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Eclipse v2.0.4

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Eclipse v2.0.4
Requirements: 4.0+
Overview: Alliances are shattering, and hasty diplomatic treaties are made in secrecy. A confrontation of the superpowers seems inevitable – only the outcome of the galactic conflict remains to be seen. Which faction will emerge victorious and rule the galaxy?


Eclipse places you in control of a vast interstellar civilization, competing for success with its rivals. But instead of overcomplex set of rules and overall epicness, it offers more accessible choices, more elegant mechanics and much faster gameplay. And it does all of that without reducing the strategic depth of the game - just like every euro-style board game should.

Eclipse other civilizations and lead your people to victory!


* Official digital version of the ‘Eclipse: New Dawn for the Galaxy’ boardgame 
* Deep and challenging 4X (eXplore, eXpand, eXploit, and eXterminate) gameplay 
* 7 species with different strengths and weaknesses 
* Customizable star systems, technology tree and ship designs 
* Up to 6 players (human or AI) 
* Asynchronous, cross-platform multiplayer 
* 3 AI difficulty levels 
* In-game tutorial & manual

- AI colonization
- diplomacy with players who maxed out their production
- Panta's second explore action when there's nothing to explore
- screen locking
- shields not taken into account when assigning hits manually
- Cruiser discovery
- AI diplomacy
- AI exploration from a sector with only pinned ships
- other game lock-ups and crashes

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      ♞ Watch multiple live games in a single screen! (works offline too!). And with the new WatchList feature, you can also watch multiple live games from DIFFERENT tournaments in a single screen!
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      Perfect Chess Database v1.34.1
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      - download "The week in chess" directly from within the app
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      - edit games
      - add comments and symbols (!, ?, +-, ...)
      - add colored squares and arrows
      - search games by player, elo, event, site, position, material, ...
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      - fixed: when a new game is opened the notation isn't visible
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      Perfect Chess Trainer v1.60.1 (Unlocked)
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      Overview: With Perfect Chess Trainer you will never need another chess training software.

      Play the immortal games of your chess hero move by move and see how well you do or just relax while reading a chess book in PGN format with the integrated PGN viewer. +4000 games of all world champions and the current Top 20 included, more than 6200 tactics puzzles included and you can always add your own training material in PGN format.
      Key Features:
      - Guess the move
      - Blunder analysis (PCT analyses your games then creates a report and tactics puzzles from them)
      - Train Tactics (automatically adapts to your weaknesses!)
      - Train endgame positions vs engine
      - Train Openings
      - Memorize games
      - Study courses
      - Opening Explorer
      - Intelligent scoring system
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      - fixed a few crashes
      - fixed: correct move indicator (green square) stays highlighted when restarting puzzle
      This app has no advertisements
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      Mobialia Chess v5.3.5
      Requirements: 2.3 +
      Overview: The best app for chess lovers: Play against AI or online at FICS or ICC

      Play against AI
      - Selectable ELO Levels to adjust playing strength, from 500 to 2100, on 50 ELO points steps
      - Selectable time per move: changing the ELO and the time per move, lots of difficulty levels can be selected
      - Opening book with more than 30.000 positions: ensures variated funny games
      - Can undo/redo all moves
      - Send PGN by email: This way, you can analyze later your games on your PC
      - Graphical setup board, also can edit position’s FEN notation
      - On closing, saves the current game and it is loaded when the application is restarted
      Play Online
      - Play on internet at (FICS) or at (ICC)
      - Play as guest or as a registered user
      - Seek/offer match rated and unrated
      - View seeks posted by other users. Can sort seek list by username, rating or game time
      - Takeback, draw, abort, resign and rematch options while playing
      - Play, Finger and Observe, can also observe LectureBot on FICS or play ProblemBot/TrainingBot on ICC
      - Observe current played games in the chess server or follow highest rated games
      - Messages: read and send messages to other users
      - Game History: you can examine or send by email all your played games
      - Console to see server output and to send commands, also for chatting with other users
      - Timeseal (FICS) and Timestamp (ICC): avoids lag problems
      - Premove option: You can introduce the next movement in your opponent’s turn
      - Option to confirm the move before sending it to the server. Forward and Backward buttons are converted on Confirm/Cancel buttons
      - Supports wild chess variants: Atomic, Losers, Suicide and Chess960
      Chess Problems
      - 2900+ chess problems to solve looking for the best moves: problems collected by Uwe Auerswald, from Germany
      - Selectable problem difficult (Easy, Medium and Hard Problems)
      PGN Browser
      Simple PGN browser, allows you to open PGN files from SD card or from your email
      And with the Best Interface
      - 2D/3D board
      - Clean, simple and intuitive interface (options appear after pressing the “MENU” key)
      - Move by dragging and dropping the piece with useful guide lines
      - Also move by tapping the origin and the destiny squares or with the trackball
      - Portrait and Landscape mode
      - Shows legal moves (as yellow traslucid squares)
      - Highlights last move (with a yellow arrow or a coloured squarem, can be configured with a settings option), also move hints (as a green arrow) after a request in the menu
      - Many piece sets and board styles
      - Shows a dot in the side to move and can show board coordinates
      - The material gauge indicates the material advantage using this piece values: Pawn=1 Knight=3 Bishop=3 Rook=5 Queen=9. Click on the gauge to show/hide the captured pieces difference
      - Shows captured pieces advantage for each one of the sides (as an example if black captured 3 pawns and whites 2, it shows an advantage of 1 white pawn for blacks)
      - Speaks moves, checks and game results
      - Different sounds for moves, captures and checks, also vibration
      - Option to keep the screen on while playing
      You can try the Free version with ads first
      What's New
      - In the new online sidebar, the "Offers" option was showing the user's finger
      - Fixed a bug exporting to PGN in progress games (it was not adding a * at the end of the move list)
      - Added the promotion to king option for the suicide/giveaway chess variant
      - Fixed some disconnection problems in the web app at
      - UCI engines are out of beta
      This app has no advertisements
      More Info:
      Download Instructions:
    • By KSCT
      Potion Explosion v1.0.2
      Requirements: 4.4 and up
      Overview: The official adaptation of Potion Explosion, the award-winning puzzle board game.

      Play this game solo or against players from all over the world with Solo, Online and Local Pass & Play modes!
      In Potion Explosion, you will explode ingredients, trigger chain reactions and gather it all in your caldron. You will then use your hard-earned unicorn tears, fairy dandruff and whatnot to craft powerful mixtures with wacky effects! May the best wizard win!
      At the beginning of the game, each player is given potions to complete with specific effects and ingredients. You will have to select ingredients in the dispenser; once your selected ingredient is removed, the ingredients above will slide down. If two ingredients of the same nature collide, they explode and you get them too! You can then use your ingredients to cook up your potions. You only have a limited tank space to store remaining ingredients from one turn to another, so choose carefully! Once a potion is completed, you score points, get to use its powerful effect and pick another potion to craft. The wizard with the most points wins!
      Play against up to 3 adjustable AIs to sharpen your potion crafting skills!
      Play against wizards from all over the world online and get to the top of the worldwide leaderboard!
      To sum up, the game features include:
      • The magical universe of the board game, fleshed out and digitally enhanced
      • A tactical gameplay, allowing for different playstyles and strategies
      • A Solo mode against up to 3 adjustable AIs
      • An online Multiplayer Mode with a worldwide leaderboard
      You can follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram!
      Languages available: English, French, German, Italian, Spanish
      WHAT'S NEW
      - Fixed a bug which sometimes caused online games to go out of sync and become
      - Fixed a bug that prevented the Balm of Uttermost Stickiness to pick the last
      marble in a sequence.
      - Fixed players presence indicators in gameplay to properly show users online
      status. Player status is now visible in the Lobby and Buddy list as well.
      - Improved minor graphics and smoothed some animations all around.
      This app has no advertisements
      More Info:
      Download Instructions:
    • By KSCT
      Mysterium: The Board Game v1.0.24 + Unlocked
      Requirements: 4.1+
      Overview: The official adaptation of the famous board game Mysterium!

      Mysterium is a cooperative deduction game set in the 1920s in which a ghost guides a group of psychics to uncover a murderer, as well as the weapon and location of the murder, using only visual clues. Choose your way to play: take on the role of the ghost who gives others clues, or as one of the psychics trying to decipher the abstract "Vision Cards".
      In this mobile version, you will find:
      • A faithful adaptation of the original game with gorgeous graphics
      • A game variant with or without clairvoyancy
      • Additional cases and dream cards from expansions in the in-game shop
      • A story mode to discover the background of each psychic
      • Solo play with AI partners
      • Multiplayer support up to 7 players using online (cross-platform: tablet / mobile / computer)
      • Worldwide Leaderboards
      Languages available: English, French, Italian, German, Spanish.
      What's new
      The idle players will be replaced by an IA player after some time of inactivity.
      Added an option in the option menu to ease performance for the devices with low CPU speed by removing some visual effects (but 1Gb RAM still necessary).
      Updated leaderboard so that the player score is always visible.
      Miscellaneous bug fixes.
      This app has no advertisements
      More Info:
      Download Instructions:
    • By KSCT
      MiniChess by Kasparov v1.0.11
      Requirements: 4.0.3
      Overview: Get the kids to learn how to play chess with a colourful, fun and easy-to-play game that legendary Grandmaster Garry Kasparov has endorsed.

      Take Cheddar the Mouse on a fun journey of discovery as he meets new friends and uncovers the mysteries of the wonderful game. On his travels, Cheddar has to solve exciting puzzles that help him learn the basics of chess. 
      The brave little mouse provides an ideal introduction to the basics of the game for younger children - even kids as young as five can enjoy playing with Cheddar. The little hero makes learning so much fun and so easy - every lesson is a colourful cartoon game that keeps the youngest players' interest. 
      Over time, the little wanderer can improve his game and become a true Grandmaster, ready to play a game of chess with the King himself! And who knows - Cheddar could introduce chess to the next Kasparov!
      QHD screens' resolution support added.
      This app has no advertisements
      More Info:
      Download Instructions:
    • By KSCT
      Twilight Struggle v1.1.1 b47 (Unlocked)
      Requirements: 4.4+
      Overview: The #1 rated strategy board game comes to Android!
      "Now the trumpet summons us again, not as a call to bear arms, though arms we need; not as a call to battle, though embattled we are – but a call to bear the burden of a long twilight struggle..."
      – President John F. Kennedy

      Twilight Struggle puts the player at the center of the Cold War, the political and economic struggle between the U.S. and the U.S.S.R that spanned 5 decades from the 1950's to the 1990's. Designed by award winning creators Ananda Gupta and Jason Matthews, players control one of the two modern superpowers, as they work to spread their dominance throughout the world via political influence and coup attempts. But if either side triggers nuclear war, it's game over!
      The event cards in the game are based on actual historical events from the Cold War era. Through the playing of these events, players exert their superpower's influence as they attempt to gain allies and regional control of the globe. From the early days of De-Stalinization, to the Cuban Missile Crisis, the Vietnam War and beyond, players are immersed in the actual events of the struggle between these two nations to be the dominant superpower in the world!
      Hone your skill and strategy as a world leader against an A.I. opponent, and then take your game global with matches against other players via asynchronous online game play.
      •A.I. Opponent
      •In-game Tutorial
      •Pass-and-Play Multiplayer
      •Asynchronous or Real-time Online Play
      •Invite Playdek Friends
      •Online Profile and Stats
      •Customized Online Game Clock
      •Player Rating System
      "As a strategy game, Twilight Struggle is a revelation." - PC Gamer
      "...every strategy gamer should play Twilight Struggle without fail: it's just that good." - Pocket Tactics
      2012 Ludoteca Ideale Winner
      2011 Lucca Games Best Boardgame for Experts
      2006 International Gamers Awards - Historical Simulation
      2006 International Gamers Awards - General Strategy; Two-players
      2006 Golden Geek Best Wargame Winner
      2006 Golden Geek Best 2-Player Board Game Winner
      2005 James F. Dunnigan Award Winner
      2005 Charles S. Roberts Best Modern Era Boardgame Winner
      WHAT'S NEW
      - Reduced miminum Android OS requirement to 4.0.0
      - Fixed issue with restoring IAP after a reinstall
      This app has no advertisements
      More Info:
      Download Instructions:
    • By KSCT
      Le Havre: The Inland Port v34
      Requirements: 4.0.3+
      Overview: Le Havre - The Inland Port: Finally on mobile devices!

      In the award-winning board game, Le Havre: The Inland Port, you and your opponent compete in order to amass the most wealth by building up the iconic French port of Le Havre. The game can be played locally against the computer, in hot-seat mode or online -- competing against friends or global players in order to advance in the rankings. Drop in and out of play anytime and play an unlimited amount of games with your friends simultaneously, when you want, where you want.
       The digital version of the award-winning 2-player board game by cult author Uwe Rosenberg (2013 nominated best for the Golden Geek 2-player board game in 2013, nominated for the International Gamers Award - Strategy Games: 2-player board games and winner of the International Gamers Awards - Strategy Games: 2 player board game).
       Use our convenient matchmaking service to challenge players of your skill level globally or play locally with a friend. You can also defeat one of the different computer opponents with varying difficulty. Friend lists and world rankings are included as well.
       - A perfect conversion of the the award-winning board game
       - Comprehensive tutorial and straightforward rules
       - Drop in and out anytime and save your games in the cloud 
       - Beautiful art and sound convey the atmosphere of a French harbor
       - Available languages: German, English, French, Spanish
       - Worldwide cross-platform leaderboards: Can you take the #1 spot?
      WHAT'S NEW
      added the possibility to chat after a game is over
      This app has no advertisements
      More Info:
      Download Instructions:    
    • By KSCT
      Patchwork The Game v41
      Requirements: 2.3.3 +
      Overview:  In this award-winning board game for two, quilting has never been more competitive! In the long-awaited digital adaptation of Uwe Rosenberg's Patchwork, players patch their way to victory using fabric pieces of assorted sizes, colors, and buttons.

      The best quilt is the fullest, and whoever can patch up their quilt the most and collect more buttons wins the game – but be resourceful and plan every stitch! Keep an eye on the costs and the time it takes to stitch a patch to be the best patchwork master. Play against quilters from around the world on multiple platforms and compete for the highest rank. Face computer opponents, or stick to a local game with a friend. Patch your way to the top in Patchwork!
      - True digital conversion of the award-winning board game Patchwork by Uwe Rosenberg
      - Consider every stitch you make in this deceivingly simple game
      - Worldwide cross-platform multiplayer
      - Easy interactive tutorial
      - Analyze your best games or even learn tricks from the pros with Playback
      - Customize your app interface with an ever increasing number of backgrounds and colorful patterns
      - Challenge the AI in easy, medium, or hard mode
      WHAT'S NEW
      Increased gamespeed in fastgames to decrease the waiting time.
      Fixed the missing pass button after undo
      The small preview for next pieces now also exists in the main view of the game
      mixing of puzzle sets is working again
      New languages: Japanese, Korean, Chinese
      This app has no advertisements
      More Info:
      Download Instructions: