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Retron-UI Icon Pack v1.1

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Retron-UI Icon Pack v1.1
Requirements: 4.0.3 and up
Overview: Retron - UI : A mix of Retro, Grunch and Hipster styles, with a shadow for depth.


Retron - UI : A mix of Retro, Grunch and Hipster styles, with a shadow for depth. 

This set took me about a month.Many changes, tests and corrections. Finally, the result is quite good. It still needs additions, i will try to make them soon. 

For the updates, i am choosing the most popular applications or games. 
I hope that you will enjoy them as much as I do. 

What's included: 

★ 2.498 HD icons (192x192) 
★ 37 matching HD cloud wallpapers 
★ Launchers support: Action, Adw, AdwEX, Apex, Atom, Aviate, GO, Next,Nova, Smart, Solo, 
★ Icon masking for un-themed icons 
★ Dynamic calendar 
★ Alternative icons to choose 
★ Updates. 


* All icons have been redesigned for better quality *
* Added and remade 56 icons *
* Many Fixes *

This app has no advertisements

Download Instructions:

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    • By koumkouat
      Praos - Icon Pack v1.0.1
      Requirements: 4.0.3+
      Overview: Square. Detailed. Material. Appealing!
      Praos is square icon pack, but some of the shapes going out of the borders, which makes it quite appealing. Amazing attention to details. Be ready to love your device again!

      • 3.950+ HD icons
      • Hundreds of alternatives
      • Many folder category icons to sort your apps
      • 60 QHD wallpapers
      • Masking for unthemed ones
      • Dynamic calendar
      • Clock widget
      • Icons request, search and preview feature
      • Muzei live wallpaper compatibility
      • Regular weekly updates
      • Nova, Action, ADW, ADWex, Apex, Atom, Aviate,, Go, Inspire, KK, Lucid, Next, Nine, Smart, Solo, Themer, TSF and many more
      • Bubble Cloud Widgets
      • Theme engine
      • Unicon and XGELS
      *You can also apply icons from launcher settings, if there is no apply button inside the app*
      Google + -
      Twitter -
      Facebook -
      Thank you all for the support!
      WHAT'S NEW
      <b>NEW RELEASE</b>
      <b>Initial Release with 3.950+ icons</b>
      - 60 QHD wallpapers
      - high quality work
      - regular weekly updates
      - ENJOY!
      Thank you all for the support!
      This app has no advertisements Download Instructions:
    • By koumkouat
      UKP for Kustom / KLWP v6
      Requirements: 4.4+
      Overview: This is not a stand alone App.
      This is a subscription for my newest KLWP Themes.

      I will add more KLWP Themes regularly.
      What you need:
      - Kustom Live Wallpaper Pro
      - Nova Launcher or another Launcher that fully supports the Android standards. For example Google Now Launcher
      Default Icons from Piksely
      WHAT'S NEW
      Added UKP007
      This app has no advertisements Download Instructions:
    • By koumkouat

      How to patch this themes?
      Follow EXACTLY this steps and it will work!
      1. Download Lucky patcher and install it. 
      2. Go to SuperSU setting and disable Mount namespace separation > Reboot. 
      3. Install theme apk, do not open theme. 
      4. Open Lucky patcher > click on theme app > tools > backup. 
      5. Uninstall app within Lucky patcher > Restore backup with lucky patcher.(bottom toolbar has backups option) 
      6. Click on theme app > open menu of patches > Remove license verification > Auto Mode. 
      7. Profit !!$$$
      What required?
      Android 5.0 & up + Substratum Theme Engine + Root + Lucky Patcher or Google Play Modded! (If have GPM no need use lucky patcher etc..)
      A Swift Dark Substratum Theme v2.1
      [Substratum] Spectrum Theme v9.0.1
      [Substratum] MAGPIE Theme v21.0
      [Substratum] Noir Theme v2.6
      [Substratum] Beltz Theme v11.4
      Swift Black Substratum Theme v2.7
      [Substratum] Transparent Theme v8.7
      N Navbar Pro - Substratum v7.0
      [Substratum]N/Pixel Dark Theme v1.6.4
      [Substratum] DestinyDark Theme v9
      Antares Substratum Theme v1.6
      [Substratum] Destiny Theme v10
      Substratum Toolkit -Substratum v6.0
      [Substratum] Icons SubSet v2.0
      Figlio - Substratum Theme v2.1
      [Substratum] Dark Stock Theme v1.6.3
      [Substratum] Domination Donate v2.7.1
      [Substratum] Lunar v3.9.5b
      [Substratum] TextileOS Theme v2.1
      [Substratum] Shade UI Theme v6.1
      [Substratum] Black Stock Theme v1.6.3
      [Substratum] Sparky Font Pack v1.2.0
      [Substratum] Rounded UI Theme v4.1
      [substratum] OrangeKitten PRO v5.7-21
      [substratum] BlueWhiteAF v/fourtyseven/
      Parkour - Substratum Theme v3.7.1
      [Substratum] View Theme v1.7
      [Substratum] Neon Colors Theme v2.9
      [Substratum] Neat Theme v11.1
      OceanSapphire - Substratum v3.5
      [Substratum] Origins Theme v1.1
      [Substratum] CommuteUI Theme v8.0.1
      [Substratum]Pastel Dark Theme v2.1
      [Substratum] Outline Theme v6
      [substratum] RedWhiteAF v/seventeen/
      [Substratum] iSubstratum Dark vपांच
      [Substratum] iSubstratum Theme vछह
      [Substratum] Material Time v4.0
      [Substratum] Navigate Donate v18.1
      [Substratum] Oxygen v3.1
      [Substratum] Black Light Theme v4.5
      [Substratum] Natur v1.5
      [Substratum] Material Dark v4.0
      Navbars Theme(Support) vFOURTEEN
      [Substratum] ModernUI Pro v3.2
      [Substratum] Mono/Art Theme v8.1
      [Substratum] Belo v1.4
      CompactUI for Substratum v1.3
      Dark Matter for Substratum v1.0
      Reverie Substratum Theme v1.01
      [Substratum/CM14.x] Xmas Theme v1.0
    • By koumkouat
      YKP for KLWP v1.9
      Requirements: 4.4+
      Overview: YKP - Yaatzek's Kustom Presets

      You need to have KUSTOM KLWP PRO key to use this app. This is not a standalone app, it is a pack of themes for KLWP.
      If you have questions or problems, please don't use reviews section for them. Contact me through email and I will do my best to help you.
      This is a collection of my designs for Kustom Live Wallpaper - KLWP. I will be regularly updating this app with all my new presets.
      Each preset is unique and has its own features. You can take a look at each preset and read description of its features here:
      WHAT'S NEW
      - new preset: Leti
      This app has no advertisements Download Instructions:
    • By koumkouat
      PIXXO UI - Icon Pack v1.1
      Requirements: 4.0.3+
      Overview: Pixel style meet longshadow, Pixxo UI is here!

      Pixxo UI is a simply round icon pack inspired by the new Google Pixel style. 
      The main difference is the long shadow which adds a more personal and complete touch.
      Vivid and bright material colors complete a new wonderful theme for your smartphone!
      ・ 4500+ icons in full HD 
      ・ 920+ colorful icons
      ・ Stock system icons
      ・ 140+ icons for the app drawer
      ・ Cloud wallpapers (with Muzei support)
      ・ Dynamic calendar support 
      ・ Search icon tool
      ・ Icon request tool
      ・ Weekly update
      ・ Custom Lauchers (Nova, Apex, Aviate, Action launcher, Lucid launcher, Go launcher, Holo launcher, Smart launcher, Everything Launcher,Adw launcher, Tsf shell, ADW)
      ・ CM theme engine
      ・ Unicon 
      ・ Xgels 
      ・ Beautiful Icon Styler
      ・ LG stock launcher
      ・ Asus stock launcher
      ・ Sony Xperia stock launcher
      and many others….
      if your launcher isn't in the list inside the app you can apply it manually. Go in your Launcher settings then apply the pack!
      For Go Launcher Users: Currently Go Launcher does not support icon masking, so go to preferences > Icons > show icon base (disable it)
      Nova perfect size: 120/150 %
      You are getting lost activity icons?
      Send me a request by the tool inside the app and change the email object in "Activity Request".
      I will fix it!
      WHAT'S NEW
      Added 16 new icons
      Restyling some icons
      Fixed missed icons
      This app has no advertisements Download Instructions:
    • By koumkouat
      Peach icons v1.2
      Requirements: 4.1+
      Overview: Recommended launcher settings:
      • Icons size set to 140%
      • Icon normalization feature disabled

      Thanks to Jahir Fiquitiva for the IconShowcase UI.
      400+ icons.
      - 20 wallpapers.
      - Beautiful UI.
      - Regular updates
      - Internal Request tool
      I will try to update every week with 30-40 icons.
      Alternative icons for many apps.
      OEMs icons.
      WHAT'S NEW
      First stable release!!!
      Added 87 new icons.
      Added other alternative icons.
      Improved Dashboard UI.
      Fixed various missing activities
      This app has no advertisements Download Instructions:
    • By koumkouat
      Iggy-Icon Pack v1.0.9
      Requirements: 4.1+
      Overview: Iggy Icon Pack for various launchers.
      • Material Design dashboard app 
      • 256x256px resolution
      • 1290 handcrafted vector icons
      • 90 Cloud wallpapers

      • More than 170 alternative icons
      • 11 Background icons
      • Support for many launchers and CM Theme Engine
      • Muzei Live Wallpaper support
      • Request Tool
      • Regular Updates
      Recommended launcher settings:
      • Icons size set to 140%-145%
      • Icon normalization feature disabled
      Supported Launchers:
      • Nova Launcher
      • Apex Launcher
      • Action Launcher
      • LG Home Launcher
      • Arrow Launcher
      • ADW Launcher
      • Aviate Launcher
      • Holo Launcher
      • KK Launcher
      • CM Theme Engine
      • Lucid Launcher
      • Smart Launcher
      • Solo Launcher
      • TSF Launcher
      • Unicon Pro
      Support email:
      [email protected]
      WHAT'S NEW
      Version- 1.0.9
      - Added 29 new icons
      - Updated and fixed activities
      This app has no advertisements Download Instructions:
    • By koumkouat
      Tigad Pro Icon Pack v1.5.7
      Requirements: 4.0 and up
      Overview: A uniquely designed icon pack in true 3D. Beautiful choice of color palette, You will simply love the artistry in each and every icon.
      Every icon has been meticulously made and you can feel the hard work gone into it's making.

      Enjoy my work and creativity on your device.
      • 4000+ Custom Icons, 4 dynamic calendar icons, icon back, icon mask
      • Compatible with Multi Launcher
      • XXXHDPI Icon 192x192 px
      • Vector Graphics, Every Icons made Manually based on Vector
      • Cloud based Wallpaper ( 10 walls with 2 different sizes: FHD (1080x1920) and HD (720x1280)
      • Frequent Updates
      • Apply, 22 Launcher Cards, 13 Direct Apply, 6 Manual
      • See & Search All Icons Included with Icon Name
      • Smart Icon Request
      • Cloud Based Wallpaper Picker
      • Image Picker, Attach Icon from Dashboard App as an Image to Email, Hangouts, etc or Even Use it to Create Zooper Widget
      • Help, Contains FAQs
      • Nova Launcher (Prime): 115%
      • Apex Launcher: 115%
      • Go Launcher: Big
      *** Go Launcher users! Icon Masking isn't supported by Go, So unthemed icons have a circle covering them.
      *** To Fix them : Going to Preferences > Visual Settings > Under Icons, uncheck 'Show Icon Base'
      *** LG Home may working unstable for some device. If you're not sure DON'T PURCHASE! No refund for this reason!
      Support 22 major Launchers:

      Action Pro
      Holo HD
      TSF Shell
      LG Home (read issue for this launcher above)
      CM Theme Engine
      Launchy Widget
      And may be more that have icon pack support
      Special Thanks:
      - Dani Mahardika a.k.a daeva112 who provided the material dashboard
      WHAT'S NEW
      Version 1.5.7
      - Added 80 icons
      - Redesigned some icons
      - New dashboard
      This app has no advertisements Download Instructions:
    • By koumkouat
      Stealthychief Designs All Icons!
      Requirements: 4.0.3+
      Overview:Live-Evo-Stealth-Axis-Fresh-Vintage-Soul-Ovo-Agent-Devo-Evo-Viper-Aloha-Flatro- Rovo!

      This post have all latest updates!
        Please press like!
      Support the software developers.If you like this!BUY IT!
      This app has no advertisements Download Instructions:
      Rovo Icon Pack v1.0.7
      Live Icon Pack v1.1.0
      Fresh - Icon Pack v1.2.2
      Agent - Icon Pack v4.4.2
      Stealth - Icon Pack v4.4.6
      Flatro - Icon Pack v4.4.2
      Axis - Icon Pack v4.4.6
      Devo - Icon Pack v4.4.5
      Viper - Icon Pack v4.4.6
      Soul - Icon Pack v4.4.5
      Ovo - Icon Pack v4.4.5
      Evo - Icon Pack v4.4.6
      Aeon - Icon Pack v4.4.5
      Vivid - Icon Pack v4.4.5
      Vintage - Icon Pack v4.4.5
      Pulse - Icon Pack v4.4.2
      Vibe - Icon Pack v4.4.5
      Aloha - Icon Pack v4.4.2
      Vivid v2 - Icon Pack v4.4.5
      Gold - Icon Pack v4.4.1
      Black and Pink Icon Pack v4.4.1.2
      Black and Purple Icon Pack v4.4.1.2
      Black Icon Pack v4.4.1
      Dark Metal Blue - Icon Pack v4.4.1.2
    • By koumkouat
      Color Gloss - Icon Pack v1.1.7
      Requirements: 4.0 +
      Overview: Very beautiful icon pack with amazing icons glass and multicolored lights

      Unique design
      All icons size 192x192 the drawn manually and therefore will appear on your screen just fine
      User-friendly application with a user-friendly interface for easy operation in the style of Android 5.0
      Attention! Read this before you buy:
      Theme to work you need to have at least one of the following launcher list below (many of them free)
      ★ More than 1100 highly detailed icons
      ★ 8 QHD Cloud Wallpapers
      ★ Regular updates
      ★ Request icons tool for order you missing icons
      ★ Dynamic calendars
      ★ Muzei support
      Supported launchers:
      • Action
      • ADW
      • Apex
      • Asus Launcher
      • Aviate
      • Epic
      • GO Launcher
      • Holo
      • Holo HD
      • Inspire
      • KK
      • L Launcher
      • LG Home
      • Lucid
      • Mini
      • Nemus
      • Next
      • Nine
      • Nova
      • S Launcher
      • Smart (full support)
      • Solo
      • CM Theme Engine
      Google Plus:
      If you like this theme please rate it is ★★★★★)
      Thank you for your support of our hard work!
      #Nova.Theme Icon, icon pack asus
      WHAT'S NEW
      - Added 20 new icons
      - Activities fixes
      - New dashboard
      - Support Android N
      This app has no advertisements Download Instructions: