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Power Doctor - Saver Pro v2.2.17

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Power Doctor - Saver Pro v2.2.17
Requirements: 3.0 and up 
Overview: This app is the most efficient and professional Android power booster. Battery Doctor - Battery Saver helps user to save battery life just in a single Tap whenever it starts trickle. This smart battery optimizer gives your phone the ability to enable settings for killing background running apps while functioning as Memory Cleaner, Ram Booster, and Task Killer for a better battery performance. You can save battery life up to 2x - 4x more to boost your phone get along a lot more faster.


This smart battery optimizer gives your phone the ability to enable settings for killing background running apps while functioning as Memory Cleaner, Ram Booster, and Task Killer for a better battery performance. You can save battery life up to 2x - 4x more to boost your phone get along a lot more faster.
★ Fast Charging
Battery Fast Charge regulates the manner in which your device is charged with a Unique 3 Stage Charging system to ensure you get the most out of your battery and reminds you not to over charge. It also has features that can monitor and regulate power consumption.
★ Memory Boost
Clean up memory (RAM) and optimize phone speed by removing redundant background tasks.
Stop auto-start Apps to increase boot speed and reduce memory usage.
1-tap memory cleaner and booster widget makes it easy to clean your phone directly from the home screen.
★ Battery saver
Battery saver is more than a power optimizer app, which does not need online connectivity to perform tasks. Works best on even non root Android phones. So just leave the idea to replace your installed battery to get extra charging. Go extend battery life with deep sleep mode when your phone is not in use.
★ Clean Junk Files
Smart Clean helps to delete cache files, residual junk files to reclaim storage. Improve the performance of your device.
★ Phone Cooler
It monitors your phone’s temperature in real time and analyzes which apps are causing the overheating. This identification is the key to starting the cooling process that lowers the CPU temperature, keeping your phone in the normal range.
★ Device Information
Handy status of CPU, memory (RAM), GPU, battery and hardware features.
Keep track of memory (RAM), storage space and CPU/battery temperature.
Stop Apps from wasting battery life and causing device to overheat.
Tune Up task manager's memory thresholds to optimize your phone's performance
★ Monitor
Track your phone remaining charging time while managing essential tasks as a smart optimizer. Monitor App Consumption - See which system application i.e Bluetooth, Wifi or data GPRS consumes the more battery power while power optimizer commends you power management solution.
Key Features:
• Accurately show battery status and remaining time.
• Accurately show charging remaining time.
• Smart battery consumption optimization with just One-Tap.
• One tap optimizer with active task killer battery widget to save for optimal power consumption
• Adaptive power saving mode with options for custom or smart pre-set battery saving modes
• Identifies and disables background running, battery hogging apps
• Pre-set saving modes: normal / save / Extra Save
• Customize power saving options according to preference: Wifi, Bluetooth, 3G / 4G Mobile Data, Location Services, GPS, Brightness.
• Auto task killer on screen OFF
• Intelligent brightness control
• Efficient monitoring of power usage
• Displays details: battery temperature, battery voltage, battery health
• Simple and Minimalistic interface for effective power management
• Kills unnecessary tasks with extremely simple one-tap Optimize button to save more.
• Easy battery saving and effective small size package with extensive features
• Continuous and timely updates
What's New

V 2.2.09
* Add schedule saving battery
* Fix bug

This app has no advertisements

More Info:

Download Instructions:

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      WiFi Analyzer and Surveyor v2.00
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      · Use the WiFi monitor to detect slow WiFi networks, identify channel interference and poor signal strength.
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      Full control of your RAM usage. No Root required. Comes packed with a task killer that kills tasks without crashing killed apps. Introducing a safe task killing mechanism in Android. Lets not kill them brutally!!.
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      ★★ Features ★★
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      ☆ Save Battery by killing malfunctioning TasksServices.
      ☆ Booster Levels: Normal, Strong, eXtreme, Super eXtreme.
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      ☆ Cleans Cache too.
      ☆ No crashes for killed App.
      ☆ Notify after Auto RAM Boost.
      ☆ Super safe kill.
      ★ Task Killer: Your Android will run smooth and faster, Safe Kill Tasks now.
      ☆ Boost your RAM by safe killing tasks.
      ☆ Kill any tasks that consumes RAM.
      ☆ Safe kill Services and Process of any Apps without making those App crash.
      ☆ Kill tasks all together or individually.
      ☆ White-list Add/Remove. (Apps in white-list won't be killed).
      ☆ Save battery by killing apps that drains lot of battery.
      ☆ Uninstall Apps that seems to be suspicious.
      ☆ See details of tasks before killing.
      ☆ Save Battery by killing malfunctioning TasksServices.
      ★ No Ads.
      Killing a launcher may reload your Home Screen, This is not an issue but can make your device comparatively more responsive.
      Some tasks may restart for Android 2.2 and above, This is because Android system doesn't allow killing of some services and fore-front tasks. This is common with ALL task killers in Android.
       What's New
      ★ More Boost Frequencies: 1 Minute, 2 Minutes, 5 Minutes and 10 Minutes.
      ★ Bug Fixes.
      Suggestions/Bugs: Mail to [email protected]
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      CPU-Z v1.22 [Premium]
      Requirements: 2.2+
      Overview: Android version of the popular CPU identification tool for PC/Windows., CPU-Z is a free application that reports information about your device.

      - SoC (System On Chip) name, architecture, clock speed for each core ;
      - System information : device brand & model, screen resolution, RAM, storage.;
      - Battery information : level, status, temperature, capacity ;
      - Sensors.
      Requirements :
      - Android 2.2 and above (version 1.03 and +)
      Permissions :
      - INTERNET permission is required for the online validation (see notes below for more détails about the validation process)
      Notes : 
      Online Validation (version 1.04 and +)
      The validation allows to store the hardware specification of your Android device in a database. After the validation, the program opens your validation URL into your current internet browser. If you enter your e-mail address (optional), an e-mail with your validation link will be sent to you as a reminder.
      Settings screen and debug (version 1.03 and +)
      If CPU-Z closes abnormally (in case of bug), the settings screen will appear at the next run. You can use that screen to remove the main detection features of the application, and make it run.
      Bug report
      In case of bug, please open the application menu and choose "Send Debug Infos" to send a report by email
      FAQ and troubleshooting
      You can visit the FAQ at that address :
      WHAT'S NEW
      Version 1.22 (01/19/2017)
      - Mediatek Helio X23, X25, X27.
      - HiSilicon Kirin 960.
      - Qualcomm Snapdragon 821, 430 and 435.
      Version 1.21 (11/10/2016)
      - Kirin 955, 910, 650.
      - Snapdragon 617.
      - ARM Cortex A73.
      Version 1.20 (07/27/2016)
      - Added tri-cluster architectures.
      - Mediatek Helio X20 (MT6797).
      Version 1.19 (03/31/2016)
      - Samsung Exynos 8890 (M1).
      - Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 (Kryo).
      Version 1.18 (02/03/2016)
      - Added Security Patch Level (Android 6.0+).
      - Fix several bugs.
      This app has no advertisements
      More Info:
      Download Instructions: PREMIUM features Unlocked
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      DU Speed Booster & Cleaner v2. Final
      Requirements: 4.0+
      Overview: DU Speed Booster is an Android optimizer & cleaner master with a FREE built-in antivirus security feature.

      It can boost the speed of your phone by up to 60%, cleans junk (cache) files from your system, and increases the available storage space on your SD card. It is a total Android phone optimization solution that combines the advanced functionality of an apps task cleaner, speed and ram booster, storage (junk & cache) analyzer, security antivirus guard and protection master for your phone.
      DU Speed Booster (Cleaning Optimizer & Security Master) Highlights:
      ★ Easily Boost: A single touch saves you time and effort to boost your phone.
      ★ Junk File Cleaner: Fully scan and cleanup every bit of junk and cache files.
      ★ Smart Cleaner: Pre-set automatic cleanup of unwanted processes and trash.
      ★ Powerful Speed Booster: Boost the speed of your Android by up to 60%!
      ★ Security Optimizer & Master: Make sure your phone is secure and protected from virus (es) or Trojan (s).
      DU Speed Booster (Cleaning Optimizer & Security Master) Features:
      ► GAME BOOSTER: Improve your gaming speed and experience.
      Smart recognition and manual adding of installed game (s) or apps.
      Concentrates system resources to support game operation, and smoothes game play and boost s FPS.
      ► SPEED ACCELERATOR: Makes Android apps and games faster than ever before!
      One-touch system speed diagnosis and acceleration: Click the “Optimization” button or use the home screen widget.
      Clean background processes, kill tasks and disable auto-start apps (rooted devices only) to cleanup memory and boost the speed of your system.
      Freeze unwanted apps to increase memory.
      ► TRASH CLEANER: Cleanup your Android phone and SD card junk files and cache for a speed boost!
      Clean residual files left over after uninstalling apps to free up storage space.
      Cleanup your phone cache with a single touch to boost your Android system speed.
      ► ADVANCED APPS MANAGER: Master your apps to keep your storage space clean and organized!
      Batch install/uninstall manager keeps your Android clean and boost its top speed.
      Manage apps on your phone ‘s internal storage and SD card to free up space.
      Move apps and files between your phone and your SD card (App2SD) to free up phone memory.
      ► DU SECURITY: Antivirus scanner, permission manager.
      Quickly scan apps and files on your phone to protect your device from virus (es) and Trojan (s).
      Check the permissions requested by each installed app, or review apps according to categorized permissions.
      Supports Deutsch, Español, English, Française, Português, Português do Brasil, Pусский, Türk, Bahasa Indonesia, Italiano, العربية, ภาษาไทย, Tiếng Việt, 日本語, 한국의, 中文(简体), 中文(繁體).
      As a useful Cleaning Optimizer & Security Master, with the trust of hundreds of millions of DU Apps Studio users, DU Speed Booster will help you master and optimize your background apps, memory space, junk(cache) files and battery power, as well as inspect apps’ permissions and secure your phone away from virus es.
      “DU Speed Booster is a pretty brilliant way to make your phone free of everything you don’t want but had no easy way to clean.” –
      Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) at:
      More questions about DU Speed Booster? Contact us at [email protected],
       We added an antivirus feature to bring you a secure experience. Should you experience any issues, please send an email to [email protected]
      Find us online:
      Official website; Facebook page >>> ;
      JOIN our beta testing community and get first-hand news of DU Apps Studio on:
      WHAT'S NEW
      Improvements in V2. 
      1. Optimized overall performance and enhanced the user experience. 
      2. Bugs fixed and stability optimized.
      This app has no advertisements
      More Info:
      Download Instructions:
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      Cryo (App Freezer for Samsung) v1.2.2.182 [Premium]
      Requirements: 4.3+
      Overview: Cryo (means freeze) is an packages disabler for Samsung devices.

      Important: This app only works on Samsung devices. If your device is not Samsung please don't install.
      More important: This app requires Samsung knox, You should accept the policy when you first use this app or it will not work properly.
      Disable packages for better battery lifetime and get rid of annoying apps without losing app data.
      ★ Freeze apps without losing your data.
      ★ It is also an app launcher for your frozen apps.
      ★ Auto-freeze when screen off.
      ★ Ignore music apps when playing music.
      ★ Easy-to-use and elegant GUI.
      ★ Hide apps for privacy (Premium).
      ★ Powerful search filter.
      If you have any questions please use the feedback in the app to send us email to [ [email protected] ] . Any feature-requesting and suggestion is welcome.
      Cryo is a newborn app! Please be generous with ratings and reviews...
      WHAT'S NEW
      V1.2.2.182 Need to apply for a development knox key to use this app
      - List sections
      - Disable a single service
      - Able to clear icon cache
      - Batch processing on home list
      - Fix shortcut size and anti-alias
      - Bug fixes
      This app has no advertisements
      More Info:
      Download Instructions: PREMIUM features Unlocked
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      X-plore File Manager v3.90.00 [Donate]
      Requirements: 4.0.3+
      Overview: X-plore is dual-pane file manager with tree view, LAN/FTP/Root/Clouds and more.

      ● Dual-pane tree view
      ● Root, FTP, SMB, Sqlite, Picasa, Zip, Rar, 7zip explorer
      ● Cloud storage access: Google Drive™, Dropbox,, ***, SkyDrive, Webdav, Yandex.disk, Ubuntu One, SugarSync, Dump Truck,
      ● SSH File Transfer (SFTP) and SSH Shell - _ ***
      ● Application manager
      ● WiFi file sharing *** - _
      ● Manage files from a PC web browser *** - _
      ● Favorite folders
      ● Built-in viewers for images, video, audio, text
      ● Hex viewer
      ● Fast Image viewer with zoom and slide to previous/next images
      ● Thumbnails for images and video as well as for various file types (depending on associated application)
      ● Multi-selection - always available, yet not disturbing
      ● View APK files as ZIP
      ● Share - send files by Bluetooth, email, or whatever the device supports, from any location
      ● Configurable buttons and key shortcuts
      ● Seamless work with Zip (as if it was normal folder)
      *** marked features are paid - they require donation
      X-plore allows you to see inside of your Android device. And also outside.
      This is a dual-pane explorer, there are two folders shown at same time, and common operation such as copying files are done from one pane to another.
      And X-plore shows folder hierarchy in a tree view for clear orientation and fast switching to other location.
      You may explore internals of the device, and if you're power user and have your device rooted, you can make changes to system data - backup files, remove unwanted applications, etc.
      If you're standard user, you may choose to hide internal memory from view and be sure not to mess with system.
      You can comfortably see contents of mass memories on your device, or possibly attached USB memory stick.
      Simple app manager allows to see, run, copy, share, uninstall and further explore installed applications.
      WiFi file sharing
      Access files on your Android device from other Android devices over WiFi.
      Access from a PC web browser
      Manage files on your Android device from your PC.
      Access to FTP and FTPS (secure FTP) servers is supported.
      Multiple servers may be configured.
      X-plore can display shared folders on other computers in LAN (local area network).
      The system allows access to shared folders on computers connected to LAN, or even remote server if it supports SMB protocol.
      X-plore can access various web storage "Cloud" servers, and access their files.
      You need to have account in supported web service, then you can access your files stored online through X-plore.
      Supported is also SSH File Transfer (SFTP) and Terminal shell emulator.
      Main operations are related to managing files and folders - viewing, copying, moving, deleting, compressing to Zip, extracting, renaming, sharing, and more.
      Picasa albums
      X-plore can list images in Picasa albums, download them, create albums, upload and delete photos, edit captions.
      SQLite database viewer
      X-plore can show SQLite database files (those with .db extension) as expandable list of tables, each table containing list of rows and columns with database entries.
      Main interaction is done by touch screen, clicking on folders or files to open files, or long-click to open context menu which contains options which can be done on particular clicked item, or multiple selected items.
      Multi-selection allows to do operation on more files at once. Files can be selected by clicking check box. It is also possible to select all files in a folder, or clear selection, by clicking parent folder's check box.
      Opening file may mean to use one of built-in viewer for most popular file types: images, audio, video and text.
      Or you may configure X-plore to use system application for opening files, in which case system-predefined application that can open particular file is launched.
      Archives (currently supported are Zip, Rar and 7zip) are displayed as other folders.
      Additional interaction is possible by button bar, which is between two panes, and is fully configurable.
      WHAT'S NEW
      ● New Video player
      ● Some fixes and improvements
      This app has no advertisements
      More Info:
      Download Instructions: PREMIUM features Unlocked | Drive work | Analytics disabled
    • By APK
      App Ops - Permission manager v0.1.35 [Unlocked]
      Requirements: 5.0+
      Overview: Working mode without ROOT need you enable adb over network. Not sure it will work on any device, please not 1 star if can't use it.

      Support Lollipop, Marshmallow and Nougat
      Material Design
      Support multi-user and work mode
      Support CyanogenMod's App Ops
      What is App Ops: 
      App Ops is a part of Android system which allows the permissions of individual apps to be tweaked.
      To each app, whether been disabled is not perceivable.
      What this app do:
      Form Android 4.4, user interface of App Ops was removed.
      This app bring App Ops back to you.
      What can you do with this app:
      For Android 6.0+ users, you can disable the permission of app which refuse to run without permission (allow in system and set deny or ignore in App Ops).
      For pre-Android 6.0 users, you can use it as a simple permission control app.
      Thing you should know:
      Operations you can change is system version related, for example, "run in background" was added from Android 7.0.
      What's the different between "ignore" and "deny":
      Both of them will not allow app to perform the operation. However, select "deny" will cause an exception and app may crash. So most of time, you should select "ignore".
      Known problems:
      Not work on some device with root permission.
      May not work or crash on some highly costumed ROM, such as MIUI.
      For Android 5.0 users:
      AppOpsCommand in Android 5.0 only support "set" commands, so AppOps may not able to read current settings but changes you made to other apps is still valid.
      WHAT'S NEW
      Fix an issue that location permission can not be denied properly on some devices
      For some SuperSu users who aren't able to use this app, it may be a problem with SuperSU. We will try to solve it by using alternative approach in next release.
      This app has no advertisements
      More Info:
      Download Instructions: PREMIUM features Unlocked
    • By APK
      CPU Cooler Master-Phone Cooler v3.3.12 (Ad Free)
      Requirements: 4.0.3+
      Overview: Professional temperature monitoring and controlling app that detects and closes heavy resource consuming apps to reduce CPU usage and lower phone temperature.

      Features (Totally Free):
      ✓Real-time temperature monitoring
      Monitors and logs device temp. in real time, and displays temp. change curves.
      ✓Dynamic overheating detection
      Analyzes CPU usage dynamically, and detects apps that are overusing system resource to determine the cause for phone overheating.
      ✓One tap to cool down
      Close overheating apps with one simple tap to reduce CPU usage.
      ✓Overheating prevention
      Closes apps that are likely to cause temperature rise, and prevents the phone temperature from rising again.
      The features listed above are available for free.
      Please contact us at [email protected] if you have any questions or suggestions.
       What's New
      1. Lowered Game Difficulty for better gameability
      2. Optimized cooling process
      This app has no advertisements
      More Info: Credit vitaxa978
      Download Instructions:
    • By APK
      Battery Aid 2 v1.1 [Pro]
      Requirements: 5.0+
      Overview: Aid works alongside your device & Battery Saver mode to increase battery life even further. No ads!

      Turns off Wifi / Bluetooth / Data when not in use, i.e. if device hasn't connected to a Wifi network, or Paired with a Bluetooth device, for the chosen time (5 or 15 minutes). And so much more
      Battery Aid is a current finalist in the Play Store Material Design awards, and Winner of Ackuna's App Contest!
      • Dedicated Email for support issues
      • Support from the developer. We answer every issue
      • Regular updates with bug fixes and new features
      • Join Beta for early access features! 
      • Help crowdsource-translate here:
      Wifi, Bluetooth: Aid functionality, Device Info: Modify system settings, Media: Use some stock icons, Identity (G+ Account): +1 button in app
      WHAT'S NEW
      – Materialised Home screen
      – Materialised Icon and Aid buttons
      – Bug fixes & enhancements
      - Added menu -> Guide, to explain Battery Aid functionality
      This app has NO advertisements
      More Info:
      Download Instructions: PRO features unlocked
    • By APK
      AIDA64 v1.44 [Premium]
      Requirements: 2.1+
      Overview: Hardware and software information utility for Android based devices. Based on the extensive hardware knowledge of the AIDA64 for Windows application, AIDA64 for Android is capable of showing various diagnostic information for phones, tablets, smartwatches and TVs

      Features included:
      - CPU detection, real-time core clock measurement
      - Screen dimensions, pixel density and camera information
      - Battery level and temperature monitoring
      - WiFi and cellular network information
      - Android OS and Dalvik properties
      - SoC and device model identification
      - Memory and storage utilization
      - OpenGL ES GPU details, real-time GPU clock measurement
      - PCI, USB, CUDA, OpenCL device listing
      - Sensor polling
      - Listing of installed apps, codecs and system directories
      - Android Wear module: native app for watches
      System requirements:
      - Android 2.1 or later
      Required permissions:
      - ACCESS_WIFI_STATE -- also known as Wi-Fi connection information. AIDA64 requires this permission to show WiFi network information like signal strength and SSID.
      - INTERNET
      - CAMERA. AIDA64 requires this permission to show camera information like picture resolution. AIDA64 does not take any photos or videos.
      - On Android 2.1 to 4.3: READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE -- also known as Photos/Media/Files. AIDA64 requires this permission to detect external storage (SD-card) total and free space. Note: Due to a bug in Play Store, even on newer Android releases Play Store will incorrectly ask for this permission, even though AIDA64 doesn't need and doesn't utilize the permission. After the installation of the app, you can check the actually utilized permissions in Android Settings / Apps / AIDA64, and you will see that this permission is not used by AIDA64.
      Known issues:
      - Screen diagonal size calculation may yield to an incorrect value if the manufacturer encoded the wrong xdpi and ydpi values into the Android profile of the device. If you find the screen size incorrect, please send us the report of your device from the About page, and we will fix it up in the next AIDA64 app update.
      - Camera capabilities may show incorrect information if the manufacturer encoded the wrong values into the Android profile of the device. If you find misreported information on the Devices page, please send us the report of your device from the About page, and we will fix it up in the next AIDA64 app update.
      - Battery capacity can only be reported for factory default batteries. If the battery was replaced with an extended capacity battery, neither Android or AIDA64 will be able to detect the new capacity.
      - Battery charge rate may be reported incorrectly if the phone or tablet doesn't properly support the new battery API calls introduced in Android 5.0. Even new Android devices released in 2015, coming with Android 5.0+ may not support it properly (example: Galaxy S6 doesn't fully support the new APIs).
      WHAT'S NEW
      Latest version:
      - Settings / text size configuration
      - Fixed: core architecture detection for Helio X30 (MT6799)
      Previous version 1.43:
      - Fixed: camera properties detection via Camera2 API
      - Fixed: crash at Devices page
      - Fixed: core architecture detection for Helio X20 (MT6797M)
      - Fixed: 5GHz WiFi capability reporting for Galaxy S7, Galaxy S7 edge
      Previous version 1.42:
      - Fixed: core architecture detection for Helio P10, Snapdragon 415, Snapdragon 430
      This app has no advertisements
      More Info:
      Download Instructions: PREMIUM features Unlocked