copy, rename, share, compress and delete files on internal storage, SD card and cloud space. 
      SD Card Manager : Move files easily between your internal storage and SD card. Thousands of Astro users leverage their storage to its fullest with these memory cleaner features.
      Cloud Manager : Manage your cloud space and backup photos to cloud easily. Free up more space and speed up phone in seconds. 
      Compress files : Convert files to Zip and RAR formats. Enjoy saving memory space and sharing files with fewer data. You can reopen the compressed files anytime via the built-in zip file opener and RAR extractor. 
      Manage Apps : Easily backup apps to SD card with this backup assistant. Get your apps back even after a factory reset. Delete and uninstall multiple apps within seconds with this memory cleaner. 
      Handle all your internal and external content with Astro’s file browser features. This file explorer app helps you access all your files within few taps and clean phone memory easily. 
      File Browser : Find all of your files or view them by category from the home screen: images, videos, music, apps, downloads, favorites, and recent folders. This file explorer helps you to reach all your files within a few taps. 
      Sort and Categorize Files : Have fast access to all of your files on internal and external memory space. Manage your folders effectively with this handy file organizer. 
      Backup Photos and Files : Move, copy and backup files to SD card or to cloud space. Clean your phone easily and never lose your files again with this file explorer app. 
      Extract Files : Open Zip and RAR files with the built-in ZIP file opener and RAR extractor. These top-rated file organizer features let you compress and decompress files conveniently. 
      File Browser by Astro (File Manager) assists you to clean phone memory and organize your files all the time. By default this file explorer app allows you to manage all your files in your internal disk, SD card or cloud storage. Astro also acts as a zip file opener and rar extractor, giving you easy access to Zip and RAR files.
      What's New:
      - Performance improvements
      - Bug fixes
      This app has no advertisements
      More Info:

      Download Instructions:
    • By APK
      SQLite Editor Master Pro v2.99
      Requirements: 3.0 and up 
      Overview: If you have a rooted system, you can take control of the system. You can browse/edit installed application's Sqlite databases

      If you want to verify whether this is good for you before buying this you can try Free and ad free version (Sqlite Master free) which has same but limited functionality.
      Sqlite Master is the ultimate Sqlite database editor for users on Android. Using Sqlite Master you can do almost anything in a Sqlite database. Functionality includes table data browser/editor, query editor, table export, CSV import and lot more. Root users can use this app to edit apps which have local internal database. Compare to other available SQLite apps, this is most light weight, compact and user friendly with most features and fastest SQLite Manager and Editor. Email us for any support.
      If you want to use only for ROOTED system to change app configuration you can try our other low cost "SQLite Editor Root" 99 cents only.
      The major functionality includes
      [✔] If you have a rooted system, you can take control of the system. You can browse/edit installed application's Sqlite databases. It requires busybox installed on your android device. This app was tested on rooted Android 4.1 and 4.4 (kitkat). Due to limited testing for root access, we can not guarantee that this will work on any rooted device for the purpose of taking control of the app. In case if you find issue please copy the sqlite database using a file explorer into /mnt/sdcard, modify that using this app and copy back the sqlite database to the app directory.
      Also you can email us with android version, we will try our best.
      [✔] Manage Sqlite databases, create new database
      [✔] A wizard to create new Sqlite table just in some clicks.No need to type schema.
      [✔] Visual grid view to view table data
      [✔] Sort table data by simply tapping on the column headers (first tap - ascending, second tap - descending)
      [✔] Export table data into a text file which can be viewed by text editor.
      [✔] Add, delete, update table row
      [✔] Copy table row to clipboard by double tapping on a row
      [✔] Easy to use intuitive Query Maker to build custom queries and save queries, easy to use interface
      [✔] Any query that needs to be used to edit database is supported
      [✔] Export Table, SQL results from query maker to text file etc.
      [✔] Import highly configurable CSV data into Table.
      [✔] Pre-generated SQL Select Queries for existing tables.
      [✔] Save SQL queries which can be used later.
      [✔] Delete saved queries which are not needed.
      [✔] Import exiting queries into this app.
      [✔] View/Copy table definition, triggers, views in the database.
      [✔] Add table column, drop table, rename table etc
      [✔] Close table data, clone table schema etc
      [✔] In table list page, long press has many options such as clone schema, clone data, drop/rename table etc.
      [✔] History of recently Opened SQLite databases.
      * Lot of testing was done on three different sizes android screens
      * Full cycle test was done for four major Sqlite data types (INTEGER, TEXT, REAL and NULL)
      * Full test was done using famous Chinook Sqlite database using 15000 rows and 11 tables
      * Tested on Android 4.0, 4.1.2(rooted), Android Kitkat 4.4(rooted)
      Email us for any support.
      Although this product was developed by our database internal engineer who worked for famous open source
      database, we would like to hear from you if you have feature request. Please send us email if you encounter any bug. We will enhance and try to resolve issue as soon as possible. Your satisfaction is our priority. A review comment would always be a great thing to get assessment of our product.
      If you want to use this only for rooted user to configure/modify apps internal database but not for general SQLite database management and editing, you can use use our low cost "SQLite Editor Root" from Dundas Software.
      What's New
      bug fixes and enhancements
      This app has no advertisements
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      Download Instructions:
    • By APK
      Dexplorer v1.3.3
      Requirements: 4.2+
      Overview: Explore the Dex / Apk files of all your installed apps and downloaded apk's.

      A simple decompiler is included, but is not able to show method bodies.
      ★ Fully optimized for Android 6.0 Marshmallow and Runtime Permissions
      ★ Browse through java packages and files
      ★ Show Class definition, fields and method signatures
      ★ Browse through assets, lib and res folders and files
      ★ View the AndroidManifest.xml
      ★ Use root if necessary (not manditory)
      ★ Tablet (2 pane) support
      ★ Several source tree icon styles
      ★ Several syntax highlight styles
      ★ Option to ignore ActionbarSherlock and AppCompat resources
      ★ Previews of commonly used file types:
      ★★ XML files, with syntax highlighting
      ★★ Image files, with adjustable background colors
      ★★ Audio files, with playback
      ★★ Font files, with a text editor
      ★★ General text files
      ★ These files can also be viewed in your application of choice
      ★ Can be used to open apk files from a file explorer app
      Developer tool. Useful for example for checking Proguard effectively.
      If you would like to help with translating this app to other languages, please let us know at [email protected]
      This app is not intended for piracy or other non-legal purposes. Use at your own risk and own responsibility. We are in no way responsible for your use of the app.
      - Needed to access apps that are stored securely
      - Needed for the 'Open with' function
      - Needed for crash reporting, we don't collect any analytics or other data.
      What's New:
      ★ Fix a few remaining issues and improve opening external apks
      This app has no advertisements
      More Info:

      Download Instructions:
    • By KSCT
      Download Progress++ v3.0.0 [Patched]
      Requirements: 4.3+
      Overview: Shows progress bar directly on screen by mirroring notifications containing progress bar

      Tired of pulling down notification panel every time you want to check progress of your ongoing downloads? This app allows you to have progress bar of your ongoing downloads right in front of your eyes; saving you from interrupting your current activity.
      - Supports Android 4.3+
      - DOES NOT require root nor Xposed Framework
      - adjustable position (top edge/bottom edge of screen), margin and thickness
      - custom colors and sounds
      - allows choosing apps for which not to track progress bar notifications (blacklist)
      - requires "Draw over other apps" special permission
      - requires "Notification access" special permission
      - requires Storage permission for custom sounds to work properly on pre-Marshmallow devices
      - app guides you to enable these special permissions when needed
      Visit official support thread at XDA for more info and support
      What's New:
      Introducing circular indicator style with percentage: - can be moved by dragging - supports up to 5 parallel downloads - parallel downloads presented as multiple circles offsetted from each other - percentage cycles between parallel downloads in 3s interval matching color to current download - custom size and backgroud color - prepared for single-tap and double-tap actions (planned for the future)
      Mod Info:
      No LP or Google Play Modded needed.
      This app has no advertisements
      More Info:

      Download Instructions:
    • By APK
      Naptime - the real battery saver v8.1.4 [Pro] [Mod]
      Requirements: 7.0+
      Overview: Empower Android's Doze Mode to the limit!

      Because why the hell not?
      Doze is amazing - arguably the best feature of Android™ Marshmallow, Nougat and Oreo. But with its caveats. It can take at least 2 hours to kick in (if the device is stationary, not charging etc). If you move around, even with the screen off, doze won't kick in, so there are a lot of potential battery saving opportunities lost, gone with the wind.
      With Naptime by toggling in the "Aggressive doze" options (and assuming you're rooted) Doze will kick in right after you screen off AND it disables your sensors so that it doesn't kick you out from doze mode if you move around. When your device screens on everything goes back to normal. It's just like magic.
      You can also see the log of each state.
      If you don't want to use "Aggressive doze" you can tune all the framework doze options. Although it's a bit for advanced users each item is bundled with a description.
      Never settle with bad battery life again with Naptime.
      Q: Rootless mode?
      To use Naptime's features without Root you need to grant it DUMP permission via ADB on your computer by executing this command:
      adb -d shell pm grant com.franco.doze android.permission.DUMP
      You also need to grant WRITE_SECURE_SETTINGS permission:
      adb -d shell pm grant com.franco.doze android.permission.WRITE_SECURE_SETTINGS
      After these two permissions are granted you'll be able to use Naptime freely.
      Q: I don't receive notifications or my music streaming apps stop working after screen off. Please halp!
      With 'Aggressive Doze' doze is being forced after you screen off. Doze is, currently, the most powerful battery saving mechanism on Android.
      The following restrictions apply to your apps while in Doze:
      · Only high-priority push notifications are delivered;
      · Network access is suspended;
      · The system ignores wake locks;
      · Standard AlarmManager alarms are deferred to the next maintenance window:
      · The system does not perform Wi-Fi scans;
      · The system does not allow sync adapters to run;
      · The system does not allow JobScheduler to run;
      Apps like Gmail, which use normal-priority notifications, have them delivered during the maintenance window or when you wake up your device. This is standard behavior and can't be changed
      Although, you can choose apps to bypass doze. Go to Settings -> Battery -> overflow ->Battery optimization -> All apps -> Your app -> Don't optimize
      That'll allow apps like Spotify to bypass the forced doze and actually work on screen off.
      Q: What's the 'Sensors app whitelist' feature?
      It works together with the 'Disable motion detection' feature and allows you to choose up-to one app (sorry, Android limits us to only one app) to request sensor information even if you disable motion detection.
      For example it allows apps, such as Google Fit, to query the accelerometer or gyroscope to count your steps.
      Q: Why does my display, sometimes, blink once after screening on?
      This might happen if you're disabling the motion sensors. The reason for this is simple, for system brightness & auto-rotate settings to work after screening on they must be toggled on/off (otherwise they won't work) and therefore it may blink (even if it's only for a couple milliseconds).
      Q: My fingerprint scanner doesn't work when I disable the sensor motion detection!
      Unfortunately not all devices will work fine when disabling motion sensor detection and in the process some other sensors & functionality might stop working. There's nothing I can do about it and your only option is to not use that setting enabled. There's also some weird compatibility with LG phones where the display doesn't even turn on again if this setting is enabled.
      What's New:
      1. There was a change in a previous release which made some devices misreport Naptime as using too much power. That is incorrect, Naptime never used or uses any power what-so-ever. Here's what I have to say about it in detail: https://twitter.com/franciscof_1990/status/1263952354052845570
      In the mean time, the change has been reverted to prevent unneeded "panic"
      Drop a review on the Play Store or upgrade to Naptime+, helps me a lot to support my family!
      Stay safe!
      Mod Info:
      Pro features unlocked;
      Optimized graphics and cleaned resources for fast load;
      Removed Support Tab;
      Naptime Labs Experimental features unlocked;
      Disabled / Removed unwanted Permissions + Receivers and Services;
      Analytics / Crashlytics disabled;
      AOSP Compatible.
      This app has no advertisements
      More Info:

      Download Instructions:
    • By APK
      Skit Premium v1.7 b108 [Paid][Modded][SAP]
      Requirements: Android 5.0 and up
      Overview: Skit is the simplest and smartest applications manager for your device. You can share or extract any user or system application in .APK format, view application hierarchy and much more!

      Full control
      Easily extract .APK file from any application (even system) and send it to your friends in any way you like. You can also remove any user application without any problems.
      It's all about the details
      The application provides a wealth of details about all user and system applications. Huge amount of detailed information starting from the date of installation and the last update date of the application to the amount of memory consumed by .APK file.
      Application hierarchy
      Find out how any selected application works from the inside. The list of activities, services, used permissions and even the details of the application signature certificate are in your hands.
      Even more features in the Premium version
      Premium version users will have access to even more features, such as:
      • Themes customization for eye safety;
      • Detailed statistics for all applications;
      • Deletion and extraction of multiple user applications;
      • And even more are coming in future updates!
      FAQ and localization
      Looking for answers to frequently asked questions (FAQ)? Visit this page: https://pavelrekun.dev/skit/faq/
       What's New:
      Added [PREMIUM]: Ability to share links to the Google Play, when selecting multiple apps.
      Added: Button to open system’s permissions settings from the “Permissions” screen.
      Added: Search inside all list components of the app.
      Added: Link to the Telegram group with app’s disscussions, news and insides.
      Updated: Promotional notifications return, but at this time it is disabled but default and if the user wants to receive news and discounts information, it could be enabled in the “Settings”.
      Updated: Added more information in the FAQ.
      Fixed: One more problem, causing crash in the “Analytics” screen.
      Fixed: Single application extraction process on Android 7 and lower.
      Fixed: Incorrect link to the OneSky in the “Settings” screen.
      Fixed: Some fields do not populate for the Gmail client in the “Feedback” screen.

      Mod Info:
      ● Standalone Android Package
       ● Android App Bundle Repacked  (Split APKs Packer v6.6.7):
           • Languages: None
           • DPIs: hdpi, ldpi, tvdpi, xhdpi, xxhdpi, xxxhdpi
           • CPUs: None
       ● Analytics Removed
       ● Removed Unwanted Permissions, Providers, Receivers and Services
       ● Works Offline

      This app has no advertisements
      More Info:

      Download Instructions:
    • By APK
      TouchMaster - Assistive Touch,Screenshot v4.9.9 [Premium]
      Requirements: 5.0 and up
      Overview: Assistive Touch for Android. A caring secretary for your smartphone. Help you operate your phone faster and easier. At the same time, it has powerful features such as screen recording, screen capture, phone boost (memory cleaning), music control, global gesture operation, automatic clicker.

      This application uses device manager permissions. It is only used when using lock screen feature and android version which is below 9.0.
      This application uses accessibility services. Only used for auto clicker and global key operation. You need to grant this permission to perform these operations.
      Assistive Touch for Android. A caring secretary for your smartphone. Help you operate your phone faster and easier. At the same time, it has powerful features such as screen recording, screen capture, phone boost (memory cleaning), music control, global gesture operation, automatic clicker .
      ★ Acting physical buttons (power, back, home button, recent programs, etc.) to help you extend the life of physical buttons
      ★ No Root required, multiple ways of fast and high-definition screen recording, no watermark, no time limit, support for pause, support for screen drawing during screen recording, and support for turning on the camera during screen recording.
      ★ No Root required, multiple ways to take screenshots quickly, and support editing screenshots (brushes, mosaics, cropping, etc.). Support to customize the quality and format of screenshots, and customize the save path.
      ★ Music control: Control music player app without open it, you can control the app that is currently playing music with a single tap on any interface, the next and previous song, play and pause, and even control the playback progress.
      ★ Phone boost: help you to quickly and deeply clean up memory and kill unnecessary processes. Speed up your phone.
      ★ Automatically crop the status bar and navigation bar when taking screenshots. (This feature is an advanced version and requires payment)
      ★ Lock screen, support fingerprint unlock.
      ★ Volume control (customizable volume source and volume control UI). One-touch phone mute and media mute.
      ★ Wifi, bluetooth, screen auto-rotation, flight mode, data flow, screen brightness and other switches are quickly set. There is no need to open the system settings interface for quick settings.
      ★ Flashlight
      ★ Customize the style and layout of floating buttons and floating windows, more beautiful and free
      ★ Add your favorite apps to the favorites panel and quickly launch the apps
      ★ Automatic clicker ( supports android 7.0 + , no Root required), fully automatic automatic click, can be used as a game assistant, etc., free your hands
      ★ Support global gesture operation and enjoy a richer and smoother experience than the full screen native gesture operation. Support custom global gestures, can be used as the back key, screenshot, screen recording, or even turn on the flashlight, if you want.
      ★ Support custom long press Home button behavior (screen capture, screen capture, open camera, etc.), with it, you can long press Home button to do what you want to do (support Android 6.0 and above systems, a few devices not support)
      We are committed to creating truly useful, high-performance, excellent user experiences, and constantly improving and optimizing boutique applications.
      If you have any comments or suggestions during use, you are welcome to send us an email: [email protected] for feedback, and we will deal with it as soon as possible.
      What's New: 
      Experience optimization
      ● Premium Features Unlocked
      ● Single Package APK (No SAI Needed):
      - Languages: Multi Languages
      - CPU architectures: arm64-v8a, armeabi-v7a
      - DPIs: xhdpi, xxhdpi
      This app has no advertisements
      More Info: 

      Download Instructions:
    • By KSCT
      Skit Premium v1.7 build 108 [Final][Paid][SAP]
      Requirements: Android 5.0 and up
      Overview: Skit is the simplest and smartest applications manager for your device. You can share or extract any user or system application in .APK format, view application hierarchy and much more!

      Full control
      Easily extract .APK file from any application (even system) and send it to your friends in any way you like. You can also remove any user application without any problems.
      It's all about the details
      The application provides a wealth of details about all user and system applications. Huge amount of detailed information starting from the date of installation and the last update date of the application to the amount of memory consumed by .APK file.
      Application hierarchy
      Find out how any selected application works from the inside. The list of activities, services, used permissions and even the details of the application signature certificate are in your hands.
      Even more features in the Premium version
      Premium version users will have access to even more features, such as:
      • Themes customization for eye safety;
      • Detailed statistics for all applications;
      • Deletion and extraction of multiple user applications;
      • And even more are coming in future updates!
      FAQ and localization
      Looking for answers to frequently asked questions (FAQ)? Visit this page: https://pavelrekun.dev/skit/faq/
      What's New:
      After a short break, the next update is here - 1.7 "Piero". It features search inside all list components, the ability to share Google Play links when selecting multiple apps, and many improvements and fixes.
      This app has no advertisements
      More Info:
      https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.pavelrekun.skit.premium Download Instructions:
    • By APK
      WiFi Automatic - WiFi Hotspot v1.4.6.6 [Premium]
      Requirements: 4.0 and up
      Overview: WiFi Auto Connect is app help you automatically connect and stop WiFi connection, to manager battery on your phone better.

      ✔ Turn on WiFi
      + When device gets unlocked
      + When charging battery
      + When launch app specify
      ✔ Turn off WiFi
      +When Screen Off
      +When battery low
      +Auto when Airplane mode on
      ✔ Scheduler(Schedule Alarm to enable WiFi automatic)
      + Schedule time to auto turn on WiFi everyday
      + Schedule time to auto turn off WiFi everyday
      + Enable WiFi auto when launch app
      + Limit time per turn on WiFi
      ✔ Create portable Mobile HotSpot-WiFi Hotspot(You need enabled 3G/4G to can use)
      ✔ Watch network traffic and network information
      What’s New
      Bug fixes (app crash when selecting apps for the feature Launch apps) and app improvements (UI on Android 5.x)
      premium feature unlocked
      Ads removed
      Ads Layout removed
      This app has no advertisements
      More Info:

      Download Instructions:
    • By PRO_APK
      All-In-One Toolbox: Cleaner & Speed Booster v8. build 150287 [Pro] [Mod]
      Requirements: 4.1+
      Overview: You’ve got the right app! All-In-One Toolbox will do all above jobs for you, and more.

      If you are looking for any tool app for your phone or tablet to:
      Clean up clutters, free up storage space, speed up slow performance,uninstall or move apps, manage stored files, extend battery life, protect privacy...
      All-In-One Toolbox will be your best phone junk cleaner, history eraser, speed booster, performance booster, memory optimizer, battery optimizer, app manager, file manager, mini launcher and privacy guarder. 
      All-In-One Toolbox aims to bring you more clean, fast, smart mobile experience on Android.
      Key Features:
      Clean up Android with 1 Tap
      Scan all useless hidden junks like app cache, residual files, empty folders, app leftover, similar pictures...with amazing fast speed and remove them all out of phone with one single tap. Our users can free up 1-10 GB space daily to save more new pictures, install more new apps or games. 
      [new] WhatsApp Cleaner: clean up hidden chatting junk files saved in WhatsApp 
      [new] Duplicate Photo cleaner: clean up similar pictures to save space
      [new] Duplicate Files Cleaner: clean out redundant files
      Speed up Android with 1 Click
      Stopping unnecessary system running tasks with one simple click to boost phone speed quickly. Strongly recommend you to try this feature when phone is slow, lagging, or get system low memory warnings.
      CPU Cooler
      A killer feature for hotting and overheating devices. It decreases temperature of CPU by closing process.
      App Manager
      * Batch Installer & Uninstaller: Bulk operate several apps at a time. Root required for silent batch operation. 
      * App2sd: Move apps from device internal storage to external SD card.
      * Backup & Restore: Backup installed apps or re-install them after restoring device from factory reset. 
      * System Uninstall: Root required. This option is very useful in phones containing useless factory/manufacture apps(bloatwares).
      Boot Speedup
      Root required. Disable user or system apps to start at the time of booting. This feature will shorten starting time when device is switched on.
      Startup Customize
      Customize apps you want to start with system boot. 
      File Manager
      Check which kind of files stored on external SD card and provide a list of options to manage them. Files will sorted by categories (gallery, music, video, apps, files) or directories. 
      Easy Swipe
      A smart float widget and a mini launcher to quick access to AIO tools, favorite apps and used apps. Easy Swipe stays hidden on apps or phone home screen and appears when you want and swipe it.
      Notification Manager
      Hide annoying app notifications from Android status bar. Blocked messages will be saved together in one place for later check or clean.
      Smart Charge
      Boost charge speed, save you more time.
      Available Plugins - The Virtual Swiss Army Knife for Android
      ✔ App lock: Encrypt apps with a password or pattern, for example your contacts, Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, Gmail...
      ✔ Ads detector: analyze mobile ads SDK integrated in installed apps
      ✔ Permission check: list permissions other apps required
      ✔ Game Booster: boost gaming speed to give players more fun
      ✔ Auto task: set timing cache cleaning, silent mode, airplane mode or Wi-Fi management task 
      ✔ Quick settings: fast access to system settings
      ✔ Volume settings: provide one-click system volume setup
      ✔ QR & Barcode scanner
      ✔ Flashlight
      ✔ Compass
      What's New:
      -- Add new features for pro users: VIP Feedback, manage subscription
      -- Bug fixes and stability improvements
      Mod Info:
      Pro features unlocked - no additional key needed;
      Optimized graphics and cleaned package resources for fast load and small size;
      Offline mode - cut off all internet traces;
      Cleaned trackers [crashLytics, firebase, doubleclick, mintegral, facebook, mopub, smaato, tag, millennial, etc];
      Disabled / Removed unwanted Permissions + Receivers and Services;
      Analytics / Crashlytics disabled;
      AOSP Compatible.
      This app has no advertisements
      More Info:

      Download Instructions:

    • By PRO_APK
      LED Blinker Notifications Pro -AoD-Manage lights v8.0.3-pro build 417 [Paid] [ML]
      Requirements: 4.1+
      Overview: Let LED Blinker Notifications (formerly LEDBlinker) show your missed calls, SMS, Facebook and Whatsapp messages. If you have no hardware led, the screen is used.

      All apps are supported in the full version, click on the plus button on the top and add the missing.
      This app is very simple to use and not much configuration is needed!
      ✔ Works with latest Android Lollipop/Kitkat/Marshmallow/Nougat Version
      ✔ Contact specfic colors for WhatsApp, missed call, Telegram, Signal
      ✔ Save battery with pocket mode
      ✔ individual settings for each app, e. g. blink rate, vibration, sounds and repeats
      ✔ light and dark color scheme
      ✔ export/import settings (no lost settings when you install new ROMS/mods)
      ✔ Silent mode for every day (enable it for the night to stop blinking
      ✔ widget to deactivate LED Blinker/remove notifications quickly
      ✔ Screen LED for phones without real LED
      Examples for apps with notifications:
      ✔ Missed calls and sms 
      ✔ Battery status (LED notification for low battery, < 10%)
      ✔ Google Mail/Talk/Hangouts
      ✔ Calendar reminder notifications
      ✔ Standard EMail App
      ✔ SNOView - Social Network Overview notification
      ✔ Facebook messages 
      ✔ WhatsApp messages 
      ✔ Skype messages 
      ✔ Bluetooth messages (LED goes on when bluetooth is active)
      ✔ Alternative On-Screen-LED 
      ✔ Twitter, Threema (now with group support), Facebook Messenger and so on.
      What's New:
      ✔ New setting to configure position, size and color for time, date and battery status
      ✔ New setting to disable the app when low battery, see silent mode settings
      ✔ Android Go Support
      ✔ Improved test for screen LED without screen turn off
      ✔ Incoming call stops screen LED
      ✔ Custom screen LED position shows time/date/battery stats if enabled
      This app has no advertisements
      More Info:

      Download Instructions:
    • By PRO_APK
      Volume Panel Pro-Custom System Audio Control v20.50 Final[Patched][Mod
      Requirements: 6.0+
      Overview: volume panel does not collect or share any personal information, nor does it have any of the permissions required to do so.

      Key Features:
      * An Android 9/10 inspired Volume Control Panel.
      * Choose Media or Ring as the default button response.
      * Start collapsed or expanded.
      * Left or Right handed mode.
      * Custom vertical position.
      * Custom panel timeout.
      * Hide the alarm volume panel.
      * Force close system dialogs.
      * Custom background, slider & icon colours.
      * Option to exclude from certain applications.
      * Volume streams: Cast, Media, Ring, Call & Alarm.
      * Bluetooth volume control.
      * Quick Settings Pull-down Tiles.
      * Pinned Launcher Shortcuts (Oreo+)
      Quick Access Icons (in the panel):
      * Instant access to alarm clock & alarm status.
      * Instantly mute media or casting streams.
      * Switch between speaker/earpiece when in call.
      * Toggle between Ring, Vibrate or do Not Disturb (Silent).
      Additional Quick Settings Pull Down Tiles:
      * Mute Media.
      *Toggle Ring Mode.
      * Launch Volume Panel.
      Pinned Launcher Shortcuts (Oreo+):
      * Mute Media.
      * Toggle Ring Mode.
      * Launch Volume Panel.
      PLEASE NOTE: Button Mapping apps such as Button Mapper or Bixby Button Remapper may interfere if volume button customisation is enabled.
      Limitations: Cannot display over the lockscreen or system pulldown & cannot detect 1st long press, a second click is required.
      Required Permissions:
      * Accessibility - Detect volume key presses & excluded applications.
      * Notification Listener Access - Detect audio casting & toggle Do Not Disturb.
      * Overlay Permissions - Show the panel as a system overlay.
      What's New: 
      * Allow customising max columns for shortcuts.
      * Bug fixes.
      MOD INFO
      Modded GP/ LP not needed
      Optimized graphics/Zipaligned
      Unwanted files removed
      This app has no advertisements
      More Info:

      Download Instructions:
    • By PRO_APK
      KillApps: Close All Apps Running v1.16.2 [Pro]
      Requirements: 4.4+
      Overview: KillApps lets you close all running apps at once by a simple touch, and prevents the apps from relaunching automatically. It saves battery power and improves performance.

      KillApps lets you close all running apps at once by a simple touch! it saves battery power , and improves performance.
      This app improves your phone's performance
      ☆ By speeding up your phone
      ☆ By freeing the memory
      ☆ By saving the battery
      ☆ By cooling your phone
      Your phone keeps many apps running in the background, which is consuming your system resources, and as a result draining your battery and reducing the available memory.
      ✓ Close all running apps
      ✓ Close background tasks and services
      ✓ Supports user apps and system apps.
      ✓ Widget
      Task killer
      This app is a very powerful Task Killer that kill tasks and processes.
      Speed booster
      This app lets you speed up your phone when it runs slowly because of the many background running apps.
      RAM cleaner
      This app optimize your phone memory by freeing up RAM, and making space for new apps.
      Battery saver
      Closing apps helps save battery power and extend battery life.
      CPU cooler
      Closing apps helps Cool down your phone temperature and reduces CPU usage.
      Lag remover
      Closing apps helps remove lag in all apps.
      Game booster
      Closing apps helps speed up games and boost gaming performance.
      Your privacy is safe
      ✓ This app does not collect any data.
      This app uses Accessibility services
      This app is a great automated solution for users with physical disabilities and muscle fatigue, who struggle while interacting with the screen, especially when doing repetitive complicated tasks such as force closing many apps one by one.
      This app automates one of the most repeating task with the user-interface , the task of "force closing running apps" ! and It does so, by closing all the apps, one by one in an automated way, and hence helps users with physical disabilities and muscle fatigue to avoid to manually close each app in the system settings.
      ✓ This app requires the accessibility service permission in order to be able to close other apps.
      ⇒ This app will be able to retrieve the active window content in order to find the button which forces closing an app in the system settings, then emulate a click action.
      ⇒ This app will be able to observe the actions related to the interface in order to guide the process of automating the task of closing apps , by monitoring the transition between windows during the emulation of interaction with the interface.
      ✓ This app requires the permission to draw above the other apps in order to be able to show the wait screen while closing apps.
      What's New: 
      * Fixed bugs
      ● PRO Features Unlocked
      ● Disable: Analytics, Metric, Remove ads, firebase.
      ● Deleted: Debug Information
      This app has no advertisements
      More Info:

      Download Instructions:
    • By PRO_APK
      Jasi Patcher v4.10 (License InApp Billing Hack With Non Root Support)
      Requirements: Android 4.0+,ROOT/NON ROOT,Xposed/Virtual Xposed(Optional)
      Overview: Jasi Patcher is an automated patching tool for android intended to bypass restrictions in the apps & games, it includes custom patches, support patches, universal patches, offline emulation, spoof, hooks, tools and utilities.
      Jasi Patcher is an educational, testing and research tool and does not provide any copyrighted products or material so it is on the end user like developers, students or researchers to test the tool on their product or licensed product only and it does not break any copyrights of the app as it makes changes to those files which are created by android system for that particular app and does not modify any APKs installed leaving their integrity untouched!
      Features :-
      - Custom Patch Per App Based Available For Hard And Popular Apps Including Apps Protected With Different Types Of Obfuscators.
      - Universal Patch To Patch License Check Of Any Android App.
      - Emulations To License Apps To Work Same As Google Servers Including Non Root Support With Virtual Xposed.
      - Remove Google Ads Of Any Android App.
      - In App Purchase Hacking Emulation.
      - App Manager Features Like Clear Data, Kill App, Uninstall, Backup Apk/Data And Restore Apk/Data.
      - Rebooter For Soft Reboot,Reboot,Power Off And Reboot To Recovery,Reboot Download, Reboot Safe Mode,Restart SystemUI With One Click.
      - Cleaner To Clean The Cache Partition,Cache Of All Apps,Wipe Dalvik Cache And Wipe Unused Dalvik Odex With One Click.
      - Spoof To Mask IMEI,WiFi Mac Address,Bluetooth Mac Address,Hardware Serial,Manufacturer Serial,Brand,Manufacturer,Model,Device,Product,Hardware,Board.
      - Hook To Make All Apps Debuggable, Disable Debugger Connect Check, Disable Android Version Check On Install,Allow Downgrade Apps,Disable Signature Check,Disable Signature Of APK,Disable Overlay Detection.
      - Dump Logs Can Dump Logs Of All Apps And Can Be Helpful For Other Apps Troubleshooting.
      - Ad Blocker To Block And Unblock Ads.
      Customizations :-
      - Change Theme From Light And Dark Layout.
      - Change Orientation Of Patcher From Default Device Based,Portrait,Landscape.
      - Change Languages, More Than Dozen Of Different Languages Available.
      - Change Animations.
      - Change Sorting.
      - Change Font.
      - Enable/Disable Vibration.
      - Enable/Disable Loading Of Application Icons.
      - Hide Patcher From Other Apps.
      - Auto Update Check.
      - Export,Import And Reset Settings. 
      NOTE :- If Patcher Do Not Work Or Crashes For You Check Troubleshooting (Patcher > Menu > Troubleshooting) Follow It,If Still It Does Not Work Then Get Logs (Patcher > Menu > Dump Logs) And Send Me All Files On Email (Patcher > Menu > About > Email Me).
      This Is Free If You PAID For It You Just Got Screwed !!
      Whats New:
      v4.10 (23/May/2019)
      !!..I Have Spent A Lot Of Time On This Tool Just For Passion, Thanks To All Who Supported Me With Donations/Ideas/Feedback, Due To Hard Times And Other Responsibilities, Update From Now On Is Not Guaranteed..!!
      - Added Support For Non Root Devices, They Have To Create Modified APK With Support Emulate For License/Billing Emulation To Work, Patching Is Allowed For Universal APK As Well As Split APKS.
      - Added Function To Install APK/APKS For NonRoot In Emulation.
      - Updated Billing Emulation.
      - Updated EdXposed Version Check.
      - Added Backup And Restore Of Splits APKs.
      - Added Appear On Top Permission Request To Show Billing Popup On Android 6 And Up, Should Fix MIUI's Issue.
      - Added Systemless Ads Block In AdBlocker, Needs to Be Enabled In Magisk To Take Effect If Not Enabled Automatically.
      - Updated Chinese Translations.
      - Bugs Fixed.
      This app has no advertisements
      More Info:

      Download Instructions: (If You Have Old Version, You Can Also Update From With In Patcher Just Click 'Check For Updates' Option In Patcher's Menu)
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