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Gold Miner - Mine Quest v1.1.2 (Mod Money)


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Gold Miner - Mine Quest v1.1.2 (Mod Money)
Requirements: Android 4.0+
Overview: Gold Miner Mine Quest is the most addictive one among all gold miner games. Game has 2 modes: gold miner classic and strategy or mine quest.


Gold, diamond, dynamite, TNT bom and lucky clover? crafting, mining games? minemaps? Ooga, that's right! You are a goldminer fred now and it's your job to mine gold and come out with full mine pocket.
Classic mode game is exactly the same as the available online version! minemaps is including Australia, Hawaii and Las Vegas. klasik games are always the best!
Besides that, game has also cascade mode or mine quest. Cascade is new features. What's different? If classic game you just need to focus on gold quest and get full mine pocket, but cascade game you must complete more one target. For sample, you must collect enough stone quest, diamond quest, jewel quest, ruby quest, golden egg shoot, even mouse quest, etc... It's really a challenge and addictive game.
Utilize your claw and reel to mine gold and different fortunes out of the earth. Your claw will swing forward and backward. Tap anywhere on the screen to release the claw and grab gold, ruby, diamond and hidden treasures or random bags. Get bags contain arbitrary amounts of cash, a strength power-up, or a stick of dynamite.
Mouse, stone, skull, bone are relentless obstacles against you to dig and grab. Gold price, diamond price, jewel price, ruby price, stone price and other items price are waiting you discovery. Using bombs to destroy grabbed stones. Using pudding to throw goblins, goblin is digging gold.
With classic mode, you mine as much gold as you to reach next level and highscore.
With cascade mode, you need to complete the quest of level to unlock next one and the treasures of chapter to unlock new chapter. Treasures are including Ancient Egypt, Pharaoh's Mystery, Eye of Horus, Egyptian mummy, pyramids, ...
Remember collecting as much bonus as you can to buy new items.
Thinking a correct strategy and having best crafting to pass the mission.

- 2 modes: Classic and Arcade
- Addictive gameplay
- Arcade mode is including 6 worlds (Forest, Underground, Far West, ...) and 120 fun levels
- Origin items: Golds, diamonds, skull, stones, random treasures, TNT boom, etc...
- New items: ruby, golden eggs, chicken, dragon, mouses, goblins, mine cart, pudding, volcano, craft lazer, etc...
- Support items as bomb, diamond polish, lucky clover, strength drink, magic clock, fever jewel, fever ruby, etc...
- Obstacles items: monster mouse, stone, bones, skulls and other monsters are difficult obstacles that you need to avoid.
- Collect enough treasures as Ancient Egypt, Pharaoh's Mystery, Eye of Horus, Egyptian mummy, pyramids, ... to unlock next chapter
- Outstanding and beautiful graphics
- Spin the lucky wheel, slot machine to get daily rewards
- Friend leaderboard and global leaderboard
- Support English, Vietnamese languages

- Gems shop: you earn free gems or buy it.
- You can exchange gems to get money/cash and vice versa.
- Spend money/cash to buy worthy items.
- Spend gems to get 20 seconds if you fail.
Worthy items:
- Dynamite: You grabbed onto something with your claw, touch dynamite button to throw a piece of dynamite and blow it up.
- Pudding: You grabbed onto goblin gold, touch pudding button to throw a piece of pudding and blow goblin out
- Strength Drink: The miner will reel up objects a little faster. The drink only lasts for one level.
- Lucky Clover: This will increase the chances of getting something good out of the grab bags on the next level. This is only good for one level.
- Diamond Polish: During the next level diamonds will be worth more money. Only good for one level.

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