Bleach Brave Souls v3.3.0 [Mod]

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Bleach Brave Souls v3.3.0 [Mod]
Requirements: 4.0 and up
Overview: 3D graphics and simple controls make for free-flowing and fast-paced hack-and-slash action.


3D graphics and simple controls make for free-flowing and fast-paced hack-and-slash action.
Unleash each Bleach character's unique special moves to carve your way to victory. Special moves are fully voiced by the original Japanese anime voice actors.

Combine your favorite characters into teams of three. You can even make combinations of characters you would never see in the original story. The possibilities are almost limitless!

Follow the Bleach story from the moment Rukia and Ichigo first meet. Develop your characters as you complete quests that recreate pivotal scenes from the story.

Compete in weekly leagues. Pit your best warriors against other players' teams and vie for the top spot.

Brave Souls features a highly flexible character improvement system that allows you to create exactly the warriors and the team you want. Enter battle and earn experience to level up characters and improve their base stats, Ascend them to increase their max level, train them on the Soul Tree to further improve specific stats, or link characters together to provide additional support. The choice is yours!


- Warning message for minors added when launching the game.
- Number of Teams increased from 3 to 5.
- Team 1 now appears in your Profile. The Leader of Team 1 will always be the character that other players can use as an Ally.
- Skip Boss Special Move animations during single-player quests.
- The Orders screen automatically opens to any tab with completed Orders.
- Max coins increased
Issues Fixed
- Sending a Tweet on some iOS devices failed to complete the relevant Order.

1. Reduce Enemy Attack power/HP *can be toggle on/off, see below 
In Setting - Options - General - 
Smooth Mode ON - Weak Enemies, Smooth Mode OFF - Normal Attack

2. Remove root protection

3. Get 3 Star finish even if don't meet stage requirement (like # of combo, use of auto etc)
*note* some stages need to include certain character in party to get the star

4. Increase 2X speed *can be toggle on/off, see below (*Note might cause stuck issue in some map)
In Setting - Options - General - 
Text Speed ON - 2X speed. Text Speed OFF - Normal Speed

5. randomise profile Max damage score (might not work for some devices?)

6. randomise COOP record Max damage score (might not work for some devices?)

7. Increase Player Attack X10 *can be toggle on/off, see below 
In Setting - Options - General - 
Activate 10X Attack Power when BOTH BGM Volume & Voice Volume are MAX

8. In Tutorial ONLY - activate Auto Combat

9. In Tutorial ONLY - Speed X6 
(Mod 8 & 9 is meant for new player to fast forward tutorials to reroll for best Hero draw)

Version 1.
1. No root detection
2.God mode
3. Cheat detection bypass
4. No skill Cooldown
5. Infinity Soul Bombs

Version 2
1. No root Detection
2. God Mode works both at Co-op and Single events (should not work at pvp)
3. No skill Cooldown
4. Infinity SoulBombs
5.Insta Kill both single and co-op

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Download Instructions:


More Mods:





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2 hours ago, ironkong said:

Thanks man I have question not playing coop dose it is chance lower of getting ban then??

Never play this game total dont know!

btw added 2 new mods!

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2 hours ago, ironkong said:

Thanks man I have question not playing coop dose it is chance lower of getting ban then??

Never play this game total dont know!

btw added 2 new mods!

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      * Permission:
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      • Leaderboards
      • Achievements
      Shadow Bug Rush wishes you a happy halloween!
      • Halloween characters
      • Pumpkin slice challenge
      • New rewards for defeating enemies
      This app has no advertisements
      https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.murostudios.sbrush Download Instructions:
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      Gangstar Vegas v2.8.1b [Mod]
      Requirements: Android OS 2.3 and up
      Overview: Roll up on a dangerous new trip through the City of Sin in the latest episode of the acclaimed open-world action game!

      Get ready for fun, immersive, and wild gun wars!
      * Because of the high-quality graphics used in this game, once it's installed on your device, this title will use 2.5 GB of space. *
      √ Play as a mixed martial arts (MMA) fighter in a BLOCKBUSTER STORY MODE
      √ Make your way through 80 MISSIONS filled with action
      √ Build up a gangster squad to take over Vegas and win mafia wars
      √ Explore a BIGGER CITY, 9x the size of the previous Gangstar game
      √ Perform amazing stunts with ragdoll effects making use of HAVOK PHYSICS
      √ Climb the leaderboards in tough CHALLENGES including air, water and street racing, MMA fighting & more!
      √ Become Vegas's finest shooter in Carnage & Heist modes
      √ Break the bank in addictive CASINO GAMES
      √ Access INSANE WEAPONS like Molotov cocktails, flamethrowers & an electric guitar!
      √ Drive CRAZY VEHICLES including monster trucks, muscle cars & fighter jets
      √ UPGRADE YOUR SKILLS & GEAR and customize their appearance
      √ Enjoy an amazing soundtrack featuring Skrillex, Kavinsky, Chromatics and more
      Game storyline:
      In this third-person shooter action game, you will play as a rising MMA champion. Framed by the mafia, you are supposed to throw your bout at the fighting event of the year. But when your opponent beats you to the punch and goes down first, famous crime lord Frank Veliano’s perfect plan goes down too. You have just become the most wanted man in the city. In a place where crime is everywhere, you will have to hold your gun tightly and take part in the wildest mafia wars ever!
      Welcome to Las Vegas, where fortunes are made and lives are lost with a roll of the dice!
      If you are looking for the ultimate shooting game, Gangstar Vegas is for you. You will also love this game if you like: action, gun shooting, racing games, mafia games, gangster games, shooter games, FPS games, third-person shooting games (TPS), fighting, action games, crime games, speed racing, MMA fighting, gangster movies, Skrillex etc.
      This game supports smartphones and tablets running Android 2.3 and up.
      WHAT'S NEW
      Update 18 is beaming down a global Gangstar event! Nobody’s safe as aliens descend to vaporize Vegas. Its fate is in your hands!
      ALIEN INVASION: The City faces death from above! Show these little punks what an Earth beatdown feels like in 5 waves of battle! Then spend your war spoils on some real far-out gear.
      FLOAT LIKE A BUTTERFLY: And sting like a badass with the Cyber Stinger jetpack!
      KEEP YOUR COOL: Mounted guns can now overheat, so be careful how much you fire them off at once.
      What’s In The MOD: 
      Unlimited Money
      Unlimited Diamonds
      Unlimited Keys
      Unlimited SP
      Anti-Ban (Do not participate in Events)
      Got License Error problem? 
      Start Downloading the game when download starts cancel it
      This app has no advertisements
      https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.gameloft.android.ANMP.GloftGGHM Download Instructions:
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      Block City Wars v5.2 (Mega Mod)
      Requirements: 2.3.3 +
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      Complete impossible missions, drive cool cars, parkour, destroy different enemies (even zombies and angry monsters) or just do what you wanna do! Check out third person shooter in the great megalopolis with top high skyscrapers and military base. Play multiplayer mode on the big map with your friends!
      Main FEATURES:
      - online modes: Sandbox and PVP Deathmatch
      - singleplayer mode - Adventure! Take Jobs and missions, pass them and grab cash!
      - Huge megalopolis with several districts - 10 PVP maps: Old city, Port, China Town, Military Base and others.
      - Play with your friends from all around the world (use online chat)
      - drive cool cars, flight via jet pack and helicopters!
      - participate great shooting assault with tanks and APС!
      - Great variety of weapons and guns: M16, Ak47, MINIGUN, Sniper rifle, RPG, Knives, Katana and many more!
      - use hero room to choose one of the custom skins. Choose the favorite skin or skins and fight!
      - awesome pixel graphics with dynamic light.
      What’s new:
      The most powerful game changes within the last 2 years!
      Sandbox mode has been radically changed! Reputation is citywide now, so the higher your reputation is, the more prizes you get
      The new system of Leagues and Cups! The more frags, the more cups; the more cups, the more successful your League is!
      The download speed of the game and game modes has been increased twofold.
      New terrifying content for Halloween:
      - Zombie grenade
      - Pumpkin launcher
      - Catafalque
      - Bloody machete
      Name of Cheat(s):
      1. Unlimited Coins
      2. Unlimited Gems
      3. Unlimited Haelt
      4. Unlimited Armor
      5. Unlimited Ammo
      6. No Spread
      This app has no advertisements
      https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=block.app.wars Download Instructions:
    • By koumkouat
      Sky Force Reloaded v1.60 [Mod]
      Requirements: 4.4+ 
      Overview: There are many scrolling shooters but none of them is like "Sky Force". This stunning shoot ‘em up game combines the classic arcade elements with the new possibilities offered by current technology. The new installment in the series just came out in a spectacular style.

      "Sky Force 2014" was a huge success, acclaimed by gamers and critics. "Reloaded" gives players more of what they loved in the previous "Sky Force". Get ready for your device getting hot and your finger getting sore. Prepare yourself for exciting new missions, more powerful enemies and breathtaking boss battles!
      "Sky Force Reloaded" offers gorgeous 3D graphics, intense gameplay and a lot of new features. The options to boost up your planes are incredible. Yes, that’s right, PLANES! There’s a satisfying number of planes to choose from. Each with different strengths and weaknesses. Cater to your inner collector by hunting in-game buff cards and unlocking a number of achievements.
      * Beautiful and atmospheric levels with diverse missions to complete.
      * Memorable battles with enormous bosses.
      * A set of buff cards and new planes to collect.
      * Upgrade your shields, guns, missiles, lasers, mega-bombs and magnets.
      * Put your mission at risk to rescue stranded civilians.
      * Boost your final score by completing in-game objectives on several difficulty modes.
      * Rescue fallen friends to win extra lives and stars.
      * Accessible to casual gamers, as well as die-hard shooter addicts.
      * Full voiceover and incredible electronic soundtrack.
      WARNING! "Sky Force Reloaded" is ridiculously addictive. Not typically addictive… This game will make your sweethearts upset with you. Fear not... Just show them "Sky Force Reloaded" so they’ll get sucked up too! Good hunting!
      WHAT'S NEW
      - finally, Stage 13 is here!
      - Nightmare difficulty mode (unlocked after beating stage 13),
      - new upgrades in hangar,
      - introducing new friends system (beta version).
      Important notice! In this update you can add your friends by entering the unique ID number. Facebook friends are temporarily disabled - please add them manually.
      If you have any problems with our game, please make sure to contact us at [email protected] and provide your feedback - this will help us to improve it.
      Mod Stars
      SX2-Star Doubler-purchased
      Ads Removal-purchased
      Planes Generator-purchased
      This app has no advertisements
      https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=pl.idreams.SkyForceReloaded2016&hl=en Download Instructions:
    • By koumkouat
      Dexter Slice v1.041 (Unlocked)
      Requirements: 4.0+
      Overview: A chilling new puzzle game celebrating 10 years of "Dexter" and featuring voice-over by James Remar (Harry Morgan).

      Press, slide and hold a fiendish array of sharp and pointy objects to clear each level. Just be careful where you put your fingers!
      Over 120 levels with more levels and features on the way!
      Dexter: Slice is the spiritual successor to his popular 2010 release Slice HD. AS with the previous game, Dexter: Slice presents players with an onscreen field of EXTREMELY SHARP cutlery. Moving each knife reveals buttons that must be quickly pushed before the blades slide back into place. The longer you play, the more challenging the puzzles become, sometimes involving as many as ALL 10 FINGERS - eventually requiring a masterful combination of careful planning, limber fingers and quick reflexes. Fail, however, and anguished screams of accompany the realistic blood splatters that now decorate the screen. You didn't need that pinky, did you?
      This app has no advertisements
      https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.gazillion.dexterslice Download Instructions:
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      Bolt : The Rising v1.0.4 (Mod Money)
      Requirements: Android 4.0.3+
      Overview: Hi, Bolt is speaking...
      I am one of the best role playing action shooter game for Android, iOS phones & tablets. My graphics are highly improved and expanded. I am sure that you guys will like me.

      Let me give overview of my realm. There are plenty of enemies who want to kill me. Some enemies can fire different types of bullets ( Although I can fire too !) Just save me from them !! You can kill the enemies or you can kill their origin points. We call it spawns.
      Some of the mind blowing facts in my realm :
      1) Bubbles : Just fire some bullets to go through.
      2) Shining walls : These walls are just an illusion.
      3) Warm holes : Use it to enter into the another area of level.
      4) Electrons : Get as much you can to upgrade me. (Hint : hit the shining pots !)
      There are 50 levels in my realm. Play as the bolt and save me. Use my extra ordinary powers :
      1) Laser : Kill enemies in particular radius
      2) Shield : Nobody can touch me.
      Improve my all powers to get highly benefits of them. You can upgrade the powers by electrons. Watch some free videos to get free electrons.
      I want to inform you that I can fire 4 types of bullets with special effects: speed, power, duration and bouncing effect. I want you to use all of them to save me from enemies.
      Let's just keep it simple. You play as a Bolt. I want you to save me from enemies. Kill all the enemies. Get the key and hit the exit.
      And hey one more thing, leave me a comment or rate me so apptopper can entertain you with more games.
      Check youtube : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V_IoKTUBXD8
      Thank you for listening me. Have fun ahead. HELP ME RISE !!!
      This app has no advertisements
      https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=org.apptopper.bolt.rising Download Instructions:
    • By koumkouat
      Daddy Long Legs v2.4.0 (Mod Money)
      Requirements: 2.3+
      Overview: Daddy Long Legs — the endless walker on stilts.

      Take “control” of a little, hairy creature. Put one leg in front of the other and try not to fall.
      Now you can play as either Daddy or his horse, and unlock costumes that makes walking look fabulous!
      - Played by PewDiePie
      - IGN - 9.2/10
      - AppZap - 8.75/10
      - Apple - Best New Games
      - Apple - What We’re Playing
      - IndieDB - top 5
      - Featured on Touch Arcade
      - Featured on Pocket Gamer
      The goal of Daddy Long Legs is very simple, walk as far as you can. But, with legs five times longer than the rest of your body, walking is no easy task. Simply tap the screen to change leg and watch as Daddy Long Legs stumbles across the screen.
      Also includes:
      - Play as both Daddy and Horse - NEW
      - Pick up gifts and unlock cool new costumes - NEW
      - Ingame highscore against friends
      - Global highscore
      - Replay of your walk with Everyplay (on supported devices)
      - Realistic faceplants
      Daddy Long Legs is for gamers that like a hard challenge and a cheap laugh. The game is weirdly rewarding and it just feels fabulous every time you set that new record.
      ================| o-: |
      What's new:
      Daddy has been busy making the game all scary!
      While putting up all the cobwebs, candy, and hiding all
      the spooky ghosts, he also found his new friends, the minis!
      Every day you can find 5 minis that will follow Daddy.
      If you find them all, you will get a bonus that gets bigger
      and bigger! Keep coming back to get a huge reward!
      A pumpkin head, a witch and Horsenstein! It’s aliiive, it’s aliiiiiive!
      This app has no advertisements
      https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.setsnail.daddylonglegs Download Instructions:
    • By koumkouat
      LEGO® Star Wars™: TFA v1.28.1~4 [Mod]
      Requirements: 4.2+
      Overview: **The first chapter of “The Force Awakens” story is free and additional levels, story, and content are unlocked via in-app purchase.**

      Relive the galaxy's greatest adventure in LEGO® Star Wars™: The Force Awakens™ for mobile! Play as heroic characters from the movie, including Rey, Finn, Poe Dameron, Han Solo, Chewbacca, C-3PO and BB-8, as well as Kylo Ren and General Hux.
      LEGO® Star Wars™: The Force Awakens™ immerses fans in the new Star Wars™ adventure like never before, retold through the clever and witty LEGO lens. Additionally, players will experience previously untold story levels that explore the time leading up to Star Wars™: The Force Awakens™.
      • LEGO Star Wars™: The Force Awakens™ introduces exciting gameplay mechanics never before available in a LEGO game including: Multi-Builds, Blaster Battles and enhanced flight sequences.
      • Choose from multiple building options with the new Multi-Builds system to solve puzzles, or just to have fun. All actions advance the experience in different ways.
      • Leverage your surroundings as cover and engage in intense Blaster Battles to drive back the relentless First Order and emerge victorious.
      • Experience the thrill of high-speed, action-packed flight like never before, including arena-based aerial battles and dogfights.
      • Enjoy all new levels and characters with the purchase of the All Content Season Pass. Exciting content will be rolling out through the year.
      WHAT'S NEW
      New Adventures: Rathtar Hunting - Follow Chewie and Han in two story levels that explain how the duo captured rathtars seen in The Force Awakens.
      Star Wars: Rebels Character Pack - Play as the crew of the Ghost from the popular Disney XD animated series.
      Note: New content is only available for purchase as an add-on to “The Force Awakens” Bundle (required) or playable immediately for owners of the "All Content Season Pass”.
      Mod Info:Need press restore purchased to activate mod!
      Characters Unlocked
      Flight Ship Unlocked
      Abilities Unlocked
      Red Bricks Unlocked
      Vehicles Unlocked
      Items Unlocked
      Extras Unlocked
      Minikit Bought
      Unlimited Money
      This app has no advertisements
      https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.wb.goog.legoswtfa Download Instructions:Credit:KoumKouaT \\
      4.Power Vr: