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Dungeon Escape VR v2.01


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Dungeon Escape VR v2.01
Requirements: 4.1+
Overview: Strap on your virtual reality headset and become fully immersed in your new life as a prisoner. Explore secret rooms, avoid the guards, and regain your freedom!


★You can play with or without a controller★

A high end phone is recommended. Even though this game is highly optimized, it still requires a decent phone. This game was tested on a Galaxy Note 5, and Galaxy S5 and ran well. Your results may vary.

★★★This is a VR game so Google Cardboard or any other headset is required!★★★
Not sure what Google Cardboard is? Google Cardboard is a VR headset that uses your smartphone and a piece of cardboard with some lenses. Find our more here: https://www.google.com/get/cardboard/

★Immersive VR experience
★Excellent graphics
★Stealth gameplay
★Freedom Mode - This mode is unlocked when you beat the game once. With this mode enabled in the options menu, all doors become unlocked and the guards will ignore you. This mode is good for exploring areas without having to worry about getting caught.

This app has controller support and allows you to map your buttons, so any controller should work. If you don't have a controller, there is no need to worry. All you need is the cardboard trigger to walk and interact with the environment. Even though you can play without a controller It is still recommended to buy one so that you have a better experience with vr apps that support controllers.

Remote Buttons:
★Move in all directions
★Look left/right

No Remote:
Use cardboard trigger to start/stop walking when NOT looking at something you can interact with. When you press cardboard trigger with the crosshair showing you will interact with whatever you are looking at.

Permissions Explanation:
The permissions are needed for the Cardboard SDK and Unity Analytics. Unity Analytics allows us to better understand players so we can create better games.

Tips for a better experience:
★Use headphones. They give you a greater sense of immersion.
★Turn off power saving mode. This will greatly improve performance.
★Close all other apps. This will also improve performance(especially screen overlay apps like Twilight).
★Don't play for long periods of time
★If you get nauseous easily and are using a controller, try to only move forward and avoid walking backwards or side to side.

List of compatible VR headsets:
‣Google Cardboard
‣Refugio 3D
‣Durovis Dive
‣VR Smartview
‣GearVR(if you disable GearVR service) 
and many more!


You can throw objects to distract guards
Downstairs is completly redesigned
Guards have footsteps now
Updated to Google VR SDK
two new prisoners
performance improvements
3D Sound
Objects physics are improved
New Reticle
You can now walk with while carring objects
Added option to mute music
Menu changes
guards can now sit and sleep
added tutorial

This app has no advertisements


Download Instructions:


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