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Everyday Calculator Pro v1.6.4

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Everyday Calculator Pro v1.6.4
Requirements: 4.0.3 and up
Overview: Everyday Calculator is a all-in-one calculator app for day-to-day use

This calculator has something to offer for everybody. Save your time with those tricky/ lengthy calculations involving interests, investment returns, loan calculations, math percentage problems, date arithmetic, unit conversions and many more.

Everyday Calculator Pro is ad-free version of your favorite calculator.

-You get the same functionality with much smaller app size.
-The calculator screens are less cramped for space.
-The app is even more faster.
-Pay once and install it on any number of android devices associated with your google account.

List of calculators included with the app:
I. Financial Calculator
-Calculators for Simple interest, Compound interest and Interest rate
-Maturity value of term deposits (Also known as bond, fixed deposit, certificate of deposit, time deposit) and recurring reposit
-Future value and present value of single sum and annuities, Retirement saving, Payouts from "single-premium" annuity insurance schemes, Systematic investment plan (SIP) return, SIP planner
-Loan calculators for monthly payment (EMI), Savings on Loan EMI and tenure with extra monthly payments/ part pre-payment, Interest rate applicable on a loan

II. Math Percentage Calculator
-Two way percentage calculator, Percentage difference, Percentage change, Profit margin, Vat, Tip/ split bill, Money saved on discount sales given the sale price and discount percentage

III. Health Calculator
-Body mass index (BMI), Basal metabolic rate (BMR), Daily calorie intake, Calories burnt, Running Pace, Body fat percentage/ Ideal body weight for height based on BMI values

IV. Calculators for Women
-Pregnancy calculator for due date/ conception date/ current week, Period calendar, Ovulation calculator for fertile-window, Chinese gender predictor (Is it a baby boy or girl?)

V. Construction Calculator
-Brick quantity calculator
-Concrete (Estimate sand, cement, gravel using different concrete mix)
-Wall plaster (Estimate sand, cement required for plastering)
-Flooring calculator for tiles/ vinyl sheets
-Wood Cft (Calculate lumber volume in cubic feet)
-Area and Volume calculator
-Land area calculator

VI. Miscellaneous calculators classified under Home & lifestyle
-Age calculator
-Date arithmetic (Add/ subtract days, weeks, months from a given date)
-Days countdown
-Date interval (Count days, weeks, months between two dates)
-Fuel economy/ mileage
-Trip fuel cost/ fuel consumption
-Appliance energy consumption
-Zodiac sign, Chinese zodiac sign, Lunar month, Lunar age, Dog age, Cat age

VII. Unit Converters
-Supports Temperature, Distance, Area, Volume, Weight, Time, Speed, Accelaration, Plane angle, Density, Volume flow and Pace units.

VIII. Other Conversions
-Height (Convert feet-inch to cm and vice versa), Ah to kWh, kWh to Ah, Number base, Data storage and Data rate units

IX. 4-Function Calculator
-A basic calculator with percentage to add/ subtract/ multiply/ divide numbers with check (CHK) button.
-RPN mode is not supported. Use the percentage calculations in algebraic form e.g., 600 + 15%

Have feedback? Leave us a review or get in touch with us through the developer email or by using 'contact us' form on http://everydaycalculation.com/

*If you are from India and you don't have a credit card, you can get a gift card from select stores online for making purchases in play store. Please check this link: http://play.google.com/intl/en_in/about/giftcards/

This app has no advertisements

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