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Audify Notification Reader Premium v1.81 Proper

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Audify Notification Reader Premium v1.81 Proper
Requirements: 4.4+
Overview: Audify helps you to be informed about your notifications without any effort. It speaks out your notifications through your phone speaker or headset or via any connected bluetooth device and intelligently ignores the notifications that might annoy you.



Once Audify is enabled, It starts to work automatically as soon as you connect a wired or wireless headset/speaker and stops itself as soon as you disconnect your headset/speaker.

❤ Drive safely and let Audify take care of your notifications.
❤ Enjoy music without getting anxious about annoying notifications. Ignore the unwanted and only act when you
receive an important notification.
❤ Enable Audify OnSpeaker wherever you want and be informed about your notifications.
❤ Tons of options to customize as you like.
❤ Fully accessible via TalkBack


★ Mute annoying apps and enable only those apps you like.
★ Enable/Disable bluetooth device or wired headsets.
★ Privacy mode to skip notification content.
★ Intelligently avoids consecutive notifications from the the same app to avoid annoying burst of notifications from a specific app.
★ Enable Audify on phone speaker.


❤ Everyone hates the bugs. Isn't it? Sorry, for the back to back updates.
❤ Now Audify will mute all notification tones when it is running. Even of those that were considered as annoying and skipped by Audify.
❤ Upfront phone state permission request for marshmallow users.
❤ Android 5.0 bug fix for Audify AutoStart TimePicker. Thanks to @Ac_in_quest for reporting it.
❤ Crash fix for few devices when you unmute apps.
❤ Called ID announcement will not overlap the phone ringtone here after :D

This app has no advertisements

More Info:


Download Instructions:PREMIUM features Unlocked | Maps Location work | Analytics Disabled


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      - Android™ is a registered trademark of Google, Inc.
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      - Android O 8.0 Oreo launcher style drawer: vertical drawer with favorite apps section
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      - Lock desktop icon and layout
      - Launcher grid size option
      - Easy launcher screens edit mode
      - Launcher app icon size, icon label, color option
      - 10+ launcher search bar style option
      - Dock background customization
      - Android is a registered trademark of Google, Inc.
      - Oreo is a registered trademark of Nabisco, Inc.
      - O Launcher is an enhancement of Android O 8.0 Oreo launcher for Android 4.4+ devices, not official of Android O 8.0 Oreo launcher.
      If you think O Launcher is useful and have brought value to you , please rate us to encourage us, and recommend O Launcher to your friends, thanks a lot
       What's New
      1. Fix one major crash bug in drawer recent apps
      2. Add option to disable recent apps section (Prime)
      3. Fix battery saver issue in HuaWei devices
      This app has no advertisements
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      - Launcher app icon size, icon label, color option
      - 10+ launcher search bar style option
      - Launcher Dock background customization
      - P Launcher has Drawer background color option
      - Lock launcher desktop, prevent from getting mess by kids
      - Hide status bar
      - Android is a registered trademark of Google, Inc.
      - P Launcher is inspired by Android™ 9.0 Launcher, but it is not official Android™ 9.0 Launcher
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      What's New
      1. Optimize folder background
      2. Add option to disable recent apps section (Prime)
      3. Fix one major crash bug in drawer recent apps
      4. Fix battery saver issue in HuaWei devices
      This app has no advertisements
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      M Launcher Pro-Marshmallow 6.0 v1.4.9 [Paid]
      Requirements: 4.1 and up
      Overview: M Launcher Pro is designed to be a Smooth, Light, Simple Launcher, including native Android™ 6.0 Marshmallow launcher experience!

      M Launcher Pro keeps latest Android 6.0™ Marshmallow experience,and has many enhanced features.
      M Launcher Pro Features:
      1.App Drawer Style
      ·Android 6.0 Marshmallow Style Drawer: Vertical style, list apps bast on name,and with quick a-z sidebar,find and locate app quickly.
      ·Conventional Horizontal Drawer:If you're more accustomed to the original Lollipop drawer style, this will be your choice.
      ·A-Z List Drawer:Classify apps by letters on the left vertically,find app more convenient,easier to find at a glance.
      2.Icon Pack Theme - To make your phone more beautiful and personalized,M Launcher Pro support Icon pack, find and download your favorite icon packs on Google Play and Apply them in the launcher.
      3.Android 6.0 Marshmallow Style Widget Drawer - Classify widgets per app, and list them vertically, easy to find and add to the screen
      4.Hide Apps - Hide apps that you never use or do not want to show in your phone, make the app drawer cleaner and fresh, and protect your privacy
      5.Customize Desktop and App Drawer - Desktop and drawer grids,icon layout,size and color of app name and so on , these all can be customized to your liking
      6.Setting Folder - Alignment pattern, background, expanding animation and layout, just play new tricks on it.
      7.Edit Icon - Rename icon easily. Don't like the shortcut icons? it doesn't matter, you can edit and replace them freely.
      8.Simple Operation - Remove shortcuts,view app information and uninstall app quickly, management apps easily
      9.Other Small but Useful settings - For example, Whether to show the search bar and favorite apps, how wallpaper slides,quickly set the default launcher
      10.Smooth and Light - M Launcher Pro was highly optimized, save power and memory, Animation and Click Effects are very smooth
      11.Setting Dock - You can set the dock style,such as the shape,color,transparency,page number and so on,to make your dock more personalized.
      12.Support Unread Counts -Unread Counts has arrived,you will never miss your information again and also you can customize the style of the count badge!
      M Launcher Pro is based on the latest Android 6.0 Marshmallow, support for Android 4.1+ devices.
      Android is a trademark of Google Inc.
      This is the PRO version of M Launcher.comparing with M Launcher,M Launcher Pro has the following advantages:
      1.Smaller package size
      2.Without any ads
      3.Update in advance
      If you like M Launcher Pro, please RATE us and share M Launcher Pro to your friends,and also you can give us more suggests, and it will motive us working hard to make M Launcher Pro better and better.thanks!
      The Russian translation is provided by Yan Tsarakhov.
      The Croatian translation is provided by Josip Prekratic.
      The Spanish translation is provided by Bernabé Valdez Villarruel.
      The Italian translation is provided by Marco Giordanella.
      Thank you for your kind support and help!
      If you are not satisfied with the language translations in the launcher.We sincerely invite you to improve them.:-)
      Contact us:[email protected]
      What's New
      V1.4.9 Update
      Fix some bugs and improve some details from users.
      This app has no advertisements
      More Info:

      Download Instructions:
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      Navier HUD 3 v3.3.3 [Premium]
      Requirements: 4.2+
      Overview: Navier HUD is a navigation App designed to use for the HUD (Head-up display) and helps drivers put attention on the road when driving. The driving information is projected onto the windshield by reflecting the smartphone screen while putting the phone in front of the vehicle's windshield. 

      --- For Navier HUD 2 users ----------------
      Navier HUD 2, will have no further maintain, is replaced by 3, but you can download Navier HUD 3 for free from your order history or the below link, and no need to purchase Navier HUD3.
      Navier HUD 2 link : https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=idv.xunqun.navier.premium
      NOTE: Needs 3G connection when navigation
      NAVIER HUD – New navigation concept
      Navier HUD is a navigation App designed to use for the HUD (Head-up display) and helps drivers put attention on the road when driving. The driving information is projected onto the windshield by reflecting the smartphone screen while putting the phone in front of the vehicle's windshield.
      Navier HUD is an information provider for driving. It contains a customizable layout, which is able to put widgets they care and remove what they don't care. Navier HUD calculates the real-time information via the phone sensor, such as GPS and gyroscope. Meanwhile, Navier HUD supports to acquire the vehicle data from OBD2 Bluetooth adapter. Through the data from OBD2 protocol, the information, such as vehicle's speed, engine RPM, and engine coolant temperature can be shown through the interface and which is more accurate than the data from sensors of the smartphone.
      [Safer driving]
      Navier HUD (head-up display) projects navigational instructions on the windshield, effectively providing essential information to the driver without having to take your eyes off the road.
      [Turn-by-turn navigation]
      The navigational instructions are designed to be read clearly in HUD mode. Simple instructions and signals are the main goals here. Turn-by-turn speech instructions are supported (not all languages).
      [OBD2 support]
      You can acquire information via the OBD2 dongle on your car, such as the runtime speed, revs, and fuel level.
      [Usable for different vehicles]
      Navier HUD can be used for driving, biking, jogging... You can switch between HUD and normal mode for regular use on a phone holder.
      [Customize your layout]
      Navier HUD lets you create your own panel layout with parts like a compass, routin
       What's New
      - Fix the issue of OBD2 retrieve wrong data in some specific situation
      - The dashboard is able to enable the map in the background without setting a destination
      - You are able to clear the place history and location search history in settings
      - Shows the last 6 searched keywords in the "My Locations" card
      This app has NO advertisements
      More Info:

      Download Instructions: Premium features unlocked
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      Chronus Home & Lock Widget v9.2.2 Final [Mod Lite]
      Requirements: 4.2+
      Overview: Welcome to Chronus, a set of elegant Home & Lock screen Clock, Weather, News feed, Google Tasks, Stocks and Calendar widgets.

      As a flexible "Information" widget, Chronus is highly optimized in terms of CPU and data usage with the potential of replacing several other info widgets. Multiple Chronus widgets on the same device share the same back-end services and updates are batched. This makes the system use less battery while still providing the user with rich information. You can choose to use one or all of the features, those not used are completely disabled, using no CPU, data or battery.
      Please note:
      1) Details on the Permissions we use are available at http://goo.gl/EbMLmm
      2) If you use the Xposed framework to bypass Android Widget API's, things will break!
      3) Lock screen widgets are only supported on Android 4.x and with 3rd party lock screen apps on Android 5+
      Features (All versions):
      - Fully functional Flex, Flex (Analog), Clock+, Clock+ (Dash), Dash, News, Google Tasks and Weather Widgets
      - Highly customizable look and feel of almost all components
      - Weather panel with Yahoo!, OpenWeatherMap, Weather Underground, forecast.io and yr.no weather providers
      - Weather, Calendar and Tasks notifications
      - News Feed panel and built-in RSS sources, Pocket support and an Internal Article Reader
      - Calendar panel showing a scrollable list of upcoming events
      - Highlight upcoming calendar events with custom colors and font bolding
      - Backup and restore widget settings
      - Add any two (2) DashClock Extensions in the Flex and 'Dash' widgets
      - Built-in Gmail, Missed Calls, Calendar and Text Messages extensions
      - CyanogenMod Weather Provider support 
      keyword: cyanogenmodweatherprovider
      Features (Pro version, available via in-app purchase):
       - Video @ https://youtu.be/REE8xpUBKRI
      - Additional Widgets (Forecast, Calendar, Clock+ (Forecast) and Stocks)
      - Custom Tap actions for Clock, Weather and Calendar to launch apps or activities
      - Change Clock and Weather panel alignment
      - Change Analog clock style
      - Month-view Calendar style
      - Calendar and Event colors
      - Set Widget backgrounds
      - Additional News providers (Feedly, Twitter, Reddit)
      - Daydream screensaver
      - Add unlimited DashClock Extensions
      - Android Wear support
      - Chronus Wear watch with Google Fit counters and weather forecast
      While Danny Baumann, Jorge Ruesga and I wrote most of the widget, credit also goes to the many translators as well as other contributors such as Nicolai Ehemann and Matt Booth for the languages and features they have contributed.
      WHAT'S NEW
      - Google Drive backup crash
      - Wear: Config sync crash
      ★★★ MOD Lite ★★★
      Optimized graphics and cleaned resources for fast load;
      Removed support for Android Wear (wearable);
      Languages: En, Ru, Uk
      This app has no advertisements
      More Info:
      Download Instructions: 
      Add-ons Themes: Plex for Chronus 1.0 | Marshmallows Theme for Chronus 1.1 | 
      UX 4 Weather Icons for Chronus 1.0 | Bhadra 1.0 | Weezle icons HD for Chronus v1.5
    • By APK
      N Launcher Pro - Nougat 7.0 v1.5.1 [Patched]
      Requirements: 4.1+
      Overview: N Launcher is designed to be a Simple, Fast, Light Launcher, including native Android™ 7.0 Nougat launcher experience! N Launcher also keeps latest Android™ 6.0 Marshmallow experience,and has many enhanced features.

      N Launcher is designed to be a Simple, Fast, Light Launcher, including native Android™ 7.0 Nougat launcher experience!
      N Launcher also keeps latest Android™ 6.0 Marshmallow experience,and has many enhanced features.
      Features for Android™ N:
      Android 7.0 Nougat style Animation and Design.
      Android 7.0 Nougat Style Drawer, Vertical style, A-Z fast scrollbar.
      Android 7.0 Nougat Style for Widgets display.
      Also, we added some new features inspired from Pixel Launcher. We will add more cool features.
      Swipe up to access app drawer.
      Android 7.1 style for app drawer.
      Android 7.1 style for home indicators.
      Features for Android™ Oreo 8.0:
      Added Android 8.0 style folder.
      Added Android 8.0 style search bar.
      We will bring more features for Android O.
      Features for Customization:
      Support setting for desktop,icon layout,size and color of app name and so on.
      Support setting for App drawer.
      Support setting for Folder.
      Support Hide Apps.
      Features for Launcher Personalization:
      Support Edit Icon function.
      Support Icon Pack function.
      Support Wallpaper and Widget function.
      N Launcher is based on the latest Android 7.0 Nougat, support for Android 4.1+ devices.
      Android is a trademark of Google Inc.
      If you like N Launcher, please RATE us and share N Launcher to your friends,and also you can give us more suggests.
      Note:The new version add the following permission to the gesture feature of controlling wifi and bluetooth.
      (android.permission.BLUETOOTH, android.permission.BLUETOOTH_ADMIN, android.permission.CAMERA, android.permission.CHANGE_WIFI_STATE)
      WHAT'S NEW
      V1.5.1 Update(March 22, 2018)
      1. Fix some bugs from user report.
      This app has no advertisements
      More Info:

      Download Instructions:
    • By caffeine
      Everywhere Launcher - Sidebar Edge Launcher v1.58 [Pro]
      Requirements: 4.1 and up
      Overview: Everywhere Launcher is a sidebar app (edge launcher) that allows you to open sidebars by touching/swiping any screen edge so that you have your apps, shortcuts, widgets, contacts always available only a single touch or swipe away.

      This app allows to have multiple different regions at the screen edge and each region can open up different sidebars depending on the gesture on it. This way you have all your content just one swipe or touch away, no matter in which app you currently are.
      Main features
      → Add an arbitrary number of apps, shortcuts, widgets or folders to a sidebar
      → Add an arbitrary number of apps, shortcuts, widgets to a folder inside a sidebar
      → Arbitrary number of handles (touchable regions, whose touch open a sidebar)
      → Put those handles to the left or right side or even to the top or bottom of your screen
      → Many triggers (gestures) available (slide up/down/left/right, click, double click, long press) which will open a sidebar
      → Enable multiple triggers per handle (for example, you can open "all apps" sidebar if you swipe right on a handle and open "recent apps" if you slide down on the same handle)
      → Sidepages with search functionality and predictive search (T9)
      → Action sidebar - a trigger on a handle will DIRECTLY start an action, it can't be faster
      → Action folders - click the folder to open the first entry in the folder, swipe the folder to open the folder
      → Blacklist apps (you can disable this app in blacklisted apps)
      → All apps/contacts and recent apps sidebars/sidepage (recent apps work in Android >=5 as well!)
      → Icon packs support
      → Animations
      → Personalise the look & feel of the app => change colors, transparencies, sizes, styles and much more
      → Personalise all sidebars and handles at once and override the default settings per sidebar and handle
      → Tasker support for those who want to automatically open sidebars triggered by any event or whatever else
      Other features
      → Support of Palette Colors extracted from your current wallpaper
      → long press an icon in a sidebar to open a menu and show the app settings for example
      → style icons in sidebar => rename, change icons
      → different folder styles: stack, tile, action folder...
      → and many more... just try it out
      Check out the homepage http://www.michaelflisar.com/everywhere-launcher/ or contact me for detailed instructions: [email protected]
      Any feedback, suggestions and improvements are welcome. Don't hesitate to contact me.
      Special permissions
        GET_TASKS... to get recent tasks on Android <5... doesn't do anything on android >=5
        CALL_PHONE... needed so that call shortcuts to your phone app work
        READ_CONTACTS... needed to include contacts in sidebar/sidepage
       What's New
      State libary bug was probably the reason for handles that did sometimes not appear + side effect of keyboard not showing in this state
      ● Pro features Unlocked
      This app has no advertisements
      More Info:

      Download Instructions:
    • By APK
      KLWP + KLCK + KWGT Maker v3.30b808013 [Pro]
      Requirements: 4.4+
      Overview: Make your Android device look unique with Kustom the most powerful Live Wallpaper creator ever! Use its awesome WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editor to create you own designs and display any data you need, at once, and with wonderful animations too! If you were looking for Rainmeter or Conky on Android, this is it!

      With Kustom you can create customized Digital and Analog Clocks (with seconds hand), animated patterns, live map backgrounds, material wallpapers, sophisticated CPU/Memory meters, randomly changing images, scrolling images, gyroscopic effects and much much more. Imagination is the limit.
      Launcher support
      Animations works only on launchers that fully supports the Android standards, so for example Google Now Launcher and Nova Launcher are fully supported. Some others might have problems, the only known launcher with issues right now is GO Launcher (and this cannot be fixed by us).
      You get:
      - Some skin to start with
      - Text with custom fonts, colors, sizes and effects
      - Shapes like Ovals, Rects, Arcs, Triangles, Exagons and more
      - Gradients, shadows, tiling and color filters
      - Photoshop / GIMP like layers with overlay effects (blur, clear, xor, difference, saturation)
      - Touch actions / hotspots on any object you create
      - PNG / JPG / WEBp Image support
      - Animations such as fading, scaling and scrolling based on screen position, touch, events...
      - Magnetic sensors / gyroscope support for wallpaper motion or objects animations
      - Complex programming with functions, conditionals and global variables
      - Change Wallpaper based on time, location, weather, anything!
      - Dynamic download of content via HTTP (live maps, weather and so on)
      - Native music utilities (current playing song title, album, cover)
      - Tasker support
      - A huge amount of data to display (like date, time, battery, calendar, weather, astronomy (sunrise, sunset), CPU speed, memory, countdowns, WiFi and cellular status, traffic info, next alarm, location, moving speed and much more)
      Pro will:
      - Remove the ADS
      - Support the dev!
      - Unlock import from SD and all external skins
      - Allow exporting skins to SD and creation of APK preset packs
      - Save the world from alien invasion
      "Awesome! I never used live wallpaper much until this, but now I don't use anything but Kustom. I love being able to create my own wallpaper and share it in the play store. The developer is very active with updates and new features." - Debra Oatman
      "Great App! Hands down best customization app on market now. Period.(I come from Zooper) No need to worry about layout and launcher now for having awesome widgets as everything stays on the wallpaper now.. The fact that almost every parameter can be customized per wish is just exceptional and leads to endless possibilities. The developer is very friendly and always listens to feedback" - Arun Kumar
      WHAT'S NEW
      New editor now shows internet content immediately, no need to save
      New get next / prev music track via mq() on supported players
      New added name for missed calls in uc() function
      New on Android 8.1 correctly changes notifications to dark / light
      New added numbers to roman numerals in tc() and text filter
      New search and replace in wg() use it instead of tc(reg) whenever possible!
      New dominant color and text colors in bp()
      Fix maxlines not working on Oreo (it will not add dots)
      Fix globals values not parsed when using lists by number
      Fix progress bar not respecting min value
      Fix touch links with globals not working (es rss)
      Fix better music player change detection
      Fix MIUI 9 not showing alarms correctly
      Fix fixed notifications showing group parents on n or later
      Fix fixed oreo auto fill showing on editor
      Fix nova launcher shortcuts not working on MIUI
      Fix timezone not detected in alternate location search
      This app has no advertisements
      More Info:

      https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=org.kustom.wallpaper https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=org.kustom.widget https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=org.kustom.lockscreen
    • By caffeine
      P9 Launcher - Android™ P 9.0 Style Launcher v2.1 [Prime]
      Requirements: 4.1 and up
      Overview: P9 Launcher is modern Android™ P 9.0 launcher style, Cool, Easy & Powerful launcher, P9 Launcher let you taste latest Android P launcher features in the first place, it make your phone modern like a brand new one, P9 Launcher also provide many features to improve your productivity when you using phone daily.

      P9 Launcher is available for ALL Android 4.1+ phones! and it is FREE!
      ★★★★★ P9 Launcher features:
      1. Android P 9.0 launcher theme built-in
      2. Support 1000+ beautiful themes
      3. Support almost all third-party launcher icon packs in play store
      4. Android P 9.0 launcher style VERTICAL drawer, with favorite app sections
      5. Support Android 9.0 feature: swipe up from desktop to open drawer, swipe down from drawer to go back to desktop
      6. A-Z quick scroller in launcher drawer help your find app quickly
      7. Launcher Drawer style: Vertical or Horizontal drawer, Black/White drawer background color option
      8. Gestures in launcher desktop: Swipe up/down, Pinch in/out, double tap, two fingers gesture
      9. Widgets drawer: launcher widgets classified by apps
      10. Huge options: launcher desktop/drawer grid size, icon size, label color, label size, etc.
      11. Hide apps,even lock them to protect privacy
      12. Edit launcher screens easily, changing wallpaper, widget, setting
      13. Launcher wallpaper scrolling or not option
      14. Lock launcher desktop to avoid being messed up by kids or others
      15. Unread counts for missed call, unread SMS, get notified just from launcher desktop icons
      16. Drawer entering animation: Slide up, Circle
      17. Support the larger aspect ratio of Galaxy S8/S9 and other new Android flagship devices
      18. Android 9.0 search bar style on desktop
      19. Dock background configuration
      20. Many online wallpapers
      - Android is a registered trademark of Google, Inc.
      - P9 Launcher is not official of Android 9.0 P launcher, it is feature-enhanced version of native Android O 9.0 P launcher
      ❤ If you like P9 Launcher - with Android P 9.0 launcher features, please rate us, thanks a lot
        What's New
      1. Update to Android P 9.0 style
      2. Change name to P9 Launcher
      3. Fix bugs
      This app has no advertisements
      More Info:

      Download Instructions: Prime features unlocked
    • By caffeine
      Car Launcher Pro v2.2.1.59 [Paid]
      Requirements: 4.0+
      Overview: We present You Launcher, which was created specifically for use in the car. 

      You can use this software on your phone, tablet or on the radio based on Android.
      We have combined not only a convenient start programs, but the speedometer with the easy calculation of traveled distance
      for different periods.
      Main features:
      -Option to set as the main theme with the opening through the HOME button(useful for receiver)
      You can also use as a normal program
      -Quick launch applications.
      You can add any number of apps for quick launch.
      -Ability to edit the selected application.
      Long hold the icon to open the editing menu
      -Display the current speed or distance traveled.
      The main screen displays the exact speed of the car based on GPS data.
      If you click on the speed, it will display the distance travelled per trip.
      -Display speed in status bar
      -Quick access to the list of all applications
      Quick launch menu with the list of all applications with the ability to sort: by name,
      install date, update date. When you long hold the icon, will open the delete mode of the application.
      -Slide menu
      Press the triangle button to open the slide menu or pull the edge of the screen.
      -Details slide menu
      Displays your current speed, distance traveled, average speed, total time,
      the maximum speed
      the acceleration from 0km/h to 60km/h,
      0km/h to 100km/h,
      0km/h to 150 km/h
      best time and speed at the 1/4 mile race.
      You can always reset the data for the trip at any time.
      -To each of the listed parameters can be set for what time to display:
      for the trip, for today, this week, this month or all time.
      -Ability to toggle speed display in miles or kilometers
      -Quick launch Google Now
      -Automatic start when you turn on the device(needed only receiver)
      -3 home screen theme of your choice.
      -You can adjust the slide menu as it will be convenient for you.
      Long hold to turn on edit mode, a second long tap allows peremeshati card
      WHAT'S NEW
      • Improved animation when flipping screens
      • Fixed display of favorite applications in the first theme
      • Increased performance with multiple desktops
      • Many other fixes
      This app has no advertisements
      More Info:

      Download Instructions:
    • By caffeine
      Pear Launcher Pro v1.2.3 (Patched)
      Requirements: 5.0 and up
      Overview:  Choose your drawer style (vertical, paged , sections),
      • Google now integration with Pear now companion. Option to show it as overlay also.

      • Customisable desktop. choose your indicators style, grid size, icon labels customization, lock desktop, top shadow, scroll wallpaper and margin.
      • Drawer Customisations Card background grid size, sort mode(alphabetical or install time), show search bar, predicted apps, accent color ,direct scroll , Pull dock to open and much more.
      • Dock . You can enable labels for dock, change number of icons , disable dock change its background.
      • Hide your apps.
      • App shortcuts backport
      • Customise the layout of folders, colors of preview, background ,labels, folder opening animation
      • Support for per folder smart folders(Swipe to open, click to open first app). Smart folders are shown with a badge. Added option in settings for auto smart folders which can be used to create every new folder as smart folder.
      • Icon Packs - Find thousands of icon packs for Pear Launcher on the Play Store.
      • Night mode
      • Icon normalization
      • Blur
      • Option to show searchbar in dock (above or below dock)
      • Animated clock icon
      • Change font style, hide notification bar, change its color , change app opening animation , orientation.
      • Backup & Restore - Backup & Restore allows you to backup your layout and pear settings
      • Gestures - Swipe up , swipe down , double tap,. swipe to right on first page, swipe to left on last page button actions choose what to do when you press home on default screen or on any screen
      This app asks to become device administrator, this is needed to lock the phone (using Pear Launcher’s gestures or pear action).
      You can unlock following features by purchasing Pear Launcher Pro
      Badges customisations
      Change badge style (dots or count)
      Change badge position
      Extract badge color from app icon
      Swipe up two fingers, Swipe down two fingers
      Proximity and shake gestures
      PRO features unlocked
      This app has no advertisements
      More Info:

      Download Instructions:
    • By caffeine
      ii Launcher for Phone 8 & Phone X Prime v2.8
      Requirements: 4.0 and up
      Overview: ii Launcher is a Phone 8 style, i OS 11 style launcher with many useful features, stylish, smart & personalized. and NO DRAWER, very SIMPLE launcher. If you are looking for easy yet powerful i OS style launcher, this is best for you!

      ★ ii Launcher features:
      - Support many themes, icon packs
      - NO DRAWER, all apps listed on desktop or tidied to folder, OS11 style, simple
      - Tidy Icons innovative feature, help you make the desktop tidy and clean with just one click, you also have the option to put 5 days not used apps to Rarely Use folder
      - OS11 style icon shape, unify icons
      - Gestures support: swipe up/down, pinch in/out, multi finger, double tap, etc
      - Hide app, lock app: Protect your privacy
      - Many options: Customize your launcher’s icon size, grid size, font etc.
      - OS Search: Last used app、searches including apps, contacts, etc.
      - OS Booster: Clear the memory to make your phone run faster
      - Battery saver, CPU cooler
      - Unread SMS, missed call notifier/counter
      - Support OS11 wallpapers
      - Desktop lock to avoid messed up
      - Tidy icons to make all app icons organized
      - Support lock screen and Phone 8, Phone X theme
      - Booster, Cleaner
      - Storage manager
      - T9 search
      - Torch
      - Quick switcher, i os10 style
      - OS11 screen lock
      What's New
      1. Classify apps to folders automatically for newly installed users
      2. Optimize folder UI
      3. Add desktop icon label shadows option
      4. Add pattern lock invisible option
      5. Fix when unlock phone, running app may be minimized
      Premium features unlocked
      This app has no advertisements
      More Info:

      Download Instructions:
    • By APK
      ClockView - Always OnㆍTalkingㆍWorld timeㆍWidget v3.67 [Pro]
      Requirements: 4.1+
      Overview: Time can not be collected and only flows, but time can collect money, learn good things, and make precious memories.

      Key clock features
      √ Clock moving over the wallpaper.
      √ Nightstand desk clock.
      √ Analog, digital, hybrid clock with compass.
      √ Year and date, day of the week, seconds (second hand), calendar display.
      √ Set the font and color, brightness and size.
      √ Built-in bouncing ball game.
      Always On Display
      √ Built-in battery sleep mode and screen saver.
      √ Clock on/off with power button on the home screen.
      Quick alarm and timer
      √ Quickly and easily set the time with dial.
      √ Notify by sound setting or vibration.
      World time and battery status
      √ Displays the world time in dual.
      √ Battery status (plug-in, level), temperature display.
      Top screen clock on all apps
      √ Clock display on all screens of the Internet, games, SNS etc.
      Talking clock
      √ Tells the hourly time and alarm by voice.
      Home screen widgets
      √ Analog, digital 8 types.
      √ World time and battery status display.
      WHAT'S NEW
      *If troubles using the app, please contact via email support in the options menu.
      ㆍFix and improvements.
      ㆍImproves for talking clock and alarm.
      This app has no advertisements
      More Info:

      Download Instructions: PRO features Unlocked