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Dream Treats - Match Sweets v1.7.0.51 (Mod)

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Dream Treats - Match Sweets v1.7.0.51 (Mod)
Requirements: 2.3.3+
Overview: Match & serve dream treats!


Craving sweet puzzle-matching action? From the makers of Frozen Free Fall, go on a virtual tour of restaurants in Disney Parks around the globe, match treats, and serve them up in this delicious puzzle game!

Discover 210 levels of addictive treat-matching magic! Help Mickey, Minnie, Ariel, Belle, Buzz Lightyear, Jack Skellington and more of your favorite Disney characters to serve up mouth-watering goodies to hungry guests. Tour restaurants in Disney Parks and Resorts around the world, match crazy combinations, and become the sweetest server ever.

- CONNECT three or more sweet treats to make matches & serve guests
- EXPLORE legendary Disney dining experiences from around the globe
- CHALLENGE different delicious puzzles to get three stars
- UNLOCK power-ups and unleash magical Disney character combo boosters 
- SERVE guests faster and score huge bonuses
- TREAT yourself to 210 candy-coated challenges

Before you download this experience, please consider that this app contains: social media links to connect with others, in-app purchases that cost real money, the option to accept push notifications to let you know when we have exciting updates like new content, links to online stores to purchase real products, registration to create or sign in using a Disney/an existing account, advertising for some third parties, as well as advertising for The Walt Disney Family of Companies

Minor bug fixes and optimized performance.

What's hacked

1)Unlimited Lives
2)Unlimited Coins
3)80 Moves
4) Unlimited Boosters

This app has no advertisements

Download Instructions:

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      More than just a fruit shooter, put your aim to the test with puzzles you’ve never seen before, each with a hundred different ways to win. Can you get the fruit and veg falling to give the bustling beavers all the energy they need?
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      BIG BANG – Pick the perfect shot and set off unbelievable chain reactions to rock the city!
      SKILL SHOT – With loads of game types, and hundreds of missions, there’s always a new way to play
      FAST FRIENDS – Make friends with a cast of friendly characters on your journey through the city
      ‘FRISCO AL FRESCO – Rebuild monuments, see San Francisco come alive and unlock amazing facts about the City.
      Team up with Rico Raccoon for an all-new skill-based puzzle shooter today!
      WHAT'S NEW
      BELLISSIMO! – See the sights of the most beautiful city in the world, Venice, with 30 brand new levels!
      SECRET SIDEKICK – Meet the super mysterious Violetta de Poodlino, a poodle with a shadowy side!
      GOING UP! – How will you deal with the new elevators? A totally new feature that brings the fun straight to the top!
      1. Unlimited Lives
      2. Unlimited Coins
      3. Unlimited Boosters
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      Wizard of Oz: Magic Match v1.0.2214 (Mod)
      Requirements: 4.1 +
      Overview: Journey down THE YELLOW BRICK ROAD™ with DOROTHY™, the SCARECROW™, the TIN MAN™ and the COWARDLY LION™ as you make your way to the EMERALD CITY™! You’ll go somewhere over the rainbow and experience scenes and sounds from the original THE WIZARD OF OZ™ movie.

      Match your way to meet the wonderful Wizard of Oz in this magical puzzle adventure!
      * LIONS AND TIGERS AND PUZZLES, OH MY! - The classic matching puzzle game is new and unique with exciting gameplay based on the beloved The Wizard of Oz movie and characters! Try your luck with GLINDA THE GOOD WITCH™ and her Magic Wheel or use Dorothy’s RUBY SLIPPERS™ shoes, Munchkin Lollipops, and the Tin Man’s Axe to complete puzzles and make your way towards the Land of Oz
      * EXPERIENCE THE WIZARD OF OZ – Unlock new chapters and fun, imaginative puzzles - each based on an adventure from the most popular movie of all time! Visit Munchkinland, the Haunted Forest, and more enchanting locations on your way from Kansas to the Emerald City. With each new region you unlock, you’ll encounter the favorite characters you remember and more of the beloved story will unfold!
      * ICONIC CHARACTERS! – The magic comes alive as you walk with Toto down the Yellow Brick Road, encounter the WICKED WITCH OF THE WEST™, experience the Magic Wheel of GLINDA THE GOOD WITCH™ , visit with the Munchkins, and are immersed in the Land of Oz!
      * TRAVEL WITH YOUR FRIENDS! - Relive the magic together as you journey with your friends down the Yellow Brick Road, helping each other and sending gifts along the way!
      WHAT'S NEW
      Help the Tin Man find his Heart for Valentine’s Day!
      All-new Valentine-themed Event; Boxes of Chocolates for all!
      The Wicked Witch’s Winged Monkeys are on their way!
      More levels, more regions, more bug fixes… more fun!
      We are always listening to our players and fixing and adjusting as you request. We thank you for your support! Found an issue with the game? Please reach out to our amazing Customer Service team @ We want to hear from you!
      1. Infinite Lives Always Active
      2. Infinite Boosters
      3. 100+ Moves
      This app has no advertisements
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      Link Twin v1.1.1
      Requirements: 4.0.3 +
      Overview: ** Second place in the Very Big Indie Pitch, at PGC London 2017! **

      Link Twin is an exciting and stylistic puzzle game with fresh mechanics, visually stunning art and a haunting soundtrack. Take control of the mysterious Tom and Lily who share an unbreakable connection. Uncover a treacherous world of mysterious landscapes and mind-bending puzzles as you navigate ever increasing challenges. 
      Swipe the screen to move Tom & Lily simultaneously. Use the environment and interactive objects to manipulate positioning and find the exits!
      “Link Twin is a puzzler that really makes you think. Simultaneously moving Tom & Lily, you’ve got to plan out your path to victory very carefully.” - Pocket Gamer
      “It’s the kind of addictive puzzle game you could easily get stuck in for hours.” - Android Headlines
      “Link Twin is definitely a game specifically designed for puzzle enthusiasts and handled with deft care. It’s a game I’d highly recommend.” - The Huh?
      -    Enjoy over 100 levels of increasingly challenging puzzle gameplay
      -    Engage with over 10 unique mechanics like movable obstacles, teleporters and electronic circuits
      -    Explore 5 mysterious settings, each with their own haunting soundtrack
      -    Immerse yourself in a whole new world of minimalistic art and surreal environments
      This app has no advertisements
      More Info:
      Download Instructions: