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Mythikos v1.0.20681 (Mod)


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Mythikos v1.0.20681 (Mod)
Requirements: 4.0.3 +
Overview: Mythikos, a [3+2] Turn-based fantasy RPG game with Unique [Mythos Lens] Gameplay feature that YOU NEVER PLAYED BEFORE!


An epic tale of the journey to the mystical world of Mythos battling for the fate of deities.
Find some familiar and powerful deities: Medusa, Nine Tails, Michael, and Chione…
Are they friends or foe? That is for you to decide!

Assemble the strongest team of deities for strategic victories!


[Unique [Mythos Lens] Gameplay]
Discover the secrets of monsters, analyze their weaknesses
Experience dynamic turn-based combat

[Innovative 3+2 Turn-based Strategy]
Defeat bosses in epic boss battles to turn them into your allies
Swapping in specialized monsters to counter your opponents at key moments
Quickly chain together awakened abilities to deal massive damage

[Hoard Your Loot]
Fire, water, grass, light, and dark affinity system
5 different elements and dozens of unique monsters
Collect tons of monsters, and customize your team to dominate the competition

[A Magical Adventure]
From shrines and dreamscapes to lands of fire and ice
Brave the endless trials of the Towers of Darkness and plunder its treasures to strengthen your team
Life-like monsters that were created by hand-crafted 3D models

[Form your own guild and battle alongside other players]
Communicate and coordinate with other guild members via guild chat
Use monsters that have surrendered in the Arena to prove your creativity and strategies


- Monster Awakening
- Star Maze
- Monster's Leader Ability
- More Events
- First batch a monsters allowing awakening, Water Mermaid,Dark Ifrit,Light Pegasus,Fire Firebird,Water Chione,Water Croc Warden,Grass Flower Pixie
- Optimized special effects visuals
- Optimized weakness focusing function
- Fixed a bunch of minor bugs
Please join us in https://www.facebook.com/game.mythikos/ for more events and freebies

- x50 Damage
- Weakened Enemies Attack

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