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Material Design Toolkit Pro v1.1.004

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Material Design Toolkit Pro v1.1.004
Requirements: 3.0 and up
Overview: A set of tools to visualize Material Design UI elements on your devices.


- Color palette
- Typography size and style
- Material Theme Builder
- CardView Builder
- Material icon catalogue
- DP/PX Converter*

You can preview the actual color and font effects on your real device. This app is the best tool for confirming theme colors with your project clients.

*Optional In-app upgrade to Pro Version: with no Ad banners and unlock all features.

 What's New
Theme Builder: Added color picker / HEX color support (Pro Version only)

This app has no advertisements

More Info:


Download Instructions: Pro features Unlocked



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    • By caffeine
      Pydroid 3 - Educational IDE for Python 3 v2.0 [arm Patched]
      Requirements: Android 4.4 +
      Overview: Pydroid 3 is the most easy to use and powerful educational Python 3 IDE for Android.

      - Offline Python 3.6 interpreter: no Internet is required to run Python programs.
      - Pip package manager and a custom repository for prebuilt wheel packages for enhanced scientific libraries, such as numpy, scipy, matplotlib, scikit-learn and jupyter.
      - Examples available out-of-the-box for quicker learning.
      - Complete Tkinter support for GUI.
      - Full-featured Terminal Emulator, with a readline support (available in pip).
      - Built-in C, C++ and even Fortran compiler designed by n0n3m4, an author of C4droid, specially for Pydroid 3. It lets Pydroid 3 build any library from pip, even if it is using native code. You can also build & install dependencies from a command line.
      - Cython support.
      - PDB debugger with breakpoints and watches.
      - Kivy graphical library with a shiny new SDL2 backend.
      - PyQt5 support available in Quick Install repository along with matplotlib PyQt5 support with no extra code required.
      - Matplotlib Kivy support available in Quick Install repository.
      - pygame_sdl2 support (SDL2-based pygame implementation).
      Editor features:
      - Code prediction, auto indentation and real time code analysis just like in any real IDE. *
      - Extended keyboard bar with all symbols you need to program in Python.
      - Syntax highlighting & themes.
      - Tabs.
      - Enhanced code navigation with interactive assignment/definition gotos.
      - One click share on Pastebin.
      * Features marked by asterisk are available in Premium version only.
      Quick manual.
      Pydroid 3 requires at least 200MB free internal memory. 220MB+ is recommended. More if you are using heavy libraries such as scipy.
      To run debug place breakpoint(s) clicking on the line number.
      Kivy is detected with “import kivy”, “from kivy“ or "#Pydroid run kivy”.
      PyQt5 is detected with “import PyQt5”, “from PyQt5“ or "#Pydroid run qt”.
      The same for sdl2, tkinter and pygame.
      There is a special mode "#Pydroid run terminal" to ensure your program runs in terminal mode (this is useful with matplotlib that automatically runs in GUI mode)
      Take a part in development of Pydroid 3 by reporting bugs or providing feature requests to us. We appreciate that.
      The list of libraries we are NOT planning to add yet:
      - Tensorflow
      - OpenCV
      As Pydroid 3 main goal is to help user learn Python 3 programming language, our first priority is porting scientific libraries (so system-related libraries are ported only when they are used as dependencies of some other educational package).
      Important notice:
      Some users experienced major problems when installing libraries from QPython 3 QPypi internal repository, so consider it to be binary incompatible with Pydroid 3. If you need any libraries that cannot be built with Pydroid 3 - contact the devs directly: other binary repositories are likely to be incompatible as well.
      Legal information.
      Some binaries in Pydroid 3 APK are licensed under (L)GPL, email us for the source code.
      GPL pure Python libraries bundled with Pydroid 3 are considered to be coming in the source code form already.
      Pydroid 3 doesn’t bundle any GPL-licensed native modules to avoid automatic import of them. The famous example of such library is GNU readline, that can be installed using pip.
      Android is a trademark of Google Inc.
      What's new
      IMPORTANT NOTICE: This is a major update, all packages installed from pip will be erased
      Added Tkinter and pygame_sdl2
      Fixed code analyzer and completer to support custom modules placed in the same directory
      Added a workaround for liblzma bug that appears on some devices
      Fixed a lot of bugs
      Pro version,
      Deleted dependency on Google Services,
      Deleted the analyst and activates.
      This app has no advertisements
      More Info:

      Download Instructions: Pro version
    • By caffeine
      APK Builder v1.0.3
      Requirements: 3.1+
      Overview: Build your own smaller apps (For example, the flashlight sample apk is only about 25k, much smaller than others from market)

      A simple IDE to build apk inside Android phones/tablets.
      Create project based on built-in templates
      Source code editing with built-in editor or external editor
      Built-in image downloader
      2 build environments: GUI or command line
      Quick Search for file name or file content
      Custom sign key supported
      Reasons to use it:
      Learn android app development with samples
      Possible to interact with other APK tools
      Cutomize your own build strategy with the script, turn your idea into reality
      Thanks for following projects:
      What's New
      2 more templates
      git support
      Initial version with basic features
      This app has NO advertisements
      More Info:

      Download Instructions:
    • By caffeine
      Cxxdroid - Educational IDE for C/C++ v1.0 [Premium]
      Requirements: 4.4+
      Overview: Cxxdroid is the most easy to use educational C and C++ IDE for Android.

      Cxxdroid is the most easy to use educational C and C++ IDE for Android.
      - Offline C/C++ compiler: no Internet is required to run C/C++ programs.
      - Package manager and a custom repository with prebuilt packages for common libraries, such as Boost, SQLite, ncurses, libcurl, etc.
      - Examples available out-of-the-box for quicker learning.
      - Full-featured Terminal Emulator.
      - C/C++ interpreter mode (REPL) based on CERN Cling is also available.
      - Outstanding performance with advanced compiler caching technology.
      - Clean and mature architecture: now code is analyzed and compiled with the same compiler, and the IDE doesn't crash completely due to runtime errors in your programs
      - UI designed with speed and usability in mind: forget about unobvious shortcuts or touch button combos required just to run your program.
      Editor features:
      - Real time code prediction, auto indentation and code analysis just like in any real IDE. *
      - Extended keyboard bar with all symbols you need to program in C++.
      - Syntax highlighting & themes.
      - Tabs.
      - One click share on Pastebin.
      * Features marked by asterisk are available in Premium version only.
      Important notice: Cxxdroid requires at least 150MB free internal memory. 200MB+ is recommended. More if you are using heavy libraries such as Boost.
      Take a part in development of Cxxdroid by reporting bugs or providing feature requests to us. We appreciate that.
      The list of features that are not yet available, but we are working to add them:
      - Multifile projects
      - Debugger
      As Cxxdroid main goal is to help user learn C++ programming language, our first priority is porting common libraries, note that when asking us to add some library.
      Legal information.
      Busybox and GNU ld in Cxxdroid APK are licensed under (L)GPL, email us for the source code.
      Clang bundled with Cxxdroid has some important changes, but the source of this fork is currently closed. We are not allowing any reuse of this (or other proprietary) part of Cxxdroid in any other products and will consider this a copyright infringement.
      Android is a trademark of Google Inc.
       What's New
      Initial release
      This app has NO advertisements
      More Info:

      Download Instructions: Premium features unlocked
    • By APK
      Java N-IDE - Java Compiler for Android v1.2.5 [Donate]
      Requirements: 4.0+
      Overview: This project is develop to help the community learn java on android. You can build and run Java file with JDK 1.7. 

      (No official support) Build apk file (only support armeabi-v7a, x86, x86_64)
      ## Tutorials
      1. Setup system https://youtu.be/FZtSbgq8ZN0
      1. Build java file with library https://youtu.be/fUFqR8ZlChg
      3. Build simple Android app https://youtu.be/euZilR8-EhA
      Because this is beta version so I will update very often.
      ## Todo
      1. Java compiler JDK 1.7 ✔
      2. Java editor ✔
      3. Java auto complete code ✔ (But not working perfect)
      4. Java debugger (jdb).
      5. Run java file, class file ✔
      6. Build java library ✔
      7. Support VCS
      8. Decompile class, jar
      9. Java code formatter (Google Java code formatter) ✔
      10. Build Android app. ✔
      11. XML auto complete
      12. Layout builder for Android
      ## What does tools the project include?
      1. Javac - Java compiler
      2. Aapt - Android asset package tool
      3. Dx - Dex for dalvik vm
      4. Zip Signer
      5. Apk builder
      ## Contribute
      I would absolutely love every possible kind of contributions. If you
      have a questions, ideas, need help or want to propose a change just open
      an issue. Pull request are greatly appreciated.
       What's New
      Update sdk from android 14 to android 21
      This app has NO advertisements
      More Info:

      Download Instructions:
    • By APK
      Cheat Droid ★ PRO / root only v2.3.2
      Requirements: 2.3+ | ROOT
      Overview: Cheat Droid is a developer's tool. You are a developer and want to debug the shared preferences of your apps and games.

      Cheat Droid is a developer's tool. You are a developer and want to debug the shared preferences of your apps and games? You care about data privacy and want to see, what apps save which information about you? You forgot your password in your own app or game and try to recover it? You are simply some sort of "hacker" and simply technically interested?
      Then give Cheat Droid - Shared Preferences Editor a try! Shared Preferences are the most common way for Android apps and games to store settings or information inside your phone data. For example, a puzzle game might store the current level inside this file. Or other games might store your money, gold count, highscore or whatever in it. Apps might track, how many times you started them. Or when was the last time.
      However, please note the disclaimer below. Cheat Droid is rather adapted for technical, scientifical and debugging reasons.

      ★ view, edit, add, search through and delete shared preferences
      ★ export and import preference files
      ★ browse through sqlite database files
      ★ export and import any other application files (CheatDroid ★ PRO only)
      ★ edit sqlite database files (CheatDroid ★ PRO only)

      What is root and why won't CheatDroid work without it?
      Basically, root access provides your Android smartphone with admin privileges (including editing system files like CheatDroid does). Therefore, you need a rooted phone for CheatDroid.
      For some apps I do not find a lot of Shared Preferences to edit, why?
      Since no developer is forced to USE Shared Preferences, those apps might use another way to store their settings. CheatDroid does not work everywhere.
      How do I get my phone rooted?
      Check out the internet, you will definitely find enough material. For instance, you could google "Rooting [your phone name+model]". Also, you might want to try out one of these links:
      ★ http://www.androidcentral.com/root
      ★ https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Android_rooting
      ★ http://gizmodo.com/5982287/reasons-to-root-your-android-device
      ★ http://google.about.com/od/socialtoolsfromgoogle/a/root-android-decision.htm
      ★ http://www.androidrooting.com/
      Cheat Droid needs root access - accordingly, every use of it can also negatively affect the functionality of other apps or even of the whole system! Do only use if you really know what you are doing. I do not assume any liability if you mess up your device or the functionality of other apps. hink of exporting and creating backups of those shared preferences files you might want to edit. If an app does not work properly anymore, you can try clearing its data.
      YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED TO USE THIS APP FOR ANY ILLEGAL PURPOSE. You are not allowed to (commercially and in any other way) damage or disrupt a third party. Everything you do happens on your own responsibility.
      What's New
      - smaller bug fixes / stability improvements
      - implemented search function in shared preferences editor
      - added "add preference item" function
      - implemented various file validity checks and error messages
      - material design, nicer UI and usability
      - no crash at start-up on Android 7
      - MUCH (!) more stable
      - much faster
      This app has no advertisements
      More Info:

      Download Instructions: 
    • By APK
      AIDE Premium - IDE for Android Java C++ v3.2.2 Patched
      Requirements: 4.0+
      Overview: AIDE is an integrated development environment (IDE) for developing real Android apps directly on your Android device. Follow interactive coding lessons and step-by-step become an expert app developer. Visually design apps, write code with the feature rich editor with code completion, real-time error checking, refactoring and smart code navigation, run your app with a single click and use the Java debugger to find bugs.

      AIDE features interactive lessons with step-by-step instructions to learn Android app development and Java programming skills. Follow the lessons, become an expert and apply what you've learned in your own app projects.
      AIDE will turn your Android tablet with keyboard into a real development box. We use the Transformer Prime to code with AIDE. AIDE will turn your Android Phone into a small development computer to browse and touch your code on the go.
      AIDE supports building apps with Java/Xml and the Android SDK, apps with C/C++ and the Android NDK as well as pure Java console applications. AIDE is fully compatible with Eclipse projects. You can just copy the sourcecode to your device and open the Eclipse project in AIDE to start coding. Alternatively you can keep your sourcecode on your Dropbox - AIDE integrates with Dropbox and allows to easily download from your Dropbox and sync back your changes. AIDE can also open Android Studio projects, which follow the default folder structure. AIDE also supports Git for professional development
      A brief summary of features...
      Learn-to-code (in-app purchase):
      - Interactive lessons with step-by-step instructions
      - Java programming course
      - Android development course 
      - Game development course
      - Android Wear course
      Edit-compile-run cycle:
      - Create a sample App with a single click
      - Build Java/Xml apps
      - Build C/C++ NDK apps
      - Build pure Java console applications
      - Run your App with a single click
      - No root access required
      - Incremental compilation for fast build times
      - Uses Eclipse .classpath project format for compatibility 
      - Open default Android Studio projects
      - Integrated LogCat viewer
      Debugger (in-app purchase):
      - Debug Android Java apps and Java Console apps
      - Breakpoints
      - Step-in, step-over, step-out
      - Inspect thread trace
      - Inspect local variables
      - Inspect object fields
      Real-time error checking:
      - Real time error analyis throughout the whole project as you type
      - Automatic Quick-Fixes for many errors
      UI design:
      - Preview XML layouts
      - Jump from view in the designer to the XML element
      - Rename
      - Inline variable 
      - Introduce variable
      - Extract method
      - Code formatter
      - Organize imports
      - Out-comment code
      - Create setters/getters/constructors from fields
      Code navigation:
      - Goto defintion 
      - Find usages
      - Goto symbol
      - Goto class
      - Very fast editor even with large files
      - Code completion for Java and Android XML
      - Android online help directly from the code
      - Syntax highlighting for Java and XML
      - Unlimited Undo/Redo
      - Pinch zoom
      - Smart expand selection
      - Keyboard support with configurable keybindings
      - UI optimized for small screens to show as much code/content as possible
      - Built-in file manager with the most common features: Rename, delete, create file or folder
      - Dropbox integration
      - Git integration with Commit/Dicard/Push/Pull/Branch/Merge and SSH support.
      To summarize: AIDE offers Java programming for the beginning, intermediate or advanced programmer. Beginners can learn to code, developers can do real development. Using the advanced editor with code completion and syntax highlighting to edit Java and XML files, then compile the software, the use the Compiler to turn it into an app. AIDEs incremental Compiler is blazingly fast. Interoperiability with Android Studio, Eclipse and commandline SDK Tools is provide. Not only does AIDE Support Java development but C and C++ native development is supported as well. AIDE is the tool for professional coding and hacking.
      WHAT'S NEW
      Improved: Updated Android libraries
      Fixed: Use Gradle jniLibs directory
      Fixed: No error for testCompile Gradle dependencies
      Fixed: Inject ${applicationId} in AAR file manifest
      Fixed: Old version Google Gradle dependencies not found
      Fixed: Use Gradle multiDexEnabled flag
      Fixed: Use build flavor assets directory
      Fixed: Use Gradle signingConfigs
      This app has no advertisements
      More Info:

      Download Instructions: credits By_sky PREMIUM features Unlocked. NO Key license needed!