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Matte Zoopers v1.4

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Matte Zoopers v1.4
Requirements: 4.0.3 +
Overview: For Zooper Widget Pro


After getting installed if you get fonts error, just open Matte Zoopers app and press install iconsets option it will automatically fix the errors you facing with fonts and weather. 
Please don't give bad reviews without informing me your problem. 
please don't hesitate to mail me if any problem occurs..feel free. 

You must have Zooper Widgets Pro installed to use this skin. 
If you have problems with widgets not appearing please email me 
this pack contains 10 widgets with 10 different material style colours so total of 100 widgets. 

zooper widget
apex launcher or nova, but mine is apex 
Media Utilities (Make sure zooper widget is enabled in Media Utilities Settings Make Cover-Art Available and circle or rectangle in option as per your widget, attempt direct control)

apex or nova settings:. 
No margins 
no shadows 
grid 8*6


20 new material style widgets added.

This app has no advertisements

Download Instructions:

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      Boekt Icon Pack v1.4
      Requirements: 4.0.3 and up
      Overview: *This is not standalone app! You need a compatible launcher

      1. 700+ icons inspired by material design
      2. 1080 x 1920 px cloud-based wallpaper 
      3. XXXHDPI Icon 192x192 px
      4. Support 26++ launchers
      5. See & Search all icons
      6. Smart Icon Request
      7. Support Muzei
      8. Support main dinamic calendar
      9. Help section, contains FAQs with search function
      10. Report bugs
      11. Show/Hide launcher icon from app drawer
      12. etc
      Support 26 or more major Launchers:
      Apply via launcher/theme setting: Xperia Home, EverythingMe, Arrow Launcher, Themer, Hola, Launchy Widget, Trebuchet, Unicon, and may be more that have icon pack support
      Big Thanks for Support me
      My Team
      Thank You
      WHAT'S NEW
      Added 20+ more icons
      fix some icons
      fix major bugs
      This app has no advertisements
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    • By KSCT
      A2K Presets for Kustom / KLWP vversion
      Requirements: 4.4+
      Overview: This is not a stand alone application, download Kustom Live Wallpaper and its pro key before use.

      What you need:
      1. Kustom Live Wallpaper (KLWP) and its Pro key, available for download here in playstore
      2. Compatible launcher that supported by KLWP, Nova launcher is recommended, always turn the dock in launcher off
      3. Kustom Icon Plugin, available in playstore, so we can use icon pack image in KLWP
      4. Download A2K presets
      5. Open your KLWP editor, choose menu icon on top left, then load preset
      6. Look inside "installed" section, find A2K, then choose your preset selection
      7. Press disc icon / save on top right, then select it as wallpaper, tick any needed notifications
      8. Always check "globals" section in KLWP editor to set any preset in A2K as you need
      9. Depends on the preset used, but it is a good idea to keep your homescreen clean from widget or icon since they will be on top of the KLWP
      10. Check this video to guide you through setting A2K preset:
      New presets with be added regularly, some old presets will be removed to keep the apk size manageable, all removed presets will be available free in AH Kollection, we can download it from playstore.
      Suggestions are very welcome, contact me via email with any issues prior to rating.
      Visit our Gplus community for more:
      or my personal page:
      Presets removed eventually to keep app size manageable can be found and downloaded here
      Special credits to:
      Christopher Rogers for Kcal
      Jonathan Seymour for Kustom Map
      WHAT'S NEW
      WHAT'S NEW
      - 116 added
      - 064 removed
      This app has no advertisements
      More Info:
      Download Instructions: 
    • By KSCT
      S8 for KWGT v1.1
      Requirements: 4.4 and up
      Overview: This app requires KWGT PRO
      You can download it here:

      For a perfect result download S8 for KWGT Fonts -, unzip an put the files to kustom/fonts folder, you can use any file manager.
      This app includes: 
      - Various weather and clock styles based on lastest devices 
      - Google search bar with social app launcher and notification counter
      Support for both °C and °F, 12h and 24h.
      How to Install widgets: 
      - Long press and hold on home screen and tap "widgets" 
      - Add a kwgt widget to home screen 
      - Adjust the size if it isn't correct 
      - Tap it and go to "installed" and select widget from S8 for KWGT
      Customization through Globals: 
      -Date format
      -Mode (black, white, automatic night mode)
      -Colors (supported alpha) 
      -Align (left, center, right) 
      -Social apps on google bar (hidden, only notification, pinned) 
      You can setup your app to launch when tapping elements in "shortcuts" section
      If the widget is not rightly sized use the scaling percentage on KWGT layer.
      Widgets will be added over time.
      If KWGT is stuck (also minutes do not update):
      Please ensure that nothing prevents Kustom service to run in the background, for example some tool might not allow processes to run as services (like Greenify, Purify or Samsung's Smart Management), please ensure that you properly whitelist Kustom from those.
      Thank you for the support!
      WHAT'S NEW
      Polar Dashboard
      Name and app icon
      This app has no advertisements
      More Info:
      Download Instructions:
    • By KSCT
      PixBit - Icon Pack v1.2
      Requirements: 4.2 and up
      Overview: This icon pack is made by Vukašin Anđelković.

      • 1000 icons included.
      • Support for 12 launchers
      (Action Launcher, Nova Launcher, Apex Launcher, Atom Launcher, Aviate Launcher, Go Launcher, KK Launcher, Next Launcher, Solo Launcher, Smart Launcher, LG Home, ADW Launcher.)
      • CyanogenMod Theme engine supported
      • 10+ Wallpapers
      • Polar Material Design dashboard
      • Muzei Support
      Widgets in screenshots are Wafer for Zooper Pro.
      Useful Information:
      Theme Engine:
      All icons are made in the highest definition available for Android devices (so far). So they should look clean and sharp.
      Alternative icons:
      If you wish to use an alternative icon for a specific app, you can do so by holding down the specific icon, this will bring up a small popup allowing you to edit the icon and the name. From there, select the icon, this will show another popup then select PixBit Prime and choose your preferred icon.
      Bad icons?
      If you find some icons which aren't appealing, please join the beta community and let me know instead if giving a bad rating. Links can be found in the description.
      Google Now Launcher and Pixel Launcher?!
      Google Now Launcher and Pixel Launcher are stock launchers and they do not support icon packs.
      For more info and support contact me via email or follow Google+ community. Also dont forget to follow me on my Google+ profile!
      Google+ Profile:
      WHAT'S NEW
      Version 1.2
      • 35 new icons.
      • Activity fixes.
      • Icon mask slightly changed to look better.
      This app has no advertisements
      More Info:
      Download Instructions:
    • By KSCT
      Origin Icon Pack (Android O) v1.1
      Requirements: 4.0.3 and up
      Overview: Welcome To Origin
      Origin is a colorful round icon pack inspired by the latest iteration preview of Android O.

      • Over 125+ icons and there's more on the way...
      • Color variants for some icons 
      • Cloud-based wallpapers
      • Support for many launchers
      • Icons will be added frequently
      • Polar Dashboard app by Aidan Follestad
      Action, ADW, ADW EX, Apex, Atom, Aviate, CM theme engine, GO, Holo, Holo HD, Inspire, KK, L, LG, Lucid, Mini, Next, Nova, S, Smart, Smart Pro, Solo, TSF, Unicon, Xperia, Yandex and more.
      Google Now/Pixel Launcher?!
      Google Now Launcher & Pixel Launcher does NOT support icon packs, please do not contact us regarding this matter. There's currently no possible way for us to support a launcher that does not support icon packs.
      CM Theme Engine?!
      If you have used the CyanogenMod Theme Engine to apply the icon pack, you will not be able to select alternative icons as this is a feature which needs to be added to CM Themes itself as it does not support individual icon editing options. You will have to install a launcher which allows you to edit icons.
      What's the Resolution?
      All icons are made in the highest definition available for Android devices (so far). So they should look clean and clear.
      How to edit Alternative Icons?
      Hold down the specific icon, this will bring up a small popup allowing you to edit the icon and the name. From there, select the icon, this will show another popup then select Origin and choose your preferred icon.
      Please note that a supported launcher is required to apply Origin icons. Nova Launcher is recommended for the best experience. For further assistance feel free to send us an email.
      Before you give a bad rating, please ask for our help and we will try our best to fix it.
      Have an idea or suggestions? Mail us: [email protected]
      Do check us out:
      DeviantArt :
      If you liked Origin, do leave a review.
      WHAT'S NEW
      Changelog within the app.
      This app has no advertisements
      More Info:
      Download Instructions:
    • By KSCT
      Tabloid Icon v2.4.0
      Requirements: 4.0 and up
      Overview: "Every icons created with precise detailing and the color palette just won't hurt your eyes"

      • 4000+ Custom Icons, 6 dynamic calendar icons, icon back, icon mask
      • Compatible with Multi Launcher
      • XXXHDPI Icon 256 px
      • Vector Graphics, Every Icons made Manually based on Vector
      • 66 Quad HD cloud based Wallpapers
      • Frequent Updates
      • Apply, 22 Launcher Cards, 13 Direct Apply, 6 Manual
      • See & Search All Icons Included with Icon Name
      • Smart Icon Request
      • Cloud Based Wallpaper Picker
      • Image Picker, Attach Icon from Dashboard App as an Image to Email, Hangouts, etc or Even Use it to Create Zooper Widget
      • Help, Contains FAQs
      • Nova Launcher (Prime): 115%
      • Apex Launcher: 115%
      • Go Launcher: Big
      *** Go Launcher users! Icon Masking isn't supported by Go, So unthemed icons have a circle covering them.
      *** To Fix them : Going to Preferences > Visual Settings > Under Icons, uncheck 'Show Icon Base'
      *** LG Home may working unstable for some device. If you're not sure DON'T PURCHASE! No refund for this reason!
      Support 22 major Launchers:

      Action Pro
      Holo HD
      TSF Shell
      LG Home (read issue for this launcher above)
      CM Theme Engine
      Launchy Widget
      And may be more that have icon pack support
      Special Thanks:
      - Dani Mahardika a.k.a daeva112 who provided the material dashboard
      - Some wallpapers resource credit to
      WHAT'S NEW
      Version 2.4.0
      - Added 180 icons
      - Redesigned some icons
      - license check enable, If you have problem with dashboard after update, try to uninstalled, then reinstalled it
      - Removed many icons that potentially violating Google Policy
      This app has no advertisements
      More Info:
      Download Instructions:
    • By KSCT
      Cikukua Icon Pack v2.0.2
      Requirements: 4.0+
      Overview: Icons Cikukua is made manually drawn based on Google's Material Design. Every icons drawn carefully with mix 3 primary color palette, will change your device so preferential!

      1. 500+ icons (and growing)
      2. Cloud-based wallpaper for direct access to newest wallpaper
      3. XXXHDPI Icon 192x192 px
      4. Manually vector graphic processing icons
      5. Support Muzei
      6. Smart Icon Request
      7. etc
      Support 28 or more major Launchers:
      Direct Apply: L, Lucid, GO, Next, Apex, Action Pro, Nova, ADW, Holo, Holo HD, Aviate, Smart (read issue for this launcher below), Mini, KK, Solo, Epic, Inspire, Nine, Atom, Nemus, S, LG Home (read issue for this launcher below), CM Theme Engine.
      WHAT'S NEW
      - Added 60 New Icons
      - 1 Icon Redesign
      - 1 Icon Game Alternate
      - Added Many Activity
      This app has no advertisements
      More Info:
      Download Instructions:
    • By KSCT
      Minimalist - Icon Pack v1.0.4
      Requirements: 4.0.3 and up
      Overview: Complement your mobile screen with exclusive Minimal Icons. Each icon is a real masterpiece and designed in order to create a perfect minimal look. Minimalist Icon Pack have been designed with a Perfect blend of creativity with simplicity enhancing your mobile experience.

      And do you know? 
      An average user checks their device more than a 50 times in a day. make each time a real pleasure with this Minimalist Icon pack.
      There's always something new:
      Minimalist Icon pack is still new. This explains why there aren't a lot of icons present at this very moment.but I can assure you to add lot more icons in every weekly update.
      • Icon Pack with 675+ icons. (Just born, a lot more icons coming)
      • Eye-Pleasing Pastel Color
      • Category-based Icons Grid
      • 25 Unique & Supreme collection of wallpapers for your screen. (more wallpapers will be added)
      • Icon preview and search.
      • Slick Material Dashboard.
      • Custom folder icons
      • Custom app drawer icons.
      • Easy Icon Request
      • FAQ section with search option
      • Suppport Muzei Live Wallpaper
      • A supported launcher is required to use this icon pack! 
      • FAQ section inside the app which answers a lot of questions you may have.Please read it before you emailing your question. 
      Icon Pack Supported Launchers 
      Action • ADW • Apex • Atom • Aviate • CM Theme Engine • GO • Holo • Holo Launcher HD • iTop,KK Launcher • LG Home • Lucid • M Launcher • Mini • MN • New Launcher • Next,Nougat • Nova • S Launcher • Smart • Solo • V Launcher • ZenUI • Zero • ABC
      Icon Pack Supported Launchers not Included in Apply Section
      Arrow • Evie • ASAP • cobo • Line • Mesh • Peek • Z Launcher • Launch by Quixey
      This icon pack has been tested, and it works with these launchers. However, it may also work with others too.In case you do not found an apply section in dashboard. You can apply icon pack from a theme setting.
      Extra Notes
      • Google Now Launcher do not support any icon packs. 
      • Missing an Icon? feel free to send me an icon request and I will try to update this pack with your requests.
      Email : [email protected]
      • Dani Mahardhika for providing a great dashboard.
      WHAT'S NEW
      Thankyou for your love and support
      • 200+ New Icons added
      • Many Icons updated
      • More Icons are coming in a next update
      This app has no advertisements
      More Info:
      Download Instructions:
    • By KSCT
      Elixir v2.2
      Requirements: 4.1+
      Overview: •Elixir icons have been designed from the ground up using unique colors and with very beautiful details to match with every icon.I start this theme on ios months ago and now that is ready for both platforms i want to release it to everyone.

      Many will say that the price is high but the thing is that those who say that doesn't know what or how much time need to make such icons with so many details so please those who think this way do not rate it i need just constructive opinions from those who do appreciate the work or my work.
      •Now what you get when you purchase Elixir:
      •Over 630+ Beautiful icons and more will be added on next updates
      •2 Kustom Live Wallpapers made by me(one simple touch KLWP and one with animation)
      •1 Kustom Widget
      •3 Zooper Widgets
      •8 wallpapers
      •Cloud-Base Wallpaper Picker
      •16 folders
      •Dynamic Calendar Support even for Google Calendar
      •many alts icons
      •more to be added on future updates
      Supported Launchers:
      •ADW, ADW EX, Apex, Atom, Aviate, GO, Holo, Holo ICS, KK, L,Lucid, Mini, Next, Nova, Smart, Smart Pro, TSF.It could work with more launchers like Action Launcher but i never try it.
      Connect with me:
      Google+ Profile
      Credits / Special Thanks:
      • Jahir Figuitiva for the IconShowcase material dashboard
      • JazmanUK for beta test
      • To all the ppl who support me on my others themes and to all my friends
      •To make this as clear as possible, for all those who request icons, you will have to send me a proof of purchase for Elixir, if you can't provide the proof of purchase then do not send icon requests also with this theme i have change the request icons meaning that you can request me 30 icons for free and in case you have more lets say 20 more beside the 30 that i make for free then you will have to make the donation inside the Elixir app and then send me the icons with the proof of your donation,reason for this is because many people think that i work for them and is not like that not to mention that such type of icons require more time to spend on.
      •For those who will want more icons the donations option will show into the Elixir app is the last option when you open the menu from left screen go there and with the arrow that you see chose the amount of icons you want and press donate after you donate go and select the icons and send them to me also again with an proof of your donation as well.
      WHAT'S NEW
      -fix small bugs
      -add a few more icons
      This app has no advertisements
      More Info:
      Download Instructions: