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Callistics - Data usage, Calls Premium v2.2.6

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Callistics - Data usage, Calls Premium v2.2.6
Requirements: 2.3+
Overview: Here’s your data manager, calls and message tracking app for you — Callistics - call statistics and data usage. 



It keeps track of all your call logs more efficiently than your phone’s in-built call log with advanced functions like specific day chart, number of incoming and outgoing calls and messages for day, metrics provided per contact, and many more. What is more you can see your mobile, wifi and roaming data usage in total or per application. In settings you can add numbers to excluded number list where you can call for free and send messages for free. These numbers are not counted in statistics.
Application features:
★ Material design
★ Android data counter, calls and messages statistics
★ data usage, messages and calls statistics and charts for actual period
★ data usage, messages and calls statistics and charts for specific days
★ Data manager for - 3G, 4G, LTE, GPRS, Wifi, Wlan
★ Android data usage with information about consumption per application. 
★ nice widgets
★ data usage widget, calls widget and messages widget
★ nice widget with information for limits of data usage, messages and calls.
★ summary screen
★ overview of calls, messages and data usage
★ List of contacts ordered by number of call minutes or messages
★ List of application ordered by data usage
★ Metrics provided per contact
★ Metrics provided per application
★ Metrics on cotacts number of incoming and outgoing calls and messages per day
★ Number of incoming and outgoing calls and messages for day and contact
★ Number of incoming and outgoing calls and messages for all period and contact
★ Call log and messages log for each contact
★ Set up alarms for the usage of your plan
-Notification after reaching a set time of outgoing calls, number outgoing messages, megabytes mobile data usage.
★ Billing period setting
★ Excluded (ignore) numbers list (calls where you have free calls and free messages)
★ Excluded number list separated for calls and messages
★ not running on the background all the time - save your battery
★ data manager and data counter for mobile data usage, wifi data usage and roaming data usage
★ data usage per application
★ Set up alarms for the usage of your plan
★ Call billing increment in settings

If you want to have application in your language and can help me with translation please write me an e-mail [email protected]
This application works for any mobile carrier around all the world for example Vodafone, T-Mobile, Orange, Airtel, Beeline, Free mobile, Turkcell, AT&T, SK Telecom, TELCEL, KT, Verizon Wireless, Verizon, TIM, I WInd, SFR and more.
Don't try to find Calistics, calystic, callystics, calistic or however. It's Callistics - Call statistics. Call stats are only simple Material call statistics you can find on Google play.
In case of any problem please contact us on [email protected]
Comment on permissions:
★ Contacts
- to show picture, and name of your contacts in the calls and messages list
- to get information about send and received message for sms manager
★ Phone
- information for calls counter
★ Wi-Fi connection information
- to be able count Wi-FI data usage
★ Device ID & call information
- save calls to application when you finish outgoing or incoming call
★ Internet
Application is not sending your personal information anywhere. We need connection to the internet only to be able send crash reports and usage statistics to Flurry application.


- application speedup

This app has no advertisements

More Info:

Download Instructions: PREMIUM features Unlocked

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      Help to translate ProxyDroid:
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      Super WiFi Manager PRO v1.12 [Unlocked]
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      Super WiFi Manager is a professional WiFi tool for you to analyze your networks and help you to connect to the best available signals! If you are looking for the Best WiFi Optimizer, Manager, & Analyzer then this network tool must be your first choice!
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      9. Data Analytics: This feature shows the data consumed by all devices that are using your device as the hotspot connection!
      10. Network Spy: You can view the MAC address of devices which are connected to your wifi hotspot.
      11. Widget: Quickly enable/disable your WiFi directly from the Home screen. Also, you can conveniently keep a check on connected WiFi, data usage, IP & speed of connected WiFi!
      Whats Special
      • Easy to understand
      • Arranges network connecting priority
      • WiFi tether (Wi-Fi Hotspot) support
      • Rich & Intelligent functions
      • Fast & Smooth Performance
      • Clear & Intuitive desig
      • Fully Loaded Features
      • Friendly Widget
      Download this perfect WiFi Booster, Manager, Connector & Analyzer to improve your signals now.
      *Ads & IAP
      This Smart App contains a wide range of amazing WiFi related features, thus please consider that it contains in-app purchases to unlock some Pro Features via Mewards (Real & Virtual Money)
      Benefits of Mewards
      - Amazing offers to look out for!
      - Use earned coins to unlock Premium features !
      - Track the status of your Credits!
      Note: This network signal speed booster is for wifi signal only. Not for 3g & 4g wireless signals.
      **Support: [email protected]
      For any kind of help or confusion, simply write to us, and we would happily resolve your problems in a quick friendly manner. Kindly do not leave us any negative stars, we're here to help. Thanks
       What's New
      ★ Enhanced Performance
      ★ Fixed Crash & Functioning Bugs
      It is strongly suggested that you update the app for a super smooth experience.
      This app has no advertisements
      More Info:
      Download Instructions: PRO Features Unlocked
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      Intrace - Visual traceroute v1.9 build 163 [Premium]
      Requirements: 2.3+
      Overview: Visual Traceroute - universal app for Android, which allows to trace the process of transferring data from your gadget on servers located around the world.

      Program Intrace trace route is characterized by ease of use: just specify the name of your service and go to the "journey" on an interactive map.
      Traceroute, as similar networking tools make it easy to identify any route data. These network tools allow to find out on which computers and servers are passed through some of your data if you want to visit a particular Web resource on the network, or refer to a specific server. Visual traceroute to android not only shows the way, but also demonstrates the process of passing on the map. In other words, Intrace for Android shows you not only passed your address and will show exactly where the server is located, through which passed a package of your data.
      All the necessary information for you will be given in the following format:
      • IP server
      • Host Name
      • Ping to address
      • Location of the server (its coordinates on the world map).
      Network tools like Visual Traceroute Tool, are in great demand among engineers networking site administrator. However, Visual Traceroute for Android will certainly taste and simple for users who do not mind to follow, for some servers "journey" of their traffic.
      Traceroute android (Intrace) uses specific "ping" command, which tend to be accessible on most devices (smartphones, tablets, laptops, PCs, etc.). Available application database allows you to quickly identify and geographical location all the way transmission packet data.
      WHAT'S NEW
      PLEASE EMAIL TO [email protected]
      All users who helped with the translation can get a premium
      Intrace 1.9
      ● Internal fixes
      ● Updated French translation(thanks Jean Pierre Kfoury)
      ● Updated Czech translation(thanks František Hlinka)
      This app has no advertisements
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      Web PC Suite - File Transfer v3.2.3 [Ad-Free]
      Requirements: 2.3+
      Overview: Web PC Suite, the terminator of USB cable, is always your best wireless file transfer app. No matter where you are, file transfer between Android and PC can be done wirelessly and freely. 

      ✔ Cross-Platform File Transfer
      Web PC Suite enables you to connect your Android to your PC/Mac/Tablet wirelessly and manage your mobile devices on a PC browser!
      ✔ Transfer ON the GO
      Support remote connection, which means you could transfer files even if there is no Wi-Fi connection!
      Note: Data will be transferred over mobile data traffic in remote mode
      ✔ Powerful File Manager for your needs
      Manage your mobile files on your PC wirelessly!
      ✔ Fastest Transfer Speed
      Under Wi-Fi connection, transfer speed is beyond your imagination.
      Under remote connection, you can enjoy world’s fastest cloud-based servers to transfer
      ✔ Easiest way to connect
      Scan QR code(Wi-Fi mode only): Just scan the QR CODE and here you go!
      Direct connection (Wi-Fi mode only): If your phone camera fails to work, try the IP address connection
      ✔ Easiest interface to interact
      Concise interface releases your eyes from dazzling accessories. Fetch what you want at one glimpse
      ✔ Trusted by millions
      Thousands of installs every day. Help users transfer over 1TB of data every day
      ✔ Secure Transfer
      Support HTTPS to transfer all your files privately and securely
      Translators Needed
      If you would like to help with other language localization, please contact [email protected]
      Official website:
      Submit feedback:
      Find latest news on official blog:
      Like us on Facebook:
      Follow us on Twitter: @webpcsuite
       What's New
      V3.2.3 Change Log
      1. Optimize file transfer speed
      2. Fix minor bugs
      V3.2.2 Change Log
      1.Fix display error of Hotspot password on some Xiaomi phones
      2.Change new logo
      3.Optimize translation
      4.Fix crashes
      V3.2.1 Change Log
      1.Fix Hotspot share failure
      2.Optimize user interface
      V3.2.0 Change Log
      1. Complete multi-language support.
      V3.1.9 Change Log
      1. Support read and write access to external SD card on Android 6.0+
      2. Support PDF preview on webpage
      This app has no advertisements
      More Info:
      Download Instructions: In-app purchases Unlocked
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      Internet Bandwidth Speed Test v4.6.0
      Requirements: 4.0.3+
      Overview: Internet Bandwidth Speed Test is an Internet speed meter. It can test speed for your mobile cellular connections including WiFi hotspot, LTE, 4G, 3G networks. 

      With just one tap, it will test internet speed through thousands of servers worldwide and show accurate broadband speed test results within 30 seconds.
      - Test speed of Download, Upload and Ping.
      - Real-time graphs show broadband connection consistency. 
      - Save the past results of Internet speed test automatically.
      - Boost your phone and improve the efficiency of high speed net.
      - Share your test results to friends easily.
      Enjoy this internet speed meter now. If you have questions or suggestions to this app, please mail to [email protected], or visit for more information.
      WHAT'S NEW
      This release optimizes UI design.If you like it,google+1 right now!
      This app has no advertisements
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    • By SNB
      Naked Browser Pro / NB Pro v1.0 build 72
      Requirements: 2.1+
      Overview: An Android web browser.

      I want everyone who purchases this web browser to be happy with it so please try the free version. It will help you become familiar with how this Pro version works: Free version also available from the free version web site.
      See the list of new features below. More features to come!
      Please "star" this issue on Google's bug site to vote for it. Must be logged in to Google to vote.
      Please email me with any bug reports or comments: [email protected]
      This app does not and will never spy or monitor in any way. All permissions are used only for functionality that you want and NEVER for any other purpose. See below for more information about permissions.
      See for help. Newer Android versions enable even more features:
      • set white list rules per website for: images, JavaScript, user agent, cookies, geolocation
      • optionally show images only over WIFI
      • tab close method and more gesture options
      • set link long press action to show context menu or open in new background/foreground tab. Open in background tab then swipe to switch to new tab. See browser options text for instructions.
      • make screenshots of web pages
      • bookmarks import from text file makes it easy to transition from the free version
      • keep screen on
      • NFC sending/receiving
      • remembers open/closed bookmark folder states
      • UI tweaks: expanded/scrollable bottom menu, bottom menu labels removed, new and higher resolution app icon, app icon label now "Browser NBPro"
      • privileges added for future options/functions: system bookmarks, shortcuts
      • Internet: ONLY for your web page requests & retrievals. Absolutely no monitoring or snooping, & ad-less too.
      • File read/write: ONLY so you can save & upload files. Absolutely no other reason.
      • View network & WIFI connections: ONLY to handle changes in network connectivity and allow optionally loading images only on WIFI.
      • Keep device from sleeping: ONLY to prevent downloads from being cut off.
      • Access download manager: ONLY to ensure access to your device's download manager for downloading files.
      • GPS: ONLY to allow web sites to access your location. Option must be enabled, and even then each site interested in your location will ask your permission.
      • Near field communication (NFC): ONLY to send and receive web addresses to and from nearby devices via NFC. Option must be enabled to send.
      • All other permissions requested are not currently used as this app is a work in progress. Once implemented, these permissions will only be used if you enable the functionality in the browser. No permission will EVER be used by this software to spy or monitor in any way.
      User interface graphics are a low priority at this time.
      Thanks to you for the help and support.
      Uses the list from under the MPL2 license
      WHAT'S NEW
      • bug fix: image policy setting would be ignored sometimes
      • workaround for keyboard not showing after video, newer Android [Thanks Damian R. for reporting this]
      • tiny tweaks
      • improved physical keyboard support, including Alt/Ctrl + M to show menus
      • set Double tap & up/down gesture action to "system default" for system one finger zoom, newer Android versions
      • new option: Bottom tabs & URL
      ANDROID L & M: After updating System WebView, reboot your device to avoid strange glitches.
      This app has no advertisements
      More Info:
      Download Instructions:
    • By SNB
      Wi-Fi-Locator v1.62
      Requirements: 4.1 and up 
      Overview: This app automatically adjusts the Wi-Fi function of your smartphone.

      Every time the screen is switched on, the app checks whether Wi-Fi networks are close to previous connection hotspots/wifi-modems respectively which are permanently stored in the settings (see wpa_supplicant.conf). If no stored network is found, the Wi-Fi feature is turned off completely, otherwise it remains switched on.
      - No power consuming background processes (dissolved by BroadcastReceivers)
      - Substantial increase the battery life
      - App without frills
      - Only rooted devices: Overview over all networks + passwords
      - Timer (Disable the app for a certain time)
      - Turn Wi-Fi off, when the display is turned off
      What's New
      Bug-Fixes and Improvments
      This app has no advertisements
      More Info:
      Download Instructions:
    • By SNB
      IP Cam Viewer Pro v6.2.8 [Patched + Paid]
      Requirements: 2.0+
      Overview: Remotely view listen control and record cameras.

      Awarded Best Software in Utilities category for 2011
      Remotely access your video camera, digital video recorder, network recorder and webcam.
      Over 1900+ devices supported. Use Scan Camera to automatically find compatible driver.
      With 5+ years of development there are so many features they won't let me describe them properly so here's an overview.
      Wide protocol and video format support include HTTPS, RTSP and ONVIF.
      Features include matrix view, pan tilt zoom, home/lock screen widgets, grouping, encryption and in-app motion detection.
      Support for 2-way audio, background audio, record mode with remote control and notifications.
      What's in this version:
      - more drivers and driver fixes
      - Chromecast support (More Actions)
      - Recall recent motion events in Record Playback
      - Android Wear / TV support
      - homescreen shortcuts
      - add homescreen shortcut for camera or group
      - embedded web server navigation of recent motion events
      - optional timestamp when converting to video file
      - add convert video to animated GIF
      - motion detection sensitivity setting
      - Android 5.1 tweaks
      - h.265 and other codecs
      - run in Android 7.0 multi-window
      This app has no advertisements
      More Info:
      Download Instructions:
    • By SNB
      Free WiFi Connection Premium v3.9
      Requirements: 2.2+
      Overview: Please Use Free Trial Version First To Ensure This Will Work On Your System!! This Is Important!! 

      Please Use Free Trial Version First To Ensure This Will Work On Your System!! This Is Important!! Newer Operating Systems Have Stricter Security!! Many internet service providers provide open wifi signals for limited trial runs , as xfinity. This app extends those trials to gives you the richest online experience ever. No Root Required !! Just find and connect to the network, specifically xfinitywifi, and the app will do the rest.
      What's New:
      Supports Nearly All Operating Systems
      Auto Connect to xfinitywifi
      This app has no advertisements
      More Info:
      Download Instructions:
    • By SNB
      WPSApp Pro v1.5.4
      Requirements: 4.1 and up 
      Overview: WPSApp Pro is the premium version without ads of WPSApp, it checks if your network is secure connection through WPS protocol.

      This protocol allows you to connect to a WiFi network using a 8-digit pin number that usually is predefined in the router, the problem is that the pin of many routers from different companies is known or its known how to calculate it.
      This app makes use of these pins to try the connection and check if the network is vulnerable. Implements several know algorithms for pin generation and some default pins. Also calculates the default key for some routers and allows you to view WiFi passwords you have stored on the device.
      The use is very simple, when scanning networks around us, will appear networks with a red cross, these are "safe" networks, they have disabled the WPS protocol and default password is unknown.
      Which appear with a question mark have enabled the WPS protocol but the pin is unknown, in this case the app lets you try out the most common.
      Finally those with a green tick are vulnerable (in principle), they have the WPS protocol enabled and the pin to connect to the network is known. It may also be that the router has turned off WPS but the password is known, in this case also appear green and you can connect with the key.
      To connect with pin need be ROOT user in less than 5.0 (Lollipop) versions. The advantage of being ROOT is that if the pin connection is successful we will show the network password, if not we will connect to the network but can not show it. Each feature will be enabled or disabled depending on the situation of each terminal.
      NOTICE: Not all networks are vulnerable and that the network appear as such does not guarantee 100% that it is, several companies have updated the firmware of their routers to correct the fault.
      TRY IT ON YOUR NETWORK AND IF YOU ARE VULNERABLE... REMEDY IT . Turn off WPS and change the password for a strong and personalized.
      Please understand how the application works before giving an assessment.
      Send any proposal, failure or comment to [email protected], thanks.
      What's New
      - Serious error solved.
      This app has no advertisements
      More Info:
      Download Instructions: