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Zenonia 4 v1.1.8 (Mega Mod)

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Zenonia 4 v1.1.8 (Mega Mod)
Requirements: 2.1 +
Overview: ZENONIA® 4: Return of the Legend, Extreme Action RPG


The definitive action RPG has returned, now in glorious HD!
When an ancient evil threatens to erupt onto the world, heroes of the ages must assemble once again to change the course of destiny.
Join Regret, Chael, Ecne, Lu and more to embark on the greatest ZENONIA adventure yet!


Explore the overworld in vivid HD, now with spectacular visuals and top-notch animations optimized for high quality displays.

Become a force to be reckoned with -- unleash powerful combo hits and devastating skills with explosive graphical and aural flair.

Choose the best strategy and equip your Slayer, Blader, Ranger or Druid class hero with countless armor options, weapons and items.

Level up through Normal, Hard and Hell mode. Master the Fairy sync system and annihilate hundreds of normal and legendary monsters.

Tackle asynchronous online PvP with the new 2-on-2 arena battles or compete in the Abyss zone for loot drops, and hire other player data as mercenaries. The Execution Room and classic 1-on-1 rumbles also return.

Collect effect-boosting titles as you delve deeper into the secrets of ZENONIA®'s beloved characters.

ZENONIA 4 Update]
Patch Notes:
1. Minor bug Fix

1. Infinite Skill Points
2. Infinite Stat Points
3. Free Shopping (Price Reduced To 0)
4. Skill No Cooldown
5. Massive Attack
6. Can Refine
7. Special Always Active

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Download Instructions:

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      Last Day on Earth: Survival v1.6.5 [Mod No Root]
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      Overview: Last Day on Earth is a FREE MMORPG zombie shooter survival and strategy game, where all survivors are driven by one target: stay alive and survive as long as you can in this post apocalypse game and shoot walking dead zombies.

      There is no place left for friendship, love and compassion. A deadly plague virus pandemic has turned the world into a dead zone full of unkilled zombies. You can trust only yourself in this post apocalyptic game infected with walking dead zombies.
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      WHAT'S NEW
      With all dark soul we congratulate you on Halloween and we have prepared for the holiday:
      — Now you can grow pumpkin in garden beds and cook delicious soup!
      — There will be special objects everywhere: zombies’ brains, teeth, eyes that one will be able to change for holiday trophies: a pumpkin helmet, a zombie collar and a pattern for Chopper.
      — On locations you will be able to find a cemetery plus something interesting in tombs.
      — During the holiday the Dealer will visit you twice a day.
      - Free Crafting
      This app has no advertisements
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      The Quest - Celtic Rift v5.0.4
      Requirements: 4.4 +
      Overview: The Quest - Celtic Rift is an expansion to The Quest, a beautifully hand-drawn open world role playing game with old school grid-based movement and turn based combat.

      After enabling the expansion, you can explore new areas and adventures. However, if you don't have The Quest, you can also play the expansion as a standalone game.
      You've received a letter from King Mersant bidding you travel urgently to the Islands of Lubdan in the far away country of Loegria. When you land, you find out who really summoned you there. Be ready for adventure. You could easily die, so keep extra save files!
      To access the new areas (not applicable if you are playing the expansion standalone), go to Matras harbor and talk to captain Verra, then select "Celtic Rift" as your travel destination. It's recommended you reach at least level 15 before taking on the challenges posed by this expansion.
      WHAT'S NEW
      - Phredd now sells the Addanc Sight ability (for when you have trouble with Mita) but Halbor's quest must be done first.
      This app has no advertisements
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      The Quest - Hero of Lukomorye II v6.0.1
      Requirements: 4.4 +
      Overview: The Quest - Hero of Lukomorye II is an expansion to The Quest, a beautifully hand-drawn open world role playing game with old school grid-based movement and turn based combat.

      After enabling the expansion, you can explore new areas and adventures. However, if you don't have The Quest, you can also play the expansion as a standalone game.
      You are an agent in the service of Tzar Yaromir. Lukomorye is still not free. You must face new challenges to help your friends, the Tzar and his royal family, combat the warlike Savir invaders. You'll encounter exotic scenarios, like steppes patrolled by wolves an underwater abyss and an eerie mushroom kingdom. You'll have the opportunity to become a member of the Order of the Sword, if you qualify. You'll have your faithful sidekick, Agent Kolobok, to accompany you. You may go mad in Argimon's Mad Dwarves' Castle, so heed any hints there carefully.
      To access the new areas (not applicable if you are playing the expansion standalone), go to Mithria harbor and talk to captain Hanty, then select "Luko II" as your travel destination. It's recommended you reach at least level 29 before taking on the challenges posed by this expansion.
      This app has no advertisements
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      The Quest v6.0.1
      Requirements: 4.4 +
      Overview: The Quest is a beautifully hand-drawn open world role playing game with old school grid-based movement and turn based combat.

      In the kingdom of Monares trouble is brewing. The governor of Freymore is missing and the island is in tumult. The mages all prophesy a dark shadow looming over the safety of the kingdom. As an Agent of the king, it's your job to find out what is happening and avert any danger.
      Choose from five customizable races and an array of skills, weapons, armor and enchantments, and explore a huge world of four cities and a wilderness of mountains, caves, lakes and forests – full of mystery, magic and intriguing challenges. Meet the many inhabitants, each with its own agenda and attitude towards your character. Some will be helpful, some greedy or lascivious or just plain mean. You will have many choices, including some that may place you against the law, along your way to the dramatic ending of your own choosing.
      Key Features:
      - Pursue a long and dramatic main story and solve many optional side quests.
      - Create a highly customizable character and cast dazzling spells, enchant powerful items, concoct potent potions and persuade people to further your goals.
      - Discover an open world with interesting locales, day/night cycle, weather, fascinating people, dangerous creatures, readable books, pick-able locks, repairable items, houses that can be broken into, dungeons, traps and much more.
      - Play an absorbing card game with three different decks, accessible at the inns.
      WHAT'S NEW
      - [Celtic Rift]: Phredd now sells the Addanc Sight ability (for when you have trouble with Mita) but Halbor's quest must be done first.
      - [HOLII]: Angel of Light quest is no longer needed to break certain walls.
      - [HOLII]: Items added.
      This app has no advertisements
      More Info:
      Download Instructions:
    • By KSCT
      Wizrogue - Labyrinth of Wizardry v2.0.3 + Mod
      Requirements: 4.0
      Overview: The legendary RPG Wizardry is reborn as a Rogue-like game. Terrifying monsters and countless traps stand in your way.

      Infinite eerie Labyrinths filled with terrifying monsters and countless traps to snare Adventurers. Your destiny is in your hands! Never far behind are the deadly battles and the creeping fear of being trapped alive. Take on Labyrinths with your own mighty party! Collect and train characters, build your own mighty party, modify items you find, and take on Labyrinths!
      A new nostalgic experience is here! 
      There was a time when mad kings and grand wizards feuded over magical artifacts. A time when stories of dragons and their lust for treasure were not stories at all. 
      That is, until they faded into legend, and the Kingdom of Ardéme was born. Yet the road to prosperity is fraught with strife – a foul mist swept across the land. Its rotten reach was not boundless, however. An endless source of divine protection was found flowing from a single sacred cup: Holy Water. Nevertheless, the kingdom's demise was sealed when King Arthurus' closest confidant, Grand Sorcerer Ambrosius, was bitten by a vampire lord and fled the land with the holy cup in hand, never to be seen again.    
      With the fall of the once-mighty realm, the Miasma ravaged the land without mercy. Ardéme became a desolate uninhabitable terrain, and with nothing to keep its evil in check, the malevolence reached neighboring Camrone. Ardéme's heir to the throne, the young Prince Danjaq, was granted refuge by Camrone's ruler, Duke Baudricourt. Dreaming year upon year of reclaiming the cup, when the moment came to face Ambrosius, he met the same fate as his father.
      The Miasma grew denser, hungrier, and more powerful by the day, gushing forth from countless mysterious Labyrinths littered across the land. Baudricourt, resolved to see an end to the crisis, assembled a force to investigate. Many lost their lives, as he discovered all too late that the Miasma possessed the power to manipulate the Labyrinths to act out its evil will, and without sufficient Holy Water to protect his troops they were like lambs being led to slaughter. With his numbers dwindling fast, Baudricourt ordered his Overseer, Alah'wi, to send word to the four corners of the land...    "To Arms Ye Courageous Adventurers, Heed The Call Of Duty!"     
      And so begins the Age of Adventurers. A tale of Holy Water, the Miasma, and Labyrinths!
      This app has no advertisements
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      Mod Money:
    • By KSCT
      Phantom of the Kill v2.3.1 [Mod]
      Requirements: 4.0+
      Introducing Phantom of the Kill, the tactical role-playing game that combines strategy with drama!

      Join warriors named after legendary weapons in their epic battle against evil, and turn the tides of war with a swipe of your finger.
      With over fifty unit classes and six weapon types, the possibilities truly are endless. Add dragoons, swordmasters, mages, gunners, and other units to your team, form the perfect party with insanely cool weapons, then lead them to victory!
      Try your hand with axes, lances, swords and other weapons at your disposal. How will you defeat your enemies?
      Phantom of the Kill is free to download and play, however, some game items can also be purchased for real money. A network connection is required to play this game.
      A smartphone or tablet with Android 4.1 or later, 2GB RAM or more, and 1.5 GB disk space or more is recommended. * Some devices with these specifications may still not be able to run this application.
      Fuji&gumi Games, Inc.
      gumi Inc.
      CRIWARE is a trademark of CRI Middleware Co., Ltd.
      WHAT'S NEW
      - Starting Halloween Event!
      - Renewal for units 3D model
      - Minor bug fix
      1. Weaken monsters
      This app has no advertisements
      More Info:
      Download Instructions:
    • By KSCT
      Mobius Final Fantasy v1.5.102 [Mod]
      Requirements: 2.3 +
      Overview: The definitive high-definition FINAL FANTASY game for mobile phones!

      ■ A deep story and stunning visuals.
      Experience an exciting story penned by Kazushige Nojima of Final Fantasy VII and Final Fantasy X fame, visualized with 3-D graphics never before seen in an RPG for mobile phones!
      Each chapter release will be accompanied by grand in-game events adding new playable content and exciting customization items for your character!
      ■ A new and refined RPG turn-based battle.
      Experience a new battle system specifically designed for mobile devices, creating highly tactical battles where each action flows into the next, chaining attacks and abilities in a rhythmic flow that brings destruction to your foes!
      ■ Final Fantasy's vaunted "Job System" returns.
      Delve into a deep character customization system allowing for a near limitless number of combinations between job classes and specialized elemental abilities.
      Choose your job, build your "deck," and destroy your enemies!
      ■Story: The Warrior of Light
      Despair has cast a long, dark shadow across this land. The winds have stopped, the seas churn, and the earth rots.
      The people await for a hero to appear—the hero foretold in an ancient prophecy: "When darkness shrouds the land, the Warrior of Light will come. Hope rides in his wake."
      After a long journey across the Ether, castaways without pasts appear on the shores of Palamecia. One of them is destined to become the warrior of legend.
      You stand among them.
      Are you the hero whom the prophecy foretells?
      ■ Operating System
      Android OS 4.0 or later
      WHAT'S NEW
      ■Chapter VI, Part 1
      The long-awaited newest chapter!
      The tale of the Azure Witch
      will now be revealed!
      ■New Meia Job!
      Meia is now a playable character!
      Get the newest Meia job with
      incredibly high Magic power!
      ■Job Quests Released!
      Warrior, Mage, Ranger
      Enhance your veteran jobs
      with the new Job Quests!
      Sicarius Famfrit arrives!
      New weapon available
      at the Item Exchange!
      1. Instant Break Enemy
      This app has no advertisements
      More Info:
      Download Instructions:
    • By KSCT
      [Premium] RPG Asdivine Hearts 2 v1.1.2g
      Requirements: 4.0 +
      Overview: Asdivine Hearts 2 - The long-awaited sequel to the original smash hit has finally arrived!
      The Premium Edition features 1000 in-app points as a bonus!

      Picking up two years after the events of their first adventure, Zack and friends find themselves off on another quest, but this time to save the parallel world of Archelio, which is on the verge of being frozen in ice.
      However, after a small mishap prior to arriving at their intended destination, the party finds themselves out of weapons and out of luck. Nevertheless, with the help of their new companion Nadia and a fairy named Rapscal, their investigation into the cause of this abnormal phenomenon gets back on track. That is, until a mysterious creature and suspicious fellow with divine powers show up and attempt to stop them from finding out the truth.
      As conflicting evidence begins to amount, will the party be able to reverse this crisis as they had hoped for or will their actions turn out to be the catalyst for something much, much worse...?!
      *With a convenient summary of the previous title included, players can jump right into Asdivine Hearts 2 without having played the first!
      Ultimate Battles, Customization, and Content!
      - Utilizing a brand new team system, lead up to six characters into battle, and destroy onslaughts of powerful foes!
      - See the amalgamation of years of RPG-crafting expertise in the most beautiful game in the series to date!
      - Plug in jewels to boost character parameters as the beloved rubix makes its triumphant return!
      - Upgrade rare weapons to make one's own personal slayer of evil!
      - Dispatch buddies to earn Guild Coins while the party works on their quest! Or simply equip their jewels to learn their skills!
      Whether building the strongest team, creating the most powerful rubix, or both, the choice is entirely up to the player!
      * The game can be played in its entirety without the need for in-game transactions.
      * A Freemium Edition that can be played to the end as well is also available for download! Search "Asdivine Hearts 2" online now!
      * The actual price might differ depending on the region.
      * Please contact us through the Contact button on the title screen if you discover any bugs or problems with the application. Note that we do not respond to bug reports left in application reviews.
      [Supported OS]
      - 4.0 and up
      [Supported Screens]
      - WVGA(480x800) and up
      [Game Controller]
      - Optimized
      [SD Card Storage]
      - Enabled
      - English, Japanese
      [Non-Supported Devices]
      This app has generally been tested to work on any mobile device released in Japan. We cannot guarantee full support on other devices.
      WHAT'S NEW
      Ver. 1.1.2g
      - Minor bug fixes.
      Ver. 1.1.0g
      - English version released.
      This app has no advertisements
      More Info:
      Download Instructions:
    • By KSCT
      Link of Hearts v1.2.4g
      Requirements: 2.0 +
      Overview: A boy, a girl, and an android set off on an adventure to save Earth from a crisis.
      Introducing an RPG that will bring hearts together!

      * This app may not work on Android 8.0. We are currently working on an update.
      By popular demand, you can now download Link of Hearts' theme song for free!
      One night, the young girl Lily, living in a peaceful village, heard a strange voice speaking to her in a dream.
      After telling the boy by the name of Daichi who lived next door about the voice, they followed its instructions and set off for a tower outside the village.
      Meanwhile, in the distant kingdom of Zezay, the warrior Mars received a royal command from the king.
      The story begins from these two separate viewpoints.
      Before long, they would all find themselves embroiled in an event that would determine the fate of humanity.
      - Find adventure on a huge map!
      - Customize your skills freely by combining "Elemental Solids"!
      - Play anywhere without worrying about losing your game progress, thanks to the autosave feature!
      - A special point system lets you add extra characters and other special content. Convert defeated enemies into points!
      *While IAP content requires additional fees, by no means it is necessary for finishing the game.
      Where will the boy and girl end up?
      Epic adventure awaits!
      * The actual price might differ depending on the region.
      [Supported OS]
      - 2.1 to 5.1
      [Supported Screens]
      - HVGA (320x480) and up
      [Xperia(TM) PLAY]
      - Optimized.
      [SD Card Storage]
      - Enabled
      - Japanese, English
      [Non-Supported Devices]
      - HT-03A(OS1.6), Xperia(OS1.6), LYNX(OS1.6), Optimus chat(OS2.2), IS01(OS1.6), 003Z(OS2.2), S31HW(OS2.2), Aria(OS2.2) , WX04K(OS4.1)
      (This app has generally been tested to work on any mobile device released in Japan. We cannot guarantee support on other devices.)
      WHAT'S NEW
      Please contact [email protected] if you discover any bugs or problems with the application. Note that we do not respond to bug reports left in application reviews.
      Minor bug fixes.
      This app has no advertisements
      More Info:
      Download Instructions:
    • By KSCT
      Neo Monsters v1.5.0 + Mod
      Requirements: 4.0+
      Overview: Capture & Evolve! 900 Animated Monsters!

      You have just inherited your late Uncle Hector's monster ranch.
      Capture and train monsters for your ranch as you explore a world with over 900 fully animated monsters.
      Battle your team against powerful rivals, and become the Grand Champion of the Monster Leagues!
      Take your teams online to fight missions and share your monsters with friends.
      Claim your place as the greatest trainer worldwide!
      -Capture hundreds of fully animated monsters!
      -Explore 6 different worlds in 60+hrs of adventure!
      -Train and customize your monsters at the ranch!
      -Fight through 6 leagues to become Champion!
      -140 optional online missions to test your skills!
      -Master devastating combinations from among tons of different monster abilities!
      Deal massive damage to poisoned monsters with "Poison Eater"!
      Put enemies to sleep and then feast on them with "Dreamhunt"!
      Killed one enemy? Rack up the kill count even more with "Bloodcrave"!
      ...and many more!
      WHAT'S NEW
      Ver. 1.5.0
      -Added function to re-lock Secret Skills
      -Added function to adjust the effect of monster bonuses
      -Added new monsters
      -Added support for Korean
      -Tweaked certain skills and monsters for game balance
      -Other minor bug fixes and text corrections
      Unlimited Team Cost
      Unlimited Capture Chances
      Can Capture Un-capturable Monsters
      Unlimited Fruits
      This app has no advertisements
      More Info:
      Download Instructions:
    • By KSCT
      Clash for Dawn: Guild War v1.7.0 (Mod)
      Requirements: 2.3 +
      Overview: Take up your weapon, choose your faction, assemble a team of hardened mercenaries and fight back against the forces of darkness, in the stunning hack ‘n’ slash dungeon-raiding game, Clash for Dawn!

      Centuries of peace have been torn apart by the Dark Lord's desire to rule. Now, an army of the undead marches on the City of Light, Luxis, itself! But the battle is not yet lost. The chosen warriors of the Angeli hold the power to turn back the forces of darkness. Will YOU answer their call?
      Stunning AAA graphics bring the battle to life in awesome fantasy locations
      Build a team of friends and take on the toughest dungeons to earn huge rewards
      Join forces with other players for EPIC co-op boss battles
      Join a world-wide faction of The Brotherhood or The Order and compete for power and glory
      Rise to the challenge and battle your way through beautiful lands and infernal pits in a GLORIOUS single-player adventure
      Select from 8 battle hardened warrior classes to with customizable skills to forge your own destiny
      Hire elite mercenaries to fight alongside you to destroy the Dark Lord’s elite forces
      Enjoy real-time chat with your friends and allies, even in the heat of battle
      Compete in daily special events and play rich story quests as the age old fight between good and evil reaches its bloody climax
      Earn progressively massive rewards with every day of play
      WHAT'S NEW
      - 2 Anniversary Countdown
      - 2 Anniversary Event
      - New Mounts
      - New Tier of Global Ranking Tournament
      - New Dungeon
      - BUG Fixed.
          God Mode
          High Damage
          Enemy Can't Attack
          Auto Battle
          No Skill CD
      This app has no advertisements
      More Info:
      Download Instructions:
    • By KSCT
      Angry Birds Epic v2.4.26803.4478 [Mod Money]
      Requirements: 2.3+
      Overview: To get your Birdday gift, start the game and from main screen- tap on the settings (gears icon) and tap on the keyboard icon and enter the code ANGRY-BIRDS and press the green check button.

      Celebrate the Full Moon Festival with 40% off all Lucky Coins! Play today!
      NOTE: ART (the KitKat experimental runtime feature) is not currently supported by Angry Birds Epic! We hope to include ART support in future updates!
      Get ready for a bird-tastic FREE RPG adventure filled with “weapons” (whatever they could get ahold of), magic, bad guys and silly hats! Lead your feathery team into battle now – it’s going to be EPIC!
      EPIC BATTLES! Turn-based battles between our heroic flock of warriors and those green snout-nosed scoundrels! It’s easy to play, but difficult to master!
      EPIC WORLDS! Explore a fantasy Piggy Island with everything from tribal villages and frosty mountains to tropical beaches and mysterious caves!
      EPIC CHARACTERS! Join Red, Chuck, Bomb and the other heroes as they face King Pig, Wiz Pig, Prince Porky and many more villains!
      EPIC UPGRADES! Level up your characters, armor, weapons and potions to become a legendary hero ready to take on the mightiest pig warrior!
      EPIC WEAPONS! Craft amazing battle-winning weapons like a wooden sword, frying pan or stick thingy with a sponge on top!
      EPIC HUMOR! Plenty of offbeat humor and tons of quirky characters dressed in awesomely silly costumes - like a prickly cactus hat and a matching sword.
      Enjoy equally EPIC battles on both tablet and phone!
      This game includes paid commercial content from select partners.
      Important Message for Parents
      This game may include:
      - Direct links to social networking websites that are intended for an audience over the age of 13.
      - Direct links to the internet that can take players away from the game with the potential to browse any web page.
      - Advertising of Rovio products and also products from select partners.
      - The option to make in-app purchases. The bill payer should always be consulted beforehand.
      WHAT'S NEW
      Halloween horrors are spreading over Piggy Island!
      • The Hogriders return for a hair-rising Halloween spectacle
      • Trick for the piggies, treat for your birds in the Halloween mini-campaign
      • Win new creepy Class Upgrades: Pumpkin Paladin, Haunted Rainbird, Mummy Priestess, Bogey Berserk and Scarecrow Skulkers
      • Golden Pig’s dubious off-days are over. Find it at the beach theater to reward you for watching videos
      • And we scared away bugs, the details:
      1. Infinite Coins
      2. Infinite Snoutlings
      3. Infinite Friendship
      This app has no advertisements
      More Info:
      Download Instructions:   
    • By KSCT
      Angry Birds Evolution v1.12.0 (Mod)
      Requirements: Android 4.1+
      Overview: The Angry Birds are back! Build your team, train your birds and kick the pigs off Bird Island. Choose your favorites from over 300 ALL-NEW BIRDS in this action-packed RPG with superb 3D graphics. Mayhem! Drama! Hilarious Fun! Join the craze today!

      300+ crazy new Angry Birds?! That’s right, the flock is bigger and badder than ever before! Build your team own team, combine super skills and evolve your birds into their ultimate form. Gotta hatch ‘em all!
      Claim awesome rewards by taking part in weekly events by yourself or with your clan buddies. Build the strongest, most awesome clan on Bird Island and show YOU RULE THE ROOST!
      Welcome to the Oinktagon, where two teams enter, but only one leaves. Challenge other players in PVP tournaments of Pigball and dominate the leagues for awesome rewards. Nothing says: “You’re going down!” like a PIG IN THE FACE!
      What’s worse than egg-stealing pigs? Over 90 all-new egg-stealing Pig types from tourists to pirates, that's what. Drag, aim and FIGHT THEM OFF THE ISLAND!
      Something sinister is brewing on Bird Island… who is behind the mysterious Bacon Corp? What is the Eagle Force? Who lost the keys to the dungeons? Where do all these breathtaking new areas on Bird Island come from? Find the answers – only in Angry Birds Evolution!
      WHAT'S NEW
      Two worlds collide in our tribute to metal gods, IRON MAIDEN! This Halloween, Iron Maiden mascot, Eddie has come to Angry Birds Evolution to harvest piggy souls. For a limited time, all players have a chance to hatch Eddie the Bird from golden eggs. Welcome to the most METAL Halloween ever!
      Check out the full notes:
      - High Damage
      - God Mode  
      This app has no advertisements
      More Info:
      Download Instructions: 
    • By KSCT
      City Growing-Touch in the City. v1.28 [Mod]
      Requirements: 4.0 and up
      Overview: We need a mayor of our damaged city.
      Please make a poor city the best city with your experiences and passions.

      Opportunity to become a mayor of the world's best city with a simple touch!
      Will you be a beggar or a successful mayor?
      ★A new type of neglect clicker touch game has come!
      When you raise the city level, amount of gold per touching is also raised 
      Check out the cool city scenery as you level up!
      ★ Buy various city assets!
      If you want to raise the city level quickly, buy cars, helicopters, ships and more!
      The more you have, the more gold you get by touching!
      ★ The city grows faster when its damaged. Touch hard to damage city!
      The more your city is damaged, the faster the city grows with Experience & Passion points!
      ★ Auto touch function that occurs when you touch the screen!
      At the end of hardship comes happiness!
      Auto touch function for you who tap the screen hard!
      ★ Enjoy the festival!
      With Festival mode, you can get up to 6times touch revenue!
      A Clicker game where you can enjoy improving your building at your leisure.
      You can make your own town with a simple touch!
      Also, everyone can play anytime and anywhere with no internet access!
      WHAT'S NEW
      The mayor makes a saving.
      Balance adjustment
      Other bug fixes
      Hacks :
      1. Unlimited Gold
      2. Unlimited Diamonds
      3. Unlimited Passion Points
      4.Unlimited Festival Points
      5. Unlimited Revival Points
      (Play once, close, re-open)
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    • By KSCT
      Gladiator Rising: Roguelike v2.0 [Mod]
      Requirements: 4.0 and up
      Overview: Fight through five Chapters of constantly changing, randomly generated gladiators.

      Buy, equip and use items as you compete to become the ultimate warrior.
      Strategy is key to success in this mix of rogue-like and turn-based RPG mix.
      WHAT'S NEW
      Version 1.0
      - New armor system
      - New Items and Abilities
      - New night critters
      - A story-line with new chapters
      - New hairstyles
      - Bug Fixes
      Too hard? To easy?
      Send your thoughts, ideas, comments
      Don't forget to RATE
      Coming soon:
      - Português
      - Pусский
      - Español
      - and more!
      Hacks :
      1. Unlimited Gold
      2. Free Training (Not needed GemStone)
      3. Unlimited XP *
      4. No Ads (untested)
      * Note : The game requests to use all Experience Points to run. So, to have unlimited Points, use Points and then RESET to regain Points without decrease used ones
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