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Speed camera radar (PRO) v1.68

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Speed camera radar (PRO) v1.68
Requirements: 3.0+
Overview: This application is used to detect hazards on the road, such as speed cameras (mobile ambush, static speed cameras, red light cameras), speed bumps, bad roads and etc.


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The latest version supports all the countries of the world!
The workflow of the application differs from the hardware radar detector. Hardware radar detector - is a passive receiver that does not block the signal to which it is set, but simply notify the driver of the presence in the field of the radar radio interference. 
This application works differently, it uses a database of hazards previously detected by other users. For example, if the application is informed about mobile ambush, it means that at this point can probably be mobile ambush.
Any user can add new hazard to shared database. Also user can influence on rating of hazard (when user get danger alert he can define whether danger exists or not in fact).
The application plays the sound and shows hazard on the map and distance to this hazard.
If you are connected to the internet you will be able to monitor the traffic jams.
There is a feature update the database of the hazards.
The application may run in the background (even when the screen is off), just enable option "Use speech when hazard detected".
To start monitoring hazards just press "On" button in the left bottom screen corner.
★★★ Features ★★★
★ Night mode adjustment on screen 
★ 3D tilt on map support (3D buildings)
★ Map auto zoom and rotation map along the way
★ Dashboard with current speed 
★ 140 000 active hazards POIs around the world (check your country in FREE version of this APP at first)
★ Daily database updates!
★ Support voice alerts
★ Support of working in background or with other Navigation APPs
★ You can add their own POI to shared database


New feature added: "Automatically update databases next time when app is started"
Bug fixing

This app has no advertisements

More Info:

Download Instructions:

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      Map Coordinates v4.2.7 [Pro]
      Requirements: 4.0+
      Overview: Map Coordinates will help you retrieve the coordinates and/or address of a specific location on the map. It is easy to use and very intuitive.

      Map Coordinates providing 4 types of maps:
      - normal
      - satellite
      - terrain
      - hybrid
      and 4 types of coordinate representations:
      - degrees, minutes and seconds ( N 45 ° 48 ' 40.47 " E 22 ° 48 ' 28.06 " )
      - degrees and minutes ( N 50 ° 11.17 ' E 9 ° 53.05 ' )
      - decimal degrees ( Lat: -8.21 Long: - 61.11 )
      - MGRS (35TLK5241798377)
      Map supported operations are:
      - 3D for normal map type
      - tilt using 2 fingers drag
      - rotation using 2 fingers rotation
      - drag & drop marker
      This app is very intuitive and easy to use, designed to help you determine the coordinates of specific point on the map and share them with your friends via email, Facebook, Twitter or Google+ accounts. If your device is rooted and you have checked the share screenshot option, a screenshot of the map will also be attached if you share your location via email. In addition, you can visualize the location on the map of certain coordinates or address.
      In the „Settings” screen you can switch between the available coordinates types, set the precision of MGRS coordinates type, you can show or hide the „Address bar” and you can enable or disable the „Measure tool” for which you can select different measure units, depending on your needs. The available measure units are: „Metric”, „Imperial” and „Marine”.
      There is also a "Get Directions" button which opens Google Maps Directions feature and displays directions from your current location (or any location that you choose there) to the location pinned in Map Coordinates. This feature is very helpful when you wish to see how much time you need to reach a point and which course you should take.
      Another useful feature is „Copy to clipboard”. Using it, you copy the selected coordinates or address and paste them anywhere you need.
      More recent features are „History” which holds all your locations history and „Favorites” which are locations saved by you with a touch of a button so you have your favorite destinations always right at hand.
      This being said, I hope you enjoy this app and please feel free to contact me via email if you have any questions, comments or suggestions. Also please report any bugs that you might observe, and I will fix them as soon as possible.
      WHAT'S NEW
      - About us is now moved in it's own screen
      - Added different Imperial measure units (yd, mi, ft)
      - Added option to get coordinates types for free
      ★★★ MOD Pro: ★★★
      - MGRS coordinates type unlocked
      - UMT coordinates type unlocked
      - Remove Ads unlocked
      - All ads calls from Activity removed
      - Maps location work
      This app has no advertisements
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      Handy GPS v23.0
      Requirements: 4.0 and up
      Overview: The perfect companion for your next outdoor adventure. Seek, find, record and return home with Handy GPS.

      This app is a real navigation tool designed for outdoors sports like hiking, bushwalking, mountain biking, kayaking and trail riding. It is also well suited to uses like mining, forestry, and archaeology. Its simple to use and works even in the remotest back country since it doesn't need network connectivity. It allows you to work in UTM or lat/lon coordinates so you can use it with your paper topographic maps. Waypoints and track logs recorded in the field can be be viewed later in Google Earth.
      * Shows current location in easting/northing (UTM) or lat/lon
      * Shows speed, direction of travel, and distance travelled in either metric or imperial/US units
      * Can store current location as a waypoint, and can store track logs
      * Waypoints and track logs can be imported from and exported to Google Earth KML and GPX files
      * Allows manual entry of waypoint coordinates in UTM, MGRS or lat/lon
      * Custom waypoint symbols
      * Can guide you to a waypoint with the "Goto" screen, with optional audible proximity alert
      * Has magnetic compass page (devices with mag sensors only)
      * Computes local magnetic declination and geoid correction at startup using the IGRF-12 and EGM96 models
      * Can display either a simple map of your current location and the stored waypoints, or a Google Map
      * Supports the world-wide WGS84 datum along with the Australian datums AGD66, AGD84, GDA94. (You can also use WGS84 for NAD83 maps)
      * Shows satellite locations and signal strengths graphically
      * Can display simple 6, 8 or 10 digit grid refs, or MGRS grid ref.
      * Waypoint-to-waypoint distance and direction
      * Optional timer to record walk duration and compute average speed
      * Has online help pages
      * Thoroughly tested by developer on many off-track walks
      * Unlimited number of waypoints and track log points. (Free version limited to 3 waypoints and 20 tracklog points)
      * Email or SMS containing a clickable link showing your location can be sent to a friend.
      * Common datums such as NAD83 (US), OSGB36 (UK), NZTM2000 (NZ), SAD69 (South America) and ED50 (Europe) can be selected from the custom datum page, or you can configure your own datums, including local grid systems (such as those used at mine sites). You can also load and save datum params.
      * UK grid refs with two letter prefixes can be shown if OSGB datum selected. OSGB grid refs can also be shown on smartwatches.
      * Elevation profile of your route can be shown.
      * Average GPS locations over time to give more accurate result.
      * Take photos from the app which are optionally geotagged, or have the location "burnt" into image.
      * Show sun rise and set times.
      * Export waypoints to CSV file in current coordinate system.
      * Create a new waypoint by projecting an existing one using an entered distance and bearing.
      * Compute length, area, and elevation change for tracklog.
      * Offline map support by downloading tiles from map tile servers, or using your own map images.
      * Comes complete with an Android Wear version for use on your Android Wear smartwatch.
      PERMISSIONS: (1) GPS - to determine your location, (2) Network access - for access to Google Map and OSM tiles, (3) SD card access - to load and store waypoints and tracklogs, (4) Camera access for taking pics, (5) Prevent phone from sleeping so that proximity alarm works, (6) Control flashlight, to allow the flashlight to be turned on/off from within the app, and (7) System settings, to allow the Android Wear app to control the watch screen brightness.
      DISCLAIMER: You use this app at your own risk. The developer accepts no responsibility for you getting lost as a result of using this app. Batteries in mobile devices can go flat. An alternate power source is recommended for extended hikes.
      Also see the Coordinate Master app for support for even more coordinate systems. Handy GPS is also available for iPhone and Windows Phone.
      WHAT'S NEW
      23.0: New map prefs option to remember last view on Google Map. Improvements to Google Map popup menus. New goto prefs option to show white text on black background. Show "?" on map pages if current location unknown. Watch improvements: better keypad, larger font on square watches, option to show white text on black on Goto page.
      22.9: Added menu which pops up when you long press on waypoint title popup. Handle invalid numbers on Manage offline maps page.
      This app has no advertisements
      More Info:
      Download Instructions:
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      Fuel Manager (Consumption) v21.22 [Pro]
      Requirements: 4.1+

      Fuel Manager will help control the cost of fuel and know when they have exceeded the budget.
      • Calculation of of fuel consumption - for one or two tanks (combined and separate statistics)
      • Detailed statistics and comparative graphs
      • Forecast of remaining fuel
      • Road Calculator rundown, path cost, and the necessary fuel
      • Export and import data (TSV)
      • 16 themes
      • Flexible settings (unit and interface)
      • Widgets for quick addition of records
      • Sync with the cloud, and between devices (using Dropbox API - Pro)
      • Several vehicles (Pro)
      • No ads. Absolutely.
      What better than other
      • calculation consumption of bi-fuel systems
      • Universal calculation of fuel consumption (full tank, milestones, calculation ща residues)
      • Prediction of remaining fuel
      Answers to your questions, and detailed help can be found on the project website -
      • To calculate the statistics needed at least two "final" record. These entries are - filling to complete, checkpoint, tank rest. The more entries, the more periods of calculation and the statistics more accurate.
      • The most accurate results you get with regular refuels to complete. Use the "checkpoint" when you understand what it is and why.
      • The program is continually evolving. If you have doubts about the loyalty of calculation or other questions - write to [email protected] - I will try to answer as quickly as possible.
      WHAT'S NEW
      [PRO] Added synchronization via Google Drive.
      [PRO] Updated synchronization via Dropbox (API v2) - re-authorization required.
      Added import / export database
      Updated fuel cards.
      Updated screens backup.
      Added Persian / Farsi translation.
      Updated French translation.
      Fixed an error indication path.
      This app has no advertisements
      More Info:
      Download Instructions: PRO features Unlocked
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      Ultra GPS Logger v3.134m [Patched]
      Requirements: 2.3+
      Overview: Ultra GPS Logger is a GPS Tracker which allows you to generate NMEA, KML and/or GPX logs with your GPS or GLONASS enabled Android device. It is able to keep GPS on during standby, which enables logging of a long period of time without the need of interaction with the device.

      - formats: NMEA, KML, GPX, CSV
      - log raw, by distance or time
      - log during standby
      - AutoLog, AutoStart
      - Send log / track by email
      - Publish to FTP
      - Compress log: Zip, KMZ
      - Google Maps, Open Street Map
      - POIs, etc
      - Online Services
      - Dropbox, OneDrive, Google Drive
      - Barometer / pressure sensor
      - use of internal GPS
      - use of external GPS via Bluetooth
      - allow other apps to use external GPS via Mock provider
      - act as GPS mouse
      Ultra GPS Logger logs raw NMEA sentences! This is much more accurate than other products which just log every minute... It also supports intelligent KML/GPX output, which logs only real movement. Ultra GPS Logger also lets your device vibrate and flash its led in case the GPS fix is lost. Furthermore it represents your track on Google Map or Open Street Map!
      User feedback is highly appreciated. Ultra GPS Logger is used for a variety of activities, like hiking, sailing, car / motorcycle / yacht racing or geotagging. Let me know what you use Ultra GPS Logger for :-))
      Quick Start Guide:
      User Guide (PDF):
      WHAT'S NEW
      - map on main screen
      - trigger/filter by category
      - color by category
      - colors for map polygons
      - nmea extension
      - more long press options on map:
      - Mark POI
      - Get Address
      - Get Weather
      - Kalman filter option
      - POI import improved
      - POI based on address
      - Overlay line and box
      - new log format CSV
      - multi settings backup
      - treatment of KitKat storage restrictions
      - option to deactivate example POIs
      - pressure data retrieval fix
      - new altitude compensation
      - track playback
      - some fixes / cleanup
      This app has no advertisements
      More Info:
      Download Instructions: No LP or GPM needed | Analytics Disabled | Maps work
    • By APK
      BackCountry Navigator TOPO GPS v6.4.9 [Paid]
      Requirements: 4.0.3+
      Overview: Use your phone or tablet as an offroad topo mapping GPS with the bestselling outdoor navigation app for Android! Explore beyond cell coverage for hiking, hunting and more.

      Download topo maps for the US and some other countries in advance, so you won't need cell coverage when navigating.
      This uses many publicly available map sources as free downloads. It also has some additional content available as an in app purchase:
      Boundary maps for 12 western states from the Bureau of Land Management(BLM) for $7.99. Great for hunters, hikers, and prospectors.
      Content from US TrailMaps for $15.99, including:
      Snowmobile Trail Maps for Snowmobiling enthusiasts,
      ATV Trail Maps
      Whitewater Trail Maps,
      Equestrian Trail maps.
      See these in the menu under More-> "Purchasing AddOns".
      You are welcome to try the DEMO version to make sure you like the maps in your country.
      NOTE: If you've already purchased this or any paid app, you can install it at any time from 'My Apps' in the Android Market.
      Use offline topo maps and GPS on hiking trails without cell service! The GPS in your Android phone can get its position from GPS satellites, and you don’t have to rely on your data plan to get maps. Have more fun and safe GPS adventures in the backcountry.
      Preload offline topo maps, aerial photos, and road maps on your storage card, so they are ready when you need them for your GPS navigation. Many free map source are built into the app.
      Add custom GPS waypoints in longitude and latitude, UTM or MGRS grid reference. Import GPS waypoints from GPX files. Choose mapsource-like icons for GPS waypoints. (This app uses the WGS84 datum, NAD27 is available in settings).
      Use GPS for hunting a waypoint or geocache, for recording tracks and GPS waypoints on your trip, all the while tracking your GPS quest on topographic maps.
      WHAT'S NEW
      FunTreks overlays now available in Purchasing Addons.
      Stability fixes.
      Server synch to access Accuterra maps.
      Fix to waypoint photo taking on Android 7.0
      Other file handling fixes for Android 7.0
      ETA for GOTO waypoints.
      Addons include Accuterra map source, GMUs of various states. SnowMobile trail maps, ATV, Equestrian, Birding, and Whitewater trail maps, and BLM Land Boundary Maps of 12 western states.
      This app has no advertisements
      More Info:
      Download Instructions:
    • By APK
      GPS Navigation & Maps Sygic v17.0.4 [Unlocked]
      Requirements: 4.0+
      Overview: Sygic GPS Navigation & Maps is the most advanced GPS navigation app for Android with 3D offline maps from TomTom, accurate door-to-door voice guided navigation and free map updates. 

      Sygic GPS Navigation & Maps offers high-end navigation experience with innovative features for your safety & comfort. Live traffic & police radar/speed camera warnings to find the fastest route and avoid traffic delays. Parking place suggestions with info about availability and price. Find cheapest gas based on your gas type. Tourist attractions & pedestrian navigation. Head-up Display (HUD) projects navigation onto the car’s windshield.
      Whether you are travelling, commuting to work, or driving professionally Sygic GPS Navigation & Maps is your one map for everything.
      • High quality TomTom* maps stored on your device
      • Voice guided navigation with spoken street names (TTS)
      • Offline navigation without internet connection
      • Free map updates multiple times per year
      • Live Traffic service finds faster route, avoids traffic jams
      • Mobile speed camera / radar warnings
      • Head-up Display (HUD) projects GPS navigation onto your windshield 
      • Dynamic Lane Guidance & Junction View for safe lane changes
      • Parking suggestions with info about availability & price
      • Find cheapest gas based on your gas type 
      • Safety warnings about sharp turns and railway crossings
      • Speed Limit warnings on map 
      • Fixed speed camera warnings
      • Alternative Routes & Multiple waypoints on route
      • Address/GPS coordinates entry by copy & paste
      • Avoid Toll Roads in one country or entire route
      • Pedestrian Navigation & Tourist attractions
      • Millions of points of interest (POI)
      • Car Audio Integration – Bluetooth or cable
      • Dashcam that records even while you are navigating
      Maps of all countries of the World from TomTom and other providers
      • Europe, Russia 
      • North & South America
      • Africa 
      • Asia & Middle East 
      • Australia, New Zealand
      Please note that some features may not be available in all territories. Maps from TomTom and other providers.
      Need help? Please visit we are here for you 7 days a week.
      If you love our app, please leave a review. You will let others know how the app is, motivate our developers and help us improve our work. Thank you for your support.
      Note: Sharing videos from Dashcam is forbidden by law in following countries: Austria, Belgium, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Slovakia, Spain.
      WHAT'S NEW
      Battery Management is back
      fix for language used for search results -> please can you confirm, this?
      many crashfixes
      Smart Bluetooth feature is only for devices with API 23>
      nearby POIs - show on map → fixed centering of position (also show others POIs on map after back)
      fixed AM PM in infobar
      too many fixes are incoming
      please make sure you have newest maps downloaded (please delete sygic/maps folder and download them again)
      1. Uninstall the previous version and delete the folder Sygic
      1a  For Android < 4.4+ copy Sygic folder to the root folder (internal storage or SD card)
      1b. For Android > 4.4+ copy content of Sygic folder to Android/data/com.sygic.aura/files/put here Android,Maps,Res (internal storage or SD card (create, if not exists))
      2. Install Patched apk.
      3. Enjoy!
      This app has no advertisements
      More Info:
      Download Instructions: credits TMPe
      Patched APK - (resources in APK)
      - s***c store is NOT BLOCKED, but it downloads valid license file - useful for TA,OS maps only
      - tripadvisor, foursquare, booking, viator is WORKING
      Patched APK + blocked data/reactivation - (resources in APK)
      - s***c store is BLOCKED, use original APK (or SDLER's downloader) to download MAPS,VOICES,TTS, then install this APK - no more return to trial state - useful for NT or TA or OS maps
      - tripadvisor, foursquare, booking, viator is WORKING
      Base Folder (03.24.2017) + ALL VOICES + NT,TA,OS licenses + SPEEDCAMS:
      Original APK
      MAPS Downloader
    • By APK
      Sygic Truck GPS Navigation v13.7.0 build 112 [Unlocked]
      Requirements: 2.3+

      - GPS Navigation for truck drivers with truck restrictions in the map
      - Special routing for RV/Caravan/Camper and Bus drivers
      - Maps stored on device, internet connection is not required, works with GPS signal
      - Try 14 days for free, full license available for 129 EUR Europe, 139 USD North America, 179 AUD Australia & New Zealand, 139 EUR South Africa, 169 EUR Middle East
      - Free map updates for 3 years
      Available maps: Europe & Russia, North America, Australia & New Zealand, South Africa, Middle East
      - High quality Nokia maps stored on the device
      - Works with GPS only, internet is not needed
      - Turn-by-Turn navigation voice instructions
      - Set truck parameters and hazardous materials
      - Avoid roads not suitable for your truck/cargo
      - Truck parking and petrol stations as POI
      - Waypoints for multiple places of loading/unloading
      FOR RV/Caravan and BUS
      - Profile configuration for RV/Caravan and bus
      - Campgrounds and parking stations as POI
      - Avoid detours and narrow roads
      - Spoken Street Names to focus on the road
      - Dynamic Lane Guidance to know the right lane
      - Speed Limit Display and Speed Camera Warnings
      - Free Updates for 3 years: map, POI, speed cam
      - 3D Cities & Landscape for easy orientation
      - One application for TRUCK, RV/CARAVAN/CAMPER, BUS or CAR drivers
      - Notification of Upcoming Speed Limit Change
      - Avoid roads not suitable for trucks or RV
      - Avoid Toll Roads on part or on entire route
      - Avoid Roadblocks, Motorways …
      - Google™ Local Search to find anything
      - Exact address numbers
      - Find and Navigate to
      • Address
      • Contact
      • POI
      • Postal code
      • Intersection
      • GPS coordinates
      • Home
      - Import of interesting locations - POIs
      - Customizable navigation screen
      - Road Incident Sharing with other drivers
      - SOS/Help to find assistance nearby
      - Customizable spoken warnings
      - Smooth Hardware Accelerated 3D rendering
      - Car Audio Integration – Bluetooth or cable
      - Graphics optimized for tablet & HD displays
      WHAT'S NEW
      New update of Sygic Truck GPS Navigation!
      Stay focused on the road with our new speech instructions.
      - Enhanced voice and Text-to-Speech instructions
      - Improved GPS signal reception
      - General bug fixes and stability improvements
      1. Uninstall the previous version and delete the folder SygicTruck if exist.
      2. Unzip and copy SygicTruck folder from basefolder archive to the root folder (internal storage or SD card)
      3. Use MapDownloader to download your region country.
      4. Copy your downloaded maps to folder SDCard/SygicTruck/Maps/~put maps here~
      3. Install Patched apk.
      4. Start app, skip email and Enjoy!
      This app has no advertisements
      More Info:
      Download Instructions: credits TMPe
      APK + BASE Folder:
      Patched APK [blocked data/reactivation (use original APK (or SDLER's downloader) to download MAPS,VOICES, TTS, then install this APK - no more return to trial state)]
      SD Card basefolder v112:
      MAPS Downloader
      mapdownloader17_0_2_(20170315) thanks to SDLER (with TA(Teleatlas-TomTom) OS(Open Street Map) car maps TA2016.12 OS2015.10, NT(NAVTEQ-HERE) truck maps NT2016.09, V9.00 InCar/Taxi/Aura<15.3.9 maps TA2016.12)
    • By APK
      Currency Converter Easily v1.2.6
      Requirements: 4.0+
      Overview: Convert currencies with all common ones

      Convert currencies with all common ones
      Updated daily - powered by Google finance
      for traveling and business usage
      very simple to use and Reliable
      convert with a button easily.
      Dollars to euro, euros to dollars
      Israeli shekel, GBP to euro
      more than 180 currencies.
      Bitcoin conversion rate
      App is very safe for use.
      only requires WiFi / 3G
      New Features ver 1.2.5+
      * swap currencies
      * remember selections
      We are working on an offline version too.
      Contact us for any feedbacks,
      Our linked websites -
      thank you for the support
      Currencies listed
      • USD (United States Dollar)
      • EUR (Euro)
      • GBP (British Pound Sterling)
      • CAD (Canadian Dollar)
      • AUD (Australian Dollar)
      • THB (Thai Baht)
      • JPY (Japanese Yen)
      • JOD (Jordanian Dinar)
      • RUB (Russian Ruble)
      • TRY (Turkish Lira)
      • PLN (Polish zloty)
      • CZK (Czech koruna)
      • XPF (French Pacific Franc)
      • HUF (Hungarian Forint)
      • NZD (New Zealand Dollar)
      • SGD (Singapore Dollar)
      • BRL (Brazilian Real)
      • INR (Indian Rupee)
      • ZAR (South African Rand)
      • PHP (Philippine Peso)
      • EGP (Egyptian Pound)
      • SEK (Swedish Krona)
      • VEF (Venezuelan Bol?var)
      • PAB (Panamanian Balboa)
      • ANG (Netherlands Antillean Guilder)
      • BSD (Bahamian Dollar)
      • JMD (Jamaican Dollar)
      • HKD (Hong Kong Dollar)
      • TWD (New Taiwan Dollar)
      • TTD (Trinidad and Tobago Dollar)
      • XCD (East Caribbean Dollar)
      • FJD (Fijian Dollar)
      • VND (Vietnamese Dong)
      • RSD (Serbian Dinar)
      • TND (Tunisian Dinar)
      • AED (United Arab Emirates Dirham)
      • MAD (Moroccan Dirham)
      • KRW (South Korean Won)
      • DKK (Danish Krone)
      • NOK (Norwegian Krone)
      • RON (Romanian Leu)
      • LBP (Lebanese Pound)
      • HNL (Honduran Lempira)
      • GHS (Ghana Cedi)
      • PEN (Peruvian Nuevo Sol)
      • ARS (Argentine Peso)
      • MXN (Mexican Peso)
      • COP (Colombian Peso)
      • CLP (Chilean Peso)
      • XAF (Central African Franc)
      • CHF (Swiss Franc)
      • HRK (Croatian Kuna)
      • MMK (Burmese Kyat)
      • GTQ (Guatemalan Quetzal)
      • ISK (Icelandic Krona)
      • PKR (Pakistani Rupee)
      • IDR (Indonesian Rupiah)
      • LKR (Sri Lankan Rupee)
      • MYR (Malaysian Ringgit)
      • CNY (Chinese Renminbi)
      • ILS (Israeli New Shekel )
      WHAT'S NEW
      - better design
      - added Swap button
      - fixed sharing button.
      Our best update for 2017
      This app has no advertisements
      More Info:
      Download Instructions:
    • By APK
      HERE WeGo - City Navigation v2.0.11360
      Requirements: 4.1+
      Overview: Here’s to finding your way no matter where you are. Here’s to embracing the world around you and daring to explore new places without fear of getting lost. Here’s to having the confidence to live your life, because you know exactly where you’re going.

      Featured in the Guardian, the New York Times, TechCrunch, Forbes, CNET, Mashable and more
      With HERE, you can plan your journey ahead of time and save a map of your destination right on your phone. With maps for more than a 100 countries around the world, you'll never be lost — even when offline. See exactly where you are and find the best way around with a route planner that shows you driving, public transit and walking options at a glance.
      When you're ready to head out, turn-by-turn, voice-guided driving and walk navigation takes you right to your destination — or use our public transit maps and schedules to get around by train or bus. With HERE, your maps are always loaded and ready to use, and you never need to rely on an Internet connection.
      HERE makes maps more useful. Find restaurants and shops in your area and browse ratings and reviews from TripAdvisor, Lonely Planet and more to plan your night out. Take a peek inside shopping centers and airports with 3D indoor maps that show you the location of stores, elevators and other facilities. Or meet up with friends using Glympse, a secure, private way of sharing your location that lets them see where you are.
      What does HERE give you?
      - Voice-guided turn-by-turn navigation that works around the world
      - Maps you can save and use offline for more than a 100 countries, including the US, the UK, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Canada, Australia and Brazil
      - Real-time traffic and incident information for more than 40 countries
      - Indoor maps for thousands of shopping centers and airports
      - Public transit maps, directions and information for more than 900 cities
      - A route planner that shows driving, public transit and walking options so you can quickly compare them
      - Your saved places are available on all your devices so you can plan journeys easier
      WHAT'S NEW
      New design in the route preview
      This app has no advertisements
      More Info:
      Download Instructions:
    • By APK
      GPS Tools v19.0.1 [Premium]
      Requirements: 4.2+
      Overview: Do you keep waiting long for GPS location when you open your favorite app like say Maps ?

      For faster updates the device GPS engine needs to be updated with latest satellite data. If the engine is run regularly then faster location will be available when you open your apps.
      This app keeps your GPS engine alive and ticking in either a low power or high power mode using convenient status bar controls. Additionally you can get a good idea of satellite coverage. Other convenience methods like app auto launch and fix tones are also available.
      • Keep GPS Alive in High or Low Power Modes using Status Bar Control
      • Vibrate on Fix
      • Stop on fix
      • Tones on Fix and Fix Lost
      • Launch your favorite app on Fix
      • GPS Test for checking stats like GPS signal strength, Speed, Course, Altitude, Accuracy, Almanac, Ephimeris
      • Magnetic compass integration for heading
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      • Adfree
      Technical Note:
      It takes at least 3 to 4 satellites before you can receive location fix. Almanac(Imprecise) and Ephemeris(Precise) are satellite data cached in the GPS engine. The almanac data validity is in months. The ephemeris data gets invalidated in a few hours. If you get more satellites with valid ephemeris then you will quickly get location fixes with good accuracy.
      WHAT'S NEW
      Bug fixes and minor UI mods
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