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CalcKit: All in One Calculator v2.0.0 [Premium]

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CalcKit: All in One Calculator v2.0.0 [Premium]
Requirements: 4.1+
Overview: All in one calculator pack, a must have for every Student and Enthusiast. Containing over 80 calculators and converters, it's the only calculation tool box you'll ever need on your device.


Large collection of Unit Converter, Electronics and Mathematics Calculators.

If you're a scholar, student, teacher, enthusiast, engineer or handyman and you need an all in one calculator... CalcKit is the right calculation tool box for you.

★ Scientific Calculator
★ RPN Calculator (Reverse Polish notation)
★ Floating Scientific Calculator
★ The first ever Floating RPN Calculator for Android
★ 48 Mathematic Calculator Tools
★ 22 Electronic Calculator Tools
★ 14 Unit Converter
★ Custom Tools Creator
★ Supports Math Expressions as input
★ Tablet Support
★ 3 Calculator Themes
★ 5 Languages

Languages: English - French - German - Macedonian - Spanish


Feedbacks and suggestions
We'd love to hear from you!
Send us your feedbacks at [email protected]

Uses permissions:
• Wi-Fi & Network access (display in-app advertisements)
• In-App purchases (option to remove the advertisements)
• Vibration (vibrate when button is clicked)
• Draw over other apps (CalcKit's floating calculator)

Complete list of all calculator tools and unit converters in the Tool Box:

Scientific & RPN Calculator
Floating Scientific & RPN Calculator

• Triangle
• Right Triangle
• Square
• Rectangle
• Parallelogram
• Rhombus
• Trapezoid
• Isosceles Trapezoid
• Regular Hexagon
• Regular Polygon
• Circle
• Segment of Circle
• Sector of Circle
• Ellipse
• Cube
• Cuboid
• Regular Prism
• Pyramid
• Pyramidal Frustum
• Regular Tetrahedron
• Regular Octahedron
• Cylinder
• Cylinder with an oblique plane face
• Cone
• Frustum of Cone
• Sphere
• Spherical Cap
• Spherical Sector
• Spherical Segment
• Spherical Wedge
• Torus

• Linear Equation
• Quadratic Equation
• Cubic Equation
• System 2x2
• System 3x3

Plane Analytic Geometry
• Distance between 2 points
• Area of Triangle
• Equation of Circle

Solid Analytic Geometry
• Distance between 2 points
• Equation of Sphere

• Prime Number Check
• Proportion Calculator
• Decimal to Fraction
• Fraction Simplifier
• Prime Factorization

Matrix Calculation
• Resources - Resistivity Table
• Resources - Logic Gates
• Resources - Electronic Symbols
• Resistor Color Code
• Inductor Color Code
• LED Resistor Calculator
• Series Components
• Parallel Components
• Ohms Law
• Power Triangle
• Y - Δ Transformation
• Voltage Divider
• Voltage Regulator
• Operational Amplifier
• NE555 Timer
• Filters
• Reactance
• Wire Resistivity
• Transformer Ratio
• Battery Life Calculator
• Analog - Digital Converter
• Frequency Calculator

Unit Converter
• Numbers
• Digital Storage
• Length / Distance
• Mass / Weight
• Speed
• Area
• Volume
• Angle
• Energy / Work
• Fuel Consumption
• Power
• Temperature
• Time
• Pressure

Custom Tools Creator


✓ Complete Redesign of the Application
✓ New Tools & Unit Converters implemented
✓ Integrated Notepad
✓ Improved Custom Tools
✓ New operations introduced
✓ Performance improvements
✓ Bug-fixes
✓ Video Tutorial

This app has no advertisements

More Info:

Download Instructions: PREMIUM features Unlocked | Analytics disabled

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      Have hundreds or thousands of business cards? Web Sync gives you the ability to use a normal computer scanner to scan in multiple cards at one time.
      Web Sync can export into multiple formats, including Gmail/Google Contacts, Apple Contacts, Outlook, Yahoo Mail, Hotmail, and Windows Live Mail. You can also export into a generic Excel CSV (comma-separated values) file.
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      [email protected]
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      What's New
      - Bug Fixes & App Optimizations
      This app has no advertisements
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      Business Calendar 2 v2.21.3 Beta 1 [Pro]
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      Overview: Your favorite calendar app for complex, versatile time management just got even better.

      Business Calendar 2 is the successor of our award-winning calendar app.
      Feature Overview:
      ▪ event planner and task management
      ▪ month, week and day view
      ▪ agenda with live search
      ▪ year view
      ▪ uses Android calendar sync which allows synchronization e.g. with Google Calendar and Exchange
      ▪ support for local calendars and tasks
      ▪ holidays calendar
      ▪ birthdays of your contacts
      ▪ advanced event reminders
      ▪ month, week, day, agenda, icon and tasks widget
      ▪ intuitive navigation with simple swipes between month, week and day
      ▪ choose between text and bars in month view
      ▪ quick glance on the event details in the popup directly from month view
      ▪ freely scroll- and zoomable multi-day view (1-14 days)
      ▪ quickly show and hide calendars with the favorite bar
      ▪ integrated task organizer which syncs with Google Tasks
      ▪ customizable notifications with direct actions (e.g. snooze reminder, show map, write email to attendees)
      ▪ create meeting invites and handle meeting invitations easily
      ▪ support for conference call numbers with access codes
      ▪ heat map in year view (e.g. to find free days)
      ▪ easily add holidays for 56 countries and many regions
      ▪ dedicated birthday view
      ▪ optional ongoing notification with event countdown
      ▪ share your events and tasks
      ▪ flexible recurrences
      ▪ no ads
      ▪ customizable calendar and event colors
      ▪ lots of settings to optimize the appearance and functionality of your widgets, events, tasks and reminders
      ▪ adapt different views (day, week, month, year, agenda, tasks) to your personal needs
      ▪ use pre-set widget themes or customize your widgets down to the very last detail.
      ▪ live preview for all calendar widgets
      ▪ add one of over 600 emoticons to your event (Emoji artwork provided free by EmojiOne:
      Get Help:
      ▪ build-in help system
      ▪ quickly search our knowledge base if any questions arise
      Business Calendar 2 is free and offers you a lot of features in its basic version. Additionally, you can get even more user-friendly features by upgrading directly from within the app. Users of the old Business Calendar Pro can access the pro features of Business Calendar 2 for free as long as the old app is installed.
      Additional Pro Features:
      ▪ integrated weather report in day view
      ▪ easily move and copy events using drag&drop in multi-day view
      ▪ event history, title & location auto-completion
      ▪ link contacts to your appointments
      ▪ easily create templates for new events
      ▪ delete, move or copy multiple events at once using multi-selection
      ▪ advanced options for reminders (e.g. repeating alarms and individual ringtones for different calendars)
      ▪ extended task features (e.g repeated tasks, subtasks and priorities)
      ▪ automatically create a to-do for missed calls
      ▪ 22 beautiful themes for the app (e.g. dark theme)
      ▪ more widget themes / advanced customization options for all widgets
      ▪ new widget "Day Pro" showing everything that matters in one view
      ▪ individually configurable font sizes
      ▪ import and export calendar data (.ics, .ical)
      Business Calendar is developed by a small, dedicated team in Berlin. We’re completely self-sustained to ensure stable and steady development cycles for you. Please consider supporting us by upgrading our calendar app and get more professional features right from within the app.
      WHAT'S NEW
      - bug fixes
      - set reminders for all-day events/tasks to exact time, e.g. 9am on day of the event (Android 6+)
      - new option: default reminder time for all-day events/tasks
      - import/export of birthdays (including check for duplicates)
      - bug fixes
      This app has no advertisements
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      Download Instructions: PRO features Unlocked
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      Right Backup Anywhere v
      Requirements: 2.3.3 and up 
      Overview: Lost your phone and data too? No worries now. Systweak Right backup Anywhere for Android users allows them to create a backup of their significant data on their device anywhere and anytime.

        The users can choose one of the options listed for creating the backup. Either the smart backup, which is by default set to acquire the backup for all the documents, music, videos, pictures, and what not; or, users can go for custom backup which allows them to choose those files only for which they want to create the backup.
        The user requires to sign up for the Right Backup account, which is free of cost, and thus can use this same account to create the backup for n number of devices.
      Power-pack features of Right Backup Anywhere
      ✔Restore anywhere
        Right Backup Anywhere allows users to restore the backed up files in three ways, namely, Custom Restore, Smart Restore and Search file. Smart restore feature restores all the backed up files and documents. Custom restore allows users to restore backed up files which he want to as per his selection. Search file, on the other hand, lets users search specifically for a file.
        The user has an option to restore files to the original location of the files or can even select the desired location for restoration.
        Right Backup Anywhere can create the backup of files of any size. However, the user can backup files for only that space which has been allocated to him.
      ✔Time to create Backup
        Right Backup Anywhere generates backup automatically without bothering the user. It takes up backup twice times daily or after twelve hours from the previous creation of backup. Although users are given right for setting up the time interval as desired by them for creating the backup.
      ✔Anywhere- Anytime
        Right Backup Anywhere does not require it to be installed on every machine for uploading the files since uploading files through the web to users’ account is permissible. The user can use any device to upload the files, no matter wherever he is!
      ✔Security check
        Right backup Anywhere not only creates the backup of the data but also ensures the security of it. It uses secure socket layers, that is, SSL, a kind of encryption process to conceal data in a codified form to prevent it from unauthorized access on cloud servers.
      ✔Share and Care
        Adding icing to the cake, Right Backup Anywhere allows users to share the data also. The users can share data with their friends and family easily. Moreover, users can provide access to their files and data to which they want to.
      In all, Right Backup Anywhere allows users to create the backup of files, restore them, share them and definitely maintain the security of it.
       What's New
      Miscellaneous bug fixes and other improvements
      This app has no advertisements
      More Info:
      Download Instructions:
    • By APK
      OfficeSuite + PDF Editor v9.0.8597 [Premium + Mod]
      Requirements: 4.0+
      Overview: The latest OfficeSuite is our fastest ever, with drastically improved speed across the entire app and a refreshed design that makes it easier to use than ever!

       • The most downloaded office app on Google Play
       • Delivers the most exclusive features over any other office app
       • Installed on 200 million devices in 195 countries and counting
      OfficeSuite lets you easily view, edit, and create Word, Excel, and PowerPoint documents, convert to/from PDF, and manage your files all with the most feature-rich mobile office solution available on Android.
      Preloaded by top manufacturers including Sony, Amazon, Sharp, Acer, Alcatel, Kyocera, Toshiba and more.
       • Create a profile and save your app settings and personalizations across devices
       • Work on two documents simultaneously using split-screen mode
       • Use OfficeSuite on both Android and iOS platforms
       • Open multiple documents simultaneously
       • Create custom headers, footers, and page number options for Word documents
       • Add freehand drawings over PowerPoint slides
       • Protect individual sheets and cells in Excel for extra security
       • Cast presentations across multiple devices on the same network with Share Cast
       • Use Quick Sign to easily sign a PDF using your digital signature
       • View, create and edit complex office documents all from a familiar desktop-style interface
       • Full compatibility with Microsoft formats including DOC, DOCX, DOCM, XLS, XLSX, XLSM, PPT, PPTX, PPS, PPSX, PPTM, PPSM
       • Support for PDF files including PDF camera scanning and Export to PDF
       • Additional support for common formats like RTF, TXT, LOG, CSV, EML, ZIP; (Open Office - ODT, ODS and ODP - support available as in-app purchase)
       • Integrated with File Commander for advanced synchronization and quick and easy access to both local and remote files
       • Sharing via cloud services like Box, DropBox, Google Drive, OneDrive, Amazon Cloud Drive and SugarSync, as well as over email, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi Direct
       • PDF security and editing features including digital signatures support, permissions management, text to PDF, and annotations
       • Available in 68 languages
       • Use your OfficeSuite subscription across all your Android and iOS devices
       • Security features - work with password protected files
       • Export PDF to Word, Excel, or ePub and convert any file to PDF
       • Track changes with multiple author support
       • QuickPDF Scanner - easily scan documents and images with your camera
       • PhotoSuite Professional - MobiSystems' powerful photo editing app
       • QuickWrite predictive keyboard - quicken your typing based on usage patterns
       • Microsoft Compatibility Font Pack - view documents the way they're meant to be seen
       • Spell check - make sure your important documents are error free
       • Look up words with the Oxford dictionary of English add-on
       • Legacy Microsoft document formats support (.DOC, .XLS, .PPT) along with .ODF formats
      OfficeSuite granted permissions-
      Extension for Sony SmartBand, SmartWatch 2/3.
      Control presentations in OfficeSuite from SONY SMARTWATCH 2/3 by sliding left and right to move between slides.
      Manage OfficeSuite presentations with SONY SMARTBAND:Use volume up/down to change slides, tap on touch screen to display animations.
      WHAT'S NEW
      New in 9.0.1 Beta:
      • Integrated spell check - Powerful and smooth spell checking in more than 40 languages.
      • Enhanced mouse support - Select, scroll, and zoom with a mouse on Android-enabled Chromebooks.
      • Improved color picker - Select a standard or custom color for highlights, texts, lines, and shapes. • Stability improvements and bug fixes – OfficeSuite is now even more seamless and reliable.
      This app has no advertisements
      More Info:
      Download Instructions: PREMIUM features Unlocked | Drive works
      MOD: no forced popup to install File Commander:
    • By APK
      Aqua Mail - email app v1.9.0-351 Final Stable [Pro]
      Requirements: 4.0.3+
      Overview: AquaMail is an email app for Internet and Exchange mail, for Android 4.0.3 and higher.
      Easy automatic setup for popular email services: Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, FastMail, Apple mail services ( /, GMX, AOL, and more. Recognizes mail accounts hosted at Google Apps, Yahoo BizMail, and others.

      AquaMail is an email app for Internet and Exchange mail, for Android 4.0.3 and higher.
      Easy automatic setup for popular email providers:
      Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, FastMail, Apple mail services ( /, GMX, AOL, and more. Recognizes mail accounts hosted at Google Apps, Yahoo BizMail, and others.
      Works with many other email services via standard Internet email protocols (IMAP, POP3, SMTP).
      IMAP push mail (instant incoming email delivery) for those servers that support the IDLE extension (Gmail, GMX, AOL… not supported by Yahoo, for Hotmail please see the FAQ the app's web site).
      Microsoft Exchange is supported via IMAP or EWS:
      Exchange (EWS) accounts provide access to server side contacts (personal and global, with search), and Calendar sync. Recognizes mail accounts hosted at Office 365 and Exchange Online.
      Plays well with other email apps that you may be using to access your IMAP or EWS mailbox. Uses existing folder structure, can synchronize drafts, sent, and deleted messages.
      Improved security (OAUTH2) for Gmail and Hotmail.
      Widgets (message counts, message list).
      Swiping in message list (actions) and between messages.
      Can save attachments as files.
      Message auto-fit (like in Gmail).
      Rich text formatting when writing messages (including embedding images, in the signature too).
      Android Wear (4.3+).
      OAUTH2 for Gmail (Google's preferred, "more secure" authentication method).
      Integration with Tasker (change settings, trigger mail check, message based events).
      Integration with Light Flow, Enhanced SMS & Caller ID, Cloud Print, Apex Launcher Pro, Nova Launcher / Tesla Unread, Executive Assistant, DashClock Widget.
      Lots of settings to configure the application just the way *you* would like. Separate settings for WiFi and mobile connections.
      Backup and restore of app and account settings via Dropbox, OneDrive,, Google Drive.
      This is the Lite version, which is limited to two accounts, no identities, and adds a promo signature to all outgoing messages with a link to the program's web site.
      You can add more than two accounts, use identities, and remove the promo signature by purchasing the Pro Unlocker app here on Play.
      The app is available in (translated into) more than a dozen languages. Please see the web site for the list, a Google Play policy won't let me include it here.
      WHAT'S NEW
      + Updated translation: UK; all translations are "done" now.
      + Compatibility fix / workaround for Office 365
      + Build 346: updated DE wording for "track SSL changes".
      + Build 348: experimental change for Xiaomi phones.
      This app has no advertisements
      More Info:
      Download Instructions: PRO features Unlocked
    • By APK
      Collins English and Thesaurus v7.1.199 [Premium + Data]
      Requirements: 4.1+
      Overview: The Collins English Dictionary Complete & Unabridged and the Collins Thesaurus of the English Language is a software bundle offering a complete language and reference solution for writing, for work, for study, because you want to express yourself well, or just for the love of words.

       • Search over 500,000 English words, references and examples in this 30th anniversary edition of the Collins’ flagship dictionary.
       • Let the Thesaurus help you find that tantalizing solution to tricky language clues with over 377,000 synonyms and antonyms.
      Dictionary Features:
       • Latest vocabulary, based upon Collins’ 2.5 billion word database
       • 6,000 biographical entries
       • Key expressions and example sentences
       • Usage notes give advice on using the right word in the right place
       • Cultural notes on life and language
       • Thousands of etymologies trace the roots of modern English
       • A clear design that makes this dictionary accessible and easy to use
      Thesaurus Features:
       • Key synonyms for each sense, offering the most helpful alternative
       • Opposites provide you with another way of expressing yourself
       • A wide range of Idioms and phrases included
       • Related words to help you expand your vocabulary
       • Cross-references
       • Quotations add wit, sparkle and originality
       • Illustrative examples from real English show how the entry word is used
       • Usage and regional labels to help you identify areas of usage
       • Extensive coverage of English as an international language
       • 550 Subject word lists add an extra dimension to your vocabulary
      Also includes advanced search and language tools that have become the staple of quality language apps from MobiSystems, Inc.
      SEARCH TOOLS - effortlessly find words thanks to a clear, functional, and easy-to-use interface.
      Intelligent search integrates several tools to match or suggest what you are looking for:
       • Search autocomplete helps find words quickly by displaying predictions as you type
       • Keyword lookup allows you to search within compound words and phrases
       • An automatic ‘Fuzzy filter’ to correct word spelling, as well as ‘Wild card’ ('*' or '?') to replace a letter or entire parts of a word
       • Camera search looks up words in the camera viewfinder and displays results
       • Voice search function
       • Share word definitions via installed apps on your device
      LEARNING TOOLS - engaging features that help you further enhance your vocabulary.
       • ‘Favorites’ feature to create custom folders with lists of words from the extensive library
       • ‘Recent’ list to easily review looked-up words
       • ‘Word of the day’ section to expand your vocabulary daily
       • Home screen widget provides random words at a glance
      Get MORE by purchasing the full version of the Collins English Dictionary and Thesaurus:
       • Feature-complete license for unlimited time
       • Offline mode - look up words without an internet connection
       • Premium Support – our support team will help you
       • Ad-free
      WHAT'S NEW
      Version 7.1.199
      • Android 7 enhancements
      • Split screen support for Android 7 allowing you to use dictionary together with other apps
      • Many fixes and improvements
      This app has no advertisements
      More Info:
      Download Instructions: PREMIUM features Unlocked
      Offline Dict Data copy to SDCard\Android\data\~put folder here~:
    • By APK
      Work Log PRO v4.4.9 [Unlocked]
      Requirements: 4.1+
      Overview: Features: ★ Supports NFC for clocking in and out ★ Upon arrival to job site, app can send reminder alert to clock in/out (able to program multiple locations). ★ At predetermined time, app can send reminder alert to clock in and out

      ★ Multiple ways to clock in and out including:
      Clock in/out with a simple touch of your finger
      Option to clock in/out by typing
      ★ Track hours for salary employees
      ★ Able to program different hourly rates for various locations/job sites
      ★ Able to set different shift differentials. Including day shift, evening shift, night shift, weekends, and holidays.
      ★ Change and calculate retroactive salary for entire list or selected month
      ★ Search, sort, calculate, edit, delete days under special notes
      ★ New interface which allows for various color selections and color themes to correlate with different shifts
      ★ Able to manually modify time log.
      ★ Option to automatically back up data to the device.
      ★ Clock widget for ease and accessibility for clock in and out
      ★ Customize settings for unlimited number of jobs
      ★ Able to toggle between jobs on the list with ease
      ★ Automatically adjusts for shift differentials and displays them in custom colors assigned by user
      ★ Able to add in bonuses, tips, and deductions on an as needed basis
      ★ Able to add in bonuses, tips, and deductions on a permanent basis
      ★ Able to enter in vacation pay, sick pay, and holidays
      ★ Calculates mandatory deductions such as state tax, federal tax, state disability (according to user settings)
      ★ Able to calculate travel expenses per day or per month
      ★ Capable to back up to Google Drive or drop box
      ★ Able to send data by e-mail in an Excel or text
      ★ Calculate daily, monthly, or annual salary
      ★ Mark month / day as Paid or Unpaid.
      ★ And more...
      Work Log, Work Time, Time Shift, Shift Hour.
      What's New
      Bug fixes
      This app has no advertisements
      More Info:
      Download Instructions: Paid content unlocked
    • By APK
      Scanbot - PDF Document Scanner v6.6.1.203 [Pro]
      Requirements: 4.1+
      Overview: Scanbot is your free mobile scanner app for documents, QR- and Barcodes. 

      We make scanning fast and easy with our automatic document detection technology. Just hold your device over a document and it’s detected and cropped automatically. Save it as a PDF or JPG, annotate and upload it to your favorite cloud storage provider like Google Drive, Box, Dropbox, Evernote and many others.
      • Create high quality PDF documents with 200 dpi and higher (like modern desktop scanners)
      • Save as PDF or JPG
      • Scan QR-codes: URLs, contacts, phone numbers, locations, hotspots, etc.
      • Easily detect barcodes from any product 
      • Lightning fast: automatic edge detection and scanning
      • Enhance your scans with filters: color, gray, black & white
      • Fast multi-page scanning
      • Smart and automatic background upload
      • Beautifully designed
      Upgrade to SCANBOT PRO:
      • Text recognition (OCR): extract the text of your scans, e.g. receipts, to copy, search, lookup etc.
      • Smart file naming: automatically add the current city, time or device name to your scan.
      • Themes: change the look and feel with one of our great themes.
      • More Pro features will be added soon to Scanbot - PDF Document Scanner.
      Upgrading from the free version requires a one-time purchase. Future Pro features will be activated automatically.
      We love to hear from our users! If you have any questions or feedback please contact us directly in the app (Settings, scroll down and tap on Support) or via [email protected] We will get back to you as fast as possible.
      We are asking for some permissions for being able to create, save and upload your scans to your favorite cloud. More details on our FAQ page and in our privacy policy
      WHAT'S NEW
      For all users:
      - New Cloud Services: ownCloud, OneNote, OneNote for Business, OneDrive for Business, Ftp
      - Delete Workflows with a long tap
      - We added a few name tags to get you started
      - Open documents while they are processing
      - Improved import from gallery
      - Several bug fixes and minor improvements
      - We love to hear from our users! If you have any questions or feedback regarding Scanbot please contact us directly in the app (Settings, scroll down and tap on Support) or via [email protected]
      This app has no advertisements
      More Info:
      Download Instructions: PRO features Unlocked | All Cloud Upload work | Maps work | Analytics disabled
    • By APK
      CamCard - Business Card Reader v7.25.0.20170425 [Paid]
      Requirements: 4.0.3+
      Overview: CamCard, read your card, mind your business.

      CamCard reads business cards and save instantly to phone Contacts. It syncs all your cards across smartphones, tablets, computers and the web app.
      Brand new AR Card feature allows you to better demonstrate yourself, your products and company by adding various contents in text, graphic, video, audio or file formats. It keeps you posted with the latest updates of your partners and help you attract more business opportunities.
      * More than 50 million professionals’ choice around the world
      * Must-Have Apps for Salespeople –
      * The business cards just jump into your phones. It’s that easy to use! – CBS TV
      * Bringing Order to the Chaos of a Business Card Collection - The New York Times
      * CamCard lets you quickly and accurately scan business cards into your iPhone, BlackBerry or Android-based device - New York Post
      * Top Developer on Google Play Store
      Device Requirements: Android 2.0+ with auto-focusing camera.
      Why CamCard?
      * Eliminate your business card clutter
      Accurately read all your business cards instantly and save to phone Contacts and other email accounts. No more need for keeping all the paper business cards.
      * Keep all your devices updated with latest data
      Sync cards data across all your devices. Now you can sign up and log in to your account on smartphones, tablets, computers and the web app to always get the latest data
      * Attract and find more business opportunities
      Brand-new AR Card allows you add multi-media contents to your business card. When others scan your card, they’ll see your photo, product graphics, and even video clips about you.
      * Easily manage cards on the go: With CamCard, you can easily search, sort, group, merge your cards on both smartphone and website
      Better Demo Yourself with AR Card
      * Augment Reality technology: add text, graphic, audio, video, files and links to your card
      * Once an AR Card is created, partners will read your card 100% accurately with 200+ languages support
      * Select desired template to beautifully display your AR Card.
      * Add social media connections to AR Card
      * Share AR Card via email, QR code and SMS
      * Verify or edit AR Card at
      Read Business Cards Accurately
      * Read any business card instantly by taking a photo of it
      * Auto-detect text orientation and rotate card
      * Smart-crop card images and enhance scan result
      * Offline read 16 languages including English, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Korean, Japanese, French, Spanish, Portuguese, German, Italian, Dutch, Swedish, Finnish, Danish, Norwegian, Hungarian
      * Batch scan multiple cards
      * Read email signature and QR code on cards
      Sync Cards across All Devices
      * Sign up to sync all the cards to your CamCard account.
      * View, edit and manage cards across smartphones, tablets, computers and the web.
      * Save cards in Card Holder, as well as phone Contacts and other email accounts
      * Backup your cards and restore
      * Export all cards to vCard or Excel files
      Easily Edit and Manage Cards
      * Edit, group, search, sort or export your cards
      * Add backside image or note to a card
      * Locate field while editing information* Merge with exiting contact
      * Directly make phone calls, send SMS/email, browse web pages or locate address with map app in card detail page
      * Set password to secure Card Holder
      Share Cards via Various Methods
      * Conveniently send your friend’s contact info to other friends
      * Share contact information via Email, SMS, QR Code
      * Search a contact on LinkedIn website and send an invitation
      * Capture a card in sufficient light
      * Align biz card’s edges to viewfinder’s edges as closely as possible
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      WHAT'S NEW
      This version update:
      1. Increase the "business card dynamic" to help you pay attention to business partners in real time new news
      2. Micro letter CC business card automatically stored in the phone directory
      3. Business card grouping is synchronized between different phones
      4. You can replace the bound phone or mailbox
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      Download Instructions: