NDrive v11.0.06 cracked

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NDrive v11.0.06 cracked for Android




Installation instructions:

1 - Uninstall any previous version of the NDrive.

2 - Backup the NDrive folder in the memory card to your PC.

3 - Delete the entire NDrive folder in the memory card.

4 - Install the apk file.

5 - Open now the program and use wi-fi (preferably) to download a few tens of MB files (including voices and alerts). Accept with «Yes» for this(these) first(s) time(s) to the question «Do you wish to transfer your purchases?».

6 - Copy the maps to maps folder. Done.

7 - In the future, just ignore initial question «Do you wish to transfer your purchases?»

8 - If necessary to get voices or alerts: Menu>Store>Alerts or Voices>(choose country)>Get




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