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Full Screen Caller ID v3.3.3 [Pro]

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Full Screen Caller ID v3.3.3 [Pro]
Requirements: 2.3+
Overview: You could try to use this app, this app will display full screen and high quality photo of contact when you get phone call, make a phone call, miss a phone call or get SMS message.


Congratulation! HD Full Screen Caller ID is more then 5 million downloads.
We offer 18 different themes for FREE.
Do you think the photo of contact is too small when you get or make a phone call. It will help you quick to know who is calling, who is sending to you a SMS message or who is you missing a phone call.
★ You can use 500 contacts for FREE
★ We offer 18 different themes for FREE
★ HD Full Screen Caller ID for incoming call.
★ HD Full Screen Caller ID for outgoing call.
★ HD Full Screen Caller ID for missed call.
★ HD Full Screen Caller ID for SMS message.
★ You can choose a high quality photo as a full screen photo of contact.


1. Order by frequent contact

This app has no advertisements

More Info:

Download Instructions: PRO features Unlocked

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      Skype Lite - Chat & Video Call v1.12.0.27841-release
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      Overview: Skype Lite is the new Skype built for India that meets your daily communication needs with your friends, family and groups. It is small, fast, and capable.

      It is built with the latest Skype technology to perform well - even under limited network connections - and help you save money.
      Skype Lite is designed for India with new and integrated features, such as support for SMS, native phone contacts and calls, data usage tracking, India focused Skype bots to help our users be more productive, in addition to many FREE Skype features you already know and love!
      Skype Lite is available in seven local languages: Bengali, Gujarati, Hindi, Marathi, Tamil, Telugu, Urdu.
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      ● Manage your SMS better by unselecting promotional messages
      ● Reduce data consumption by choosing economical calling when making Skype calls
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      ● Explore the world of Skype bots
      We are continuously working to improve and enrich your experience with Skype Lite. Please give us feedback to help shape the future of Skype!
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      Addressed issues reported by a small number of users on specific devices. Please keep the feedback coming! Thank you!
      This app has no advertisements
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      Puffin Browser Pro v6.1.0.15920
      Requirements: 4.0+
      Overview: Puffin Web Browser is wicked fast. Once users experience the thrilling speed of Puffin, regular Mobile Internet feels like torture. Puffin Browser Pro is the premium version of the Puffin family. It is not ad-sponsored. 

      Wicked Fast: Puffin speeds up mobile browsing by shifting the workload from the resource-limited devices to the cloud servers, and resource-demanding webpages can run super-fast on your phones or tablets.
      Cloud Protection: All traffic from Puffin app to Puffin server are encrypted, a protection from nearby hackers. It’s safe to use public non-secure WiFi through Puffin, but not safe at all for most browsers. 
      The Latest Flash: We keep improving our cloud servers, and provide the latest version of the Flash player over the cloud.
      Save your bandwidth: Puffin uses proprietary compression algorithm to transmit web data to your device, and it can save up to 90% of your bandwidth on regular web browsing. (Please be noted that streaming Flash content or videos requires more bandwidth than the normal usage.)
      ☆ Incredible page load and rendering speed 
      ☆ Adobe Flash support (also works on Android 4.4+)
      ☆ Download to cloud (up to 1G per file)
      ☆ Theater mode for Flash videos and games
      ☆ Virtual trackpad and gamepad
      ☆ Add-on functions (Pocket, Evernote, Facebook, translator and more)
      ☆ Color theme for toolbar and sidebar 
      ☆ Fastest JavaScript engine
      ☆ Full web experience (desktop and mobile view)
      ☆ Incognito tab: Auto-clean your browsing activities in the app
      ==== Limitations ====
      * The data centers of Puffin Web Browser are in the US and the cloud servers can only access public web sites from US geolocations. 
      * For users outside the US, local contents, especially videos of local interest, may not be accessible from the US due to geo-restrictions in their home countries.
      * Puffin is blocked in some countries (e.g., China, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates) and by some schools (e.g., in United States).
      For more information, please check our FAQ:
      WHAT'S NEW
      Thank you for all valuable feedback. We fixed several reported issues in this release (
      * Fix several soft-keyboard input problems.
      * Fix issues related to the Theater mode.
      * Fix several app crashes, and blank/black screen issues.
      The new Puffin TV (the TV browser app for Android TV) is now available for Google Play TV store. Please give it a try! More features are coming out soon. Please stay tuned; we will continue to build awesome apps for you.
      This app has no advertisements
      More Info:
      Download Instructions:
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      MailCal for Exchange v4.22
      Requirements: 4.0.3+
      Overview: Exchange & Outlook email and calendar client that uses EWS/OWA/Webmail protocol to sync emails and events. Modern looking, and uses webmail (ews) access to connect, thus being a perfect solution if you want to access company mail on personal devices without submitting the device to company restrictions. 

      Exchange & Outlook email and calendar client that uses EWS/OWA/Webmail protocol to sync emails and events. Modern looking, and uses webmail (ews) access to connect, thus being a perfect solution if you want to access company mail on personal devices without submitting the device to company restrictions.
      This app acts as a PULL client (over EWS) instead of PUSH client (ActiveSync) and therefore can allow users to access corporate email without making company IT take over as Device Admins (as long as your company allows webmail/ews access).

      Notable Features include:
      - Syncs Emails and Calendars, and provides Contacts integration
      - Syncs calendar entries with DEVICE CALENDAR
      - Sync frequency configurable for busy/peak and non-peak periods
      - Provides an Address book with automatic saving of information from recent contacts in Mailbox
      - Search Contacts on Company / Exchange directory
      - Support Email folders other than Inbox as well
      - Support for Downloading and Uploading Attachments
      - Support for loading inline images in emails
      - Configurable notification settings
      - Material Design based user friendly interface
      - Exchange / Outlook Client
      - Battery Friendly
      WHAT'S NEW
      Enabled full screen compatibility mode for new tall screen phones (Samsung S8, LG G6 etc).
      This app has no advertisements
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      Download Instructions:
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      Automatic Call Recorder for Me v1.4 [Unlocked]
      Requirements: 4.1+
      Overview: Call recorder is a simple no-frills app that allows recording all phone conversations directly to your Android.

      Hearing is believing! 
      Don’t hesitate to receive important calls in traffic jams. No need to memorize phone numbers and street addresses. Forget about piles of papers while making notes or preparing your shopping list. Use auto call recorder to capture tender words from your loved ones.
      How to record a phone call on your Android? The easiest way is to choose Automatic Call Recorder for Me - smart call recorder app with a nice sleek design!
      - Manual and auto recording options
      - PIN code protection for your recorded calls
      - Automatic call recorder for incoming/outgoing and for calls with unknown numbers not included in your Contacts 
      - Playback through speaker or earpiece on your phone
      - Auto sorting by date or by contact
      Some extra goodies for you:
      - Tab Favorites for high-priority calls and convenient Search bar to save you time finding the contact you need at the moment. 
      - Bookmarks to mark key points within a call and add your notes.
      More impressive features are coming soon...
      The simple setup, easy-to-use interface, and basic plus custom choices to record phone calls will make the call recorder your indispensable go-to app.
      If you have any questions or suggestions on how we could make our product better, feel free to contact us at [email protected]
      By clicking to install this app you consent to the installation of this app and any updates or upgrades that are released. You understand and agree that this app (incl. any updates or upgrades) may (i) cause your device to automatically communicate with our servers to deliver the functionality described above and to make our products more efficient and effective, (ii) affect app-related preferences or data stored your device, and (iii) collect personal information to provide the features described above and as set out in our privacy policy. You can uninstall the app at any time. For assistance, please contact us at
      WHAT'S NEW
      You asked - we listened!
      Check out our new top-notch features inspired by your reviews:
      ✯Records Share Option✯
      now recordings can be exported from the app and placed conveniently wherever you expect them to find
      ✯After-Call Notifications✯
      appear right in the status bar allowing you to play back the newly-recorded call and to share it as quick as a wink
      ✯Single/Bunch Removal✯
      you can now select a single record or a bunch of records to delete them all in one go.
      This app has no advertisements
      More Info:
      Download Instructions: FULL version Unlocked
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      Missed call reminder v2.0.11 [Unlocked]
      Requirements: 2.3+
      Overview: Missed call and SMS / MMS reminder with profiles.

      Useful on phones without an LED indicator.
      ★ Support profiles.
      ★ Remind by: sound, vibration, turning screen on, camera flash (not all devices are supported), LED indicator.
      ★ Remind about: missed call, unread sms and mms messages.
      ★ Notifications for third-party apps (only in Premium version).
      ★ Contact filter - allow to start notification only for defined contacts (only in Premium version).
      ★ Night mode.
      ★ Customizable notification schedule: order of notifications, repeat interval and repeats count.
      ★ You can set different reminders for missed calls and unread messages.
      ★ Option to disable sound when you set your phone in silent mode.
      ★ Option to ignore accidental (short) calls.
      ★ Does not disturb during a call.
      ★ Widgets.
      ★ Flash on call.
      ★ Plugin for Tasker / Locale.
      ★ And more …
      ★ No advertising.
      ★ Safe (no internet permission, no Root access).
      ★ Compact size.
      ★ Low memory consumption.
      Languages supported: 26
      You can add/update translation here
      WHAT'S NEW
      - Fixed behaviour of notification (in the area for notifications).
      - Fixed work of LED on Android 7 and higher for several devices.
      - Other minor improvements.
      - Updated translations ( ).
      This app has no advertisements
      More Info:
      Download Instructions: PREMIUM features Unlocked
    • By APK
      Couple Tracker - Phone monitor v1.68
      Requirements: 2.2+
      Overview: Couple Tracker is BEST AFFAIR AND CHEATING

      Mobile monitor app allows couples to monitor, share and exchange texts (SMS), call history, history of GPS locations and facebook messages with their partners in real time.
      Application helps to catch cheating partner, reduce risk of infidelity / affair and also reduce jealous behaviour of your love.
      Mutual monitoring and overview is the best cheating and affair prevention for you and your girlfriend, boyfriend, wife or husband.
      How application works:
      You have android phone AND Your partner (Wife, husband, boyfriend, girlfriend...) has android phone
      You will install Couple Tracker AND Your partner will install Couple Tracker
      You • will connect your account with your partner
      You will see your partner's texts, calls and FB records AND Your partner will see your texts, calls and FB records
      (Both partners receive permanent notification, it is not possible to hide application !)
      What are MAIN FEATURES:
      Both will see 50 CHARACTERs of every SMS that your love receive or send.
      Both will see Call history of your partner (With names stored in his/her contact list).
      Current location is recorded and saved in 30 minute interval to location / GPS history.
      Location history is archived and shared for 2 weeks.
      Both will see Facebook conversation statistics (Name and number of messages per day).
      Both will see last message of each Facebook conversation.
      Everything is in real-time. (Just few seconds after your partner receive call, SMS...)
      Deleting of SMS or Call log doesn't help, Couple Tracker is faster (There i no way how to hide activity or remove something (SMS, FB, Call))
      One simple limitation: Mutual monitoring or nothing
      Couple Tracker - Phone monitor is mobile monitor implementing unordinary “trust system” giving to your partner simple offer: “You will see 50 characters of my every SMS, all my call history and overview of my Facebook communication, under the condition that I will see same history/records of yours”. Fairly exchange is basic and only one limitation.
      Couple Tracker - Phone monitor provides mutual 24 hour real-time overview of mobile activity including monitoring of phone calls, texts (SMS) and facebook messages. Mutual couple monitor means: You and your partner are both seeing calls and text messages of each other.
      (We are preparing Android to iPhone and iPhone to Android mobile connection of Couple Tracker Pro - Phone monitor)
      WHAT'S NEW
      - Optimized for super widescreen devices (Samsung S8, LG G6)
      - New localizations: Chinese, Japanese, Korean and German
      - Beta of new Facebook services - stats of people liking and commenting FB posts
      This app has no advertisements
      More Info:
      Download Instructions:
    • By APK
      Speed Dial Pro v7.1.3
      Requirements: 4.1 and up
      Overview: No Advertise. Unlimited contacts in each group.

      - Unlimited contacts in each group.
      - Up to 8 columns.
      - Google drive backup.
      - Home screen widgets.
      - Swipe/Fling between the groups.
      - Languages:
      Deutsch (German)
      English (English)
      Español (Spanish)
      Français (French)
      Italiano (Italian)
      Magyar (Hungarian)
      Português (Portugal)
      Română (Romanian)
      Türkçe (Turkish)
      ру́сский (Russian)
      Ελληνικά (Greek)
      עברית (Hebrew)
      العربية (Arabic)
      - Contacts, Dial Pad and Call Log.
      - Rename groups, select groups to show, group button height.
      - Contact label on image, label text and frame height.
      - App start on phone start up.
      - On touch select option or call or write SMS.
      - Contact effects, which can be customized by user.
      - Rounded frame and image corners.
      - Change added and empty contact image size.
      - Manual order of the contacts in the group.
      *And many many other options*
      WHAT'S NEW
      Added Privacy Policy and you can access this information from the menu of the app.
      This app has no advertisements
      More Info:
      Download Instructions:
    • By APK
      Threema v3.14 [Patched]
      Requirements: 4.0+
      Overview: Threema is a mobile messaging app that puts security and privacy first. With true end-to-end encryption, you can rest assured that only you and the intended recipient can read your messages. You can use Threema completely anonymously, without giving away personal information such as phone numbers or email addresses. Your messages will be deleted from our servers immediately after being delivered. Therefore, you're perfectly protected against data abuse.

      Compared to other popular messaging apps (including those claiming to use encryption), even we as the server operator have absolutely no way to read your messages.
      Threema takes data privacy very seriously. We strive to store only the absolutely necessary information for the shortest possible time. We guarantee that we do not collect, evaluate or sell customer data. That is our promise.
      Threema is not only secure but also very user friendly and covers the basic features of a mobile messenger.
      • write text messages
      • send videos and pictures
      • share locations
      • send voice messages
      • create group chats and add new members
      • synchronize your contacts (optional)
      Threema differs from other mobile messenger by some special features.
      • all text and voice messages as well as pictures, videos, and GPS locations are asymmetrically end-to-end encrypted
      • even group chats are end-to-end encrypted
      • verify the identity of a contact by scanning their personal QR code
      • anonymous instant messaging
      • nobody can read or evaluate your data
      • local files are stored encrypted on your mobile phone
      The Threema application is constantly being improved.
      Threema requires the following permissions while installing the application. These permissions are only used if the corresponding functionality is requested.
      • Read your contacts / modify your contacts: used for address book synchronization. When the synchronization is turned off, your contact data is not read or modified.
      • Receive text messages: used for automatically linking your Threema ID to a mobile phone number. This permission is used only during the initial verification process.
      • Precise location (GPS and network based): used for "send location" feature.
      • Add or remove accounts, find accounts, create accounts: required for contact synchronization and integration in Android's account management.
      • Modify or delete the contents of your USB storage: required for storing media files (images, videos, audio).
      • Read phone status and identity: pre-fills your phone number if linking is desired. Only used during initial setup.
      • Threema's functionality can be futher extended by separately downloadable plugins which may require additional permissions (e.g. access to camera, microphone).
      Threema only requires a one-time fee. There are NO recurring charges. The price covers operating expenses and further development of the Threema platform.
      For questions or problems please consult our FAQs:
      Follow us on:
      WHAT'S NEW
      * Bug fixes
      This app has no advertisements
      More Info:
      Download Instructions:
    • By APK
      Call Recorder - ACR v23.7 [Pro]
      Requirements: 4.0.3+
      Overview: Another Call Recorder is a free call recorder application. It is one of the best call recorders in the Play Store and offers tons of features

      - Search
      - Grouping recordings by date
      - Auto email (Pro)
      - Auto delete old recordings
      - Marking recordings as important so they don't get auto deleted
      - Multi select, delete, send
      - Displaying contact name and photo
      - Excluded numbers
      - Auto or Manual (Pro) call recording
      - Password protection of recordings
      - Lots of recording formats
      - Ability start delayed recording
      - Different recording modes by number, contact, non-contact or just selected contacts
      - Dropbox integration (Pro)
      - Google Drive integration (Pro)
      - WebDAV integration (Pro)
      - And many more...
      Do not use ACR in conjunction with other call recorders and try different recording formats (ogg,3gp,mp4,wav) to find best one for your phone
      Some phones do not support call recording properly. This is due to capabilities of different chipset/CPU each brand/model have. Please see for known phone list.
      We are not lawyers.
      Recording calls without letting your caller know may not be legal in some countries.
      WHAT'S NEW
      - Added MP3 and MP3-HQ Recording formats.
      - Added Bluetooth noise suppression settings to help recording on Bluetooth. It might not affect anything at all. Test and see.
      - Recordings moved to Recycle bin (if you have it enabled) when deleted on Keep Recordings prompt
      This app has no advertisements
      More Info:
      Download Instructions: PRO features Unlocked | Drive work