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RoboRemo v1.9 (paid)

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RoboRemo v1.9 (paid)
Requirements: 2.2 and up
Overview: RoboRemo is a Bluetooth / Internet / WiFi / USB remote control app for Arduino, PIC, AVR, PICAXE, ATMEGA, ESP8266, etc.

With little microcontroller programming knowledge, you can build a RC receiver, and control your RC car / plane / boat / quadcopter / line following robot with Android phone!

Compatible with BlueSMiRF, HC-05, HC-06, BTM-222, ESP8266, etc.

RoboRemo is fully customizable! You can add items, move them, resize them, set commands and other parameters.
Available items: button, slider, led, level indicator, text log, accelerometer sensor, text field, plot, image*, touchpad, kbd connector, heartbeat sender, touch stopper.

* items marked with * are available only in RoboRemo Full version.

You can assign what command to send when you press a button, when you release it, when you move a slider, etc.

!!! Disclaimer: Don't use RoboRemo for life support systems or any other situations where system failure may affect user or environmental safety.

!!! Please try the RoboRemoFree first, to make sure it works with your device:

RoboRemoFree is 100% free, No ads, No collecting data.
RoboRemoFree is limited to 5 items per interface (not counting menu button, text fields and touch stoppers).
RoboRemo Full version does not have any limit.
Also, RoboRemo Full version has additional image item (yes, you can send an image from microcontroller and display it in RoboRemo. You can also import an image from SD card, it is recommended to use small images, up to 100KB).

All the commands from RoboRemo are text strings, ending with LF character 'n' (hex code 0x0A) by default, but user can change it.
RoboRemo also can receive commands for updating some interface items (for example you can have a battery level indicator to monitor the battery level of the remote device, or a plot displaying light variation in time). These input commands also must end with command ending.

For more info, read app manual at http://www.roboremo.com/downloads.html

RoboRemo site: http://www.roboremo.com/

Video examples on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=La48OKPBxSA&list=UUuChsnBDsbz-3okYHiIqHSw&index=1

Permissions details:

modify / delete SD card contents, test access to protected storage -> Used to write interface files to the roboremo folder on the SD card when user chooses to export an interface.

Full network access -> Starting from app version 1.2, you can also connect to a remote device over Internet or WiFi. This is why it needs network access. App does not collect any data.

access Bluetooth settings, pair with Bluetooth devices -> Used to get the list of paired Bluetooth devices when you choose to connect over Bluetooth. Also, if you start the app with Bluetooth turned off, when you choose to connect over Bluetooth the app will ask if you want to turn the Bluetooth on, and will turn it on if you confirm.

For USB connection, phone needs to have USB host API.
App. uses Physicaloid library to communicate with USB devices.
Physicaloid Library is released under the Apache License, Version 2.0.

This app has no advertisements

More Info:


Download Instructions:


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