[Tutorial] How to download from dailyuploads.net (13/2/2016)

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How to download from dailyuploads.net!!!!

This tutorial for google chrome browser on phone only!!!

1)Press Request desktop site!



2)Untick the "Fast Download" box!


3)Press on "Download" button!


4)Now press "BIG" red "DOWNLOAD NOW!"


5)File start download!

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can i download through torrent?  my internet is not that stable anddownloading in chrome tends to crash if internet is not stable. thank you!

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The best way it's to disable javascript in settings, if your browser has an javascript off button without going there even better.

After disabling JS and reloading dailyuploads just tap download button two times, no need to botter uncheking "fast..."

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      Will you undertake the perilous task to track down and capture these legendary creatures? 
      FEATURES : 
      * Build a menagerie of mystical creatures
      * Harness the power of Earth, Fire, Air, Water, Light and Darkness
      * Reveal your monsters’ fighting skills through a breathtaking puzzle combat
      * Discover a captivating universe with many islands to unlock
      * Create new habitats, plant crops, and watch your captured creatures thrive
      * Achieve hundreds of quests and climb the mystic tower to try to beat the Legendary Creatures
      New creatures and habitats, quests, decoration items, islands and new features will be added very soon – we’ll keep improving the app every month
      Install now Lemuria Bay and have fun ! 
      Because your opinion matters : 
      Follow us on Facebook http://www.facebook.com/lemuriabay/
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      1. Unlimited Crystals
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      It is essential trying the free version (Smart Control Free) before purchasing the Pro, because the app doesn't support all Android device configurations, ELM327, and car model. Furthermore it's important to note that the PRO version does not guarantee greater compatibility than the Free version. So, the users interested in buying, have to check the proper connection of the Free version with cars.
      The first smart on-board computer realized on Android platform, able to connect through diagnostic protocols using a compatible OBD2 ELM327 bluetooth device. Thanks to the information provided by the OBDII diagnostic, Smart Control is able to calculate the consumption, detect the beginning and the end of every move and store trips; in addition, it can calculate and track performance data such as power, torque and speed up or braking etc.
      The free version provides a range of functions and for less demanding users is a good on-board computer (OBC). The PRO version was created for more demanding users who want an advanced OBC.
      The graphics of the PRO version has been optimized and improved both in aesthetic and features to make your driving experience even more enjoyable. Through the Head Up Display function (HUD) of the Live Data you will be able to read all the information in your field of view.
      For more informations, read the Free version description.
      The functions of both two apps are absolutely equivalent, except for those with limitations in Free version (listed below):
      Do not allow to show and reset engine fault codes/DTC trouble codes stored;
      - Keep only the last three trips and data;
      - The average consumption and the other values are based on the last three trips available, with a poor precision;
      - Show only the last two refuelings;
      - Do not display the arrival position;
      - Do not allow navigation to the last known position;
      - Do not allow other user addition;
      - During the trip, it allows only the display of acceleration 0-100 km/h;
      - Display HUD function not supported in Free version.

      What's New
      - Key update: soon earlier versions will no longer be supported !!!
      To continue using the app you will need to update the app.
      - Complete translation of the app in German;
      - Optimized energy consumption: considerably reduced battery consumption during travel;
      - Improved fluidity in the "Live Data" graphics.
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      Sounds like fun? Roll up your sleeves and get ready to cook, serve and make customers happy with various challenges in this cafe world! Survive the frenzy and become the next Gordon Ramsay!
      Are you ready to live the life of a rising star who just graduated from the chef academy? Cooking Tale will fill your dreams of being a chef and cooking various food of the world cuisine. As well as basic dishes like burger, pasta, hot dog, pizza and tasty desserts like ice cream and cake, in this cooking game, you'll find exotic and gourmet dishes from all around the world. The Chinese prefer Deep Fried Dumplings and Vegetable Lo Mein while you'll have to be baking cupcakes for the English tea time! 
      The most important of all, Cooking Tale is an addictive time-management game in which you'll have to reach the perfect speed and skill in this amazing kitchen dash! Some dishes are ready to be served at once but some of them are prepared with up to three steps. Your kitchen is equipped fully with all the cooking tools you need, and there are many more in the Shop, even more advanced and useful! Take orders, scramble eggs, serve noodle and make more money for super upgrades! 
      Every new episode on the map will bring you a new restaurant with new recipes and more fun customers to deal with! Your mini stall might be visited anytime by different characters. A surprising illusionist and even a thief may stop by! Prepare yourself for the rush in this cafe game!
      Mix ingredients, prepare dishes and put your time management skills to the test by serving all the customers before your time runs out! Every level of this kitchen game has a different challenge and fast-paced fun! Play now and...
      ★ COOK hundreds of different DISHES!
      ★ DISCOVER amazing RESTAURANTS and TOWNS on the map!
      ★ LEARN RECIPES from around the world!
      ★ SERVE super-fun CUSTOMERS on time!
      ★ UPGRADE and BOOST your KITCHEN with brand-new tools!
      ★ CHALLENGE the other CHEFS on every level!
      ★ CONNECT with your FRIENDS to exchange FREE GIFTS! 
      Discover the exciting map with more than 600 levels and addictive challenges. FREE to play!
      ★ LIKE US!
      Don’t forget to like our Facebook page to follow the latest news and win free gifts: 
      ★ FOLLOW US!
      WHAT'S NEW
      - 15 new levels: Candy Cauldron episode 2 is now available, roll up your sleeves!
      - A brand new shop design is added, go check it!
      - New anti-burn tools are available at the shop!
      - Visual improvements
      - Performance improvements and bug fixes
      - Unlimited coin
      - Unlimited diamond
      - Unlimited cash
      - Unlimited spatula
      This app has no advertisements
      More Info:

      Download Instructions: