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Home: Boov Pop! v2.2.5 (Mod Money/Lives)

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Home: Boov Pop! v2.2.5 (Mod Money/Lives)
Requirements: 2.3.3 +
Overview: This game is fun…and mandatory!
A puzzle game that defies the laws of physics!


Based on the DreamWorks Animation film, HOME: Boov Pop! offers a new twist to the puzzle genre, by adding a unique gravity-based physics mechanism and out of this world 3D graphics!
• Connect colorful and bouncy Boov bubbles to match 3 or more and make them POP! The more connections, the bigger the POP!
• Play as your favorite characters from the film including Oh, Tip, and Captain Smek!
• POP your way around the globe across a variety of exciting and challenging levels. But be careful, intergalactic enemies will try to block your way!
• Each of the playable characters comes with unique power abilities: Use Oh’s Moody Pop to make all of bubbles of the same color pop, or activate Tip’s Gravity Ball to swap colors and solve the puzzle, and more!
• Beautiful 3D graphics and awesome bubble physics will make you want to POP! POP! POP!

What's new:
Boovtastic update! Here's what's new:
- Bug fixes
- Performance optimizations

This app has no advertisements

Download Instructions:

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      This app has no advertisements Download Instructions:
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      ● Huge Halloween sale! More info coming soon...
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    • Cookie Cats v1.8.1 (Mod)
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      • Challenge your friends! Can you beat your friends purrfect high score?
      • Lots of cute kittens that will sing adorable songs for you! Befriend new characters and customize your band.
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      We are working hard to update the game with new levels that we are pawsitively sure will leave you feline great! Already played and enjoyed the game? Stay tuned for updates and take a mewment to leave us a review
      You can also find us through:
      WHAT'S NEW
      Meoooooow! Something has the Cookie Cats spooked! Ghosts, Skeletons and Mummies! It’s time for HALLOWEEN! The cats love COSTUMES and they need YOUR HELP to select the best!
      • COSTUMES! You can finally customize your COOKIE CATS BAND! Choose from over 30 costumes with 4 new every update! Gather YARN to collect them all!
      • SPOOKY LEVELS! Dare you visit the HAUNTED MANSION in the NEW CHALLENGE?
      • GHOSTLY MUSIC! Shake your BONES as the Cookie Cats do their best to SCARE YOU!
      1. Infinite Lives
      2. Infinite Coins
      3. Infinite Boosters
      4. Infinite Gold Tickets
      5. Infinite Bronze Tickets
      6. Infinite SilverTickets
      7. 100 Moves
      8. Infinite Yarns for Cats Clothing/Themes
      This app has no advertisements Download Instructions:
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      THE FRESHMAN, BOOK 1. Welcome to Hartfeld University! You'll make friends for life, and maybe even find true love. Will you date bookish James, party girl Kaitlyn, football hero Chris... or all three at once?
      - Dress to impress with fashion forward outfits.
      - Choose a date for the elegant and romantic Winter Formal.
      - Support new friends as you tackle freshman adventures together!
      MOST WANTED, BOOK 1. The heat is on when a no-nonsense Texas Marshal and a Hollywood detective are thrown together to stop a deranged hitman. Can you catch the killer?
      - Play as Detective Dave Reyes and U.S. Marshal Sam Massey.
      - Investigate a mystery with twists you won't see coming.
      - Examine evidence at crime scenes.
      - Stop the killer before he can claim another victim!
      THE CROWN & THE FLAME, BOOK 1. Your enemies stole your kingdom, but now the time has come for you to raise an army, master magic, and reclaim your crown!
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      - Master unique weapons.
      - Choose between elegant ball gowns and powerful armor.
      - Crush your enemies in an epic battle!
      ...PLUS more new stories COMING SOON!
      Choices is by the team that first created story games for mobile over a decade ago. Later we created Surviving High School and Cause of Death, the first games with episodes, for EA.
      Both games hit the Top 25 and were inspirations for other companies. After leaving EA, our team regrouped in a small office and with the quacking of nearby ducklings we set out to create story driven games with heart. As Pixelberry, we launched two hit games, High School Story and Hollywood U.
      Our team has now grown to over a dozen of the most experienced game writers in the industry. In our 10 years of creating story games together, we’ve seen heartbreak, marriages, great adventures, and even Pixelbabies.
      But even through diaper changes and late nights, we think we’ve created our best work to date. We hope you’ll fall in love with our newest characters, Chris, James, Kaitlyn, Dave, and Sam just as we have.
      What’s New
      BRAND NEW STORY! RULES OF ENGAGEMENT, BOOK 1. Your summer on a luxurious tour of Europe takes a wild turn when you learn you're in line for a multi-million dollar inheritance! There’s only one catch... you need to get married by the end of the summer!
      - New chapters each week!
      - Reach us directly using the 'Help' button in the Settings menu.
      - Check out the new Inside Choices blog.
      - Push notes and badges let you know when new chapters have arrived.
      - Bug fixes
      What’s In The MOD:
      Unlimited Money
      P.S:- If your game stuck on loading screen then you need a license for get the license go to play store and start downloading this game “Choices Stories You Play” and when download starts cancel it,you will have license. now install the MOD APK and you are ready to go.
      This app has no advertisements Download Instructions:
    • PewDiePie's Tuber Simulator v1.1.0 (Mods)
      By koumkouat
      PewDiePie's Tuber Simulator v1.1.0 (Mods)
      Requirements: 4.0.3 and up
      Overview: Follow in the footsteps of one of the biggest internet stars, PewDiePie, by creating your very own pocket Tuber in PewDiePie's Tuber Simulator! Will you become the biggest, baddest Tuber ever in no time and kick PewDiePie out of his own throne?

      Find out in this 2.5D isometric retro styled game!
      ⋆ REAL VOICE ACTING by PewDiePie himself!
      ⋆ COMPLETE EPIC QUESTS to gain currency quickly!
      ⋆ SHOW OFF YOUR AWESOME ROOM by sharing it online!
      ⋆ CONNECT WITH FRIENDS and send or receive SWAG GIFTS! 
      ⋆ CHALLENGE YOUR FRIENDS in the survival arena and brag about your score on Facebook!
      ⋆ PLAY PUGGLE, the cutest minigame ever!
      WHAT'S NEW
      - Halloween is upon us!
      - New limited Halloween items!
      - New limited Halloween masks!
      - New inventory system
      This app has no advertisements Download Instructions:
      Mod Money:
      No ADS
      Name of Cheat(s):
      1- Unlimited Bux
      2- Unlimited Knowledge
      3- Unlimited Views
      4- Unlimited Subs
      5- Unlimited Xp
      6- Currency Don't Decrease
      7- No ADS
      9 Unlocked Items
    • Puppet Show 7 v1.1
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      Attend the theater’s show and figure out why the actors are being murdered! Be sure to avoid becoming another one of the missing journalists!
      Comb through beautiful hidden object scenes and find helpful items that will assist you on the investigation.
      Can you work your way through assorted mini-games and tricky puzzles to save your friend Enrique?
      Continue this murder mystery in the additional chapter and enjoy Collector’s Edition exclusives including a puppet collection!
      What's new
      Fixed bug with puppet
      This app has no advertisements Download Instructions:
    • Goo Saga v1.21 [Mod Gems/Abilities Unlocked]
      By koumkouat
      Goo Saga v1.21 [Mod Gems/Abilities Unlocked]
      Requirements: 2.3+
      Overview: Goo Saga is a platform adventure game where the player guides an elastic creature named Goo in a perilous journey to find his creator – and with him, the mysterious purpose of his own creation.

      Will Goo succeed? Puzzles, deadly traps and an army of foes in a labyrinthine underwater lab block his way. Goo’s destiny is in the player’s hands.
      • 3 different states of Goo’s elasticity controlled by the player: Deflated, Normal, and Inflated.
      • 3 different modes to complete each level: Normal, Survival, and Time Trial.
      • Beautiful hand-painted graphics.
      • 18 atmospheric soundtracks.
      • Sophisticated level design with meticulously planned alterations between puzzle-solving and platform-based gaming sections.
      • 19 levels and 4 boss fights.
      • 12 types of robotic foes.
      • Crystals collected through successful completion of the levels and used to enhance Goo’s abilities. 
      • 8 upgradable character abilities that help Goo in his journey.
      • Enticing storyline delivered through in-game cutscenes.
      • 2 different endings.
      • Powerful level editor to create your own levels.
      • Online server where you can upload your levels or download, play and rate other players’ levels.
      WHAT'S NEW
      - Improved Controller support for an enhanced gaming experience.
      - Added Polish, Japanese and Korean language support.
      - Enriched first level tutorial.
      - Included general bug fixes and optimizations.
      This app has no advertisements Download Instructions:
      Stock Apk:
      Mod Apk:
    • Don't Starve Pocket Edition v1.0.1 + Mod
      By koumkouat
      Don't Starve Pocket Edition v1.0.1 + Mod
      Requirements: 5.0+
      Overview: We survive in a randomly generated world in which lies a lot of dangers and mysteries

      After selecting a character, which has its own unique abilities, as well as setting the world, the player can start to survive. The character appears in a certain place, where he is met by Maxwell, who advises to look for things for the night. The very purpose of the game - to hold out in a randomly assembled the world as long as possible. In this case the player has two endings: the death of Maxwell portal. The first is when the player points of life becomes zero. For the second requires five parts of the portal, which will enter into another world, announcing the end of the previous one. The result is a long survival unlock characters for which you want experience points. The more days lived, the more points.
      WHAT'S NEW
      - Improved virtual stick usage.
      - Bugfixing
      1. The game has unlocked all the characters
      2. Back pig bag, wearing a marble armor walking speed does not slow down
      3. Skip the manufacture of goods animation, rapid manufacturing items
      4. Double the movement speed
      This app has no advertisements Download Instructions:
    • Eggggg - The Platform Puker v1.3.1
      By koumkouat
      Eggggg - The Platform Puker v1.3.1
      Requirements: 2.3+
      Overview: Eggggg is a ridiculous two-touch platform game about vomit. It's an action packed and crazy experience, and tailored for mobile devices. 

      Gilbert has an extreme allergy to eggs. Eating them will literally make him vomit like a fountain. He escapes from his mean aunt Doris in order to get to a birthday party, and needs to use his vomiting superpower to survive a world of angry cyborg chickens... of course.
      "The most unique platformer mobile's ever seen?" - Pocket Gamer
      "The final story level is by far one of my favorite video game levels. Period." - TouchArcade
      "I could rave about Eggggg all day. If you consider yourself a fan of 2D platformers or gross-out 90s cartoons, buy it." - Platformalist
      In this game you will find
      * A fun and playful game for young and old
      * 20 crazy levels of vomiting action
      * Smooth game controls – tailored for touch devices
      * Included sticker pack for iMessage on iOS 10
      * Eggg, Egggg, Eggggg and Egggggg
      * Awesome and unique visual style by the Spanish illustrators Brosmind
      The game is developed by the Norwegian studio Hyper Games, and is based one the movie "Gilbert's Cruel Revenge" by Maipo Film.
      This app has no advertisements Download Instructions:
    • Trivia Crack (Ad free) v2.21.0
      By koumkouat
      Trivia Crack (Ad free) v2.21.0
      Requirements: 2.2.3 +
      Overview: From the creators of Aworded arrives Trivia Crack, the amazing quiz game that lets you test your knowledge and challenge your friends to see who is the smartest!

      Trivia Crack is a trivia game with six different categories: geography, history, art & literature, science and technology, entertainment, and sports. You'll have to collect the characters that correspond to each one of the categories. Spin the wheel and chance will decide which category you will have to answer. If the wheel stops at the special slot, you'll be able to play for a character of your choice!
      But knowledge is not enough to win! Trivia Crack is also a game of strategy: you can steal characters from your opponents if you challenge them on a duel! If the wheel stops at the the special slot, you'll be able to choose between playing for a character or challenging your opponent so you can steal one of his. Additionally, Trivia Crack includes four Power-Ups that will help you get the correct answer to the most difficult questions.
      Trivia Crack has a bright, lively, sophisticated and intuitive interface, and you'll enjoy incredible animations as you answer the questions!
      Trivia Crack is a fast, dynamic and addictive game. There are more than 90.000 questions that will be constantly updated and you can suggest your own! It's available in Spanish for Spain and Latin America, and in English for the United States and United Kingdom. New languages coming soon!
      - Test your knowledge
      - Combines wit and strategy
      - Challenge your friends to a duel
      - Chat with your opponents during games
      - Share your achievements
      Keep up on Trivia Crack:
      Visit our website and follow us via @triviacrack on Twitter, on Facebook at or Google+ at for tips and tricks and other helpful information.
      To learn more about how to use Trivia Crack, visit our Support Page:
      If you are having technical issues or have any questions, we're here to help. Please send us an email to: [email protected]
      WHAT'S NEW
      Trick or treat? The new Halloween machine arrived to Trivia Crack. Prepare to get spooked!
      This app has no advertisements Download Instructions: