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Neutron Music Player v1.88.1 (All Versions)

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Neutron Music Player v1.88.1 (All Versions)
Requirements: 2.1+ | Lucky Patcher | Google Play Modded
Overview:  Neutron is a professional music player with high quality 32/64-bit audio rendering engine which helps to deliver to you the best possible sound quality from the Android device


Neutron provides the sophisticated UI with advanced controls for music playback. It is not easy or another 'pop' music player, it is developed for the audiophiles and those who really in love with music. Recommended for use with Hi-Fi/High-End audio hardware.
Hope you'll like Neutron and have fun with it!

* 32/64-bit audio processing for high quality HD audio.
* Audio formats: MP1, MP2, MP3, OGG (Vorbis), FLAC, WMA, WMA Lossless (16-bit only), AC3, AAC, M4A, M4B, M4R, MP4, 3GP, 3G2, MOV, ALAC, APE (Monkey's Audio), WV (WavPack), MPC (MusePack), WAV, AU, AIFF, MPG/MPEG (audio only), AVI (audio only), iTunes/Windows Media inclusive except DRM-protected, OPUS.
* Module music formats: MOD, IM, XM, S3M.
* Voice audio format: SPEEX.
* Streaming audio with metadata: M3U, PLS, ASX, RAM.
* CIFS/SMB: make music source NAS, PC on LAN/INET.
* Surround sound DSP (Ambiophonic R.A.C.E. technology).
* Crossfeed DSP (for better stereo music listening experience with headphones).
* Rumble Filter DSP (to protect speakers from overloading with frequencies below 20 Hz).
* Normalization (post EQ re-mastering of tracks).
* HQ 4-band parametric equalizer.
* Accurate gapless playback.
* Normalization.
* Replay Gain.
* HQ Resampling with 3 modes: fast, quality, audiophile.
* Dithering (to improve audio quality by eliminating quantization in signal).
* Crossfading.
* Phase Inversion.
* Balance.
* Pitch.
* Shuffle playback.
* Looped playback.
* Database/Folder modes.
* Queuing.
* Playlist management.
* Lyrics (.LRC files).
* CUE Sheet support (including built into metadata).
* Media database grouping by: album, artist, genre.
* Artist grouping by 'Album Artist' category.
* Unicode tags.
* Real-time multi-band spectrum analyzer.
* Real-time RMS bar.
* Master and Preamp digital volume adjustment.
* Android widgets and Lock Screen mode.
* Movable to external SD Card.
* Night UI mode with colorful audio visualization.
* Album art (supported: PNG, JPG, BMP, incl. metadata from tags).
* Clock mode.
* Sleep timer: 15,30,45,60,90 minutes.
* Wake timer.
* Automatic key-lock with colorful audio visualization.
* Highly customizable through Settings.
* Smart CPU/Battery consumption.
NEON VERSION (>25% faster):
If market version is not starting try installing NEON version manually from Neutron's website.
Neutron is under active development. Tech. support e-mail: [email protected], or forum:
Please use the dedicated forum or send e-mail to the developer for bug reporting. Your patience, help and participation is highly appreciated!
- 1GHz+ CPU (single, or multi-core).
- 480x800 or 480x480 screen resolution, or higher.
- !!! Please try the time limited trial version before buying. Get it here:
- All features of the application are thoroughly tested and working. Please use forum, or send e-mail to resolve the problem if you still unsure how to get desired behavior from Neutron, try not polluting the application rating (be kind to the developer!) - developer can not reply to the Android Market comments.
- Lower than minimal specification of the hardware does not guarantee that application will operate fast enough!
- WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE: to save the Neutron database in /Android/data/ folder.
- READ_PHONE_STATE: to auto-stop music playback when phone starts ringing.
- GET_ACCOUNTS: to generate unique hardware/account key for the Licensing and Trial expiration. This information will be auto-deleted from the Licensing server in 1 month time.
- INTERNET: for the audio streaming feature of Neutron.
- WRITE_SETTINGS: for ringtone.


64-bit native version of Neutron for ARM-based devices. It is 25-50% faster than standard ARMv7 VFP version. It may not be much faster than 32-bit ARMv7 NEON version. It is only suitable for a devices with ARMv8 CPU (64-bit). Google Play Store installs this APK by default on 64-bit devices with 64-bit Android. An example of such devices: Galaxy S, Galaxy S II. If your device can not handle this APK install standard version.
Release Notes:
* More ARM NEON64 optimization for ARMv8 CPUs for 64-bit Mode.
* Improved USB driver compatibility and added support for 705600, 768000 Hz sampling rate.
* Added:
- play/stop button into Lyrics dialog;
- Playlists category and multiselection to Global Search;
- list property Track Nr: to hide track nr in the track lists;
- UI -> Appearance option: Label, #PNOW, Panel, Background, Color to modify metadata's background color in Playing Now screen, bottom panel.
* Support for more Module formats: stk, m15, fst, oct, stm, ptm, mtm, 669, psm, am, j2b, dsm, amf, okt, okta.
* Extended Color selection dialog to Opacity setting.
* Modified:
- Tempo/Pitch dialog behavior: setting values to 0 and confirming changes will deactivate Tempo/Pitch mode;
- Tempo/Pitch top-level icon: long-press = invoke dialog, if parameters changed = Tempo/Pitch mode will be set to active, single press on active = deactivate, or vice-versa.
! Fixed:
- Hardware Latency slider malfunction;
- streaming track reloading;
- incorrect total duration time for album/folders with multifile-CUE;
- garbled playback if was resampling, playing gaplessly and changed to a track with lower then current channel count;
- eq_presets.xml and theme.xml not copied to alternative NeutronMP folder from standard location;
- CUE tracks could not be found/played in Global Search;
- Global Search dialog not updated on library integrity change;
- normalized gain conflicting with software master gain and causing loud transitions in case of active crossfading;

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More Info:

Download Instructions:
Neutron Music Player (ARMv7+NEON)


Neutron Music Player (ARM64)


Neutron Music Player (X86)

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