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Puzzle Paws: Match 3 Adventure v1.9.3 [Mod]

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Puzzle Paws: Match 3 Adventure v1.9.3 [Mod]
Requirements: 4.1+
Overview: OH NO! The Goobers are gobbling up all the life and beauty of Blossom Paradise! Help Lily Bunny solve match 3 puzzles, free the trapped Paws and bring life back to her home.


Reveal your inner flower power to solve unique matching puzzles, full of gorgeous maps and stunning levels. Restore nature, reunite families and rebuild the islands of Blossom Paradise before the Goobers completely take over.

With loads of paths through the island paradise, you choose your difficulty, and who you want to save next. Every friend you free will join you on your adventure and give you a little extra help along the way.

PUZZLE PARADISE - Welcome to a world full of delightfully unique puzzling action.
AWESOME ALLIES – Say hello to the PAWS, a family of absolutely adorable animals that join in and help you along the way
REBUILD AND REHOME – Restore nature and reunite the PAWS with their families
IT’S YOUR CHOICE – You decide which path to take, and who to rescue next
BRING BACK THE BEAUTY – Defeat the greedy Goobers, rescue your buddies and bring the beauty back to Blossom Paradise. 

Puzzle Paws is free to download and play, but it also allows you to purchase virtual items with real money inside the game. You can disable in-app purchases in your device’s settings.
You may require an Internet connection to play Puzzle Paws and access its social features. Puzzle Paws may also contain advertising.

Download Puzzle Paws today and help bring Blossom Paradise back to life.

1 - Unlimited Lives
2 - Unlimited Moves (Increase Instead Of Decrease)
3 - Unlimited Resources (Increase Instead Of Decrease)

This app has no advertisements

Download Instructions:

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      Bubble CoCo v1.4.5.0 [Mod]
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      CoCo wakes up one night to find her chicks nowhere to be found! But the culprit can be none other than the devious Mr. Fox! Help CoCo rescue her chicks and teach the sneaky fox a lesson! With a slingshot in hand, guide bubbles to bring CoCo's babies back to safety!
      Shoot through bubbles in hundreds of levels to save the chicks, squish spiders, and beat the fox! But watch out, as Mr. Fox has set up numerous traps like the slime bubble to keep you from reaching your goal!
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      - 100 Moves.
      - Unlimited Lives.
      - Unlimited Coins.
      - Unlimited Gems.
      - Unlimited Boosters.
      - Unlimited Magic Candy Boosters.
      - Unlimited Color Picker Boosters
      - Unlimited Rocket Boosters
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      Apollo Justice Ace Attorney v1.00.00
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      · All-new high-resolution graphics
      · A new touch screen interface
      · Interactive forensic testing mini-games that allow players to reveal hidden clues by dusting for prints, testing for traces of blood, and other exciting techniques.
      · Two distinct gameplay segments:
      - Investigation phase – survey crime scenes, interview witnesses and gather forensic evidence that will be used in court
      - Trial phase – present findings from the investigation to support your case, listen to testimonies and examine witnesses
      · Optimize game performance by choosing between 30 FPS and 60FPS. It is recommended that lower end devices run at 30 FPS. 
      · An eclectic cast of characters:
      - Apollo Justice: Stepping into the shoes of Phoenix Wright, the new rookie attorney leads the series into an exciting next chapter
      - Klavier Gavin: Lead prosecutor, Apollo’s nemesis and rock star legend
      - Kristoph Gavin: the coolest defense attorney on the judicial circuit, and Apollo’s mentor.
      - Trucy: A mysterious magician and Apollo’s assistant
      Recommended Specs:
      Smartphone and tablet with Android 4.2 or later, RAM 2 GB or more (Only devices with ARM NEON technology supported). 
      This app has no advertisements Download Instructions:
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      Syberia (Full) v1.0.5
      Requirements: O/S : 3.0+
      Overview: Came to Europe to buy illustrated factory automation Voralberg, Kate Walker, a brilliant young lawyer from New York, will soon upset his destiny ...!

      Anna Voralberg, the factory owner, has died. His brother and sole heir, Hans Voralberg, a genius inventor, has been missing for decades somewhere between the Alps and Siberia. Kate is launching on the trail of this enigmatic man to complete the acquisition of the plant.
      But his trip West to East, and gradually she finds include the reasons why Hans to embark on a quest without returning to the point of forgetting his first materialistic motivations.
      A compelling storyline that will take you beyond your imagination
      Many people, with a strong personality
      The making of cinematographic films (camera angles, movements and framing)
      Creative and original puzzles
      A unique atmosphere and unique
      WHAT'S NEW
      Various improvements.   This game has no advertisements Download Instructions:
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      Prince & Fairy v1.0.6 [Mod]
      Requirements: 4.0.3 and up
      Overview: Blaze your trail through the Magic Kingdom world in this NEW puzzle adventure! Collect charms, unleash powerful magic, defeat fairy creatures, explore unique locations, solve challenging Match-3 puzzles on your way to the royal crown.

      Prince & Fairy features:
      - Tons of unique mechanics
      - Amazing HD graphics
      - Explore exotic locations
      - Magical creatures on your way to the victory
      - Completely FREE to play game
      WHAT'S NEW
      - Added notifications support for crystals picking and lives
      - Improvements on existing features
      - Bug Fixing
      - Infinite Lives
      - Infinite Gold
      This app has no advertisements Download Instructions:
    • By koumkouat
      Maleficent Free Fall v3.9.0 (Mod Lives/Magic/Unlocked)
      Requirements: 2.3.3 +
      Overview: From the creators of Disney’s #1 hit game Frozen Free Fall comes an all-new match 3 puzzle-adventure, Maleficent Free Fall! Inspired by Disney’s epic live-action film Maleficent, you’ll embark on a spectacular journey with exciting and challenging objectives like you have never seen before!

      A DARK TWIST ON MATCH 3 – Switch and slide the board of enchanted gemstones to create matches of 3 or more as you trigger cascading combos and conquer original objectives!
      EVIL HAS A BEGINNING – Begin your first chapter as young Maleficent, journey through the map to explore the untold story, unlock her raven, Diaval and discover MANY other mysterious surprises!
      THE POWER OF MALEFICENT – Cast Maleficent’s green magic to instantly vanish the same color gemstones, call upon Diaval to swoop down and rearrange the board, or cast tendrils of thorns to clear entire row and columns! Unlock more unique power-ups along the way and experience Maleficent’s fierce desire for revenge! 
      Maleficent Free Fall is free to play but some in-game items may require payment. Visit for matching game tips, news and more! Don’t forget to see Disney’s Maleficent, in theaters May 30 – check your local listings for showtimes!
      WHAT'S NEW
      Explore new Chapters in the Book of Moors and complete 60 Magical new levels!
      Try to clear the water from the board placed there by the mystical Water Orb!
      Winter has once again come upon the land of Moors. Explore the wonder of winter throughout the game!
      This app has no advertisements Download Instructions:
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      Home: Boov Pop! v2.3.0 (Mod Money/Lives)
      Requirements: 2.3.3 +
      Overview: This game is fun…and mandatory!
      A puzzle game that defies the laws of physics!

      Based on the DreamWorks Animation film, HOME: Boov Pop! offers a new twist to the puzzle genre, by adding a unique gravity-based physics mechanism and out of this world 3D graphics!
      • Connect colorful and bouncy Boov bubbles to match 3 or more and make them POP! The more connections, the bigger the POP!
      • Play as your favorite characters from the film including Oh, Tip, and Captain Smek!
      • POP your way around the globe across a variety of exciting and challenging levels. But be careful, intergalactic enemies will try to block your way!
      • Each of the playable characters comes with unique power abilities: Use Oh’s Moody Pop to make all of bubbles of the same color pop, or activate Tip’s Gravity Ball to swap colors and solve the puzzle, and more!
      • Beautiful 3D graphics and awesome bubble physics will make you want to POP! POP! POP!
      This app has no advertisements Download Instructions:
    • By koumkouat
      Star Chasers v1.2.1 (Mod)
      Requirements: 2.3 +
      Overview: Become a Star Chaser and embark on an exciting adventure to rescue the stars that have fallen onto earth.

      Sprint, jump, vault, swing, wall-run, and perform amazing parkour moves as you attempt to collect as many stars as you can before Darkness and his minions destroy them forever!
      * Throw stars at enemies to take them down!
      * Ride on the very creatures that are trying to stop you!
      * Battle through obstacles as big as a lightning storm!
      * Perform impressive moves and quick responsive maneuvers!
      * Challenge your friends for the "Top Star Chaser" title!
      * Dash through beautifully crafted levels with unique objectives and fun new mechanics!
      * Gain new abilities and special power-ups as your character levels up!
      * Uncover cool star constellations as you progress through the game!
      * Charming characters with high quality animations!
      * Gorgeous environments!
      * Beautifully composed and orchestrated music!
      Our team is continually working to improve your experience and bring you new characters, new environments and fresh new gameplay mechanics. Stay tuned!
      WHAT'S NEW
      New Facebook friends' progression map!
      Tune levels to make them even more fun!
      Squash many pesky bugs!
      1. Infinite Stars
      2. Infinite Revives
      This app has no advertisements Download Instructions: