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Toca UI - Icon Pack v3.0

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Toca UI - Icon Pack v3.0
Requirements: 4.0.3+
Overview: TOCA UI
A set of fresh stunning rounded square icons with colours mixed from Material Design and Flat palletes. Enjoy my last icon pack.


• 2249 192x192 resolution icons
• 17 wallpapers
• Category-based Icons section
• Icon request tool
• Icon mask for unthemed icons
• Analog clock widget
• Help section for starters
• Muzei support
• Bi-weekly updates
• Material Design dashboard

NOTE: Google Now Launcher DOES NOT support icon packs!
• Nova Launcher
• Apex Launcher
• Action Launcher
• Smart Launcher
• Atom Launcher
• ADW Launcher
• Go Launcher
• Holo Launcher
• Unicon
• Beautiful Icon Styler
• Aviate
• Themer
• Launchy Widget
• KK Launcher
• Nine Launcher
• And many others!


Toca UI 3.0 | 15/9/2016
• Reached 2726 icons!
• New: added back icon names!
• New: added Support function from navigation drawer
• New: added application removal option (in Settings)
• Added ~92 icons
• Updated some icons
• Fixed some icons

This app has no advertisements

Download Instructions:

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    • By KSCT
      Drwrcon - (Donate Edition) v1.8k
      Requirements: 4.0.3 and up
      Overview: Drwrcon is a unique, colorful and shapeless app drawer based icon pack. Check out our wide range of categories of icons below. 

      Send your ideas/suggestions for the icon pack to our mail or in the review section below. More the merrier.
      • Over 235+ icons and there's more on the way...
      • Color variants for some icons 
      • Over 130 cloud wallpapers
      • Support for many launchers
      • Icons will be added frequently
      • Polar Dashboard app by Aidan Follestad
      • Android
      • Superhero
      • Supervillain
      • TV Shows
      • Cars
      • Games
      • eSports
      • Super Bowl
      • Football
      • ROMs
      • Brands
      • Play Buttons
      • Google
      • Stock
      • FABs
      • Fingerprints
      • Standard
      • Misc
      • More coming on the way...
      - More icons
      - Fresh new categories
      - Upload section
      Action, ADW, ADW EX, Apex, Atom, GO, KK, L, Lucid, Mini, Next, Nova, S, Smart, Smart Pro, Solo, TSF, Unicon, and more.
      Google Now/Pixel Launcher?!
      Google Now Launcher & Pixel Launcher does NOT support icon packs, please do not contact us regarding this matter. There's currently no possible way for us to support a launcher that does not support icon packs.
      CM Theme Engine?!
      If you have used the CyanogenMod Theme Engine to apply the icon pack, you will not be able to select an icon for app drawer as this is a feature which needs to be added to CM Themes itself as it does not support individual icon editing options. You will have to install a launcher which allows you to edit icons.
      What's the Resolution?
      All icons are made in the highest definition available for Android devices (so far). So they should look clean and clear.
      How To Use?
      ***This tutorial is for supported launchers only***
      Hold down the app drawer icon, this will bring up a small popup allowing you to edit the icon and the name. From there, select the icon, this will show another popup then select Drwrcon and choose your preferred icon.
      Please note that a supported launcher is required to apply Drwrcon Icons. Nova Launcher is recommended for the best experience. For further assistance feel free to send us an email.
      Before you give a bad rating, please ask for our help and we will try our best to fix it.
      Have an idea or suggestions? Mail us: [email protected]
      Do check us out:
      DeviantArt :
      If you liked Drwrcon, do leave a review.
      REVIEWS  Write a Review
      WHAT'S NEW
      Version 1.8k, The Android O Update!
      - 22 new icons added!
      - Reached 260+ icons.
      This app has no advertisements
      More Info:
      Download Instructions:
    • By KSCT
      Griddy Icon Pack v1.7
      Requirements: 4.0+
      Overview: Freedom. No customization limits. Looking the best on every type of wallpapers ( dark, light and colorful ones ). Warm colors. Slightly grey border for avoiding color overlaying. In one word : GREEDY .

      1. 500 + icons (beta, i'll provide weekly updates)
      2. 16 cloud wallpapers
      3. XXXXHDPI icons ( 264x264px ) - ready for 2k and 4k displays.
      4. Supports Muzei
      5. Manually vectorial crafted icons
      6. Supports 23 major launchers
      7. Search icon options
      8. Icon request tool inside the app
      9. Help section
      10. Black theme in options
      11. Report bugs
      12. Image picker
      13. Premium Icon Request for faster theming
      GRIDDY supports multiple launchers :
      Action Pro
      Holo HD
      CM Theme Engine
      Launchy Widget
      and many others that i haven't tested yet(not all with direct apply from the icon pack).
      Notes :
      1. Wallpapers will be stored inside the Pictures/Griddy/wallpaper folder
      2.If you are using Smart Launcher, apply icons from Griddy, NOT VIA LAUNCHER SETTINGS!
      3. If you want to get your icons themed faster, get Prime Icon Request. Is a lot of requests and i can't do all in one update for example.
      4. LG Home is unstable with icon packs. Try to install another launcher ( NOVA, APEX ) or don't buy it if you want to use them with LG Home!
      WHAT'S NEW
      <b> Added 25 new icons, from premiumrequests</b>
      <b> Fixed activities </b>
      700+ icons in total
      This app has no advertisements
      More Info:
      Download Instructions: 
    • By KSCT
      Pixel Dark Icon Pack - Nova/Go v1.5
      Requirements: 4.4 and up
      Overview: PIXEL DARK ICON PACK
      The dark version of the first and only icon pack developed for transform the graphics of your device, inspired by the new Pixel devices' style.

      • This is an icon pack and requires a custom launcher to work. Google Now Launcher, Pixel Launcher or any other launcher that is factory installed do NOT support icon packs ( except LG Home, Xperia Home and Asus ZenUI ). There is no possible way for me to support a launcher that doesn't support theming options. Please do not ask regarding this matter.
      • New Nougat LG Home, no longer supports any kind of icon pack because LG has removed support.
      • Best quality at a very low price;
      • More then 2500 icons in Android 7.1 Pixel Nougat dark style;
      • High icons resolution good for devices with screen up to 2K;
      • The only one where the icons are not distorted but remain faithful to the originals;
      • Turn every icon in Pixel dark style thanks to icons masking for unthemed icons;
      • 20 great Pixel HD wallpapers available on cloud;
      • A lot of alternative icons to choose from;
      • Supported by a lot of Launchers;
      • Built-in request tool for request missing icons;
      • Frequently updates with new icons;
      • Supported by Zooper Widget with a Material style exclusive widget;
      • Dynamic calendar icon according to the day of the month ( on launchers that support it ).
      Pixel Dark Icon Pack officially supports the following launchers: Apex, Nova, Aviate, ADW, Action, Smart, Solo, Next, GO, Holo, Atom, Launcher Pro, TSF Shell, Turbo, Nine, ZenUI, LG and Xperia Home. However it can be used in many more launchers that support icon packs but aren’t specified within the application itself and in CyanogenMod Theme Engine.
      To get the same style of screenshots, you have to follow these steps using Nova Launcher:
      • Desktop -> Page indicator -> None
      • Desktop -> Swipe to drawer Indicator -> On
      • Desktop -> Searchbar style -> Select Pixel one
      • App & widget drawers -> Swipe to open -> On
      • App & widget drawers -> Card background -> Off 
      • App & widget drawers-> Background -> Black
      • Dock -> Dock Background -> Rectangle, black, trasparency 40%
      • Folders -> Folder background -> N preview
      • Folders -> Background -> Black
      • Folders -> Icons layout -> Black
      WHAT'S NEW
      *** I'm working day and night on this app, improving and adding more icons. I'm drawing a lot of icons in every update, so I'd like if you support me rating with 5 STARS  ***
      • More then new 120 icons available;
      • Rebuild and improved a lot of icons;
      • Added new icons variants;
      • Added dynamic icon to Today Calendar;
      • Updated icons codes;
      • Improved support to less popular devices;
      • Improvments and bug fixes.
      This app has no advertisements
      More Info:
      Download Instructions:
    • By KSCT
      Desire Black Gold v1.5
      Requirements: 4.1 and up
      Overview: •Desire black gold icons have been designed from the ground up using black gold colors.I start this theme on ios a few years ago and now i bring it to android platform.

      •Now what you get when you purchase Desire black gold:
      •Over 900+ Beautiful icons and more will be added on next updates
      •1 Kustom Live Wallpapers made by me
      •5 Kustom Widgets
      •9 dark wallpapers(many made by my friend JazzmanUK)
      •Cloud-Base Wallpaper Picker
      •18 folders
      •Dynamic Calendar Support even for Google Calendar
      •more to be added on future updates
      Supported Launchers:
      •ADW, ADW EX, Apex, Atom, Aviate, GO, Holo, Holo ICS, KK, L,Lucid, Mini, Next, Nova, Smart, Smart Pro, TSF.It could work with more launchers like Action Launcher but i never try it.
      Connect with me:
      Google+ Profile
      Credits / Special Thanks:
      • Jahir Figuitiva for the IconShowcase material dashboard
      • JazmanUK for most of the wallpapers
      • To all the ppl who support me on my others themes and to all my friends
      •To make this as clear as possible, for all those who request icons, you will have to send me a proof of purchase for Desire black gold, if you can't provide the proof of purchase then do not send icon requests also with this theme i have change the request icons meaning that you can request me 20 icons for free and in case you have more lets say 20 more beside the 20 that i make for free then you will have to make the donation inside the Desire black gold app and then send me the icons with the proof of your donation,reason for this is because many people think that i work for them and is not like.
      •For those who will want more icons the donations option will show into the Desire black gold app is the last option when you open the menu from left screen go there and with the arrow that you see chose the amount of icons you want and press donate after you donate go and select the icons and send them to me also again with an proof of your donation as well.
      WHAT'S NEW
      -add a second set of folders
      This app has no advertisements
      More Info:
      Download Instructions:
    • By KSCT
      IUX Icon Pack v1.0.4
      Requirements: 4.1 and up
      Overview: IUX is an awesome Icon Pack

      IUX is an awesome Icon Pack
      ★ Material Design Dashboard App!
      ★ Muzei Wallpaper Support!
      ★ 200 + vector designed icons (Made in XXX-HDPI - 192x192 - THIS VARIES GREATLY ON YOUR DEVICES SCREEN RESOLUTION!)
      ★ Supports Nova, Apex, ADW, Smart, Unicon, Action Launcher, Aviate, Go Launcher, Next, Holo launcher, Solo Launcher, KK Launcher, Atom Launcher, TSH Shell 3d, Launcher L, Inspire Launcher and more...!
      ★ Icon request
      ★ Add 8 icons, sorry for the delay
      ★ Fix some bugs XD
      ★ Support for Launcher Play
      This app has no advertisements
      More Info:
      Download Instructions:
    • By KSCT
      Dark Pixel Icon Pack,Nova/Apex v49
      Requirements: 4.1+
      Overview: Dark Pixel Icon Pack
      The first Pixel icon pack made for dark themes!

      This is an icon pack, so it needs a launcher that allows to apply icon packs.
      The following ones are compatible (also some other ones):
      -Pixel/Google Now Launcher (*on homescreen only, by using Awesome Icons app: );
      -Nova Launcher;
      -Action Launcher;
      -Adw Launcher;
      -Apex Launcher;
      -Atom Launcher;
      -Aviate Launcher;
      -Ex Launcher;
      -Go Launcher;
      -Holo Launcher;
      -KK Launcher;
      -L Launcher;
      -LG Launcher;
      -Lucid Launcher;
      -Mini Launcher;
      -Next Launcher;
      -S Launcher;
      -Smart Launcher;
      -Solo Launcher;
      -TSF Launcher;
      -Unicon Launcher;
      -CM Theme Engine.
      -Most close-to-stock circle-shaped icon pack;
      -Fastly increasing number of icons (1k+ available, now) in Google Pixel dark style (I usually add requested icons in 1-14 days after the users' requests, sometimes even in the same day);
      -Dark circle background for icons that aren't themed yet (or if they don't have to be themed);
      -Built-in request menu to require missing icons;
      -High icon resolution for every screen resolution;
      -14 beautiful dark wallpapers.
      For any problem or suggestion, send me e-mail at [email protected]
      or join my G+ comminity
      or join my Telegram chat group
      WHAT'S NEW
      -Fixed many bugs by rebasing the whole app;
      -Fixed wallpapers not loading.
      Now the total is 1496 icons!
      This app has no advertisements
      More Info:
      Download Instructions:
    • By KSCT

      How to patch this themes? NO NEED!!!!
      What required?
      5.0 & up + Substratum Theme Engine + Root
      Remember have lucky patcher removed from your device to run this themes & support the developers! If you like the theme, buy it!

      A Swift Dark Substratum Theme v5.7 [Patched] -> 18/3/2017
      [Substratum] Spectrum Theme v11.3 [Patched] -> 13/3/2017
      [Substratum] MAGPIE Theme v21.0 [Patched] -> 26/12/2016
      [Substratum] Noir Theme v2.7 [Patched]
      [Substratum] Beltz Theme vbr_1.1.0 [Patched] -> 22/3/2017
      Swift Black Substratum Theme v6.0 [Patched] -> 18/3/2017
      [Substratum] Transparent Theme v10.6 [Patched] -> 5/3/2017
      N Navbar Pro - Substratum v8.8 [Patched] -> 22/1/2017
      N/Pixel Dark Substratum Theme v222 [Patched] -> 19/3/2017
      [Substratum] DestinyDark Theme v13 [Patched] -> 16/1/2017
      Antares Substratum Theme v2.0 [Patched] -> 18/3/2017
      [Substratum] Destiny Theme v15 [Patched] -> 16/1/2017
      Substratum Toolkit -Substratum v6.0 [Patched] -> 23/1/2017
      [Substratum] SubSet Reborn v3.1 [Patched]  -> 1/2/2017
      Figlio - Substratum Theme v3.0 beta [Patched]
      Substratum Dark Theme Stock v222 [Patched] -> 19/3/2017
      [Substratum] Domination Theme v3.4.1 [Patched] -> 8/3/2017
      [Substratum] Lunar v4.3 [Patched] - 8/3/2017
      [Substratum] TextileOS Theme v2.1 [Patched]
      [Substratum] Shade UI Theme v6.2 [Patched]
      Substratum Black Theme Stock v222 [Patched] -> 19/3/2017
      [Substratum] Sparky Font Pack v1.3.2 [Patched] -> 6/2/2017
      [substratum] OrangeKitten PRO v6.2-23 [Patched] -> 20/1/2017
      [substratum] BlueWhiteAF v/fourtyseven/
      Parkour - Substratum Theme v3.7.4 [Patched]
      [Substratum] View Theme v2.0 [Patched] -> 26/12/2016
      [Substratum] Neon Colors Theme v4.5 [Patched] -> 5/3/2017
      [Substratum] Neat Theme v11.1 [Patched] -> 23/1/2017
      OceanSapphire - Substratum v3.5
      [Substratum] Origins Theme v1.1 [Patched] -> 23/1/2017
      [Substratum] CommuteUI Theme v8.0.1 [Patched] -> 23/1/2017
      [Substratum]Pastel Dark Theme v2.9 [Patched] -> 18/2/2017
      [Substratum] Outline Theme v8.7 [Patched] -> 1/3/2017
      [substratum] RedWhiteAF v/seventeen/
      [Substratum] iSubstratum Dark vपांच [Patched] -> 23/1/2017
      [Substratum] iSubstratum Theme vछह  [Patched] -> 23/1/2017
      [Substratum] Oxygen v4.5 [Patched] -> 19/3/2017
      [Substratum] Black Light Theme v4.5
      [Substratum] Natur v2.0 [Patched] -> 23/1/2017
      Navbars Theme(Support) vEIGHTEEN [Patched]->23/1/2017
      [Substratum] ModernUI Pro v4.1 [Patched] -> 8/3/2017
      [Substratum] Mono/Art v11 [Patched] -> 22/3/2017
      CompactUI for Substratum v1.6 [Patched] -> 20/3/2017
      [Substratum] Dark Matter Theme v1.6 [Patched] -> 30/1/2017
      Reverie Substratum Theme v2.1 [Patched] -> 11/3/2017
      [Substratum/CM14.x] Xmas Theme v1.0 [Patched]
      Glow Substratum Theme v2.0 [Patched] -> 18/2/2017
      [Substratum] Belo v3.9 [Patched] -> 22/3/2017
      [Substratum] Rounded UI Theme v4.3 [Patched]
      [Substratum] GraceUX / Note 7 v1.63 [Patched] -> 8/3/2017
      Compound for Substratum v5.3 [Patched] -> 18/3/2017
      LoNe 4SuBs v4.4 [Patched] -> 19/3/2017
      Vibrance Substratum Theme v1.7 [Patched] -> 11/2/2017
      [Substratum] EWhats theme v5.0.1 [Patched] -> 8/1/2017
      Pikzel - 12 in 1 [Substratum] v2.7 [Patched] [Patched] -> 8/1/2017
      Substratum DestinyBlack Theme v6 [Patched] -> 8/2/2017
      [Substratum] Enigma v1.03 [Patched] -> 26/12/2016
      [Substratum] Groove Theme v1.2 [Patched] -> 22/2/2017
      Substratum Ubuntu Dark v1.41 [Patched] -> 8/3/2017
      [Substratum] Risalto v1.5.0 [Patched] -> 16/3/2017
      [Substratum] Dark Infusion v5.2 [Patched] -> 19/3/2017
      Graphite Donate [Subtratum] v1.3.1 [Patched] -> 23/1/2017
      [Substratum] Fruit Theme v1.0.4 [Patched] -> 21/2/2017
      [Substratum] MultiUI Prime v1.2.1 [Patched] -> 25/1/2017
      [substratum] Magpie Reborn vmr_2.6.3 [Patched] -> 22/3/2017
      Wavvy Substratum Theme v1.4 [Patched] -> 10/3/2017
      [Substratum] Spectra Theme v1.0 [Patched] -> 4/2/2017
      [Substratum] Streamlined Night v3.9 [Patched] -> 18/3/2017
      Substratum Vivid Icon Set v2.1 [Patched] -> 19/3/2017
      [Substratum] Luminous Theme v1.1 [Patched] ->22/2/2017
      Lynx Substratum Theme v1.2 [Patched] -> 8/3/2017
      Substratum GraceUX Dark v1.0 [Patched] -> 18/2/2017
      [Substratum] minimaterial v1.2 [Patched] -> 18/2/2017
      Flux - Substratum Theme v1.0.3 [Patched] -> 5/3/2017
      RubiQ Substratum Theme v1.5 [Patched] -> 16/3/2017
      [Substratum] MateriaL UI v5.2 [Patched] -> 22/2/2017
      [Substratum] Navigate Donate v21.1 [Patched] -> 25/2/2017
      [Substratum] Neon Blue Theme v1.2 [Patched] -> 25/2/2017
      [Substratum] Status v2.3 [Patched] -> 19/3/2017
      AOSP DarkMRL [SUBSTRATUM] v1.4 [Patched] -> 27/2/2017
      [Substratum] White Matter v1 [Patched] -> 27/2/2017
      Coalfield Substratum Theme v1.1 [Patched] -> 12/3/2017
      Compound [light] Substratum v1.1 [Patched] -> 13/3/2017
      Fantasy Substratum Theme v1.5R [Patched] -> 24/3/2017
      BigBlu Substratum Theme v0.9 [Patched] -> 22/3/2017
      GRVY for Substratum v1.3 [Patched] -> 24/3/2017
      [SUBSTRATUM] Neon Green Theme v2.0 [Patched] -> 20/3/2017
      [substratum] Magpie Clear vmc_1.0.5 [Patched] -> 21/3/2017
      [Substratum] Android O theme v0.1 [Patched] -> 25/3/2017
      Latest TypeFace - Substratum & CMTE - Premium

    • By KSCT
      Spheroid Icon v1.5.0
      Requirements: 4.0+
      Overview: FEATURES
      • 5000+ Custom Icons, 6 dynamic calendar icons, icon back, icon mask

      • Compatible with Multi Launcher
      • XXXHDPI Icon 256 px
      • Vector Graphics, Every Icons made Manually based on Vector
      • 12 Quad HD cloud based Wallpapers
      • Frequent Updates
      • Apply, 22 Launcher Cards, 13 Direct Apply, 6 Manual
      • See & Search All Icons Included with Icon Name
      • Smart Icon Request
      • Cloud Based Wallpaper Picker
      • Image Picker, Attach Icon from Dashboard App as an Image to Email, Hangouts, etc or Even Use it to Create Zooper Widget
      • Help, Contains FAQs
      • Nova Launcher (Prime): 115%
      • Apex Launcher: 115%
      • Go Launcher: Big
      *** Go Launcher users! Icon Masking isn't supported by Go, So unthemed icons have a circle covering them.
      *** To Fix them : Going to Preferences > Visual Settings > Under Icons, uncheck 'Show Icon Base'
      *** LG Home may working unstable for some device. If you're not sure DON'T PURCHASE! No refund for this reason!
      Support 22 major Launchers:

      Action Pro
      Holo HD
      TSF Shell
      LG Home (read issue for this launcher above)
      CM Theme Engine
      Launchy Widget
      And may be more that have icon pack support
      Special Thanks:
      - Dani Mahardika a.k.a daeva112 who provided the material dashboard
      *** Spheroid Icon Pack is using CandyBar dashboard, it is available as open source and free to use
      WHAT'S NEW
      Version 1.5.0
      - Added 153 icons
      - Redesigned some icons
      This app has no advertisements
      More Info:
      Download Instructions:
    • By KSCT
      Rugos - Premium Icon Pack v2.1
      Requirements: 4.0+
      Overview: This is Premium Version of Rugos Free Icon Pack which is Over 60.000 Single User Downloads as Free Icon Pack Chreased Effect.

      #LONG TIME SUPPORT Beweekly/Monthly Updates, In Free Version, Rarely Updates Exist.
      # 1.480 High Quality Vector Based Rugos Effected Icons
      # Dynamic Calendar Supported
      # Lots of Cloud Base Wallpaper
      # Scrollable Wallpaper when applied
      # Apply, 19 launcher cards, 13 direct apply, 6 manual
      # Smart Icon Request Section
      # See & Search all icons included with icon name
      # Muzei Live Wallpaper support
      # Premium Request is Guaranteed Update by Following Updates
      # Material App UI
      ~~Please Do not forget to +1/share and rate in here ~~
      # About me : I am a student of Electronical Engineering at Cukurova University at Adana/TURKIYE
      Thank you for your support...
      There are permissions and they are for wallpapers, muzei live, premium request billing if you do, and applying wallpapers bla bla. They are not for spam or like that, if you would like to know what for!
      WHAT'S NEW
      Added about 55 new icons from Premium and some regular requests
      Fixed activities
      Fixed a few bugs
      Check out new icon pack Graby Spin for *FREE only 6 days*
      This app has no advertisements
      More Info:
      Download Instructions:
    • By KSCT
      AHX Presets for Kustom / KLWP v2.68
      Requirements: 4.4+
      Overview: This is not a stand alone app. These presets require Kustom Live Wallpaper Maker

      This is how it works. Been theming hard for about two years now and have made over 1000 customizations. This app is a current subscription to my latest KLWP presets. I tend to make about 20 per month depending on travel. This app gets my latest first. Yes this means presets will get removed eventually from the app to maintain a managable size. Please rate the app. Please plus 1 the app here. Feedback is requested.
      Should you require any assistance or you looking for a preset that has been removed from the app please visit my xda thread -
      Thanks to +Patrick Martens for the map komponent.
      Contact me via email with any issues prior to rating.
      WHAT'S NEW
      v102. Added Frosted
      This app has no advertisements
      More Info:
      Download Instructions: