Bass Booster Pro v1.0.2

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Bass Booster Pro v1.0.2
Requirements: 3.0+
Overview: Bass Booster Ten-Band Music Equalizer is an app who improve sound of your device.


Modify the sound of your phone just adjusting effects level through " Ten band Equalizer " and make
the best sound quality with Bass Controller and many Preset. Easy to use and user friendly user interface.
Feature ::
# Adjust 10 Band Equalizer According To You.
# Work For All Music Player Of Your Mobile.
# Use Default 12 Equalizer Presets For Apply Sound Effects.
# Use Quick Boost Button for boost best phone volume.
# Use Bass effect For Improve Sound Quality.
# Set Media Volume Booster.
# Inbuilt Music Player With Background Playing Enable.
# Also use in your phone default Music Player's.
# Very Light App, Which use low space of your phone.
# Volume Booster (31hz to 16Khz by +10db)
Presets Details ::
# Normal
# Classic

What's New
** Song Progress Bar Added
** Improve Bass Booster and Virtualizer Effects.
** Index-able List View added in Playlist.

This app has no advertisements

More Info:


Download Instructions:


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      AirAudio - stream your music! v7.1.0 [Premium] Proper
      Requirements: 4.0 and up | root
      Overview: ROOT required: Stream all audio from any app to every receiver - with just 1 click!

      Enjoy Spotify, Google Play Music, Rdio, Deezer, TuneIn, Poweramp and any other audio on your Airport Express, Freebox, AV-receiver, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, Raspberry Pi, Chromecast, Nexus Player, ROCKI, Smart TV, Roku Streaming Player, SONOS, Gramofon, Denon HEOS, Samsung WAM and many more devices.
      AirAudio supports all the latest streaming technologies and offers seamless compatibility with Apple AirPlay, DLNA, SONOS, Google Cast, Qualcomm® AllPlay™, Amazon Fire TV, Denon HEOS, Samsung Multiroom & Roku.
      ROOT required
      Android doesn't usually allow applications to capture the audio of other applications, therefore a 'rooted' Android is required!
      Please have a look on http://www.androidcentral.com/root for details about how to root your device, or contact us in case of questions or if you need further help!
      Demo mode
      As the development of AirAudio is very complicated & time consuming, it is initially in demo-mode!
      After 5 minutes in 'system-mode' some beep-sounds are added, which can be removed by purchasing a pro-license.
      The license is valid for all your devices and all versions of AirAudio and the fee is currently 4.99€/USD ~5.49.
      Enjoy your music everywhere!
      AirAudio streams all audio from any app on your Android to all receivers in your home:
      • Apple AirPlay: Airport Express, Apple TV, ROCKI, Freebox & all AirPlay-enabled receivers like Bang & Olufsen or Bowers & Wilkins
      • DLNA: Smart TVs or AV-receivers like Samsung, Sony, LG, Pioneer, Yamaha, Denon, Bose or Onkyo, XBOX 360, PS3 etc.
      • SONOS Wireless HiFi: Enjoy all music on your SONOS
      • Roku Streaming Player: Stream any audio to your Roku
      • Google Cast: Chromecast, Nexus Player & other Google Cast-enabled receivers
      • Qualcomm® AllPlay™: AllPlay™-enabled receivers like Panasonic, Lenco or Gramofon
      • Amazon Fire TV: Amazon Fire TV & Fire TV Stick
      • Denon HEOS: All HEOS-receivers are supported
      • Samsung Multiroom: Samsung-WAM & more devices
      • Software receivers: Kodi, Shairport, Airfoil Speakers, GMediaRender & more
      Amazing entertainment
      AirAudio is a very powerful audio streamer for Android!
      Its outstanding features guarantee easy & seamless streaming of all your music:
      • AirAudio runs in the background and lets you stream with just 1 click
      • AirAudio works exactly like original Apple AirPlay and therefor requires 30-60% less WiFi-traffic compared to other AirPlay-apps without affecting the audio-quality
      • AirAudio recognizes if you are listening to your music & a receiver is available
      • AirAudio sends informations & artwork to your AirPlay- or Google Cast-receiver
      • AirAudio supports Tasker - automate your music
      • AirAudio's widgets - create shortcuts for your favorite receivers
      Personal assistance in case of problems
      If you have any problems with AirAudio, please contact us via e-mail at [email protected] and we will try to help you.
      Tips & Tricks
      • HTC ONE M7/M8/M9: Please S-OFF your phone to prevent AirAudio always asking to reboot your device
       What's New
      Version 7.1:
      - Added dark theme to settings
      Version 7.0:
      - Fresh new design: Hope you like it :-)
      - Support for Samsung Multiroom: Enjoy all music on Samsung-WAM & more
      - Revamped FireTV-discovery: Replaced Amazon's code with smarter code
      - Hopefully got rid of mysterious crashes
      and much more!
      Contact us at [email protected] in case of problems and help us to be the best app for streaming to AirPlay, AllPlay, DLNA, Fire TV, Google Cast, Roku, SONOS, Denon HEOS & Samsung Multiroom :-)
      ● Premium features Unlocked
      This app has no advertisements
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      Download Instructions:
    • By APK
      Music Player Mp3 Pro v4.40
      Requirements: 4.0+
      Overview: Music Player is a new material design music player with lots of features. Music Player Mp3(La Musique Music). Ellipse Music Player has been renamed to Music Player Mp3. Simple is the new smart.

      ☆ NOTE ☆
      This is a Music Player not a Music Downloader.
      Music Player is a new material design music player with lots of features
      One of the most beautiful and powerful material design music player for Android!
      This app is one of the most powerful yet simple and surprisingly faster than other music player.
      Support one button and multiple buttons headsets. Leave your device in the pocket and customize every button function!
      Highlighted functions:
      ★Awesome Material design music player
      ★Small size, low memory usage and innovative.
      ★Supports Lock Screen and many Widgets.
      ★Supports Headset total Control.
      ★7 Band Equalizer with Bass Boost and Preset Support
      ★Scrobbling support via scrobble droid and simple last.fm
      Innovative Feature:
      ❤ Create and Edit Playlist
      ❤ embedded lyrics support
      ❤ lyric support via third party plugin
      ❤ full support for Notification Controls.
      ❤ Bluetooth Controls
      ❤ SHAKE IT to skip it
      ❤ 6 Theme and 6 accent Color
      ❤ gapless playback support
      ❤ programmable sleep timer
      ❤ Ability to Customize Every aspect of app
      ❤ Light and Dark Theme
      ❤ Listen to Songs where you left off always
      ❤ many sorting modes to sort the songs you want
      ❤ Auto Album Art Downloader
      ❤ Stop Song after completion (useful for learning)
      ❤ View recently played,recently added, most played songs
      ❤ mark songs as favorite or rate tracks
      ❤ Ability to See album artist genre recent in 6 different types
      ❤ Ability to change grid column of album artist genre and recent tab
      ❤ Ability to Track Most Played Tracks with count
      ❤ Ability to see Album Artist instead of Artist only
      ❤ Personalized Section in App
      ❤ Add Remove Sort Tab in Library
      ❤ Select Default Tab in Library
      ❤ Folder Tab in Library
      ❤ La Musique Music
      and many more
      Pro Only Feature:
      ❤ 38 Themes Colors
      ❤ 38 Accent Colors
      ❤ Song Meta Data Editing
      ❤ Lyrics and Album Art Editing
      ❤ See Rated Tracks
      ❤ Cross Fade Play Pause and Customize Duration
      ❤ Ability to change single, double and triple actions
      ❤ Show Playback Rate and Sample rate of song in Playing view
      ❤ Show Total count info in Notification and playing View
      ❤ Artist Image on Lock Screen Widget and Playing View
      ❤ Blur Lock Screen and Widget Art
      ❤ Create Shortcut for Playlist Artist and Album
      ❤ All Future Features
      ❤ Developer Love
      ❤ No Ads
      and many more
       What's New
      *bugs fixed
      *added a new feedback section
      This app has no advertisements
      More Info:

      Download Instructions: Pro features unlocked
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      Music Tag Editor v2.4.4 build 28 [Pro]
      Requirements: 4.0+
      Overview: Replace wrong album art and edit inaccurate audio tag with Music Tag Editor! 

      This is a brand new app that includes functionality of album art grabber and music tagger.
      Fell free to edit audio tag manually or use automatic mode with a huge audio database.
      • Simple album art grabber
      • Powerful music tag editor
      • Supports manual and automatic tag editing modes
      • Huge album art database
      • The most powerful and large music info database
      • As fast as possible metadata search engine and album art downloader
      • Supports mp3, mp4, ogg, flac and wma music formats
      • Compatibility with mp3 ID3 v1, ID3 v1.1, ID3 v2.2, v2.3 and v2.4
      • Automatic batch mode available
      • Build-in music recognizing algorithm
      • Gorgeous material design
      The new album art and track info are written directly to music file, and cached by Android OS (build-in media scanner starts after every music tag or album art change).
      To improve the accuracy of Music Tag Editor ensure the correct artist and track title where entered before starting automatic album art downloader.
      Click album art image to manually select cover from gallery or delete album art from audio tag.
      WHAT'S NEW
      - fixed various bugs
      - disabled track recognition feature (unfortunately Echo Nest closed their awesome API)
      This app has no advertisements
      More Info:

      Download Instructions: PRO features Unlocked
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      Videoder Video & Music Downloader v12.4.3 [Premium]
      Requirements: 4.1+
      Overview: Videoder is the ultimate way to download YouTube videos!

      Videoder is an amazing YouTube Music & Video download utility for your Android Smart-Phone. It has been loved and appreciated by over 20 million users around the world. Download the latest apk of Videoder now and start downloading your favourite Music and Videos.
      App Features
      Download unlimited youtube music, videos, movies in all resolutions from 144p to  1080P FULL HD
      Music & Video Downloading
      Unlimited Music and Video Downloading for free
      No Annoying ads, Completely ads free
      All Resolutions & Formats
      Download any video as MP3, 4K, 1080P, 720P, 480P, 240P, 144P and in 60fps
      Download youtube videos in all formats and resolutions :mp3, 4K, 1080P, 720P, 480P, 320P, 240P, 144P, 3gp, mp4, webm, flv, 60fps
      Multiple - Batched Downloading
      Multi-Select videos/music while browsing and download them with one tap
      Batch Downloading,select and download multiple videos int one tap
      Extremely Beautiful
      Beautiful and easy to use UI, with youtube app like features (minimize while watching)
      Extremely beautiful and easy to use User Interface
      In Built Web Browser
      In built Browser lets you download streaming videos from supported sites
      In built browser lets you browse your favourite streaming sites and download videos and music on the go
      Youtube Playlist & Channel Download
      Youtube Channel and Playlist download with one tap
      Download from facebook, vimeo, instagram, whatsappdaily, dailymotion, vine, metacafe, liveleak
      Support for multiple websites coming this month
      Download from facebook.com , instagram.com , vevo.com , whatsappdaily.com , dailymotion.com , vimeo.com , vine.co , metacafe.com , liveleak.com + 170 more websites
      This app has no advertisements
      More Info:

      Download Instructions:
    • By APK
      PlayerPro Music Player v4.0 build 143 [Mod Lite]
      Requirements: 2.1+
      Overview: PlayerPro: skins, artist/album information and art, grid/list views, lyrics ...
      PlayerPro is an advanced music player for Android 2.x devices.

      Key features:
      * Browse and play your music by albums, artists, genres, songs, playlists, folders, and album artists.
      * Video browser and player.
      * Automatically downloads missing album artwork, artist pictures and genre illustrations.
      * Manually pick your preferred album artwork, artist pictures, genre illustrations from the Internet, the Gallery app, ID3 tags, or album folder.
      * Change the user interface of the Player by installing one of the 14 available SKINS, all for free.
      * Customize the layout, chosing between GRID or LIST views.
      * Read album and artist REVIEWS.
      * Download, search and and save LYRICS to your music files using standard ID3 tags.
      * Single and group TAG EDITING: title, album, artist, track, year, genre, comment. Formats supported: mp3, ogg, flac, wma, wav, m4a, mp4.
      * Mixable AUDIO EFFECTS for Android >2.3 devices: 5 band graphic EQUALIZER with default/customizable presets (edit, rename, delete), STEREO WIDENING effect (virtualizer), REVERB effects (large hall, medium hall, plate, small room, medium room, large room), BASS BOOST effect, volume control.
      * Free additional DSP PLUGIN for Android =2.3 devices: 10 band graphic EQUALIZER with 15 default/customizable presets, PRE-AMP control, BASS BOOST control, volume control. Go to Settings > Audio and select "Download DSP pack" option to install the free plugin.
      * Dolby and SRS sound effects for HTC devices equipped with HTC sound enhancement (HTC desire HD, etc).
      * Music stats and SMART PLAYLISTs: RATINGs, play/skip counts, last played, last added.
      * Import and export music history and ratings from your favorite desktop music player: Songbird, Winamp, Wmp, MediaMonkey, Music files.
      * Music folder selection.
      * Choice of 2 LOCK SCREEN widgets with many customization options: unlock slider, sound toggler, skip tracks using volume buttons, swipe gestures ...
      * Choice of 5 different home screen WIDGETs (4x1, 2x2, 3x3, 4x4, 4x2).
      * Supported SCROBBLERs: Simple Last.fm, Scrobble Droid, Official Last.fm app.
      * SLEEP TIMER with fade out.
      * SHARE text notifications, album/artist artwork on your favorite social networks: Twitter, Facebook, Gmail, Picassa etc.
      * HEADSET support. Customize long press and double/triple press actions.
      * Library wide SEARCH. VOICE search support.
      * SWIPE gestures (player: swipe album art to skip songs, browsers: swipe left to play next, swipe right to play last).
      * SHAKE IT feature: give your phone a shake to play next/previous song (e.g.: shake top to bottom or bottom to top to play next/previous song).
      * Create playlist SHORTCUTS.
      * APP2SD support.
      ... and many other features to discover !
      WHAT'S NEW
      - Added support for Material design
      - Updated Blue Wonder, Red Fusion, Pink Lady, and Cloudy Blue/Red/Green/Pink skins to support Material effects
      - Added support for Android N notifications and swipe gesture to dismiss notifications
      - Added support for Right-to-Left layouts
      - Redesigned the Settings screen
      - Fixed a bug causing playback distortion when using the DSP Pack on Samsung Galaxy S6 phones (Android N only)
      - Various bug and stability fixes
      - Updated translations
      Replaced the application icon;
      Optimized graphics;
      Languages: Russian, Ukrainian, English.
      This app has no advertisements
      More Info:

      Download Instructions: credits Alex
    • By APK
      Folder Player Pro v4.2.1
      Requirements: 5.0+
      Overview: Folder Player Pro is a directory and file-centric musicmp3 player and is a more advanced version of its popular free counterpart.

      Folder Player Pro is a directory and file-centric musicmp3 player and is a more advanced version of its popular free counterpart.
      It adds the following capabilities on top of free version:
      - Unlimited tagging, allowing you to create multiple "playlists"
      - Extended cross-fading functionality
      - Ability to auto-delete tracks during playback
      Pro version receives priority updates much sooner than Free version, with some of the new (or limited) features going to transfer to Free edition over time.
      Other features shared between two editions:
      - playing folder trees AND individual files within folders
      - integration with Bluetooth headphones (and your car)
      - integration with last.fm (via scrobbler)
      - pauses during phone calls and navigation speech
      - sequential and random play
      - configurable settings
      - Equalizer
      - Double press headset button to skip track
      - Search
      Please visit http://folderplayer.com for feedback on problemsideassuggestions
      WHAT'S NEW
      In 4.2.1:
      Fixed: Queue restoration bug
      Fixed: French translation updates
      Fixed: Issues with exiting
      This app has no advertisements
      More Info:

      Download Instructions:
    • By APK
      Tuner T1 v1.4 [Unlocked]
      Requirements: 4.0 and up
      Overview: Tune any musical instrument (guitar, violin, viola, bass, piano, cello, flute and many more) with this simple chromatic tuner.

      Tuner T1 also comes with a handy Tone Generator that plays any musical note as reference for tuning. A must-have tool for musicians!
      - Simple to use with live pitch recognition
      - Extremely accurate (can be tuned to an accuracy of ±0.1 cents)
      - Tone generator that can generate reference tones over a note-range of 3 octaves
      - Ability to set the frequency of A₄ (for tunings where A₄ is not 440 hertz)
       What's New
      Keeps the screen on while tuning.
      ● Paid features Unlocked
      This app has no advertisements
      More Info:

      Download Instructions:
    • By APK
      Metronome M1 v3.1 [Unlocked]
      Requirements: 4.0 and up
      Overview: Metronome M1 is a simple and extremely accurate metronome for mobile devices.

      Metronome M1 comes with only the most essential features anyone will need from a metronome. The simple and clean user interface of Metronome M1 lets you get to practicing your instrument immediately without having to spend any time exploring the app.
      Metronome M1 produces regular, metrical ticks (beats, clicks) — settable in BPM (beats per minute). These beats represent a fixed, regular aural pulse and is an indispensable tool for every musician for practicing. Along with the beat, Metronome M1 also shows a visual indication of the counts as animated bars. Metronome M1 supports a wide tempo range between 30-300 BPM, ranging from Grave to Prestissimo covering all popular styles including Lento, Largo, Adagio, Andante, Moderato, Allegro, Vivace and Presto. The "Tap Tempo" feature lets you quickly set your desired tempo with the ease of tapping a button.
      Metronome M1 supports the following common Time Signatures.
      Simple time signatures:
      - 2/4 (duple): Commonly used for polkas or marches.
      - 3/4 (triple): Used widely for waltzes, minuets, scherzi, country & western ballads, R&B. Also occasionally used in pop.
      - 4/4 (quadruple): Also known as common time, this is used widely in most forms of Western popular music. It is also the most common time signature in rock, blues, country, funk, and pop. Most students start practicing with this time signature.
      Compound time signatures:
      - 6/8 (duple): This compound time signature is used in double jigs, polkas, sega, salegy, tarantella, marches, barcarolles, Irish jigs, loures, and some rock music.
      - 9/8 (triple): Also known as compound triple time, this is used in triple jigs.
      - 12/8 (quadruple): Commonly used in slower blues (where it is called a shuffle) and doo-wop; also used more recently in rock music.
      Metronome M1 also supports many other possible time signatures.
      Now you no longer have to give an excuse for practicing without a metronome as you can have the free Metronome M1 app on your mobile device all the time. Make metronome your best friend and always practice with it. Moreover, practicing with metronome is proven to improve your aural skills. So, download Metronome M1 for free today!
      Metronome M1 also contains other features including subdivisions, option to configure beat tone and option to increase tempo progressively during practice.
       What's New
      New Features in Metronome M1:
      - Added support for additional time signatures
      - Subdivisions: The ability to subdivide the beat into sub-beats (supports duple, triple and quadruple subdivisions)
      - Increasing Tempo: An option to increase the tempo by a fixed number of BPMs after fixed number of bars. (for interruption-free long practice sessions)
      - Ability to change the tone of the beats (supports sine, sawtooth or a square wave based beat)
      - Option to disable the accent on the first beat
      ● Paid features Unlocked
      This app has no advertisements
      More Info:

      Download Instructions:
    • By APK
      Internet Radio Recorder Pro v4.0.5.5
      Requirements: 3.0+
      Overview: Pay once...NO SUBSCRIPTION FEES.
      Version Fixes layout problems for new high-density screens;
      -ADDED NEW genera drop-down menu in Search;

      ***3 APPS IN 1...this download includes the base streaming/recording app AND "Easy-MP3" which scans for and plays local MP3 files AND our "Radio Search'N'play" app which searches all of SHOUTCAST (all 3 included);
      ***Record any favorite working stream (test your URL first in the free version);
      ***PLEASE email us before giving up; we can find most working URLs for you;
      • Usage suggestion: while on WiFi, record hours of music/talk/news while you sleep (schedule it with the Alarm recorder), then listen to your recordings bandwidth-free the next day in your car, at work, etc.
      • Powerful internet streaming/recording software (captures live streams with no loss of quality);
      • Create LONG HIGH-QUALITY recordings of radio streams and easily move off device via USB;
      • Includes "Easy-MP3" (see 5th screenshot); for fast access to your local MP3 files;
      • Includes "Radio Search'N'play" to search over 50,000 stations on Shoutcast;
      • Professional customer service: Refund granted at any time if not satisfied;
      • Beautiful animated interface;
      • QUICK access to your MUSIC (not a complicated interface);
      -Includes hundreds of the internet's best TESTED and hand-picked stations;
      *** Add any MP3 stream to the app; ***
      -5-band Graphic EQ;
      -Recording Alarm (schedule future recordings of your favorite shows);
      -Full RECORD functionality;
      -HQ recordings (no loss of bit rate);
      -Waveform Beat Visualizer (updates real-time);
      -FILE BROWSER (view and manage your recordings instantly);
      -SLEEP TIMER (app shuts down when timer runs out);
      CATEGORIES (we feature the internet's MOST POPULAR stations):
      Internet's Top 10:
      Top 40 HITZ:
      House Music:
      Trinidad / Tobego:
      Bollywood / Punjabi / Desi:
      German, Volksmusik:
      Irish / Scottish / Celtic:
      Rock/Heavy Metal/Death Metal:
      R-B / Rap:
      Old School:
      Ambient / Meditation:
      Latin and Salsa:
      Talk Radio:
      Comedy Radio:
      Video Game Music:
      *********APP PERMISSIONS EXPLAINED:*********
      *RECEIVE_BOOT_COMPLETED - allows the Alarm Recorder to check for scheduled recordings if you reboot your phone;
      *WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE - important so the app can create MP3 or WAV files when you record stations;
      *READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE - necessary so the app can find audio files on your device and play them; we ONLY scan for music files!
      *WAKE_LOCK - necessary so when you have music playing/recording in the background, the phone won't go to sleep and interrupt your recording or listening.
      *READ_PHONE_STATE - necessary so when you get a phone call while listening to music, the music will stop, and if you get a notification sound from another app, the music will lower by 80%;
      *INTERNET - used whenever you connect to the internet to listen to online streaming music;
      *ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE - simply checks if your device in online before executing online actions (playing music);
      *RECORD_AUDIO - actually necessary for the beat visualizer to work, since it is analyzing audio coming through the device; if you disable this permission, the app will crash when the visualizer starts;
      *MODIFY_AUDIO_SETTINGS - also necessary for lowering the sound when you get a phone call;
      LudwigAppDesign is committed to creating apps which do not offend or infringe on the user. All of the permissions requested here are necessary for smooth operation and if you disable any of them the app will likely crash. We heartily respect your privacy and NEVER execute code that will IN ANY WAY identify individuals's personal data or information, or your identity.
      WHAT'S NEW
      v. Added Shoutcast and Icy metadata scan buttons to info layout (see help tab for instructions).
      This app has no advertisements
      More Info:

      Download Instructions:
    • By APK
      jetAudio HD Music Player Plus v8.2.3 [Paid + Patched]
      Requirements: 2.3.3+
      Overview: jetAudio Plus is a mp3 music player with 10/20 bands graphic equalizer and various sound effects.

      -- Sound Effects plugins --
      * Bongiovi DPS (http://www.bongioviacoustics.com)
      * AM3D Audio Enhancer (http://www.am3d.com)
      (Sound effect plugins will be sold separately through in-app purchase.)
      (Some plugins can be purchased in Plus version only.)
      jetAudio for Windows is the highest rated and most downloaded media player on CNET.COM and now you can listen to same high-quality sound on your Android phone using jetAudio.
      It plays almost any type of digital music files you have (.wav, .mp3, .ogg, .flac, .m4a, .mpc, .tta, .wv, .ape, .mod, .spx, .wma* and more) and, it provides a very high quality sound with various effects and enhancements such as Wide, Reverb, X-Bass.
      It comes with 32 equalizer presets that will provide a wide array of listening experience. 
      For those who would like to customize their own sound experience, it also allows 10/20 bands graphic equalizer and other advanced playback functions including playback speed control, crossfading, AGC and much more.
      Free Basic version provides same features with Plus version except advertisements and some features.
      To enjoy full features of jetAudio, please purchase Plus version.
      -- Features for Plus version only --
      * 20-bands graphic equalizer
      * Tag Editor (MP3, FLAC, OGG, M4A)
      * Display lyrics in tag (Unsynchronized lyrics)
      * 2 lock screens
      * 14 app widgets : 4x1 (#2), 4x2 (#3), 4x3 (#3), 4x4 (#3), 3x3, 2x2, 2x3
      * Pitch shifter
      * Precise playback speed control (50% ~ 200%)
      * Light Gray/White theme for browser (Plus only)
      * Grid mode for Artist/Song/Folder/Genre browser
      * Adjust FF/REW interval
      * Expanded notification bar (for JB)
      * MIDI playback (using jetAudio WaveTable MIDI synthesizer engine)
      -- Features for Basic/Plus version --
      * Can choose between 3 List modes or 10 Grid modes for layout style
      (In Basic version, layout style can be chosen in Album browser only)
      * Find on YouTube
      * Last.fm (requires official Last.fm app)
      * X-Wide, Reverb, X-Bass sound effects
      * AGC (automatic gain control) to avoid volume fluctuations between tracks
      * Speed control from 50% to 200% (pitch adjusted)
      * Crossfading, Gap-less playback
      * Fade-in/Fade-out
      * Repeat AB
      * Browser and play music by artits, albums, songs, playlists, genres and folders
      * Balance/Volume control
      * Sleep timer up to 24 hours
      * Flick up to post what you're listening to on Facebook/Twitter
      * Flick down to show Now Playing
      * Flick left/right to play next/previous
      * Lock screens
      * Headset button control (Bluetooth headset)
      - press to pause/resume
      - double/triple press to play next/prev
      - long press to mute or TTS (time, title)
      * Bluetooth headphone button control
      * Send track information via Bluetooth AVRCP 1.3
      * Multi-select function (Delete/Add to playlist)
      * Keep screen on, Lock orientation options
      * Shake to play next/previous track
      * Supporting formats:
      MP3, WAV, OGG, FLAC, M4A, MPC, TTA, WV, APE, MOD (module formats S3M, IT), SPX, AIFF
      (WMA may not be supported on some devices. Please check your device specification for WMA support)
      (If you want to localize jetAudio for your language, please contact [email protected] for more information)
      WHAT'S NEW
      - Bug fixes
      - Bug fixes
      - Improved Folder browser
      - Volume Bar added (Portrait)
      - Add to Playlist button
      - Bug fixes
      * : for Plus version only
      This app has no advertisements
      More Info:

      Download Instructions: All Sound Effects Unlocked