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Glimmer (luminous alarm clock) Premium v2.0.9

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Glimmer (luminous alarm clock) Premium v2.0.9
Requirements: 4.0 and up
Overview:  This gorgeous software softly wakes you up. It turns on the screen 30 mins before the alarm with the darkest screen and increases slowly the brightness.


This gorgeous software softly wakes you up. It turns on the screen 30 mins before the alarm with the darkest screen and increases slowly the brightness.
--- /!\ All the features of this software are usable, but an in app purchase allows you to customize everything ! (From only 1€) ---

In the middle of the process it can play birds sound, and if you didn’t wake up 1 minute after alarm time, it plays a strong sound to be sure you don’t miss. It also let the phone check the emails by turning the notification sound off and internet on. So when you wake up, you don’t have to wait to know what’s new :)

If you sleep in a dark room it really wakes you up with the light, and if the phone points at you, your wife doesn’t wake up !

One more thing: This alarmclock is able to turn your phone in a "night mode" the evening, and turn back in day mode the morning. And so it shuts down the notification sound, internet, lower the brightness...

***FOR ANY BUG, PLEASE SEND ME A "BUG REPORT" (menu/bug report). THANK YOU !!***

For those who care, here is the explanation of the authorizations:

The app open the flash in torch mode at end of the alarm to add light on your room.
To access the camera flash, I need to ask access to all the camera module.
But... I never take any picture.

I record data about app crash when it occurs. Then, you have choice to send it to me or not by email.

In night mode, the app lower the brightness, mute sounds, turn off, wifi, turn of sync (to not have email notification)

The alarm has a duration of 30 minutes. The screen has to stay open.

When you boot your phone, the app is activated and setup the next alarm time.


New translations !
Sorry for the bug of yesterday. It's corrected now :)
Here is a NEW interface inspired from Material Design
Promotion for appGratis
Promotion for appOfTheDay
New alarm theme : snow montains !
A critical bugfix that may affect alarms
Minor bugfixes
New alarm theme : forest.
Bugfixes and translations !
Ability to be notified when it's time to sleep, based on your sleep cycles :)
New interface, cleaner and minimalistic.

This app has no advertisements

More Info:

Download Instructions: Premium features unlocked

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      aCalendar+ is the premium version of aCalendar - please try the free calendar app aCalendar first!
      EXTRA FEATURES (aCalendar+ or as In-App-Purchase)
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      Easy Rise Alarm Clock PRO v2.0.8 [Unlocked]
      Requirements: 4.0+
      Overview: Easy rise alarm clock gently takes you from a deep sleep to awake and alert every morning. 

      Easy rise alarm clock gently takes you from a deep sleep to awake and alert every morning.
      A gentle combination of guided visualisation, stretching and breathing techniques, relaxing sound effects and inspiring music leaves you calm, refreshed and inspired for the day ahead.
      Each meditation alarm is tailored to your personality making it as effective as possible
      A soothing voice and peaceful sounds means you gradually wake up gently each morning.
      Tranquil sound effects incorporated into the meditations enhance your visualisation and the effectiveness of the app.
      Easy rise alarm clock can also be used as a night stand clock which gently changes into beautiful inspiring imagery when it is time to wake up.
      Include your own music after the guided meditation to inspire you out of bed once you are fully awake. Choose more than one track and the shuffle feature means every morning is different.
      Unlock affirmation packs to incorporate into your morning meditation. Choose from:
      Inspired for Weight Loss
      Anxiety Free
      Download Easy Rise Alarm Clock and enjoy an inspirational way of waking up.
       What's New
      Fixed bug where some users songs failed to play at the end of the meditation alarm.
      Minor changes to make alarm clock more stable
      If you have any idea for a new meditation please let us know by leaving a review.
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      Early Bird Alarm Clock v4.3.1 [Pro]
      Requirements: 4.2 and up
      Overview: Early Bird Alarm Clock is faithful to the basics of Alarm Clock. It is simple but not cheap.

      ✔ Various themes
      You can set a beautiful theme for your personality.
      ✔ Select alarm date for shift worker
      Complete schedule such as day-night-off-holiday will be okay!
      ✔ No more same alarm sound everyday!
      It prevents you from sleeping due to familiar alarm sound!
      It uses different alarm sound randomly.
      ✔ Use various alarm stop method in combination!
      Combination of QR code, voice recognition, and trace and write force you to get up.
      ✔ Weather forecast
      Do you check the weather forecast every morning?
      Early bird shows the weather forecast on notification screen!
      ✔ Today's events
      If alarm is turned on, it lets you know the weather and events to plan today.
      ✔ Talking clock
      Early Bird Alarm Clock says current time during alarm firing.

      It is needed to set custom ringtones in your external storage.
      It is needed to dismiss a alarm by taking a QR code.
      It is needed to dismiss a alarm by voice recognition.
      It is need to show a current weather in your location.
      It is need to show events in your calendar.
       What's New
      * Italiano support
      * Bugs were fixed
      ● Pro features Unlocked
        ● Analytics Disabled
      This app has no advertisements
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      Silence Premium Do Not Disturb v2.15a
      Requirements: 6.0+
      Overview: If you forget to mute your phone and calls rings or notifications chime during important meetings or wakes you up at night, then this Do Not Disturb app (DND) is for you. Enable Calendar and Night mode, and forget about having to play with volume control to silence your phone. 

      Several features set this app apart from others in the category. This application was written with security in mind. As such, it requires just a few permissions to read user's contacts, calendar and to send and receive SMS. Most other apps require network permissions, and some need access to SD storage, which allows them to transfer any of the personal data from the phone unnoticed. This app can't do that, so you can rest assured that your personal data is safe.
      This app offers a lot more than Do Not Disturb Mode on the iPhone or Samsung’s Blocking Mode:
      * It can silence the phone for the night and/or during office hour, meetings or calendar appointments
      * Instant silent mode timer can be started with just 1 click
      * It can keep the phone on silent + vibrate all day and go completely silent for the night
      * It mutes phone calls and all audible notifications during quiet time, except alarms
      * Day and night time schedule can be programmed separately for each day of the week
      * Calendar selection is configurable, and only Busy events are muted
      * SMS and call exceptions are supported while the phone is muted
      * You can allow separate groups of contacts to ring at night and/or during the day
      * Enable Emergency mode to let repeated calls from the same number ring
      * Use No Exceptions mode to block calls from allowed contacts for the duration of an important meeting
      * Use Respond via SMS to let the caller know to call back again if it's urgent
      * Optionally disable Bluetooth handsfree during quiet time
      * Cancel mute when you wake up early or the meeting ends early
      Certain Samsung phones have issues with vibrate mode. If your phone doesn't vibrate when you enable vibration in this Do Not Disturb app, change vibration settings in your phone's system settings/sounds menu.
      Note that if you have a task killer/booster type of app installed on your device, add this Do Not Disturb app to the list of exceptions. Also, make sure you don't have other apps that manipulate the speaker running at the same time.
      This app has no advertisements
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      Turbo Alarm - Alarm Clock Free v3.5.4
      Requirements: 4.0.3+
      Overview: The Swiss army knife of alarms. Powerful, elegant, user-friendly.

      Turbo Alarm is totally FREE and AD-FREE. It is an ultra customizable alarm clock with tons of options and configurations which wakes you up the way best fix to you because it can be adapted to almost all kind of users. 
      Turbo Alarm is the only alarm clock that can be stopped by turning on the light of your bedroom. But it has many other features:
      ★ Choose a folder with songs or your playlist as a tone and a different song will be played each day.
      ★ When you set the alarm Turbo Alarm shows the weather forecast for the time when the alarm rings. 
      ★ Mini game to stop alarm definitely. 
      ★ Security Alarm which rings again if you still are at home.
      ★ ¿Do you want to wake up little by little? Then, select incremental volume and the time to reach the maximum.
      ★ Select the way the device vibrate when the alarm rings: relaxed, normal, rapidly or none. 
      ★ You can choose the way to finish or snooze the alarm: switching the room light on, shaking the device, drawing a square or triangle, sliding a bar, long press, short press or just a big or a small button.
      ★ Simulate the sunrise in your bedroom with your favorite color.
      ★ Decremental snooze interval.
      ★ Widget with list of active alarms.
      ★ Dashclock extension (4.2+).
      ★ You can limit max snooze times.
      ★ Night clock with auto mute notifications.
      ★ Skip any day of the week (with a long press on the day). You will never forget to reactivate the alarm again.
      ★ Security alarm which rings again if you do not leave home in time.
      ★ Give a name to the alarms to remind you some events.
      ★ Anti-sleepyhead mode to wake you up even those days you are really tired.
      ★ Customizable background image.
      ★ Google Now integration.
      ★ Sleepbot integration (basic integration).
      ★ Tasker integration.
      WHAT'S NEW
      Security alarm now will ring if the GPS is not active but it will not be deactivate automatically by leaving home.
      Fix on-hour-before notification problem.
      Turbo Alarm requests to be removed from Optimizations to be more exact.
      Adaptation to new large screens (Samsung S8, ...)
      This app has no advertisements
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      DigiCal Calendar Agenda PRO v1.8.1d [Unlocked]
      Requirements: 2.3.3 and up
      Overview: Experience the most stylish Android calendar with 6 powerful calendar views and 6 beautiful (lock screen) widgets. Now with weather forecast!

      Our diary planner and organizer offers multiple calendar views, stylish calendar widgets and integrated worldwide weather forecast for quick and efficient scheduling on your phone and tablet!
      Join our beta group to be one of the first to test our latest updates. (_
      ★ “Favorite of The Next Web: 12 Best Calendar Apps for Android” & “It walks a good line between functionality and appearance.” – The Next Web
      ★ “DigiCal is one of the most flexible, customizable calendars we’ve used.” – Lifehacker

      DigiCal’s diary planner and organizer provides a clear and beautiful overview for your events and appointments.
      • Conveniently switch between 7 calendar views (day, week, week agenda, month calendar, text month, year and list view in portrait and landscape mode).
      • The slick dark theme allows for better visibility in low-light settings and night mode.
      • Event keyword image matching available in all 27 languages!
      • 6 highly customizable widgets with different theme styles and views: (FREE: list, day, day list, day grid widgets; PREMIUM: 2 extra widgets –text month and month calendar widget)
      • Intuitive navigation between days, weeks and months with zoomable day and week view.
      • Syncs across all devices and with all calendar servers that are supported on Android such as Google Calendar, and Exchange,
      • For extra privacy, you can create local calendars that are not synchronized and is only accessible on your local device, 
      • Seamless event color sync with Google Calendar or choose DigiCal's pre-set colors for your events,
      • Combined date & time picker for faster scheduling,
      • Easily schedule an event across multiple time zones with date and time display in both local and foreign time zone,
      • Faster address entry with Google Places Autocomplete,
      • Instantly plan and reschedule with the cut, copy, paste function,
      • Easily share events with friends and family,
      • Manage invitations with RSVP and reply to organizer or all guests of an event,
      • FREE 3-day local and worldwide weather outlook in all calendar views and widgets,
      • Pop-up notifications with quick action buttons for snooze, map and navigation,
      • Available in 27 languages.
      ❤ We are a small and independent app developer dedicated to bringing you the best scheduling experience. Show us some love by upgrading to DigiCal+ to support future development.
      ✪ Upgrade to DigiCal+ to get additional features:
      ★ No ads
      ★ 2 extra widgets: Beautiful month and month calendar widget
      ★ Calendar selection: Select which calendars to display on your widgets
      ★ Extra calendar widget theme styles and font size pre-sets
      ★ Personalize background colors and transparency using the calendar widget color picker
      ★ Customize text size, style and colors in the calendar widgets
      ★ 42 theme colors to customize the calendar views 
      ★ Year view with heat map for spotting free/busy periods
      ★ Hide week numbers in calendar views
      ★ Change font type and size in calendar views
      ★ Custom snooze options
      ☁ Subscribe to our premium weather forecast (yearly subscription, in-app purchase) for additional weather details:
      - Extended 15-day weather outlook.
      - Interactive temperature and precipitation graph.
      - Manage and save your favorite locations for quick weather location access.
      ⚽ Subscribe to our public calendars using our calendar catalog!
      Don't miss out on another holiday, sports event or favorite TV show again.
      ☎ Do you need help or want to share your feedback with us? Feel free to contact us via _
      ☺ For tutorials and FAQ, please visit our support page: _
      � The read contacts permission is required for inviting guests, as without it, we cannot provide auto completion for email or guest names, nor display their profile images in events with invitations.”
      � For more information, please visit: _
      WHAT'S NEW
      Manage all your calendars (Google Calendar, Outlook & Exchange) with DigiCal Calendar.
      New in 1.8.1:
      • Fixed numeric time picker option not working
      • Updated Google Places search for API changes, fixes searching for certain cities
      • Updated timezone database to 2016h
      • Workaround issue with Letv / LeEco devices
      • 1.8.1d: Added languages: Slovenščina, Български
      • 1.8.1d: Workaround Android-N bug for certain languages with complex rules, like zh-TW
      This app has NO advertisements
      More Info:
      Download Instructions: PRO Features Unlocked | No Key Needed | No Google MOD Needed
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      Alarm Plus Millenium v5.2
      Requirements: 2.3+
      Overview: Alarm Plus Millenium is more than an alarm clock; it includes four wonderful apps in a one:

      ★ Alarm clock with a professional stopwatch and unlimited timers for your daily needs.
      ★ Tasks & To-do list manager.
      ★ Contacts manager that allows you to contact them but also to not miss their birthdays.
      ★ Relaxing music player for smooth sleep with the gradual reducing volume.
      1 \ Alarm clock + Stopwatch + Timer:
      Alarm Plus Millenium includes the same alarm clock + Stopwatch + Timer as the free version without ads and with ability to skip next alarm up to one week.
      2 \ Tasks:
      With Alarm Plus Millenium , you can add tasks by a very interactive way:
      ★ Set up a task with your voice just by dictating the word task and the time.
      ★ Dictate the task to do.
      ★ Select whether the task is for a precise date and time or within a certain time.
      ★ Select the repetition frequency of the task.
      ★ Define and activate a default task profile.
      ★ See the scheduled tasks in a chronological order...
      3 \ Contacts:
      Alarm Plus Millenium offers you a personalized management of your contacts with their birthdays, you can:
      ★ Add or import your contacts (name, phone number, Email).
      ★ Add a picture for each contact.
      ★ Add the date of birth to be notified for every birthday.
      ★ Call the contact at any time or send him/her an SMS or Email.
      ★ Send an automatic and personalized SMS or Email after birthday notification...
      4 \ Sleep & Relaxation:
      Alarm Plus Millenium offers a valuable Android tool to relax during a nap or to help you fall asleep with a very relaxing music, you can:
      ★ Choose a sound of nature and a relaxing music.
      ★ Select the duration of playback.
      ★ Adjust the volume of the music player.
      ★ Enable the gradual reduction of volume for a smooth transition to the deep sleep.
      The Millenium Alarm Plus interface is fully customizable, you can choose the background color style as well as the title bar color.
      **Warning ** do not stop the application with a task killer, because it deletes all your alarms and notifications.
      For more information, questions or issues, please visit our website or email us.
      Website :
      Email: [email protected]
      WHAT'S NEW
      - Unlimited redesigned timers with new widgets.
      - Google Drive backup.
      - Important improvements.
      Notice: Please make sure that your battery saver or task killer apps will not prevent alarms from working.
      This app has no advertisements
      More Info:
      Download Instructions:
    • By APK
      My Rotation v1.0.1
      Requirements: 5.0 and up 
      Overview: Ultra user friendly calendar mobile APP for individuals who work a regular rotation.

      Oilfield, construction, mining and marine workers to name a few will greatly appreciate this clever little APP.
      Just enter the number of days on duty and the number of days off duty to suit your schedule and the APP will automatically display your rotation for the next and past 5 years enabling incredibly convenient access to current, future and past work schedules.
      Change and save schedules at any time. Save co-workers and other family members schedules.
      Tap on any date to add a note in that date. Delete a note by deleting it's contents.
      Extremely useful for workers, their families and friends to track work schedules. No more guessing or fumbling through a calendar, adding up days for example to figure out if you will be home for a special event, holiday, vacation etc....
      Managers, HR and payroll personnel will also find this APP extremely useful for keeping track of workers schedules.
       What's New
      - Minor bug fixes.

      This app has no advertisements
      More Info:
      Download Instructions:
    • By APK
      Nano Timer Pro v1.0.2
      Requirements: 2.2 and up
      Overview: Nano Timer is a Rubik's Cube timer app developed for speedcubers.

      Get this timer on your device to solve cubes anywhere and anytime while keeping track of your progression, your averages, your best times, and a lot more.

      Nano Timer Pro unlocks the following features:
      • Times export/import
      • Graphs: progression and frequency (solves count over time)
      • Manual times creation
      • Previous sessions details visualization
      • No ads

      Free features:
      • Scramble generation for many cube types (new "random-state" scrambles for 3x3x3 and 2x2x2)
      • History tracking
      • Customizable inspection timer
      • Easy access to functionalities like +2 and DNF
      • Scrambles saving
      • New "Solve type" functionality allowing you to have a separate history for a same cube type
      • Define your own solve types to perfectly suit your needs and solve one-handed or even blindfolded without affecting your normal averages
      • Multiple-steps timer to see where you are spending most of your time, allowing you to know where you should focus your practice
      • Special blind solve type with blind-specific fields like success rate, last/best Mo3 and average of successes
      • Keep track of your averages, your best times, and your best averages

      All of this in an easy to use and good-looking timer.
      Give a new breath to your Rubik's cube solves and start improving like never before with Nano Timer!
      This app has no advertisements
      More Info:
      Download Instructions:
    • By APK
      SureFire Alarm Clock Plus v2.246p [Patched]
      Requirements: Varies with device 
      Overview: features such as internet radio, game and math wake challenges, music player with sleep timer, a great library of built-in alarm tones and ambient sounds, or use your own music. SureFire is also the only alarm clock with the Wake Assure System - keep reading for more on this finely tuned alarm clock!

      SureFire Alarm Clock "Plus" version has everything in the free version, with the addition of four great visual themes, 12 new alarm tones, three new ambient tones, INTERNET RADIO, and up to 12 alarms instead of 8. No in-app purchases, no nags - you get everything!
      .... Five cheat-proof wake challenges (games or math) to prove you are alert, including a unique test for reflexes, and even a physical test!
      .... Limits on snoozes
      .... Unobtrusive warnings of use of un-safe settings such as low alarm volume, use of tones on SD-card, too many snoozes allowed, and 9 others
      .... Bug-free and stable system honed by advanced error-logging and unprecedented beta-testing
      .... If a tone will not play due to corrupted files or SD card, a loud alarm is played as backup - as opposed to most other alarms which would play nothing at all!
      .... Coded using redundant systems for triggering alarm, reducing the chance of system failure
      .... Optional task bar icon shows that SureFire Alarm Clock is running and has not been killed by task-killers
      .... Simple interface designed to avoid confusion
      Other unique features include:
      .... Awesome built-in library of 15 unique alarm tones and 15 soothing ambient tones, or use your own music
      .... Four alarm types includes Quick Alarm to set alarm for naps and such in only three clicks
      .... Quick Alarm is perfect to use as an oven timer
      .... Sleep Music fades music out slowly after a set time - set with only two clicks! Quicker than turning on a radio!
      .... Options for snooze limits and progressively shorter snooze times
      .... Pre-alarm - play from built-in library of ambient sounds, or music from SD card, with many options including slow fade-in, and playing pre-alarm between snoozes. Makes your wake gentle (if you want it!)
      .... Multiple vibrate pulses
      .... Optional alarm time limits, so an alarm that rings while your device is in your car won't kill your battery!
      .... Cheat-proof wake challenges each have five difficulty and three length settings
      .... Wake challenges include:
      ........ Addition (cheat-proof, unlike some other alarm clocks)
      ........ Equation (for math wizzes)
      ........ The time-tested "memory" challenge
      ........ A reflex testing challenge for a true measure of alertness
      ....... A shake-to-wake challenge that can give you a real work-out on the highest difficult settings! Works with a shake or a flip
      .... Music from SD card can be chosen by Artist, Album, Genre, or Playlist
      You use an alarm clock every day, use one you can live with!
      Permissions Explained:
      .... Internet access - for reporting bugs
      .... Prevent phone from sleeping - to keep alarm playing as long as is required to wake you up
      .... Market license check - uses newer Android method to check that app is legitimate
      .... Control vibrator - for optional vibration during alarm
      .... Automatically start at boot - optionally starts automatically at boot
      .... Read external storage - required to use playlists from SD card for music
      Note that some versions of Android have a bug which effects looping audio clips, such as is used with ambient tones. If your ambient tones or alarm tones sound strange, go to "Settings" and turn "Android Looping Audio Bug Fix" to "On".
       What's New
      Can now use your ringtones for alarm tones.
      This app has no advertisements
      More Info:
      Download Instructions: