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Pandemic: The Board Game v1.1.30

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Pandemic: The Board Game v1.1.30
Requirements: 4.0.3+
Overview: As experienced members of a group of scientific experts, should experience four deadly diseases to discover their treatments. You will travel the world, you will encounter diseases and find cures. 


You have to work as a team to get by. Time flies versa as outbreaks and epidemics multiply the spread of viruses. You will find all the treatments in time? The fate of humanity is in your hands!
The Pandemic: the Board Game is a cooperation game family friendly. Easy to understand and much to offer, the Pandemic: Your Board Game convey in a difficult situation, where you have to work as a team to save the world.

* How to play 
The Pandemic: the Board Game each player has a unique role with different abilities. In one round, players will have four actions to be able to cure diseases and save the world. They can remove diseases cubes from the board to fly in a city that has the need to exchange cards with their teammates, and more.

At the end of the round each player, new cities are infected with diseases and cubes may appear Epidemics. You should try to prevent outbreaks before escape control.

The Pandemic: the Board Game, there's only one way to win: to treat all four diseases before your time runs out!

An award-winning and beloved game from the first release in 2008, the Pandemic: the Board Game is now available for Android devices.

* Features 
- 7 role cards with unique abilities 
-Supports games for 2,3, or 4 Players but can be played by one if you play many roles 
-Pass-and-play multiplayer (2-4) 
- Three difficulty levels make game suitable for beginners, medium and advanced players 
-Diadrastiko learning game with full guidance. Also "Operation Information" for a reminder within the game of rules 
-Includes full instruction book for easy access and detailed reports each time 
-Table control drive, gives clear evidence of the evolution of the game and hotspots 
-File "Undo" 
-Prosarmostiki Music Investing 
-Full transfer board game, suitable for advanced game 
control -Table designed and tested for ease of use

* Extensions 
-Extension In Brink available as in-app purchase 
-6 new roles and 8 new facts 
-Play with 5 players 
-Epiko difficulty level for players who says their heart 
-2 events per player to player deck

-Proklisi Virulent strain available as in-app purchase 
-8 Virulent Strain Epidemic cards with unique properties

* Requirements 
The Pandemic: the Board Game will run on devices using Android version 4.0.3 or later with 1GB RAM.
For the best experience, we recommend you play on devices with quad-core processor.


- Fixed keyboard issue when changing player's names.
- Memory optimizations.

This app has no advertisements

Download Instructions:

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      Rolling Sky v1.2.9 (Mod)
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      - More than 1100 boards! 
      - Get new puzzles daily! 
      - 26 Beautiful backgrounds! 
      - 8 Unique tile sets! 
      - Relaxing, zen game play. 
      - Challenge your friends! 
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      The digital version of the award-winning 2-player board game by cult author Uwe Rosenberg (2013 nominated best for the Golden Geek 2-player board game in 2013, nominated for the International Gamers Award - Strategy Games: 2-player board games and winner of the International Gamers Awards - Strategy Games: 2 player board game).
      Use our convenient matchmaking service to challenge players of your skill level globally or play locally with a friend. You can also defeat one of the different computer opponents with varying difficulty. Friend lists and world rankings are included as well.
      - A perfect conversion of the the award-winning board game
      - Comprehensive tutorial and straightforward rules
      - Drop in and out anytime and save your games in the cloud 
      - Beautiful art and sound convey the atmosphere of a French harbor
      - Available languages: German, English, French, Spanish
      - Worldwide cross-platform leaderboards: Can you take the #1 spot?
      WHAT'S NEW
      Added a replay game option
      Fixed display errors related to the big screen layout and tutorials
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      Talisman: The Horus Heresy v3.1 [Unlocked]
      Requirements: 2.3+
      Overview: Talisman: The Horus Heresy is a digital board game based on the Talisman rule system and set in the Warhammer 40,000 universe, during the cataclysmic events of the Horus Heresy.

      Up to four players will be able to take control of one or more of the galaxy’s greatest heroes or most notorious villains. Taking the side of either traitor or loyalist, these Warlords will form vast companies of Space Marines, battalions of tanks and battlefleets of Spacecraft. They are the most powerful beings in the Galaxy and their followers are legion.
      The new combative team play will appeal to fans of Talisman and the Horus Heresy alike. It’s a unique adaptation of Talisman that has been tailored specifically for digital platforms.
      In Talisman: The Horus Heresy the player’s experience of Talisman is scaled up exponentially, exploring not a kingdom but a whole galaxy in the 31st Millennium. No longer will you be fighting for the Crown of Command, but for the very future of humanity…
      - Command one of the eighteen Space Marine Legions that fought during the Horus Heresy
      - Play as one of eight of the galaxy’s greatest heroes or most notorious villains such as Roboute Guilliman or Angron
      - Multiplayer for up to 4 players
      - Challenge or team-up with your friends locally and online
      - Play against AI opponents
      WHAT'S NEW
      The Prospero Campaign expansion has been added. Players explore the events of The Horus Heresy on Prospero in more detail and play as the Warlords and Legions that fought there.
      New Warlords include - Magnus the Red, Ahzek Ahriman, Leman Russ and Geigor Fell-Hand. Both Loyalist and Traitor may also play as a Librarian, an inspiring leader of any of the 18 Legions.
      The Campaign also includes new Stratagems, Places, Strangers, Events and a brand new Incantations deck for the player to explore.
      This app has no advertisements Download Instructions:
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      THE GAME OF LIFE: 2016 Edition v1.4.2
      Requirements: 4.4+
      Attend college, accept a job and play minigames in this interactive app that is fun for the whole family. Watch as board piece characters come to life and make their way through the various stages of life on this spectacular, 3D animated reworking of the familiar physical board.

      THE GAME OF LIFE: 2016 Edition features a new, unique and much-anticipated multiplayer mode. Online matchmaking lets you play in a whole new way online. Match and play against other online players as you all spin and race in the direction of the last yellow tile of life’s road.
      • ONLINE MULTIPLAYER - Match with other players and race to the final yellow square
      • LOCAL PLAY - Play with up to three friends on one device
      • FAST MODE - A new, shorter game mode where you will be faced with a different victory condition!
      • MINIGAMES - Put your skills to the test and compete head-to-head in a variety of minigames
      • CHAT - Send players expressive emoticons during online matches
      WHAT'S NEW
      Now you can experience THE GAME OF LIFE in unique new worlds. Along with stylized environments, each World will feature new vehicles, player colours, emoticons, and new Career options. We are also introducing an exciting new feature: Avatars! Choose which avatar you want to flaunt to your opponents and get exclusive spooky Avatars when you get the Halloween World.
      Keep playing and stay tuned for new updates!
      This app has no advertisements Download Instructions:
    • By koumkouat
      Pure Chess v1.3 build 31 (All Unlocked)
      Requirements: 4.4 and up
      Overview: Pure Chess now available on Tegra K1 powered devices
      Pure Chess puts other games in checkmate! Are you a Grandmaster in the making?

      "The prettiest Android game you'll ever play" - AndroidSPIN
      "Pure Chess truly brings chess back into the 21st century with style" - Android Dissected
      Experience one of the oldest known boardgames on the advanced technology of today. With ultra-realistic and unparalleled beautiful visuals you can almost reach out and touch the pieces. Created under the watchful eye of a fully-fledged Grandmaster; Pure Chess allows players to experience the traditional game like never before, showcasing gorgeous environments and unbelievably stunning chess sets.
      Learn the basics through step-by-step tutorials or challenge yourself to tournaments, with full control of skill level depending on how challenged you wish to be. An art, a science, a social engagement, a means for a challenge – whether you’re a beginner, an avid player or an ultimate Grandmaster, it’s time to experience one of the oldest board games known to man, brought to life on the modern technology of today! You can now play Pure Chess cross-platform with your friends!
      Play Pure Chess on Tegra K1 and enjoy true console-class graphics never seen before on any mobile device. The power of Tegra K1 allows Pure Chess to really shine with high resolution, realistic reflections and refractions, highly detailed chess sets and surroundings and to top it all off, post processing effects like bloom and depth of field. All this combined makes Pure Chess look stunning on Tegra K1 and provides you with the ultimate chess game experience.
      Pure Chess is a game that can be played by everyone, at any age, but mastered by only a few. The question is... Are you a Grandmaster in the making? Your move!
      WHAT'S NEW
      Update includes:
      - Fix for DLC download issues.
      Previous updates:
      - New Tegra K1 optimised version!
      - Quit game option for online matches.
      - Progress percentage indicator bar for DLC downloads.
      This game has no advertisements Download Instructions:
    • By koumkouat
      Chess v2.45
      Requirements: Android 1.6+
      Overview: "Chess" is currently the highest ranked paid chess on Android (at time of writing), from the paid chess programs listed.

      ★ Top Developer (awarded 2013) ★
      Same as our "Chess Free", but no Ads.
      "Chess" is currently the highest ranked paid chess on Android (at time of writing), from the paid chess programs listed.
      -- 12 play levels (Novice->Expert)
      This uses intelligent weakening for lower levels. Good for beginners.
      -- Casual and Pro modes (NEW!)
      Two different play modes allow you to choose how much help the game gives you, and stats are kept separate for both.
      -- Uses Treebeard Chess engine
      (as used in Microsoft's MSN Chess). This has a unique ""human-like"" style.
      -- Chess Tutor
      This option shows a recommended piece to move. This will help you think about how you should play without telling you exactly what move to make. This is good for developing chess skill while also helping you avoid simple mistakes.
      -- ""Show CPU Thinking"" option for level 3+
      A unique feature, great for learning chess. This shows which moves the AI is considering.
      -- Chess Stats, Timers, Hints and Handicaps
      Track your career history against each level and improve your rating 
      -- Achievements, Leaderboards and Cloud save for stats! (NEW!)
      Available when logging in with your Google+ account
      -- Provides ELO Rating based on your results against CPU in Pro Mode (NEW!)
      -- 2 player hot-seat
      Play against your friends!
      -- 8 Chess Boards and 7 Chess Piece Sets
      -- Review game mode
      Step back through your game and see how you won!
      -- Load/Save game files & PGN Export
      -- Designed for both Tablet and Phone
      Landscape mode available for tablets. (NEW!)
      Download the best Chess for Android now!
      WHAT'S NEW
      - Fixes issue with "Replace Hint with Analyse" option
      - Other minor fixes
      This game has NO advertisements Download Instructions: