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Swift Dark CM12 & CM13 Theme v2.0.3

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Swift Dark CM12 & CM13 Theme v2.0.3
Requirements: 5.0+
Overview: Swift Dark is a dark material theme for devices running CyanogenMod version 12, 12.1 and 13.0 (CM12/CM12.1/CM13) or similar roms with the theme engine included. Operating systems without the theme engine are not supported.


Swift Dark takes what's best with the light Swift theme and gently darkens it. If you prefer a darker theme, with the material design intact and with an elegant and stylish touch, this is the theme for you. A "dark material" theme is often preferred over a light material theme, as dark colors tends to be more gentle to the eyes. So if you are using your device frequently you might appreciate this beautiful theme.

What's themed?

- System UI
- Settings
- Dialer
- Google Messenger
- Root Explorer
- AOSP Keyboard
- Google Keyboard
- Skype
- Viber
- Instagram
- CM File Manager
- Google Music
- Kindle
- Music
- Documents/Downloads
- Gmail
- Contacts
- Hangouts
- Keep
- Inbox
- WhatsApp
- Google Plus
- Email (AOSP Email)
- Nova Launcher
- Google App
- Cyanogen OS Dialer

ROM support status:

- Theme engine on CM12 (and CM12.1) is well implemented and should be perfectly stable.
- CM13 is mostly stable but needs some polishing, as it's still in its early days.
- Exodus, BlissPop, Dirty Unicorns, AICP and all other custom roms based on CM, or with the theme engine implemented, are supported but I can't guarantee everything works. If you encounter any issue please contact me and I'll take a look at it.

Version 2.0.3
Themed Calculator and Google Calculator. Improvements to Play Store, Google App, Hangouts, Dialer, Settings, Nova and Google Plus.

This app has no advertisements

Download Instructions:


Swift Dark CM12 & CM13 Theme v2.0.3  -  3.3 MB

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      •Notifcation Drawer
      •AOSP Keyboard
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      - Settings
      - Dialer
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      - Contact
      - SMS
      - Phone
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      - Gallery
      - Vending
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      - Whatsapp
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      - Improve Dialer
      - Improve Music
      - Improve SystemUI statusbar icons (alarm, bluetooth, dnd,...)
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      - Add Gmail
      - Add Email
      - Theme AICP extra
      - Improve Dialer
      - Improve SystemUI
      Version 1.1:
      - Add Bootanimation
      - Support RR rom
      WHAT'S NEW
      Version 4.32:
      - Fix bung on facebook new vrersion
      This app has no advertisements Download Instructions:
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      Please reboot your phone after install theme. 
      List of apps: 
      - Fonts 
      Themed packages: 
      - SystemUI 
      - Settings 
      - Dialer 
      - Email 
      - Contact 
      - SMS 
      - Phone 
      - Browser 
      - Gallery 
      - Vending 
      - Eleven 
      - Instagram 
      - Whatsapp 
      - Facebook 
      - Google+ 
      - Hangouts
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      Widget used FORMA RETRO FOR KWGT
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      Vellum HD - Icon Pack v4.0.4
      Requirements: 4.0+
      Overview: Vellum HD is uniquely crafted icon pack with a velvety look and beautiful 3d edges which makes it stand apart from the league. This theme / icon pack has been made at a high resolution to give crisp and clear look.

      ★ Includes 2740+ icons and counting
      ★ Icon resolution 192x192px
      ★ Cloud Based Wallpapers
      ★ Material Design Theme Dashboard to apply theme, choose wallpaper, request icon or contact us.
      ★ Supports Dynamic Calendars
      ★ Icons masking to theme your unthemed icons
      ★ Many alternate icons to choose from.
      ★ MUZEI live wallpaper support
      ★ Icons sorted in various categories with search and preview function.
      ★ Action Launcher
      ★ Adw Launcher
      ★ Apex Launcher
      ★ Atom Launcher
      ★ Aviate Launcher
      ★ Cyanogenmod Theme Engine
      ★ Epic Launcher
      ★ Holo Launcher
      ★ Inspire Launcher
      ★ KK Launcher
      ★ L Launcher
      ★ LG Home
      ★ Lucid Launcher
      ★ Mini Launcher
      ★ Nemus Launcher
      ★ Next Launcher
      ★ Nine Launcher
      ★ Nova Launcher
      ★ S Launcher 
      ★ Smart Launcher
      ★ Solo Launcher
      ★ Themer
      ★ Unicon ( Icon themer ) & XGELS
      ★ Xperia Home
      ★ Dodol Launcher (Apply from launchers settings)
      ★ and probably more
      => You should have a custom launcher installed like apex or nova to use this theme / icon pack
      => You can also apply this theme / icon pack from the respective launcher's theme / icon settings
      => Do consider rating my themes / icon packs if you like them.
      Check them out here :-
      Google Plus :-
      Feel free to mail me at [email protected]
      Credits :- & for royalty free designs
      WHAT'S NEW
      v 4.0.4
      # 181 new icons added
      # Redesigned many icons to newer design
      # Fixed many activities
      # Fixed dashboard crash on devices running kitkat
      This app has no advertisements Download Instructions:
    • Swift Dark CM12 & CM13 Theme v3.2.6
      By koumkouat
      Swift Dark CM12 & CM13 Theme v3.2.6
      Requirements: 5.0 and up
      Overview: New!! Swift Dark now includes a black CM theme alternative. You use an app called Arcus to install it and after install it'll work just like a normal CM12 or CM13 theme.

      Swift Dark is a popular dark CM theme, for the CyanogenMod and COS theme engine. It supports a wide range of apps and is updated frequently. If you prefer a dark theme, with the beautiful material design intact, this CM13 theme is for you. Please read the FAQ below before install and always reboot after updating.
      Themed Apps
      • AOSP Browser
      • AOSP Calendar
      • AOSP Keyboard
      • Boxer Email
      • Calculator
      • Chrome
      • Chrome Beta
      • Chrome Dev
      • Contacts
      • Cyanogen OS Dialer
      • Dialer
      • Documents/Downloads
      • Dropbox
      • Email (AOSP Email)
      • ES File Explorer
      • Facebook Messenger
      • File Manager
      • Gmail
      • Google Allo
      • Google Authenticator
      • Google Calendar
      • Google Dialer
      • Google Drive
      • Google Keyboard
      • Google Maps
      • Google Messenger
      • Google Music
      • Google Now
      • Google Plus
      • Google Translator
      • GroupMe
      • Hangouts
      • Inbox
      • Instagram
      • JuiceSSH
      • Keep
      • Kik Messenger
      • Kindle
      • Mail.Ru Email App
      • Microsoft Outlook
      • MMS
      • Music
      • Nova Launcher
      • Omni
      • Pandora Radio
      • Pushbullet
      • Root Explorer
      • Settings
      • Skype
      • Slack
      • Snapchat
      • SuperSU
      • System UI
      • Tumblr
      • TVShow Time
      • Viber
      • WhatsApp
      • YouTube
      ...and more
      Question: There are issues with my notifications after updating, the text is hard to read.
      Answer: A reboot will fix this. Sometimes CM13 theme resources gets "stuck" when updating. Like the notification text color in this case. By rebooting you force the system to reload all resources. This is a CM theme engine bug.
      Question: Play Store is not dark after updating.
      Answer: This is due to Play Store having trouble picking up the dark CM theme resources after an update. A reboot will fix this.
      Question: Can you include Telegram?
      Answer: No. Telegram colors are all set in the java code, which means they are hardcoded and can't be changed.
      Question: Will you add support for the CM14 theme engine?
      Answer: Yes. I will add support for the CM14 theme engine as soon as it's released and implemented. There is obviously no time frame as of now.
      Important notice about ROM support
      This dark CM theme fully supports CyanogenMod and COS12.1 / COS13 ( Cyanogen OS ) which is natively installed on YU Yureka & Yutopia together with Zuk Z1 and OnePlus One. Custom ROMs with the CyanogenMod theme engine included, for exemple Dirty Unicorns, Paranoid Android ( PA ) and Resurrection Remix, are supported but there might be issues as I can't keep track of all commits everywhere.
      If you want to chat about the app, if you find some missing resources, or if you want to share something else, join the G+ community at
      Arcus community:
      Don't hesitate to contact me at [email protected] if you have feature requests or questions regarding this dark CM13 theme.
      WHAT'S NEW
      - Fixed install failure for older roms.
      This app has no advertisements Download Instructions:
    • Sakura Icon Pack v1.1
      By koumkouat
      Sakura Icon Pack v1.1
      Requirements: 4.4 +
      Overview: Sakura defines the blooming of a cherry tree in japanese. So serene and beautiful, yet so simple. I have made this icon pack with the hope that you can experience Sakura right on your mobile phones.

      - The Icon pack has 555 icons currently, more icons will be added in each update 
      - Few walls that go well with the iconpack are available in the dash 
      - Uses new Polar Dashboard by Aidan Follestad 
      - Support for all the major Launchers (Action, Nova, Apex, Aviate....) 
      Make sure you send me your most used apps' icon request so that i can provide the update weekly to add more icons. 
      What's New 
      - added support for 50 new apps 
      - added new walls 
      - animations have been made smoother
      This app has no advertisements Download Instructions: