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Elite Killer: SWAT v1.3.0 (Mod)

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Elite Killer: SWAT v1.3.0 (Mod)
Requirements: 2.1 +
Overview: Aim and Shoot! Leave no squad mate behind in this action oriented first person shooter game! Elite Killer is the #1 realistic 3D FPS game available on Google Play.


You are a well trained elite member of special weapons and tactics teams. Equipped with sub-machine guns, sniper rifles and stun grenades, you will navigate secret missions across the globe to eradicate the evil syndicate that stands in the way of a peaceful world. It is time to load out your firearms and get your 5 star FPS fix! Let the bullets fly now!

Game Features:
- Boasting spectacular graphics and blistering action sequences
- 30+ real world weapons and 100+ challenging levels in dozens of worldwide themes
- Local Mission mode and online PvP mode


v1.3.0: Made PvP mode a little more challenging. Thanks.

This app has no advertisements

Download Instructions:

Mod Money:

Health Update 10000000
Infinity Cash
Infinity Energy
Increase shield time
Max level
Unlock all weapons

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    • By KSCT
      Modern Sniper Combat v1.1.4 (Mod)
      Requirements: Android 3.0+
      Overview: Modern Sniper Combat a first-person 3D sniper shooting game .You will play as a sniper to strike terrorists.Your task is to fight against terrorist base and kill them all .

      Simple operation of the game : slide the bottom-left corner of screen to control character movement ,slide other blank place to aim target except bottom-left corner.Also you can use the sniper rifle zoom lens ,adjust the amplification factor by the right side of the slider .
      The game has many weapons to choose :hunting rifle ,agantsagant,GKA-12,medical kit.You can get dollars awards by kill enemy .dollar can used to buy weapons and ammunition.The weapons has different zoom and stability , let you can experience the feeling of realistic guns.
      Game Features:
      - Over 100 sniper missions to complete
      - Ultra REALISTIC 3D graphics
      - Many unique maps and weapons
      - SIMPLE and INTUITIVE controls.
      - Complete FREE game : play it both on your phone and tablet.
      AIM and SHOOT !Get yourself a gun and KILL THEM ALL.
      MOD Info:
      1. Unlimited coins
      2. Unlimited grenades
      3. Unlimited medic kit
      This app has no advertisements
      More Info:
      Download Instructions:
    • By KSCT
      Combat Battlefield:Black Ops 3 v5.1.3 [Mod]
      Requirements: 2.3 +
      Overview: A long time ago... in a forgotten earth...
      Very few people remember when the war started. Even fewer people remember why.

      This is the year 607 AWS. 607 years of endless conflict, the Empire is nothing but an endless battlefield between the Black Ops and the Carthage Rebels. Many star systems have been burned to ashes in a spiral of hatred where only the strongest commandos, snipers and shooters can survive. Having reached its peak, centuries ago, now technology is just a decrepit tool in the hands of brutalized contract killers and soldiers of fortune. But something has changed...they're the Black Ops
      Having recently earned his leadership in a bloody internal conflict, the young and talented new Rebel leader has discovered in a remote country ancient ruins from an strange civilization, with unknown technology which could turn the tides of History and the power balance. Rumors speak in the borderlands about battles ended in mere minutes while the Empire leaders seemed to have their mind controlled...
      You are a newly appointed Empire commander, veteran from the battlefield, expert in both hand to hand combat and strategy. Kill your enemies in the conflict and fight for the glory of the Empire... and your own glory - or maybe you should pay attention to other interesting offers.
      Battlefield Combat Black Ops 2 is a first person shooter where you will fight in sniper and rifle stages, all in a highly detailed futuristic environment where you will feel the pressure of being the first line in the batllefield.
      - Different weapons, customizable and upgradeable
- Realistic shooting of your weapon
- More than 60 carefully designed scenarios
- Real 3D graphics optimized for a wide variety of devices
- Build your very own base!
      - Multiplayer! Engage in challenging player vs player battles
- Easy to learn, hard to master
      - Endless waves of AI controlled enemies
- A modern combat game you will remember.
      WHAT'S NEW
      Added gameplay tutorial
      FIxed some internet connectivity issues
      MOD Features:
      Unlimited Golds
      Unlimited Cash
      Unlimited Med Kits
      This app has no advertisements
      More Info: Download Instructions:  
    • By KSCT
      Hitman Sniper v1.7.87146 [Mod Money & More]
      Requirements: 4.1 and up
      Overview: Take on the role of Agent 47 in Hitman: Sniper - a fixed position shooting game set in beautiful Montenegro. Scope in on your marks using skill, subtlety, subterfuge and the environment to complete your contracts. 

      Eliminate targets, collect weapon parts and complete blueprints to unlock the most powerful rifles!
      • Immersive sniping game based on the Hitman universe
      • Complete over 150 missions. Eliminate the top criminal elite! 
      • Replay and uncover more secrets as contracts evolve
      • Compete against your friends & dominate the leaderboards! 
      • Master undetected kills using your surrounding environment 
      • Unlock and assemble 13 epic sniper rifles
      WHATS New
      Krug is celebrating the Chinese New Year with fireworks, pyrotechnics and explosions. Embrace the new DRAGUN rifle and purge your enemies by fire!
      - Chinese New Year themed EVERYTHING!
      - Collect your daily red envelope for additionnal rewards!
      - New music and costumes for all targets
      - A LIMITED EDITION sniper rifle with unique abilities: THE DRAGUN
      - Incendiary rounds set the world on fire.
      - Fireworks lure guests outside the mansion.
      - Manipulate the scene with sticky firecrackers!
      This app has no advertisements Download Instructions:
      Mod Money:
      1. Unlimited Money
      2. Unlimited Ammo
      3. No Reload
    • By KSCT
      Fire Conflict- Zombie Frontier v1.0.4 + (Mod Money)
      Requirements: 2.3 and up
      Overview: "Fire Conflict" really 3D shooting game, restore classic game battle experience classic hits fully and delightfully! "Fire Conflict" conflict true 3D Panoramic Map , clear picture quality, real reduction scene map; and adding new mechanical technology, regardless of AK or M4, no limit of growth.

      Kill All the Zombies to Survive!
      In this city where zombies have taken your town, the best way to survive when you play army shooting games is to shoot zombies and kill them!
      "Fire Conflict" KEY FEATURES
      - 3D First Person Shooting game
      - Superior Graphics, Impactful Environments and Maps
      - Realistic Combat Experience, Rich Combat Action and Combat Sound
      - Smooth and Responsive Customizable Touch Controls
      - Powerful weaponry at your command:
      Knives, Pistol (Desert Eagle), Assault Rifles (AK-47 / M4A1), Sniper Rifle (AWP), Grenades (Grenade, Flash Grenade) + more to come!
      - Highly customizable controls
      - Dozens of pre-installed and downloadable unique maps
      This app has no advertisements Download Instructions:
      Mod Money:
    • By KSCT
      Deer Hunter 2017 v4.0.0 [Mega Mod]
      Requirements:3.0 and up
      Overview: Here comes another sequel to the super smash hit Deer Hunter, first it was Deer Hunter 2014 and now its jumped to 2016 with lots of new animals and scenarios to enjoy. 

      Pursue trophies in unique and beautiful locations that span the globe from Alaska to Zimbabwe.
      Hunt animals so real they nearly jump off the screen! Track down and bag the world’s most exotic and elusive game.
      Develop a steady hand, line up your sights, and master the skills to take the perfect shot.
      Take down predators before you become the prey.
      Compete for bragging rights and bag the biggest animals with Game Center achievements and leaderboards!
      Collect and customize your firearms with scopes, magazines, barrels, and stocks as you perfect your weapons for each hunt.
      What's New
      Underwater Spearfishing - Introducing an all-new way to hunt!
      • Explore a mysterious new world - Dive into the Great Barrier Reef, Red Sea, Caribbean Basin and other exotic areas
      • Hunt 100+ new species - Encounter menacing sharks and rare and exotic fishes
      • New weapons and equipment - Upgrade your gear, adapt to underwater physics, and shoot your biggest bounty yet!
      • Immerse yourself in this incredibly detailed and exciting new gameplay experience!
      • New holiday themed event and weapons
      1.) gold
      2.) platinum
      3.) hunter bucks
      4.) vouchers
      5.) energy
      6.) ammo
      7.) infinite battery
      8.) level max 200
      9.) unlocked all regions
      10.) no ads
      This app has no advertisements Download Instructions:
    • By KSCT
      Pixel Gun 3D (Pocket Edition) v11.3.0 [Mega Mod]
      Requirements: 4.0.3 and up
      Overview: Try Pixel Gun 3D in MULTIPLAYER MODE with Cooperative, Deathmatch & Deadly Games!

      Try Pixel Gun 3D in MULTIPLAYER MODE with Cooperative, Deathmatch & Deadly Games! Also it is a cool modern block world shooter with singleplayer campaign and survival arena.
      This is a pocket edition for mobile devices. The desktop version currently is ready for download under the open beta test on the official Pixel Gun 3D website.
      Now you have a perfect chance to battle with your friends, classmates and colleagues or anyone else around the world! You can create and customize your character using a special skins maker and then show off on the battlefield! It is an awesome pocket FPS shooter for all kinds of players!
      Deathmatch mode benefits: 
      • WORLDWIDE and local. 
      • unique maps of various shapes and sizes. 
      • Varied weaponry, ranging from Magic Bow, Combat M16 Rifle, Golden Desert Eagle and Lightsaber to the simplest things, in case you want to butcher someone with a knife. 
      • Up to 8 players in one game. 
      • Now chat is available! Talk with friends right in the battle! 
      • Challenging and exciting experience that can really get you hooked!
      *** COOPERATIVE MODE *** 
      Cooperative mode features: 
      • Up to 4 Players in one game. 
      • Chat is available as well! 
      • 8 special maps. 
      • Hardcore gameplay. 
      • Coins as a prize for top results.
      *** SURVIVAL CAMPAIGN *** 
      In this story mode your character is “face to face” with hordes of zombies attacking you from all sides. A lot of enemies from cops & robbers to nurses and swat members! You have to wipe them out otherwise you are doomed! 
      Your only task is not an easy one - to whack all the monsters. Don't let the seeds of fear grown in your head. If you survive all the attacks of the dead, you'll face an EVIL ZOMBIE BOSS in this mod. Having made mincemeat of him, you open the portal to the next battlefields! Start your combat.
      New cool features in a campaign mode: 
      • A new training camp for first-timers. 
      • More detailed graphics.
      • New cool maps like a Forest full of seeds. 
      • Cool new songs
      • More challenging gameplay: now you are not able to pass through enemies & different mobs. Watch out for narrow passages and lanes! There you almost have no chance to get out alive!
      Make up your mind about the gun (though you may prefer a bow or a knife) and polish your killing skills! Perform at your best and share your high score on Facebook and Twitter!
      Main Features of a campaign mode: 
      • Wide choice of arms, such as Colt, Heavy machine gun, AK47, MP5, and many others. 
      • A lot of absolutely different maps. 
      • Many types of zombies and enemies. 
      • Awesome HD pixel graphics with dynamic light. 
      • Breathtaking sound effects and songs. Use headphones for maximum fun! 
      • Cool fun on the age of PC FPS shooters.
      What's New
      The new 11.3.0 update is here. It's time to get back in the fight!
      - Four new PETS, including one MYTHICAL!
      - New gadget: NINJA SHURIKENS
      - New font! More beautiful and readable
      - Balance changes
      - A lot of bug fixes
      1.Speed Settings / New
      2.Bots - Mod / New 
      3.Damage Mod
      4.Blood Mod New
      5.Insta Kill
      6.Anti - Coins Bann 
      7.Kill - Add
      8.Root Detection removed
      9.Fake Level 31
      10.Anti - Cloud Bann
      11.Exp Mod
      12.Money Mod
      13.Gems Mod
      14.Perfomance Mod 600KB
      15.Vertify Bypass
      16.Fly Hack
      17.Ninja Mod
      18.Renegration Mod
      19.Aim Fov Mod
      20.Shield Mod
      21.Unlimited Ammo
      22.Reload Speed Hack
      23.Armor Renegration Mod
      24.Rapid Fire 
      25.Devtodev / Removed
      26.Trophies Add 
      27.Premium - Account Enable
      28.Security Sigature Removed
      29.Ninja Mod 2.0 New
      30.OBB Security Updater Bypass
      31.Free Spin Mod
      This app has banner advertisements Download Instructions:
    • By KSCT
      Critical Ops v0.6.4 [Mod]
      Requirements: 4.0
      Overview: Critical Ops is a fast-paced FPS that will test your reflexes and tactical skill. Experience the thrill of modern terrorist warfare as you fight a critical strike operation as a counter-terrorist or aim to cause destruction as a terrorist.

      Fight for domination alongside your friends, or show the world your skill by leading the individual scoreboard. 
      Join the competitive combat in the most skill-based portable FPS!
      **Game currently in Alpha phase**
      Critical Ops is still under development, but you can download and play the game now!
      We will keep working on the game continuously to fix bugs, improve optimization and add a ton of new features and content to the game!
      WHAT'S NEW
      New Map: Grounded!
      New Skins and polishing few existing skins!
      CT Hand Model
      Grenades Models and animations
      Host menu remembers settings
      Loading icon when ads are processing
      Show medals as spectator
      Scoreboard updates ping
      Bureau minor update
      Disabled friendly collisions
      Replay Tutorial
      UI Tweaks
      Turkish support
      Pause+Scoreboard deadlock
      Android guest login
      Bureau death by jumping
      Super90 animation issue
      CT Bomb spotting bug
      TDM clock when joining
      Fixed various crashes
      Can Go Invisible 
      This app has Google Mobile Ads advertisements Download Instructions:
    • By KSCT
      Zombie Frontier 3 v1.69 (Mod)
      Requirements: 4.0.3+
      Overview: Google Play Exclusive Diwali Special Offers(10/13/2016 0AM IST - 11/1/2016 0AM IST. For users in India only) :Players will get extra items after purchasing the specific sales only for 130 INR.

      The next chapter in the Zombie Frontier FPS saga is here! A virus has brought about the zombie apocalypse, the war against zombies has broken out and people are in immediate danger of a gory death. As a survivor and zombie terminator, it’s up to you to make the streets your battlefield and shoot your way through numerous challenging levels of undead targets. ZF3D is an all new, shooting game with excellent graphics, unmissable if you are a fan of thrillers like the Walking Dead and cool shooting games. 
      Keep your finger on the trigger as you try to ensure your survival in a virus ravaged world. Upgrade your skills as a survivor and zombie terminator in frontline fighting, enhance your arsenal of weapons, such as sniper guns shotgun and rifles.
      Fight for survival through multiple gory game modes. Test your skills in sniper missions and lead virus survivors to safety in frontline defense of support mission. Be the zombie terminator of this doom.
      Come and experience a truly immersive 3D world and excellent graphics in this all action zombie shooting gun game! The zombie apocalypse may have happened, but that’s no reason to just give up. Engage the undead targets in frontline combat before discovering if you have the skills to survive and rebuild humanity.
      Take on the role of a zombie terminator against the army of the walking dead and shoot your way to a gory victory over this zombie war of more than 120 levels with excellent graphics. If you’re a FPS and shooting game fan, then ZF3D is your next adventure!
      Amazing 3D Graphics
      The walking dead are upon you. Shoot your way through an immersive, fully realized 3D zombie apocalypse complete with fantastic undead animations and graphics. ZF3 is the next level in smartphone thriller, shooting games.
      Awesome Sound & Music
      Sounds effects and music will take you into the world of the first person shooter. Feel as if you are there and experiencing a real zombie war.
      Numerous different undead targets
      Challenge yourself against some of the toughest undead on the frontline battlefield and shoot every targets in the head. Kill them before they kill you!
      Innovative Level Design
      Grab your shotgun in arsenal and shoot your way through this zombie apocalypse of 120 challenging and gory main levels to rescue the world from this doom. These levels will test your FPS and sniper skills to the limit. Killing is the only justice for these undead monsters.
      Now you can destroy the undead targets on the beach with a new Zombie tropical island mode! As one of the top horror games available today, ZF3 never stops improving. 
      Multiple Gameplay Modes
      Across numerous battlefields, ramp up the action with 5 boss battles, 60 sniper missions, many support levels and regular special events.
      Arsenal of Weapons
      It wouldn’t be a shooting game without an impressive arsenal. Choose from 21 different guns with which to head into combat. Blast your enemies with an MP5, AK47, Desert Eagle, FN SCAR, HK 416, grenades and many more shotguns and rifles! Get your trigger finger ready and live your own Resident Evil, horror game, thriller. The walking dead must be eliminated.
      Weapon Upgrade System
      Upgrade weapons in your arsenal to take down stronger zombies. Increase their power, range, firing rate and more. You can even equip them with awesome tropical decals! Upgrade your firepower and survive the zombie apocalypse!
      Special Events
      Take part in special in-game combat and sniper missions to win gold, coins and other prizes!
      Take part in the fight to rebuild cities, beaches and tropical civilizations following the outbreak of the virus in the latest action packed horror game FPS from FT Games!
      WHAT'S NEW
      1. Some Optimizations
      2. Christmas interfaces have been removed.
      - Unlimited Gold.
      - Unlimited Coins.
      - Unlimited Money.
      - Unlimited XP.
      - Max Level.
      - No Ads
      This app has no advertisements Download Instructions:
    • By KSCT
      Battlefield Frontline City v5.1.3 [Mod]
      Requirements: 2.3 and up
      Overview: Year 2030. The world at war. You are again in the battlefield.

      Europe and Russia have joined forces as the new Empire of Eurasia against the United States and South America, now known as the United Continents of America, or UCA, their former allies.
      The entire continents of Africa and South Asia, including China, are an apocalyptic hell melted down by nuclear weapons. Humanity has done it again.
      After three years of endless conflict over the remaining oil wells, all Eurasia refineries are concentrated on the Russian city of Volgograd, the frontline city, also known as Stalingrad. UCA, having overestimated their oil reserves, are desperated for resources and have sent all their military forces and commandos to this city and obliterated all resistance to achieve control over the remaining oil in the world.
      90 years after the bloodiest battle of history, the Battle of Stalingrad is set to begin again!
      You, as an elite sniper and soldier of fortune, a real contract killer sniper, are the last line of defense of Eurasia against the invaders. Or you can choose to be the spear of the UCA, one of the heroes of the United Continents bringing peace and prosperity to America. Your rifle and you alone in the assault or defense against the sniper assassins of the enemy.
      Are you up to the challenge in this modern combat simulator?
      Battlefield Frontline City is the greatest first person shooter made to the date for mobile devices. In this Freedom edition, you must use your sniper shoot or rifle shoot to destroy your enemies and slowly conquer positions, defending the frontline in the d-day of humanity.
      WHAT'S NEW
      Added tutorial
      Fixed internet checking under high latency connections, it should be more responsive though a bit less tolerant
      Improved Graphic Quality.
      What's in the MOD?
      Unlimited Golds
      Unlimited Cash
      Unlimited Med kits
      This app has no advertisements Download Instructions:
    • By KSCT
      Battlefield Combat: Eclipse v5.1.4 [Mod]
      Requirements: 2.3 +
      Overview: Nightmares are real, and they hunt you.

      The year, 2054. It was a marvelous day in San Francisco, nothing prepared us for what arrived. Without warning, darkness came. An eclipse? The authorities were surprised. For many hours, the light didn't come back; rumors were heard in the news about unexplained incidents, people dying, entire cities in the east coast disappearing from the network. Fear. Hysteria. And then, silence. Zombies and demons ran rampart through the streets when darkness covered the land. The apocalypse has arrived.
      Three days have passed since the beginning of the darkness. For short periods of time a feeble light shines in the horizon, to disappear minutes later. The president has ordered your elite unit to investigate a new building in the middle of the desert. A huge temple, appearing from nowhere, appears to be the origin of this madness. You are the last hope... of humanity.
      CodeLabs Studio proudly presents Battlefield Combat: Eclipse, the ultimate modern combat simulator. Fight cultists, zombies and demons in your quest to save humanity from destruction...
      - Different weapons, customizable and upgradeable
      - Bazookas, railguns, machineguns, rifles and sniper weapons are available for you!
      - Realistic shooting of your weapon
- More than 70 carefully designed scenarios
- Real 3D graphics optimized for a wide variety of devices
- Build your very own base!
      - Easy to learn, hard to master
      WHAT'S NEW
      New multiplayer mode! Up to 4 players in the same game, arena or team vs team! Please send us feedback on our new gamemode =)
      What's in the MOD?
      Unlimited Golds
      Unlimited Cash
      Unlimited Med Kits
      This app has no advertisements Download Instructions: